Eco-Domme Goddess Jaime In a Permaculture Goddess Temple

50 Shades of Green with Eco-Domme Goddess Jaime TPP85

In this episode I’m blessed to be doing a live in person interview with my new favorite dominatrix. Eco-Domme Goddess Jaime tells all about how she runs a workforce of devoted submissive men through many shades of green ecological service work. She is the quintessential case study of my prayer and thesis contained in my poem 50 Shades of Green Sektual Purmaculture.

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Com and our journey together will begin welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 85 I am here in a beautiful rare opportunity of doing a live interview with SM Dom goddess and we’re going to talk all about her path into this lifestyle and profession and what we can learn and share in terms of from being ecologically accountable with our Sexual Energy and and our financial capital in our sexual Capital so would you please tell us a bit about your glorious past to what you’re doing this a young age I’ve had to maintain every aspect of myself and actually of others and so like I’m as far as like helping out with siblings and younger family members and like older family and I’m things like that I had to do that and then I was kind of in the workforce pretty young so I’ve always had a really good work ethic I’m really outdoorsy I like to do kayaking and canoeing I like to work in the garden a lot I like to you know train animals that’s one of the things that I’ve been doing I’ve been doing that since I was really young I’m relatively self-taught but I’ve also gone to some seminars and I also meant and having a service animal for 8 years so I had to deal with a lot of trainers they teach you how to keep things going so I’m kind of going all over the place but all of these things kind of add until like having to have a really structured life and then everything being from the time that I was young from the time that I was about fifteen so now we’re talkin about 10 to 23 so since then ice from 18223 I started on making and distributing merchandise for touring bands I started making you know patches pins like I started drawing t-shirt designs but mainly I would have other people do it and then I was working with my friends parents t-shirt like screen printing company and I would get a pretty good discount and I would sell them and I would get to distribute them because the fact that you know a lot of times these bands didn’t make that much money and they don’t want to pay somebody to then I’ll go on the road with them and to do these things and it’s it is really cut a lot of Corners so I was doing that and then I was kind of having to live a really am a really sporadic but also really really structured life every morning I had to wake up you know 5 a.m. and every night I went to bed at a certain time it wasn’t it was always relatively late it was always relatively like wild I wanted to get everything out of my system like when I was younger I didn’t really do all that much partying or anything like that I still don’t to this day I just wanted to kind of like spread the love with people and like Distributing music I wanted to distribute not distributed animals but like you know that well-behaved well-mannered animals and I wanted to distribute good plans and I wanted to distribute all the things that you know I’ve been telling you about I feel like that’s kind of my thing I don’t have one specific thing I like to do a bunch of things as far as like the whole damn thing I did not start having traditional sex I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20 years old so I I had to find you know like other ways I was always like really creative and my personality has always been like you know a go-getter I’ve always been I wouldn’t say I’m more I’m more observant I wouldn’t say that I’m soft-spoken but I’m definitely more observant and I like to watch and see what’s going on and see now then I’ll let you know open up and then I’ll talk in the night you know what kind of take control of the situation if need be as far as like my sexuality I’ve been with women I’ve been with men and long-term relationships with the women I am feminine and I’ve been with other feminine women but I have been the one that you know quote unquote wears the pants not to enforce like gender roles but I’ve been the one that’s kind of you know tended to things and has been the more nurturing more like I guess you could say Mommy and she won and you know did you you have a doctor’s appointment today so you might want to get up or you know you didn’t really eat anything today or are you know things like that and I wouldn’t necessarily say like discipline but I’m there have been some relationships where I’ve been and where it has called for it because I’ve been in traditional relationships and non-traditional relationships with man with women I I would say I wouldn’t say that I identify as any of the specific on sexuality two sides like demi sexual because I like to get to know a person first I like to see what you know going on first before I got with somebody but I do the same thing as far as my dom sub relationships as well so I really hope I answered your question amazing and so much Exquisite value that you bring to this world and that just flows so I feel like saying naturally into what you’re doing now with sub so do you want to talk about how are you apply some of your ethics and values and training and skill sets to your lifestyle and professional or just professional so yeah it’s kind of a necessity if you’re the kind of person that I am you know really busy person a really you know nurturing person or really you know dominant person a really you know just for definitely for a person like me a sentence in the city I had high appointment at 6 he said we talked about ways that you well I guess I’ll back up a little bit and see my ethics like my code of ethics leaving my ethics like the things that I nature into community and being benevolent nurturing just your environment in your community to you that I have met you know via FetLife a lot of people that I’ve met via you know advertising sites a lot of the people that I’ve met you know in person in an Indian I like Spanish balls and stuff like that they come from these homes where they aren’t able to tell their significant others or maybe they don’t even have significant others but they don’t have anybody that they have been able to experience these things with and they they haven’t necessarily gotten too or they gone to do like little bits and pieces and everything that they know they have experience through you know porn and a lot of the times I come in and I’ll meet them and they all think that you know it’s going to be all you know 100% you know me having them face it or me facing them and you know me doing like me facing them and me being mean to them and you know things like that and you know there is some things that you know are helpful like that but I’m also going to have you or I would rather preferably iodide 100% prefer to have you go ahead and do things that you can do at home do things that are going to be more realistic and do things that are going to help you know make the world a little bit I feel like if I can teach you how to plant things or if I can teach you how to do things that your wife has been asking you to do forever that little honey do list with the whip at the end of it you know I would have them sometimes you know go to parks and stuff cuz they always have you know sometimes sometimes are well-maintained but sometimes they’re not on sometimes they have areas that could use improvements and sometimes I will do you know a little bit of more tricky things like we’ll go into abandoned houses and stuffing and go there and sometimes it’ll sleepover into someone’s you know like a little patch in front of their phone law and then we’ll just do a little public games like that and sometimes I’ll have them I got into about a year-and-a-half ago cuz I realize that my neighborhood has a considerable amount of dog poop in it so I started going around and picking it up and so I realized that it’s always really helpful and there’s a lot of areas that people just playing abandon them and I can’t do it alone and it’s something that I’m a little bit I’m in pretty passionate about it not so you know it sounds kind of weird but I’m pretty passionate about it because it’s a lot of diseases that dogs can get. they got through fecal material and someone that and that’s not something that landscapers you know send to you so I’ll have my submissives go ahead and do that and then you know obviously if they’re doing it for random dogs they’re going to feel more inclined to do it at home you know go ahead and take off their dogs poop in their yard and that’s going to be a good treat for their wife and maybe after you did that and you did do you know the dishes because you’ve been doing them in panties twice a week my house you’ll feel you’ll your wife won’t you know maybe she’ll go ahead and let you rub her feet or something and give you a little treat that she knows will really mean a lot to you you know what I mean that’s what a couple of these people have said this but I mean on you and have better results today what’s up with their wife in like a room with a lady that’s not a hundred not necessarily invested in it to me and be a little bit kinky and this is exactly what I have been praying for and what I’ve witnessed only in the smallest amount so far so do you know other Doms who are have similar paths I mean is this a very radical new thing or is it a well-established are you feeling like your community with this and your dumb friend World femdom world unfortunately no cuz I mean okay the thing is that I told you you were a little bit a little bit mild like I I feel like none of the Dom that I know I only know a few I know like you know five or six in the area and we all do completely different things I think that I do a little bit of everything because you know most of the things that my dom friends have told me are things that I’ve done or things that you know I I I do but I’m going to look interested in but not things that are going to the mean things I do you know so I don’t I don’t know any aunt but I mean I’ll have somebody like walking a dog walking you know a dog at you know it’s 3 in the morning pretty much feminized you know and say you know with a trench coat and we obviously and make sure that proper we miss you too we take proper precautions but I do things that a lot of people are a little bit too timid to and I mean you know there’s a lot of ways to make sure that you don’t get in trouble you go to areas that you you know that there’s not going to be anybody you go to places where people can look at you but aren’t going to like the bath area apartment complexes and just places where are you now you feel as if you’re going to be you know Ray safe but on the edge of taboo you know just saying yeah stealth actions right operation stealth kink well well this is I’m just going to take a breath to absorb all this amazing hopeful information and it’s just music to my ears so please tell us more about your passion for ever as much as you care to share other like Visions like you would have a few let’s see you had a full Army and all some of the richest man in the world have the most powerful man in the world politically socially right and they would became your clients I know Downs with some of the most world famous male clients on the planet and its know right but it’s like anywhere you turn you’ll find jobs that have some high-end clientele even if it’s just local judges cops CEO those lawyers all of the men with power in the system want to get beat out of them by their other friends on mistress or goddess are both so let’s say you had a lot of power in a lot of money through these men what would you build with the money that was going into your pocket and what would you build with their labor and their skills and expertise in and they’re all of their Capital that they will be delightfully surrendering to your command wow well if I was on if I were to have an opportunity like that that would be amazing that would be you know that’d be pretty cool but I would probably use it I would use it to make a dual Center for service animals to be trained and taken care of as well as and Farm are we both I would love it if I were able to incorporate a way for the four women to be able to like battered women to be able to have like jobs and little you know side project picking and helping out there and I would also have you know like Subs do it obviously that would be more of a vanilla thing where they wouldn’t be enough or they wouldn’t be where they wouldn’t be in a completely finalized in last we were doing do you know some work at night some work at night could be being done just some water and some you know tightening off but for the most part it would be gopher Patrol to write a snack bar for all of the nocturnal Critters because you’re asleep and if you don’t you don’t have a dog or something someone cats and dogs out there regarding the garden if you had Subs in shifts in whatever feminized outfits they want to be in you know within some fun concealment to the public then you could have Garden Patrol substrate they are the dogs with the subs would watch them but this guy was probably wouldn’t have liked the and capabilities the train them but they would do the things like you know walking them and exercising them and securing the perimeter of a temple so that’s everybody’s kind of an everybody kind of keeps ingredients as much as possible kind of green business that couldn’t be a form of employment for women and also be something that the subs are volunteering or say they could be considered in turn in a business they would also be in charge of the subs would have to do a lot of like networking I make things like this little crotch here I’m going to explain it the best that I can it’s about fingerling and it is a circular tube it’s made out of wood and it’s the perfect size to take one small little toke out of for two on I want to know hold is either a one hitter or you could stop your J in there if you’re gay or your blond or whatever guess small because I fit in there and that’s something that I’ve made and usually I know I stand them down they paint them and I do everything and then I saw them for like $5 and they would be in charge of like you know marketing for those and then I would also have like Mike Raines and stuff and I would have them do you know pretty much how I look a little second job and then they would also have to do you like the attending to the sub outside I’ll be helping with that because that’s something that I genuinely loved and that brings me peace but I would obviously be lording over them directly over the night when well actually not buckle down so have you had to deal with the politics of Subs interacting together on a job site what’s a aura has session site how do you keep them check how do you keep a cooperating what I have and it was intense it was on it was actually a session that I was having with a friend and with a person that was a new paid client and the new paid client wanted to earn the right to have a session with me and so I had to I was in we were in a public park at nice we were in like the depths of it where I know that nobody we patrolling and nobody realizes Park in the neighborhood that I’m you know if I know you’re with and we were just I brought like my little bag of tricks with us and and we were just kind of like going through the motions we were doing a bunch of different tasks and we had him you know doing a bunch of things and we were working you know together and me and obviously I was like in charge but me and the other guy my sub friends my personal sub was working we’re working together around with against answer one okay so how do you manage these politics between the male Subs to the have a hierarchy of a chain of command how do you keep them in line with each other and especially if you’re not always watching them out of you make sure they stay in a proper subordination to your chain well my personal said he knows that he is able to do certain things you know like he doesn’t have to maintain eye contact like that every single time that he is like talking but he still knows he has to address me a certain way like he knows like you know he knows certain things but he also knows that he’s able to be I wouldn’t say last but it’s able to be more of himself whereas the other one is under constant observation like at all times and you know what I mean with the rank right you know so they’ll they’ll respond well to the orders given through your intermediary or if you think of it like a military kind of chain of command and the private is going to salute a superior officer is in that kind of thing children animals want your children here and lay down a man like from the time that we’re young to the time they were old and then animals also most animals have some sort of pecking order any sort of mammals and you can really make an art form out of that with being human because we can be don’t be very fair and just and base it on Merit and eldership and wisdom and skill sets and not just like on you know who is the Bloodlines or what or just the dominant family or something we can be more we can choose to be a Gala Therrien and distribute power and influence the guy I like to wear meritocracy you know if you earn it then you can be the one with that Authority but then people could also you know Mutiny if you’re being undressed and that’s kind of part of it too but yeah if you have a few or a fair ruler of your matriarchal tribe of submissive men who are aspiring to wood would they Inspire to be to give them options to to grow or if people say you had more than you do now it’s so you had like hundreds of men just coming to your doorstep at the temple wanting to be initiated into prove themselves and get to the boot camp and and then aspire to be a Master Chef for a Master Gardener Master dog trainer master masseuse would you kind of go to the university if so as to allow them to rise rise the ranks so there’s also the question of politics amongst other Doms and competition and have you have you found that there’s like a bit of both out there more or less than the other in the in the past you know for years I would say I haven’t had any sort of like ill feelings towards or any sort of you know how bad I haven’t felt any sort of bad vibes from either I haven’t felt really like I was in any sort of competition because I am a completely different Dom then all the other Doms I feel like every you know if somebody is coming to me you’re coming to me because you’re looking for a certain experience they’re coming to me because you’re looking for a certain look they’re coming to me because they’re looking for a certain everything and if someone when someone else they’re going because they’re looking for that you don’t need me anymore so I haven’t felt like I’ve been dealing with anything like that you don’t necessarily I don’t to say you don’t you don’t buy into it or you doing you’re not if you are not a slave to the fashion sort of status quo of being a dumb right you new dress how you want to dress and they don’t get to do while you up to their taste or how do you do all that dress code like every single day I wear dresses dresses dresses dresses I wake up and dresses I go to bed and dresses dresses dresses I just dresses so I pretty much where that all the time and you know sometimes I might be feeling like wearing something you know something a little bit spiffy but for the most part I just where you know that and then if it’s like a foot fetish session I like to obviously like I like to do things that are going to enhance the experience so I will ask you if you have a preference in like nail color if you have a favorite color if you have this if you have is at but as far as like how I’m going to do my hair or I’m going to do my you know I don’t try to have leg you know long block Talons and like a super sexy like latex you know bodysuit or anything like that and let you know I mean I just like to be myself and just you know get her done right on and they they so you probably have filtered out do you have you had to filter out a lot of stubs that were not really serious about the lifestyle we’re just trying to get laid or trying to be creepy or whatever belotero I would say that is the majority of the people that I meet that say they’d like to be Subs because they watch Fifty Shades of Grey and then they things oh it’s going to be all on you know it’s going to be all this and all that like she just going to slap me around a little bit and maybe choke me while she rides me and you know there’s going to be all kinds of like you know things like that and they’re just looking at you know a little bit of porn and then they think that it’s going to be that experience and it’s really not I’ve had to filter out a lot of flakes because they will literally ask me things like that I like okay well so am I going to be able to do this and I going to be able to do that and so I can look those are not the right doesn’t that’s not exactly what this says I’m not accommodating you your, dating me and the primer for being a sub annual and here it is and if you read it and come back you might have a chance to be rescreen within 30 days but you really don’t have a clue you know if they mostly just don’t have a clue or sitting there are du Fafa don’t find ones who were really skilled well trained and you know I don’t want to see devious because that’s where all the tailed deviousness but they’re surreptitiously or dishonest or trying to cheat and break the rules so I can know the rules they know they know better and they break the rules cuz they think they can get away with it yeah they just kind of want to see a woman and naked which obviously I mean I don’t blame them but I do blame them for you know using like false pretense so a lot of times that would be the situation but I can let you know I can tell that came out in the early 90s Navy ladies so powerful to me when I re-read the lyrics recently that song I had the tape you know a cassette tape and media safer sex AIDS awareness in kind of Public Service pop track you know it was pretty interesting unique thing to do with that but I appreciate it at the time and I appreciate it now because I found recently that there’s a sign that says you know a man is I I don’t remember exact time going to court exactly perfect but it’s basically like a man sees a young woman in tight jeans and you know want some and that’s natural but it’s the scheming that’s biological but it’s the scheming that’s diabolical so acknowledging that it’s natural for men to be aroused by adult mature feminine beauty and bodies and and Radiance but it’s it becomes evil and wrong and twisted when it’s that buy let their the two diabolical scheming you know the not honoring the beauty or worshiping it but manipulating a woman’s vulnerabilities to get some sort of unwanted access so yeah so I appreciate your time so much for sharing this really it’s such a breath of fresh air and I feel like I’m on a mission now to support and B you know I guess I should say for myself I’m not really I’m kind of off the Spectrum off the scale of Dom or sub I really I’m a goddess worshipper and and I am in service to the Goddess Delivers the capital G goddess and there’s two lowercase G goddess and I’m in Devotion to the to the divine feminine and and I I try to treat all or I do my best to treat all manifestations in human form with respect and really be in service to the the revolution of a matriarchy I would say you know matriarchal EcoBoost life you know honoring the Yoni honoring the womb and knowing that you know if there’s a a sacred wisdom of mystery infinite enchantment in the the female human form and it should be a no-brainer to be completely Enchanted and then throw love and willing to be in service but things are obviously we’re out of balance so you’re on the front lines of retraining the male population to be improper prostration you know prayerful devotional meditative piano worship of of the female form so do you are their sacred places that you like to go to me not to stand by name or anything but do you coach charged up and nature in the in the wilderness do you go to any kind of spiritual places temples are other ways to kind of get steeped in in ceremonial goddess ritual type of energy or do you just going to draw down. You know if your own vessel well I do have places that I like to go and meditate and I do have places that I like to dance go and eat do yoga and that is where I that’s how I like to recharge just natural and on a couple poses and I’ve been doing these things for you know a little while I have a good five or six places actually but you know to in specifics and especially great because one is actually a hike so once you get to the top it’s just a really nice to be able to just like relax and just like celebrate the fact that you did it and you don’t even know it’s like it’s a really lucky or in the experience awesome and thank you for sharing that in that leads me to another question which is you plant teachers psychedelic sacred plant medicines play a role in your your Evolution and in your Consciousness is all right so deep would you be comfortable sharing that whatever Revelations are epiphanies that you had through the medicines that have given you guidance on your path I I feel like I smoke marijuana and I smoked it for a lot of reasons for medicinal for like therapeutic reasons I like the feeling that it gives me towards everything I like the fact that it helps me I feel I’m not one of the people that smoke I smoke sativa which means the kind of weed that makes you feel really like you know energized than you know not you don’t get the couch lock indicas in the couch so in the couch so I guess I’ll smoke a little bit and it tonight but for the most part even at night I do smoke indica and I’ll go ahead and I’ll get like a whole bunch of planting done or I’ll go ahead and I’ll call up one of my subs and after work will all tell them while I’m at work to meet me after work so that we can go ahead and trim some of the body that we can go ahead and you know rip off some of the Dead stalks of some of the aloe in the space that I’m renting to grow things out of there like you know that we can go ahead and do some weeding or we can you know if we can separate some of the stocks that have a lot of seeds and some of my butt implants and we can do things like that and they’re learning things but they never imagined themselves doing but yeah and then I will also I will do I Ayahuasca sometimes and DMT I’ve done a couple times BMT if I don’t know if it wasn’t necessarily the best Bosch or what but I didn’t really learn all that much I mean I felt like it just reminded me that life is not always what you make it and that perception is everything kind of you know what I mean but you never know like looking at somebody like you really just never know what’s going on before doing DMT which obviously I researched a beforehand that I you know I made sure that I did get it from like a reputable source and stuff like that which you know makes me believe that I must have been a good batch but and then supposed to be the same you know it supposed to be relatively the same as ayahuasca so with those you know they were just cool experiences and it was just about perception and then with shrooms. Just taught me each time it’s kind of taught me a different time this kind of caught me a different thing like I I went through the experience of being born one time so for at least a good I would say for at least a couple of months I was just the way better person for at least a couple of months was just really sorry I was really loving and happy and really open to a lot more than I had been open to and that’s one thing that’s a recurring theme when I do shrooms. Definitely more open and more accepting and that could be a little bit dangerous because I’m already a very like open really open-minded person I don’t necessarily drink and I mean all I have a I have to eat gluten-free so I have to drink gluten-free so I mainly have like spiders and stuff like that but I don’t really like spiders so I’ll have to search out of gluten free beer so I would say I’ve had like probably like 30 beers this year I love gluten free beer by your home brew kit right now research herbal Brewing which I know some experts in and start to hook it up right when it be nice to have a gluten-free beer bar that your subs built and maintained and tended did you know and I haven’t checked it has to be gluten-free because it’s for dietary and after snootiness dear friend who was the first to tell me about how hops were actually used as a sedative to try to desexualize and Lady harada size the experience of inebriation to alcohol because the pagans were originally in parts of Europe making herbal for men that were alcoholic beverages forms of beer you know that would that would actually enhance the right a cavity she acts and they were stimulants and provide arousal through you know medicinal herbal effects and actions and in order for the priests to clamp down on you know sexually liberated Behavior group or Jurassic Behavior they use hops of the conspiracy to him do what they thought would be impotence and certainly a more sedative effect on the nervous system that would kind of reduce Consciousness and reduce sexual activity so when you drink a lot you got like a whiskeydick The Hop specifically would would make it more inhibitif to arousal and functioning sexual functioning so it’s interesting there’s a whole you know decolonizing alcoholic beverages kind of movement and it’s so cool that you’re in the urgency because I love beer to have a friend that makes a terrible bruise and it’s just so much better with all organic ingredients in homemade and made with love and you know homegrown herbs and stuff so amazing Ginger one of them was called a it was a warrior Brewing it had a kind of a divorce in bitters there was I can’t remember I can’t remember the the list of ingredients but it was all really potent stuff and just different herbal effects like the effect of bitters in a beer is a totally Exquisite knew it was amazing it a bunch of different percentage of the are these beers they think they can be pretty hard yeah I member I mean I don’t know if they were testing but I don’t know exactly mean for me yeah they think they were it looked like an IPA and IPA yeah I don’t know it was still kind of home scale so I don’t think it went through all the lab testing all that stuff but it was I used to never had like a Stone Stone IPA or anything like that is it like one time I made cider like it was like Mad Dog 20/20 but worse and it was homemade cherry cider and it was like a lethal you know you can just burning through your system but it got you wasted but yeah anyway that I digress into until young and old memories but I think it’s important to say actually in this you know this context that alcohol is forbidden in a lot of BDSM establishments and sort of play zones and then I definitely feel like it should be used in moderation if at all in any it is certainly would have any kind of dangerous activity happening but I’ve seen it be you know used in mature and responsible manner but I think people if it’s home-brewed people have more respect specially if they make it themselves they don’t they don’t turn into monsters usually if they’re in the path of being close to Nature you know but yeah so you can you probably would have your own ganja Farm to huh I would I would I mean I would probably mainly grow for personal usage ganja Garden like a whole bunch of different strains and just now the laugh a little this is great so I think we covered a lot do you want to say do you have an Amazon wish list to you or you going to put that together if you don’t have one yet I know I should have make an Amazon wish list yeah if you you know just curious what what are some things that you that you will be putting on your Amazon wish list for your devotees and your tribute tribute or suggest some face creams and some dog stuff in summer some additives to make like soaps and Tomika like eating a homemade homemade dish soap homemade was it called laundry detergent and homemade hand soap and Salt Lake. Like soap bars and mainly this thing like that little essential oils mulch anklets the kinky Homesteader life stuff because most of what I see on Don’s Amazon wish list is well it’s usually all just shoes and corsets and makeup and things that obviously your business assets you know that it’s like if you have a plumber business you need to have tools and you need to have a truck if you’re a dumb you need to have corsets and boots and all that kind of stuff usually but you’ve got some of everything I need I go to this website I don’t know if I should I plug it or not but it’s a really good website and it has everything and so I have all that stuff and I’m looking for something that I need I have it so it’s just something that I you know just plain ones you know I might as well just throw it out there I guess if I like that’s what it’s for but for the most part I buy like everything that I have to have makeup and stuff this is what I want to congratulate you for his is transcending the Trap of narcissism and self-obsession and just perpetuating the beauty myth and I don’t want to get I don’t want to insult anyone for not having a feminist critique of these things but the seeking to really exhaust like really build up and promote women who are righteously using their power in a ecologically responsible way but yeah this is interesting territory to explore how to instill positive ethics and and I can ecological entrepreneurialism and really we be staying together so if you had some seed packets on your Amazon wishlist what would be so much I will get you to the point where or when I say we I mean the world and all of the magic within and Beyond will get you to have your dream facility Fortress to be able to have land to work and play on in to have your subs be dutiful Guardian Warriors that get Bill to the ranks and what would be some of your favorite crap so I guess that you have planned for your inside okay Temple well I would have I probably have like potatoes and like probably like spinach probably a lot of spinach even though it’s the winter right now it have tomatoes cuz it’s not always going to be winter I would have a plant like aloe and like a lot of LOL cuz that’s good for everybody I thought I could feel like stuffing like it’s good for like a whole bunch of Life personal uses as well but as far as like as far as like an antibacterial so you can use it looks like you know clean like different toys with and stuff like that and it is good for like you know Burns and all sorts of like and I’ll cleaning up your rooms and stuff but I’m a professional so if I’m going to give you a spanking like you know that I can still give you a 10 a degree 10 spanking without you know breaking skin without licking nose and dilating your skin sounds like any other herbs sir veggie surgery screws I like orange I would have and then I would have I will probably have like licorice root I would probably have a lot of ginger I would probably try to grow like probably saying John’s Wort probably a little bit of valerian root I’m not sure how long kava kava takes to grow but I would see about I’m trying to grow some of that I would try to grow I would definitely grow some lavender I would grow on I would just grow I would go a lot of things that’s why they would be so much to me entertain really A Little Flower Patch a little flowers but that’s my favorite favorite favorite like that you know thing awesome that can all be arranged I’ve got just the right people to call I’ve got the cruise already assembled they just need to be trained so would you take on apprentices other Doms to a kind of learn how you roll and are you ready for that level of leadership if you were to have even just someone be like while I want to know how you how you run this you know you just I guess people can obviously contact you and connect with you but it would be great if you you know write an article or or just kind of opportunities there hopefully you’ll be able to share the wisdom in the wealth of the rich is the spiritual riches if this unique dumb style that you have would you do feel like I get that ready for that apprenticeship apprenticeship some Guess Who coming over you know mistress you know XYZ and in their own hierarchy of student and teacher where the student has to get slightly like I said if it was a switch student then you could reprimand then and and Heaven I guess it gets a very complex very fast but well that’s how in the dungeons usually go from being a sub to a switch to a job so that she had the whole cycle have you been a sub or do you switch your last dollar with how do you roll with all that I guess you could find out on FetLife for you on it okay so on that note do you want to share how people can now obtain your services and apply for apprenticeships and all that good stuff my my fella if should be sativa mistress mystery sativa mistress and then my email address is Namaste alt n a m a s t e a l t at so I’m pretty reachable from both mediums and I do you know like correspond relatively fast and I was long as I’m not at work or training Manor training animals or you know I’m doing some sort of you know odd job or some sort of something or do you want to feel free to be as broad-based geographically as you want but you know we’ll say Southern California serviceable area or awesome well goddess Jamie thank you so much again for being such a lovely role model and blessing and I hope to help facilitate your visions and dreams have hurricane with my peeps in my self so thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email Thomas Day