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Balancing Wellness and Technology with Crypto Commentator Dr. Stephanie Murphy TPP157


In this episode I’m am joined by Stephanie Murphy, PhD who is one of my most highly regarded wisdom keepers in the crypto space. While catching up on the complete archive of the several year running Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast I was vaguely aware that there was a sex and science show on their network but didn’t,  until recently discover that Stephanie is a co-host. The moment I learned of this I felt a ray of divine light beam down as I realized that we’re both sex podcasters and therefore it would be appropriate for me to reach out and invite her to be a guest on the show. I often feel that the edgy and adult nature of my podcast limits the range of potential guests, in this case I felt so blessed that we could share common ground.

The work she has done in the crypto space is so empowering and her compassionate fury for true personal and financial liberty has seriously changed my life.  I highly recommend exploring her offerings and enjoying her voice in all of the various formats its packaged in.

Our discussion covers:

  • her personal life journey leading to her prominent role as a crypto commentator.
  • the role of yoga, meditation, and wellness in her life and her works
  • her experience of and thoughts on toxic masculinity and toxic patterns of conflict in the crypto space
  • the need for more holistic approaches to conflict resolution in technology communities in general
  • the historic human dramas that have caused forks in the bitcoin blockchain
  • practical down-to-earth strategies for the average non-techy person to get into crypto without relying on centralized third parties
  • the need for careful and well tested approaches to sex industry use cases for crypto
  • and much more!

About Stephanie
Stephanie Murphy, PhD, is a professional voice actor with numerous credits, including national commercials, videos, and audiobook titles. She is formerly a biochemist. She can also be heard as a host of the podcasts Sex & Science HourLet’s Talk Bitcoin, and Sovryn Tech.

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Com and our journey together will begin I love your beloved book from the time for fun podcast episode number 157 I am probably going to die I don’t think I’ve ever been this Starstruck before with the guests because I’ve become a huge fan of Doctor Stephanie Murphy she is a doctor about chemistry co host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast and the sex and science hour is also a professional voice actress but she will probably mad at you will probably assume Our Guest by the way when you go to speak and to give a bit of background he right for anyone who his listen to the last I guess almost a year worth of podcast episode will notice that I have taken a pretty obsessive interest in the cryptocurrency space because to me it’s the Fulfillment of so many broken and Lost Dreams within my camps behind this movement to see a really successful model and come out that is accessible and and has utility and is actually destructive on all and all levels of society and so it’s really is forced me to go back in time and I’ll do my best to catch up on this to stay informed and to be really current with this Revolution and in doing so I really dug to go to myself I listen to the entire Archive of the podcast that is trying to become aware of all this stuff and I’ve all the people in in the movement that I have been studying so deeply really anthropologically studying and understanding the different tribalism Xin subcultures within it and really it’s the the women and more Empower leadership roles like Stephanie that I I really appreciate coming from obviously that the goddess worshiping Divine country background in knowing how so many of these male ego whether it’s Warlords or pimps are gangsters are Bitcoin Bros or just that these these people at the top of the crypto pyramid who are who are really running the show with really toxic nail energy that’s not you know we’re fine by a lot of things that that I talked about her that we talked about on this show it’s always a blessing to connect with those women who are outspoken feminist outspoken libertarian or anarchists store or Dion labels is probably better way to go ultimately but I can’t express how grateful I am to have this privilege to speak with Stephanie Murphy right now so please tell us all about yourself and I’m so curious can I call these nuts for it’s because you really wear a lot of hats in and it’s all very impressive High then will thank you so much for small for having me on your show I was super excited when I got your email when you reached out to me I think you found out about what I was doing on let’s talk Bitcoin the podcast I’ve been a part of for five years when we recently did a live event in Chicago for our 5 year anniversary and we did a live performance of our show which was like a total dream come true for me so yeah I’m just really glad to connect and don’t die if you if you do start to I’ll do CPR on you yeah me breathe breathe through the Stars technician school in an MD program for a couple of years I didn’t end up finishing because I I made a career change and I sort of picked a different path but I guess that’s sort of start it starts off you know a little bit more about myself a little more detail about myself I’m very interested in health and medicine but I guess what I realized over my time and in medical school was that I’m interested in Wellness more so and like I don’t think that Western medicine but you know it there’s a lot of great things about Western medicine but it’s not so good at addressing like how to be well and like real with genuine well-being and for that I think we have to turn two things more like yoga and ayurveda in like maybe Chinese medicine and other modalities that are different from what we think of in the west which is really a new kind of medicine that’s only been around for a couple hundred years and it’s better at treating those kind of emergency situations rather than teaching how to people how to really be well or like radiantly healthy from the inside out so I guess I guess I’ve always had an interest in that in that kind of holistic Wellness I do a lot of yoga and meditation and as you mentioned I’m a voice actor and I’ve never dated some guided meditations I married some books about meditation yoga practice is part of my life I try to integrate that mindset into everything that I do and so it’s been an interesting because you know how did I get involved in cryptocurrency right trying to live a mindful kind of life you know you think those two things don’t exactly go together and you’re right they don’t the cryptocurrency world is so fast-paced and it does have this as you mentioned like a very masculine kind of energy and dynamic to it and so like how did I end up in there I still don’t exactly know but you know it’s just always been fascinating to me I I heard about Bitcoin on the radio on in 2011 or or maybe early 2012 and I started reading about it I was fascinated by it I was sort of interested also in like libertarian spaces or communities as well and that was something that a lot of those cut those people were talking about with cryptocurrency so I found it really interesting that Bitcoin at the time and then all kinds of cryptocurrency lyrics would allow you to have more agency in more control over your own money which money in this world is a tool that allows you to do things and it’s it’s represents power in a lot of ways sent it to its empowerment and I need to look at that from a negative way like it enforces power structures and oppresses people or you can look at it if there’s another way of looking at it looking at it to which is that money is it is a tool that enables freedom and living in a lot of ways and so how can we have more control over it in our own lives and how can we think about it in a way that empowers us as individuals and I really felt like Bitcoin did that and that was what was so exciting about it to me from the very beginning so I got really interested in Bitcoin early on if you my friends at the time we’re also experimenting with Bitcoin like some people’s friends are like experimenting with drugs my friends were experimenting with Bitcoin remember like somebody you know someone cooking like sandwiches and people were buying sandwiches with like physical cuz H’s Bitcoins which at the time were worth like one or two dollars are like $6 if you were trading these like little because they should coins around people were giving each other tips in Bitcoin to their podcast in like 2012 even into a little bit into like early 2013 are there was the first Bitcoin ATM that was built by a company called Lama Su which I think still makes Bitcoin ATMs are there really more like vending machines not really an ATM but like you can put cash in and you get Bitcoins out onto your phone well yeah I got the opportunity to use like the first one of those that was ever ever on the market and so that was really cool I just just watching that happen and watching people use Bitcoin in a lot of different real life ways and experiment with all the new apps and Technologies and see how that change people’s attitudes about me and their lives and how it like opened up more options to do things that people couldn’t do before with it so yeah that was all really interesting to me about Bitcoin as I mentioned I have a medical background and I also was involved with a group called free Aid which was kind of like a not really like I guess maybe I could be compared to sort of like an anarchist black cross kind of thing it was like a like a volunteer all volunteer medical medically skilled people providing kind of first aid at like festivals and events basically that’s what that’s what the group did and also education about about CPR and AED and how to use an AED defibrillator in case somebody has a cardiac arrest because time is of the essence when that happens and you don’t want to rely on First Responders you can’t rely on First Responders always to get there super fast sometimes you have to just find your community and the people people that are around you and I really like that idea of you know the community kind of selling in support when First Responders couldn’t always be around so yeah but it’s so the free Aid was doing that kind of education and also providing volunteer first aid at festivals and events which allowed us to go to festivals and his head was fun but yeah we found out about Bitcoin really early we started getting donations in Bitcoin and we became like one of the first organizations that decided to kind of run a nonprofit type of organization entirely on bitcoin and that was in I think she’s a thousand thirteen was only made that switch so that was an interesting experience as well I’m trying to run sort of a decentralized organization with Bitcoin and you know provide first aid and be a part of a community and contribute back cryptocurrency so now I feel like I’m going off on tangents and rambling but this is all just a sort of still people in on my my own background and like my interest and stuff like that all the things were yammy stacking them up together at once for me and seeing you has so many high highly developed skills and values and points of connection to that title is in the whole survivalist movement in the whole Wilderness survival S&P Plumbing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that I guess like to go back even further I am I’m not a computer scientist you know my background is in Life Science & environmental medicine the medicine side of things and I’m also really interested in in Psychology and sort of mental well-being and wellness stuff like that spent a lot of time reading about how can have Wellness in our minds as well as our bodies and of course it’s all connected the mind in the body are are inseparable as far as I’m concerned and they affect one another let’s see I so I’m not a computer scientist and I’m not really like a like a cypherpunk but I was something you said before resonated with me as well cuz I I used to get you know I was really interested in like punk rock and likes to sort of the whole do-it-yourself kind of ethic of punk rock and music of course and I think that really influenced me to be interested in cryptocurrency because like again do it yourself it gives you power over it allows you to kind of be your own bank and not rely on other people to manage your money for you which I just think is really really cool and that DIY DIY as a kind of came in with with with free Aid to is like you know helping on a community level rather than relying on other centralized organizations to always be the successor to be dependent on them you know what I said before if I if you don’t mind is for second. I’ve got it before I forget now that you mention this I was just at the the crypto invest Summit in LA and I’m not showing anything but this project was amazing that give a presentation and they they pissed this project called Guardian where they’re actually doing decentralized Medical Response on a blockchain so that there can be rapid deployment of trained Personnel that would be able to receive compensation for their their Works without relying on a nine-one-one system which doesn’t exist in whatever percentage of the world and Haven to talk about doing something like motorcycle Medics and I can only imagine how that’s going to be a completely Global decentralized blockchain kind of 911 service that in franchises in employees your neighbors email incentivizes they’re being medics self trainer or yeah and I can’t get up. Please continue thing yeah okay so well you know with an interest in health and well-being and yoga and stuff like that I guess inevitably comes in interest in sexuality in Psychology to of course sexuality in relationships and part of the okay so here’s the story of how I change careers and also where I’m at right now so this is leading up to the present day so while I was in medical school and I was also working towards my PhD in Biochemistry I listen to a lot of advice podcast on the internet you know like Dear Prudence and like Dan Savage and all the popular ones where they talk about relationships and Saxon there’s another podcast you called sex is fun which had a big impact on me I loved it at the time at this like 2006 and 2007 so there weren’t even that many podcasts around this was like before the podcast Gold Rush or whatever or boom time the rent that money podcast on the internet but the ones that were out there were some of them were really really good and entertaining and I got I guess I just got really into the whole world of podcasts and I thought I wouldn’t it be cool if I could do that too and I started a podcast with a friend of mine pretty much as a joke and it was like an advice podcast and at first we were like asking our friends hey like give us a question we can talk about on our podcast and sometimes we we like fabricated question perfect at first but then we actually get started getting people asking us questions and pretty soon we had a an advice podcast that we were doing and if he came so much fun that one day I kind of realized I like doing this better than like what I do for most of the day and most of the week and at that point I sort of knew like okay you know maybe I need to like radically changed my life and do something completely different than the career path that I’m on and so it took me another couple of years to really solidify that choice I was I had a lot of anxiety and fears about like how I was going to make money and like how other people would judge me for for changing careers that way because you know I guess when you go to get Advanced degrees you got a lot of Praise it’s like something that you’re that is considered like a good and like noble thing to do and this quote successful you know by the rest of society and when you don’t follow that model A sometimes you get a little bit of heat and so I was like oh what are people going to think you know if I basically drop out of grad school till I can become a podcaster that sounds ridiculous but it actually wasn’t ridiculous because I figured out that will podcasting may not pay the bills but it’s always going to be a really fun thing to do but I have this parallel skill people always tell me I have a great voice nowadays it’s possible to work from home and be a voice actor on the internet and I learned about I learned about doing voiceover I volunteered to do an audio book project did my first one it was actually your audience might like this it was a book called markets not capitalism and it was about like Market anarchism but you know kind of being skeptical of like the word capitalism in like the traditional like and cap kind of anarcho-capitalist kind of line or philosophy says my first audio books that I volunteer to do and I enjoyed it so much that I said yeah I think I could do that you know for like I could do that all day you know and so I start doing more audiobooks I started doing short commercials that started like writing commercials has started writing via videos and things like that and overtime I just got more and more voice-over gigs also started doing this is an 2013 when I was making the the switch and I’d had a successful podcast for I guess about five years at that point and I was learning the skills of a voiceover kind of self-taught and reading books about it and watching tutorials and things like that taking classes and and yeah I just got into doing voice-over and I made the switch to do a full-time and and then suddenly I had my own business and I wasn’t really working in science anymore I discontinue a little bit with the science stuff because I did end up finishing my PS4 I left I did not finish med school but I did finish my PhD in Biochemistry and so I ended up doing a lot of like scientific and medical technical kinds of voice over and of course cryptocurrency related voice over because I was interested in in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and I also ended up writing a newsletter for a couple of years for the sense Research Foundation which is like a human life extension kind of private Foundation that funds research on extending human lifespan didn’t audiobook of ending aging as well which was which was by Aubrey de grey who’s the founder of sense so yeah it was I guess it did my interest just sort of dovetailed with each other and I ended up on you know becoming of a full-time voice actor and that’s that’s what I do now I still do a podcast where I talked about relationships and sex on the Internet it’s called sex and science hour and yes I think I will link to it and your shout outs but that’s what I do now that invoice over and audiobooks and of course let’s talk Bitcoin still doing that shows all awesome so can I ask how did you cross paths with Adam and Adam Levine and Andreas Antonopoulos and how did you get the are connected in that The Power Team so that was kind of a serendipitous story so this was right at the time where I was changing careers and I was just starting to get into voice over and one of the services that I offered was writing and producing and voicing a podcast intro for people’s podcasts and a friend of mine who listen to my advice show at the time I told her that Adam was starting a podcast and told Adam hey there’s this lady that makes podcast intros you should have her do a podcast intro for your show and so Adam found me that way and asked me to produce an intro for his show at the time it was not called let’s talk Bitcoin it was called The Daily Bitcoin show and it was it was going to be a Daily Show which is a very ambitious project start producing intro but then the format of the show changed and Adam said no we’re going to go to twice a week and we have to change a brake hose cuz you know he had another co-host that there were some scheduling and time zone difficulties with and so he found Andreas and cuz Andreas was pretty well-known on speaking about Bitcoin on the internet I mean he’s very he’s still like one of the most well-known people in Bitcoin today and he’s awesome and great they both are and so Adam says to me yeah you know like got this guy Andreas we’re going to do a show you do show to your party master and you know about Bitcoin would you like to be on the show and I said yes I would Abba I was available you know because I just kind of change careers in my schedule is kind of open and so we started doing show twice a week and yeah I would it just it just became let’s talk Bitcoin and that’s that’s how the show is born has it has it consumed percentage wise for you personally to be so fully up with all these developments I just imagined that you’d have to be reading white papers in peer-reviewed journals and all these different Reddit subreddits and all the stuff that mean but you all just sort of oranges dancing and juggling all this stuff and then still having a million other fun things you’ve been like for you to be like literally an Oregon digesting this entire space into a talk show is just mind-blowing wow well I guess I guess that’s sort of is why I mentioned at first when we started off talking you know that I tried to like live sort of a mindful life and it is impossible to keep up with all the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news at first I tried and I spent a lot of time doing it but yeah I mean I do have a business that is related to bitcoin but it’s not all about Bitcoin I don’t really work in the blockchain OR cryptocurrency industry and that’s kind of on purpose because it allows me to keep some distance from it so you know I hear about stories but I don’t hear about every story and I guess between all of us on let’s talk Bitcoin you know we are able to propose topics that look interesting and jump out to us and then we kind of read about them and research them and we talked about them on the show I mean we don’t we don’t over research either because then you know we want to save discussion for the show and we want to like sort of get out and take it apart on the show so yeah we we don’t we don’t even try to like drink from the firehose I guess because it is like drinking from a firehose it’s just really can’t keep up and if you try you’re going to kind of go crazy so yeah I mean like I stay off of a lot of social media I don’t really I never really got that into the Bitcoin forums Reddit or Twitter I know there’s a lot of discussion that goes on in there and I don’t know I just feel like happier kind of not really kind of hanging back from this yeah well then sold some of the things I guess because I listen to everything in such a compressed kind of one episode after another for some times 10 12 hours a day just you know because I have a job I have my day jobs things I can I can be piping and podcast in 4 hours of LA traffic and you know working on landscapes that stuff so I have plenty of opportunity to just go through the whole history and it seems like it’s this is as fascinating of a of a of a science-fiction I mean this is as deep and complex as any Philip K dick Lego Saga and outer space in the future or something it’s so there’s so many different human dramas and in Revelations about power and gender and and it’s just it’s it’s the most thrilling story eventually I’m sure they’ll be plenty of movie screenplays you know written about sociology Stephanie who could have imagined all this stuff so it’s it’s it’s such a thrilling adventure and then again I think you offer for being describes some pretty much different chapters and I’m curious from your perspective and not to tokenize you as a woman but to really honor it what what is the feminine qualities that you that you choose to embody Franklin from your perspective how you have reacted to her process just the that shadow side of masculinity that gets represented as these is basically verbal violence online and all of it are trolling and just the the way that decision-making happens in a very Unholy stick and very kind of in the middle of all that which you know if a lot of a lot of women in a lot of spaces they do say fuck this shit here I’m going to go do my thing that and I think with what style and your co-host on good cleaner certainly a very aware and very I don’t like I think you all are immune from some of those entrance battles and you don’t haven’t taken sides really so that you have enough for me. open up about what it’s like to to have that experience yeah thanks for asking about that and I appreciate that you said right up right away like that you’re not trying to tokenize me as a woman cuz that is something that happens a lot in the space like we get asked to be on panels of like women in Bitcoin and represent quote on quote the female perspective on bitcoin as though there’s one female perspective on anything you know and yeah it isn’t as though it could be like the diversity of women’s experiences could be represented on like a panel of four people being asked questions like what is it like as a woman you know I don’t know I mean that stuff definitely happens I will say that there are a lot of you know there are a lot of people in the Bitcoin space that are that are totally you know welcoming and supportive and don’t make me feel uncomfortable uncomfortable can make me forget that it’s like can be a a sort of a gendered space a times but you know there’s always like some elements that make you remember that there is sort of this unbalanced going on you know for example there were articles going around about like Bitcoin conferences and like some of the entertainment into like the booth babes in the theater having business meetings in strip clubs and things like that and I mean like I always am careful to say in those discussions cuz I really believe this like I support sex workers I’m not saying anything bad about them it but I do think it’s inappropriate to I guess like force a business meeting to be held in an invite like an environment where women are being sexualized and probably wouldn’t feel comfortable attending like a business meeting in that context so you know there’s that I mean yeah it like it is Brandon earlier today there was a gorgeous and I said, we’re in Los Angeles ever look at the sky and you know it is it is sitting at a Mexican restaurant and seen white people everywhere it turned out because it’s kind of like if there is such a thing as middle class in Hollywood now I feel sick from New York City driving I guess it depends on who’s driving I get there in four and a half but all of the food everything I make sense to to be posted up legally in New Hampshire for so many reasons and then I feel like it well we will be I can imagine it I kind of imagined that it would be the Vegas or or like you’re saying but I’m surprised that there isn’t a more of a booming adult Production Studio house industry given that you could it’s it’s bad about sounds like it’s about as far as away is Vegas and everyone fled to Vegas when the the kind of life started taking enforceable effects in the LA County area so that’s a silly question I have for you is it you know if you’ve been following the the regulation around and this sort of the big money the big money clinical groups who are trying to shut down the street on the health but with the health department as a sort of there their battering ram into the industry I’m curious in New Hampshire are they is it is there any specifications from the health department or health code that that are trying to set the rules for the industry for the porn industry there it is it is the Wild Wild West out here we are more people more to join you know start producing they would have to try to regulate it but I don’t know if they would because I really don’t think they would I adhere to the same you know guidelines as as far as testing goes the only difference is I pay to get tested we we provide them with testing we make sure everyone you know we we go through this last we have this very detailed checklist I think it was inspired by Nikki Benz I think it’s called an if possible the only difference is we’re not paying Los Angeles or Las Vegas free small company but you know we talked about splitting, according Talent from Vegas and Los Angeles and you know kind of responsibility regulating type of business you just have to have trust that all people are you know I’m doing the right thing around that is because yeah I think that I think like Outlets sexually here you know I said you know if you will actually liberated place like you know I even thought about you some Leaf peeping directed in the professional studio shoot up or down with your spouse just that sounds like a great guy honestly before you even were saying this stuff I could I was just it was a premonition that you would be talking about this because I I just felt like you were going to probably end up working in some capacity with the Chamber of Commerce of wherever whatever region or whatever sort of municipality or me to Sally’s and actually help that like what you’re you can’t you know you can’t afford your Public Works projects you know your new parks are being closed down for whatever reason well here we got the screws it’s going to be amazing yeah I can see it now and start building and I’m almost filling my gas tank to start driving out there right now I can of gas its people have been wanting you know it’s been it’s been on my not just a to-do list but actually really it’s it’s it’s the lot a lot of the stuff is is I can see it happening and also I I I want to if it’s not already being taken for some other obviously a worthy cause I feel like the love Free or Die state is going to be the hashtag that I talk to Subway to get a handle on that it’s all you it’s you if you can take that and run with it if she if it works but I feel like that’s good it’s the best I feel like you have a lot of love but I like a lot of love yeah I know I feel it I feel I feel you said you were a Healer and you seem you seem like very empathetic yeah this won’t this to me you know all of the trauma that I have witnessed that I’ve experienced ice I can imagine that this is would be a place for people that veteran died literally I mean you know they call it in the adult industry we say that you’re a civilian if you’re not in front of you in if you’re not in front of the camera and doing the stuff for on the street or wherever you’re a civilian and so if that’s the case which I really truly believe it is then we need to have VA programs in hospitals in a note and benefits and we’re doing a public service for helping living out everyone’s fantasies for them if they don’t have the courage or the resources to make them happen so for that I like to be treated with this much if not you know as much love and respect and dignity and resources as veterans violence and brutality in Warfare civilians is military yeah that’s cool yeah and we aren’t we aren’t we know we were lying about reliving some sort of childhood, it wasn’t about servitude or Surrender sometimes it was just the process to the session would be the process to get to the Aftercare to get to that hug to get to that approval of being told you did a good job you know and when I realize that I thought there’s so much more I’ve actually I’ve had plenty of clients for a while there it was kind of weird they were widows widowers their wearers like I was attacking little words that were in various ways and people don’t understand that Sexual Energy can be incredibly therapeutic and healing you know when there’s something fundamentally wrong with that especially you know I mean now I mean Dairy mention you know I mean every day and I just kept having these handmade in handmaid’s tale things going through my mind and and now to be apart of Swap and to be keto on the inside track knowing what’s going on with this legislation here to decriminalize effort I am filled with hope and love all over again no more despair or fear I feel like this could really I meant to be alive right now at this time and to be here and now in this state I feel very very honored and lucky absolutely why I feel very honored and lucky that we are having this conversation you were exactly the voice of the representative that I wanted to find and connect with its in this is really an amazing amazing invigorating conversation and I just I just want to thank you again so much and you know we’ve got a little bit of time left I think we covered most of what I was super excited and looking forward to discussing I guess I would like to ask if you want to talk about the kind of support that you need from people in the area from people abroad people anywhere in the world listening to this but what what do you need to help your chapter really get to the to the point where were you have all your dreams are coming true and you know you have the people power and the skill sets what were you what are your pain points and what do you need so that that can just be put out there and it is a prayer absolutely absolutely awesome and I’m sex worker Outreach project is a nonprofit we do accept donations we accept recurring donations donations I mean just to be an ally to a sex worker to be supportive and you know aware that their work is real work and emotionally laboring work to know the sex work as a form of emotional and physical labor and that nobody story is is representative of all sex where you know and I think that the presence of sex workers in social movement come together and try to fight this and you have to fight what gone but it is a tubal refuse up sex workers bank accounts and it’s happened the money seems suspicious that’s unacceptable yeah yeah that’s you that’s the way to to bypass So Many Factors whether it’s the pimp violence or the banks or the state or even Amazon not wanting your wishlist to be you know used for compensation whatever it is the terms that you have to been in bed will I have to say that the my biggest public service announcement for anybody that might be in your network who listens to this is that I really hope that anyone listening who is a sex worker who has the u.s. exposed to these Financial choke point issues invest time in studying the whole cryptocurrency movement starting with Bitcoin and in aetherium but but you can accelerate that process if you start to look into joining the platform of spankchain which is bringing together all of the activism all of the the really Advanced cryptocurrency solutions for being your own bank literally being your own bank where you have peer-to-peer Financial transactions you can sell they will be yeah they will be providing a lot of solutions for the industry and for the producers and performers to be empowered independently and off the rails of the money system we don’t need to do our dirty work without your dirty Fiat is how I feel McGregor’s Outreach project we have like a meme donation thing you can donate cooked difference NFL Karma Dakshin and and how how sex workers are the difference between trafficking educate yourself some people have been looking for what seems like an ideal future to me or all of the the glory and the beauty of the healing in the transformation that is possible and also the the sort of in the streets marches and the activism going to take to get there and a couple of I guess you’re silly but up at the memes have come to me and one is it you know people I remember chanting in the streets protesting Wars and logging and you all kinds of pollution would not the people we would always chant whose streets are our streets and I can hear this echoing Cruise sheets are seeds coming out with our seats and then you can also got allies and civilians involved right thing that ever since I started looking into it swapped but I’ve ever felt like we’ll all of the the Financial Funding necessary to do real political work lobbying in legislation and all that stuff I feel like there’s got to be a way to solicit the the buyers of sex work the purchasers of the material that the funeral of the client’s right of the clients are you so mean maybe PornHub can put a donate button to swap you know somewhere I mean set stuff like that I would love to see the financing for all of the stuff that you have in your bucket list of dreams to make come true for this industry and for this movement that that the money if the people who can afford to pay for their further their fetish or for their experience or for their media everybody and you know what I mean I come from the the green business Eco business startup kind of seen in in LA and it was a no-brainer that you would want to launch your startup having a dollar of every purchase or a percentage of your purpose so that you could have the the pr potential of putting out press releases were you talk about how you give back as a social impact or I mean even PornHub has done a lot of cool stuff like that and I don’t mean to keep harping on them but because they’re the biggest conglomerate really that the industry absolutely and you know that they’re behind them right that I was either going to let my contact continue to be over there in cream to the channel myself because it because you know we can continue and have more follow-ups to this conversation but I certainly would love to explore some of your insights in the industry and I have some yes yeah I wanted to add you know how that Whole Foods you know if you have to you have to be a squeaky wheel gets the grease and House of weird that you were is this is thrilling to me I know that there’s a there’s worse things in the world than having pornstars solicit you on your doorstep like door-to-door canvassing for help me on Monday to take your singing telegrams you know what the my name is you could use the conservative rhetoric against him and say we’re here to clean up the adult industry sign here and give us a check what do you mean well I know where else next workers never would never when they used to pack meat and the muckrakers had to blow the whistle and that’s how we have ratio any conservative how do I I subscribed to say the r word regulation but I will say any sort of public outcry about working conditions that’s all we need you know and Industry within the industry of people like you who know what performers need what the issues are and can represent that and it’s not coming top down it’s not coming from you know sideswiping from weird organizations with too much money trying to push agendas where they don’t belong and some people know what I’m talking about there and some people don’t but it’s what they did with the keywords you know trafficking of course people wanted to sign off on that piece of aeon I support you know anti-trafficking laws of course I do and so what we could do is we could eat give them a dose of their own medicine like you said hi we’re going to clean up your industry and fine hair like that cuz that’s how they do so many things when they say you know that people don’t read the fine print when they when they sign initiatives to get on the ballot you know they read the sort of sensationalist headline that skews the facts to some moral kind of you get boxed in Morley by the by the by the headline of whatever it is and so that it’s it’s like appealing to logical fallacies for anyone to want to do that but yeah I mean this is really it’s actually truly the holiest and most most sort of medic there’s there’s a way for all of the people to I mean excellent performance have the legal space to do this right then then the medical aspect will I think it’s going to naturally organically become a safer environment if you’re not having to be underground in the hide from you know the the filming commission and fucking cops and at the neighbors and you could actually have facilities that work up Captain staff and you know and fungus were like just clean to the places I mean that’s what people say about the all of those secondary crime things that go along with Vice and things being underground and the black market economy you know if when you when you legalize drugs all of those secondary cramps go away and so this is a war on sex and we need to end the war on drugs and the war on sex and these problems will sell themselves in the free market so it’s going to happen New Hampshire you know get ready full medical benefits of cannabis right and I’m actually is for you I think what will happen is that is that is that the Cheeto person will get a reverse gangbang by a bunch of Tantra see the goddess and he will want to transform United States into one giant orgiastic goddess Temple to heal the planet from all the patriarchy that’s my that’s my vote I’m going to put that are you trying to turn me on now I try I try not to but sometimes I can’t help it it just happens thank you for that well yeah so we it’s been one of the most delightful hours of my life at sharing this time with you and I’d like to ask you now to give us the links to everything that you want to share and that you’re involved with and close this out with some final words calls-to-action slogans from the front lines whatever you like to share please take your time. Thank you it’s been an honor and I’m I’m I’m pretty sure my cheeks are going to hurt from smiling too so that’s as wot USA. O r g basically you where you can find me I just would like to do everything I can and vegetation Security building in Albuquerque beautiful thank you awesome alright I see well yeah let’s let’s call it a podcast and let’s be in touch and I will I will be in touch again very soon thank you so much and have a wonderful evening. Smiley and you’re coming over here thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to www.crunch.com and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Thomas Day