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Inside the Camming for Crypto Lifestyle with Melissa Sweet1 TPP160


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In this episode I’m joined by a highly accomplished and established entrepreneur in the adult entertainment and crypto currency/blockchain space. I first discovered her via an write up, then again via a Coindesk article. 

We discuss:

  • how she got into the camming lifestyle
  • how crypto entered her life
  • behind the cam, the average day in the life of crypto camming
  • constructive emotional responses to internalized “bitshaming”
  • favorite crypto news and info sources
  • time management skills for self-employment
  • seeking and sustaining healthy, authentic connections via social media
  • rave reviews for beta test camming on SpankChain
  • balancing revenue earning goals with crypto study time
  • basic crypto operational security
  • thoughts on day trading
  • diversifying income streams beyond payments and trading with staking coins
  • aspirations to build confidence for coaching and leadership
  • the development pattern of enthusiasts who become brand ambassadors
  • evaluating altcoins based on hash rate vulnerabilities and security with crypto51
  • adult crypto projects of interest including: SpankChain, Intimate,io, and Vice Industry Token
  • hard lessons, making mistakes along the way
  • joking about private keys in your private parts, the private keyster
  • how to play strypto, tits for tech tips
  • monetizing the free the nipple movement
  • and the need for cryptobooties
  • crypto video tutorials with Brenna Sparks
  • crypto for adult leadership by Ginger Banks
  • women in financial technology
  • the future of crypto camming
  • gratitude for vision of developers
  • how camming can often be safer than street sex work
  • the potential for smart contracts to clean up the sex industry
  • what is a shill
  • sharing investment wisdom but not advice

About Melissa:

MelissaSweet1 is an adult webcam model that is devoted to mental health awareness, tech, art and a cryptocurrency! Melissa streams on multiple adult platforms including MFC and Spankchain and has video stores on websites including and

She is passionate about learning, thinking outside the box and having fun! 

Connect with her on Twitter: @MelissaSweet1_ and @cryptosweet111

Tip her with ETH at

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin their beloveds walk of the tundra Punk podcast episode number 160 I’m being joined by Melissa sweet one that’s with the number one correct that is so yeah if you search for her online it’s melissasweet1 with the number one at the end of the word sweet and she is an experienced cam girl and she’s passionate about cryptoeconomics technology art and all things that make a person a good and in virtuous in the world so that’s all what we’re talking about here people who are on the passive Liberation and healing and empowerment and using technology and cryptocurrency to to facilitate that on a on a wide scale and so I have discovered your work I think we had become king and notes nudging each other a bit on social media and then you were featured in a coindesk article which is a huge accomplishment for both pretty but if he has so that’s graduations on that thank you so much for joining us and we’ll start with asking you can please share about your background how did you get involved in the adult entertainment industry here this is my first podcast to start I actually got the inspiration to become a cam model from an episode of Family Guy believe it or not and I one day I was just sitting there watching Family Guy and there was an episode and it’s called call girl and Louis needed to get a job and she’s submitting to submit a resume and somebody picked her up and says she you have a great voice you know what do you think you want to be employed to use your voice and so down the road you know she wound up being a sex hotline operator and I thought to myself I could use some money thing you know cuz I want to talk on the phone for some money so what I did from there is I actually went to Google and I searched you know sex hotline operator blindly and I came acrossed which for those that don’t know it’s actually an adult webcam community and I discovered she can girls and so you know I popped in a room and I I saw these girls and they’re excited and they’re receiving these things called tokens and I just knew it was tips and I had no idea what amount of money was being thrown around but I just I saw just excitement and earning potential and as soon as I found out what a cam model was I was literally signing up to be, I’m so that’s how I got started in the adult entertainment industry on the Curiosity a search on Google and taking a really big leak into something that I just said was completely enriched my life sex work is completely enriched my life so that is awesome well I’m pleased to hear about that if your success story and before we move on to the crypto stuff I let to just ask her more questions in that space which would be what was it like it did you have a fair balance of praise and adoration and love and respect and all the things that help build you up in a positive direction sounds like you’ve had a really positive experience and if you talk about just kind of how it felt to start to get that kind of attention coming through in addition to the money right I really didn’t know it was adding up to you know I’ve token was a nickel and I couldn’t do the math quick enough to calculate what kind of them were you know brand new to the site but it was actually a bit challenging believe it or not oh my God instant gratification and you know I got compliments I got tips accompanying it but there was a lot of times where because I was knew I had a small room really turned into a little bit of what I call emotional labor where I had the responsibility of keeping myself occupied just maintaining that happy you know Aura to attract people to me and so there is there is sometimes or it was it was challenging to you no stick with it and it is something that I really had to push myself with self-discipline with self-love and I’ll just stay consistent with it and I really believe that’s that’s all the reason why I’ve seen grills is that I’ve I’ve had a lot of really really rough days I’m just you know like you do at any job some days you don’t learn very much you’re somebody says the wrong thing and it’s just it’s a it’s a part of it so you really believe you have to have thick skin be really aware of your boundaries and just enjoy it you know it’s important you enjoy it that’s that’s why I’ve stuck with it I truly loved it there so many hours experience if I doing this is what I feel like yeah is it as a man I don’t know if I don’t know what the the patterns really are haven’t looked at really professional or academic research on it but it seems like women if I understand correctly can kind of get more nastier trolls I don’t know if that’s always the case but in my case I feel like there’s only been a few hecklers and they’ve been kind of so ridiculous that they almost almost at form entertainment 100% agree with trolls existing with people having too much idle time on their hands and and they’re not just bored they’re not happy and they’re sending negativity and they’re sending that you can feel it and it’s about kind of filtering out that negativity it’s a continuous process of not allowing you know people to get to you and kind of mess with your day so probably encounter more trolls than males however in the time that I’ve been streaming now I encounter less trolls and I feel like it’s because I’m really I really understand what I’m not okay with and I’m really I’m really quick to say hey now I’m not comfortable head up that’s not okay and it just beyond them and move on so that’s what I recommend about trolls is the more that you look at women wear that you pay attention to them or you’re actually feeling them and feeding them we don’t want them very well said why is words and and him as you’re seeing this I realize that this is really an accelerator for human emotional development and it’s not for everybody but it’s definitely a boot camp and it will it will inflate you but also yeah give you some calluses in the right places and make you stronger and would you say that this experience has helped you just be more confident and more assertive in other spheres of your life yes but it’s also been really challenging I’ve I’ve worked since the young age of 11 and out of all of my jobs that I’ve ever had this is by far the most challenging and yeah it’s taking a lot of self-maintenance self-love self-care to have balance because it’s if you don’t maintain that balance its it can be dangerous and then you you can create your own hours it gets addicting streaming earning so you just you really got to have that away I believe cool so when did you discover crypto and how did it into your life I discovered it about on the go I remember on MFC he actually had the desire to tip me the full amount some people don’t know that website scam platforms on the majority of them take 50% of the earnings and so this was a very loyal client still talked in this day and he he told me about coinbase and the reason that it was coinbase which shows as because he was International so he had the knowledge of being able to send money internationally find a way to evade the large you know payment cut that I received on the cam platform so it was actually just like a one-time deal except that I received but you know I created that coinbase account and you know it work to transfer to my bank and it remained open so that’s how that originally initiated and I just cashed that money out I didn’t like hodl I wish I wish but I just I used it as a payment processor it was it was really need its really need for that in that aspect so then I got involved in it again and on last year and I received a tip from an individual that caught my eye on Twitter and this is where it really changed my my view of things because I had an understanding tips just came from a camp lot for encounter. It bought and so I posted it on Twitter and then all the sudden this tipbot you know said hey I’m giving you x amount of Bitcoin cash and you’re receiving $16 in Fiat in RUSD what is this crap and I’m compelled to block it initially and Son stuff I had some time on my hands and I hours of reading and then I kind of got a concept of hay and all this stuff could be legit so took a leap of face and I use the boss that was commanded via on Twitter DM and then I was able to I was able to move it to my coinbase and I was like so from there you know I got in contact with the person that sent it and then from there I am in exchange services for crypto received it was actually tributes I received and it really caught my interest so I am a learner I am real curious and I just started researching and the more I research that the more I just fell in love with it and it just it’s evolved into a hobby of mine that really so it’s really cool for so many reasons in my eyes Mmm Yeah I love crypto I love crypto to that’s so beautiful and yeah it’s everybody has a different experience of falling down the rabbit hole and it usually involves having been forewarned with Advance time to become a millionaire very easily already and then having the bit shaming has it was sounds like you’re doing something similar to what I feel you know it’s maybe a post-traumatic missing out disorder is what I call it but if you know that you had an opportunity that you missed in then every second of day job work or anything you have any any work you have to do while you’re not kind of feeling like you’re working for yourself for making your own hours and you look back at those people I just hear the echo of you should have bought in back then you know you should have taken my advice like you should have bludgeon me with the stick that you should not have let me leave the room without signing up you know you know I actually channel that and instead of like focus on that I use it to feel me and I think that I was like oh man the more I learn about this man but chains just so mean it’s just I’ve had you know people in the community taught me stuff I’m not you know I say I’m self-taught and that’s where it started but now I can fortunately say multiple people have been kind enough to take time with me and and you know share their knowledge and and that’s the beautiful thing to do is I’m all about supporting community on the Fly have time or I can link someone with resources you know I want I want as many people to know about crypto as they can awesome yeah I totally agree that the positive approach the constructed thing is to take that energy and actually join the community and create value in the space even if you’re not a programmer or coder which I’m certainly not but yeah this is an interesting thing or just have this conversation the other day is that the really hard core tech key crypto Anarchist Engineers they need evangelist the to do more Marketing in front end, Consulting and design and user experience testing and stuff so people who it’s it’s it’s really a mutually beneficial thing so even if you feel like all I can understand this photography or whatever the cryptographers need people who don’t understand cryptography to break it down for people and get a look-in are so yeah if all I said was thank you for doing that it’s really exciting and desist yeah it’s a lot of people I’m sure who are listening to this or on a similar play somewhere along that path so yes if you what what is a day in the life of a assertive crypto hobbyist enthusiasts camming tell us a little bit about some behind-the-scenes you know people are you are you popping open your Hardware wallet and and transferring funds several times are trying to know what is it look like in your daily without giving away too much or anything private yeah I know that’s the fun I love to talk about it well I sleep less now that I started cooked out because it’s I just wake up really early now and I wake up about 5 a.m. like a little digging and then and read first thing I do when I get out of bed even before checking cam emails or anything cuz I just said a lot of fun and yeah I watch the sunrise and talk crypto and then from there I did instead of getting dressed immediately bullet it’s really optional getting dressed optional to subscribers so I go ahead and try to do that sexy modeling thing for a little bit and the snaps out and then I plant my butt at my desk and I do marketing I respond to emails I read you know both adult industry news and crypto news and then just come to that kind of setup my day I’m a bit of a planner some I have I have a couple of planters that I use in conjunction one’s a linear line and then another one’s Panda planner where allows me to play online when’s my weeks just kind of as a I decide to so I get a little bit of an idea for my day and then and then take off from there but during the daytime I will usually accept private server stream the days that I’m able to and then I do a lot of behind-the-scenes talking with my numbers and my friends that’s a big part of what I do actually I like that I really like having authentic connections it’s important to me so and then buy evening somewhere in there there’s like a bubble bath or two cuz I really like bubble baths by evening I’m I’m getting on what cam you know when I can and I like it a little bit of a break from temporarily just because it’s caught my eye and I’ve been you know participating as a beta tester for spankchain and it’s been in really it’s been a journey yeah so before I used to just be like wake up and snap and then you know cam cam cam all night long and now it’s just kind of a balance of no bouncing my earnings my goal and then you know how much time I can learn about crypto awesome so what are some of your favorite news sources or influencers different bloggers and YouTubers and whatnot I have a list of my favorite but I’m curious about who you what your digesting on a daily basis from that world I work a lot on my lurk in Discord them apart of a lot of crypto canonic servers so I just see the behavior of people what they’re saying how they’re behaving and a lot of social media monitoring I really enjoy sequin desk of course whatever really pops through my feet it’s mostly social media but I get it and then the inside on Discord like I participate sometimes unfortunate enough to have some really experienced guys invite me to their voice chat sometimes and they instilled me with a lot of really positive knowledge about you know the importance of getting hurt your crypto off of the online wallet and you know securing it in a cold wallet and offline wallet you know what I can on that’s what I do I don’t really do a lot of day trading I’ve done it and I enjoy it, I just don’t have the time and sometimes it can be added stress on the then I’ve also I was instructed on how to invest steak and a coin so I mean I I don’t just you know receive payment and bottle I just I have a binance in a bitstamp in a bit tricks and I have a metamask account and I just have all these different wallets in different places and I just enjoy learning about it I continue I hold a lot of altcoins just because I received them and why not and I’m really excited about you know the future of crypto where where it’s going to evolve from here cuz it seems to be kind of a roller coaster and it’s a lot of fun wow you’re getting into some really advanced stuff that’s awesome I’m kind of catching up to some of the stuff that where you’re at and this is very interesting. Just goes so it’s so infant and it’s so early too so I’m wondering if you know one of the things that I’ve struggled with as I have started to realize gains and started to figure out how not to have the whales eat your lunch so to speak you know and can be like a full-time job just not to lose your ass and it’s kind of fun it’s it’s one of the things it’s been hard it’s just getting really exciting psyched about it especially when it’s a can of Bull Run and it’s easy to be psyched about it and then trying to get a bunch of people on board and and then realizing sometimes that you know what it it’s it’s it’s really not a simple process for a lot of people so you know I didn’t know if you started to try to explain to him what the best procedure is that could change you know a week later the process and so I’m curious if you do how do you feel I’ve got I guess I got to a point where I just said you know what I’m going to wait to really try to unwrap people more until a lot of these protocols and regulations and things are settled so there’s really more of a just more of a reliable a reliable procedure I’m wondering if you kind of had that experience of trying to get everybody and then it’s like they all have different problems with customer support and then you’re kind of like going home and I should just wait until this is more mature where you at with that yeah you’re at your I’m on the same page as you you know blockchain technology is relatively new and because it’s decentralized you know we we don’t have a huge amount of rooms and places it’s really it’s really vulnerable is the word I would use I guess so I really am kind of sitting and waiting and I’m I would feel more comfortable once we have a little bit more concrete rules in place because I don’t know I just want to be straight across the board with everything that’s something that is a real big important factor to me cool when you feel that that sense of confidence with the state of things do you feel like you would actually start mentoring people especially Canton people in the industry who are being exploited and you know taking advantage of the neck to be using this to get more payments better payment it’s more security more privacy and all that good stuff it’s funny because I’m talking to people and passing and they’re talking about you next year and cam conventions excetra Anna a truck want to go yeah that is if I’m not doing crypto full-time and I’m nowhere near to the point to be like really coaching people for advice because I still feel that I’m learning but I think it would be really I’m ambitious I guess maybe one day you know to have enough knowledge where I have the confidence to really sure people on and to help you know allow crypto you know to empower their life and change it the way what has for me and I’ll just being able to have non-reversible transactions that’s internationally transferable there’s just so many things that make me all about crypto and all about that the industry cool hopefully yeah that will definitely happen I see a lot of people yeah even just different people who were starting out kind of is enthusiasts and then they become just out of their own curiosity of their own Journey starts a document them you know their progress on YouTube whatever and then all the sudden they got a hundred thousand followers and then crypto projects are hiring them to represent because they’re just brand ambassador huh that’s going to be in the cards for you is already made a lot of progress here in lovely lovely progression is so exciting so do you want to talk about you know with them of course any full disclosures about weather year invested or not do you know if you care to say that but basically you know projects that you’re looking at I got a number of projects in the adult space that I am invested in that I am I am we know with Sweat Equity and with with crypto mean a percentage of my Holdings and whatnot somewhat I’m wondering if you speak openly about projects that you are fans of that you invest in that you believe are going to help move things forward in this in the space specially the adult space I really enjoyed it comes R cryptocurrency in different cryptocurrencies on i-41 and more of a fan of like that Quinn and aetherium and it’s it’s because of security I believe in that those those two currencies on because they have significantly higher hash power than other coins out there and that high hash power makes it really more difficult to penetrate into be hacked than other coins such as altcoins so I for one of my favoritism and certain coins because of what I believe is the security of actual syntek and you know I’m all about coins and in people you know chasing you know their dreams and starting a coin and having a vision in the movement I think that’s the only way we get farther and that these all coins are actually helping the blockchain you know by increasing you know the different channels and stuff but I really don’t invest I mean like I said I didn’t really start dabbling in this until last year so I’m a Noob I mean I I I know some things but I don’t really I don’t like I’m not invested in any projects you know I like spankchain and that’s something that I see myself spending a lot more time on as much as I can and you know balancing. And then my my original site and messy and then just seeing how it involves and then there’s another company on that I’ve met actually I think about it and it’s intimate II earlier this year at an adult convention and they’re really really kind and super passionate about crypto and just very welcoming they have a business plan kind of like where that you have a scrub and that’s you know it’s just nice to see different platforms and in different coins popping up you know their catering does an adult industry it’s it’s great and you know I got to meet with Vice token at that convention got some advice and yeah I mean that’s crazy about all of them but stink she’s definitely one my heart so far just cuz I’ve had the opportunity to work for them and I’m excited to see other adult platforms that launched and I’m definitely going to be adamant about testing amount and the percent of them awesome yes I’m a I’m a big fan of spankchain as well and I’ve been counting on there and it’s been the best treatment and the best tipping I’ve experienced so far and not to mention I’m not even thinking about the the cut you know the better percentage deal of the earnings but just just the generosity and the spirit and the love that I think specially the people that early the early if they’re a.m. developers and the people who really believed the people who bought into that at all you know there’s some of the most fascinating generous very respectable people that I have been countered in in my life I feel like this is a whole new they’re really already living in the future and they’re sort of pulling helping us people who are like straggling in the past and I’m just throwing ropes down from this so beautiful or I feel like I’m getting beamed up into the mothership when if the and there’s my way from wherever so yeah I’m there with you and I also agree that that’s a good point for people to know that this the hash power there’s a noose I don’t know if you heard about this is called like crypto crypto 51 so your breaks down the hash power of each so that you know pretty much just saw it. I don’t like oh wow that’s interesting to me as crypto 51 app app and hit shows you really a there’s a huge drop off into the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars when you get it below aetherium and then Bitcoin cash in the below that it’s it’s a trip for anybody doesn’t understand exactly what we’re talking about here is basically that the only you call Food first-mover advantage and network effect so the the two most robust networks are also the oldest and the pretty much the oldest and also the ones that are most distributed in and have the most the biggest developer community and whatnot so definitely not professional investment advice but but looking at this you can kind of get a sense of where where you should be more cautious about hedging your bets and where you can feel a little more secure so I agree with you and six actually something I like about spankchain and and even an intimate as well as at least you know they’re starting out with aetherium Bay smart contracts and then you know if if things have already changed and there can be opportunities I guess to to be what they call blockchain agnostic and just choose really the most the best and most secure and most solid backgrounds for for running these apps it’s really more about the apps than speculating on you know the the Kumon play my game so I think that yeah that’s as cool as hell but the real value so cool thank you for sharing that and I’m moving along with some questions you’re so have you had a real difficulty so far he had to deal with any real like I mean worst case scenario will be any kind of hackers or any kind of close calls with you know I remember my heart racing copying addresses from different currencies to send a different wallets and hoping that I had the right wallet addresses in the right currency and just that your eyes are just starting across the screen a little bit going am I doing this right now I’m doing it right but I’m lying then your hesitancy click so one time it wasn’t a real big mess up I actually got to the trading sites because I wanted and I’m not chilling here xrp because everybody was doing it okay that I was probably Shield I’ll correct that so I’m going to go ahead and get some xrp and I learned that I had to do it from a training site and so you know I went ahead and I got the xrp and then I want to buy more of that or something and instantly sold it on accident I want to actually create a bit I was actually going to trade it for Fiat I believe and I just did instant sale and it wasn’t a big deal but it just showed me the power of the click and you know how it could really it could be dangerous and I can’t urge that enough that you know you go in here and you kind of navigate yourself and you’re going to make mistakes you can easily lose money that’s why there’s crypto Consultants out there you know they’re there to protect that and enforce that doesn’t happen to people like that you know I’ve had provided the wrong wallet address for tokens to come in for an example coinbase you note only supports blue for cryptocurrencies right now and I wish I had somebody send me my it was Frank actually and it was just that they saw the addresses up and we just completely innocent mistake and I want to send you spank it once in my coinbase instead of my metamask which coinbase has the support a token of our I’m sorry metamask is supported token of stank and coinbase isn’t so when the money was sent that spank was sent to my coinbase it was lost and I wasn’t able to retrieve that you know about it because that’s not a supported token spank for that that wallet so you need to have knowledge of what wallets hold what coins and what coins are sending to those wallet whether or not they they can be in a unit transferable with that stuff so let me think any other compromises because it takes so many you know Network confirmations in the blockchain. Actually finish the transaction and I just remember so many times when I did a Trader I sold and I’m just like holding my breath waiting and hoping and fearing that it wouldn’t show up because of an error so it’s it’s nerve-wracking in that aspect for sure I said definitely still the early phases and someday we’ll look back and laugh right about all the stuff you know just you got to really be careful not to have it cost you and you know just hold yourself accountable and and have that responsibility and know that that’s on you you know because we’re used to having centralized you know Financial currency and stuff and that provides a barrier buffer you know you have the bank if somebody just beat it with and just in the wrong address tough luck so all right yeah we’re learning to grow up for learning to be if you’re going to be your own bank you got to have your own armored car to to go along with it so let you know with writing down your seeds on a piece of paper and you know not just holding onto things digitally I was and I had great advice by some experienced people and they advised me to get a fireproof waterproof envelope you know to put those pieces of paper in the cold wallet in and then you know stored in a safe if you can or somewhere trusted so awesome we’ll hopefully yeah it’ll be a some sort of production house that will want to make crypto adult content that is the movie release exit by the learning process and hide the private keys somewhere I find them I was joking about this should be at teledildonics toy that works with the with the webcam platform and have it be called the private keister so you could have a hardware Hardware wallet that you put it where the sun don’t shine really committed to to hack that yes somebody somebody’s going to kick down and make it happen yet that’s it I’m open sourcing that that Concepts right now whoever wants to take it on you know that’s all I care about is something that’s so funny and it turned into strip towel on webcam on Skype with the gentleman and I was like thank you so much for that advice and I just like tips for Tech tips well as the free the nipple movement so how about incentivize the freedom it the nipple movement you know his vote with your crypto and make this happen if read nipple exposure totally deserves it for everybody to The cryptokitties Killing up kitties I do have you signed up for cryptotitties I’d be all over that but you did cryptokitties are titties right are you it might it’s really number two and number three I don’t know if we’ve kind of had a little bit of the fun pop in back and forth around spots that number one Brenna she’s been holding it down for a while and she’s doing really cool things you know it’s doing I think she’s doing nude video tutorials about crypto and stuff and you know it it’s cool that’s actually how I even landed you know the exposure with coindesk one of my friends Ginger Banks she had she had suggested me when I was inquiring and you know I’m really grateful for that and I just it’s cool it’s cool to see pretty ladies getting into the the fintech and awesome so what who do you say that was that had already been doing the crypto she’s releasing in it from then I may be mistaken but from what I remember and recollect seeing on social media she was just doing some like that it’s cool I was there to obsessively you said really been awesome we covered a lot we have another 15 minutes or so left so you want to get into some of what you see is now that you have so many kind of data points that you’re working within and studying as far as the future of crypto in specially in the adult world do you have any feature requests or if you could have the ear of the developers which I’m sure you probably do but I’m just curious now that you have all this experience what it what do you see is some opportunities on the horizon well I ideally I would love to see it’s really hard it’s it’s so diverse honestly I’m kind of sitting here waiting to see what the developers are bringing me you know what they’re going to bring to the table I’m a really creative person and I’m like smiling ear-to-ear saying that spankchain is really delivering like what I was hoping for you know I’m a cam girl that’s what I do and they just save really delivered a really cool platform so far I don’t know I think it would be I cannot think of anything that isn’t in the works already and that’s super cool I see so many creative developers and you know one reason these different groups and just everybody has their vision and it’s just it’s so inspiring so I really don’t I don’t have any suggestions for the developers out there except the key thank you thank you so much dollars is hardworking developers out there for making this this comes alive because it wouldn’t be you know without you guys so thank you agree effect actually have the same experience which is that when I started to understand crypto and I started to really in my own mind just brainstorm about how many problems and pain points I could solve for all of the adult I mean I’ve been in the adult world for a long time it’s real what’s up how long if you don’t mind me asking sadly you know fortunately it goes back to even before I was at legal age and that kind of gets into some someone over five years for today I just hit 5 years so like 5 years 10 years so I was just trying to get some more experience than I don’t think I’ve ever been as successful as you’ve probably been but that’s just kind of the way that the cookie crumbles for the gender gap in marriage is hard no matter what gender but I think that maybe maybe you know girls might be more of a demand for men I don’t know it’s hard to say I don’t know you would know better than me you know all I have is my side in my experience you know and that’s what you’re bringing to the table and that’s that’s interesting and very insightful to hear him best time to be alive if you want to strut your stuff because you know back in my day and like I said I’m a come from I come from working in the streets really you know an environment where there were no safeguards and there was no identity blockchain verification all the stuff so now I’m really excited to see especially just this Avenue of camming for four people because it’s so much more it’s so much safer to make a living you can be a mother you can be going to school just to eat if you don’t want to have anything to do with it and it’s actually extroverted introverted by Nature I like to talk and be social but when I’m around a lot of people sometimes I get on easy so I mean I have the big luxury of you know streaming from being alone in my room and that’s it’s really nice to hear that you know you’re able to exercise in your comfort zone more you know overtime could possibly imagine being the solution to all the problems that I’ve encountered in that I know other people have encountered I mean really gnarly things too pushy like from dumb contracts where you could be there’s if there’s like serial rapist to use so-called porn edition agreements to say oh you’re going to come here and now Edition but you’re not getting paid and maybe we’ll pay you later and send you a check in the mail smart contracts can clean up all of that funny business and so yeah but between the projects that are that are all out there doing her thing and serving different niches and different use cases I’m I’m pretty much am just feel like a sports fan and you know I haven’t felt like a sports fan in a long time but I feel like I’m like that too though I’m in my office standing up going yet really right on in and I’m actually at 2 to throw in a key word here for people who might not have the vocabulary at the term show we mentioned earlier and it said it’s a funny funny character Wikipedia is pretty funny so I’m just going to give us do a little of sidebar of a little bit of crypto and investing vocabulary for people and it says that says here on Wikipedia as she’ll also called a plant or a stooge is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with a person or organization shows can carry out their operations in the areas of media journalism marketing confidence games are other business areas that show my also asked to discredit opponents are critics of the person or organization in which they have a vested interest through character assassination or other means so when we say we’re not Shilling a coin then we’re disclosing whatever affiliations we have and we’re not trying to dupe other people into a Ponzi scheme or any other such fraudulent Activity one thing that I really stressed if people I go you know just don’t believe what people are promoting do your research I actually have a second Twitter account it’s at cryptosuite 111 and I have a link to a store that has a lot of the basic vocabulary terms for crypto Amino basic abbreviation so that those out there that are trained understand it better I think the learning those terms it’s really helpful to better understand it and yeah you just got to be careful it’s the people will definitely push their brand and push their product primele be motivated by profit so you got to you got to do it yourself tear homework yeah I agree definitely and it’s has been I get to Fine Line and learning that as well and just knowing you know the there is a healthy and and transparent and respectable way to promote the projects that you find interesting and just yeah or if you or if you are engaged with the proper motivation just just stating at 4th right so that it’s understood that okay that could be you could be just you know so starry-eyed that you might have unconsciously or even consciously in the worst cases be distorting facts but I mean something that really is demoralizing is to see the the tribalism between currencies and people trying to cut each other down and certainly fud and all that really negative aspects but I don’t want to be manipulative and just you know information and you know to get information you know like I said from multiple sources cuz that’s the only way to really you know try to gain an understanding about it it’s it’s hard it takes a lot of reading a mean I remember reading white papers until my eyes ached and it was it wasn’t because I was investing is just because I was curious so I wanted to see how they’re doing this and what they’re doing awesome will this is so exciting thank you so much for your time we’re getting close to an hour here so I just want to say if you have any last words of advice or I certainly if you want to plug all of the places where people can connect with you and hopefully people checking out and was the number one you’ll probably come across my PornHub account and I have and I want Clips store in any of its MyFreeCams spankchain I’m really dispersed everywhere and down my thumbs are open if anybody has questions about crypto I just I love being a part of the entertainment community and it’s been a really fun transition into crypto on with adult work encourage everyone else to get on board you know that that wants to and just learned it’s it’s been fun awesome I’ll second that and say that my my advice my personal non-professional vices don’t invest your money invest your time and understanding it and good things will happen and you will be very strategic so or about investing your time and understanding its and just so I can make a quick buck and so long at it but I think about it tell people you know you need to treat that investment as if you could lose it all you do is really not wise to take money and expect that return because some people are out there promising that you know and those are the people that are just Crush alot. Random stuff so you need to treat your investment like you know that it’s at the market fluctuates you know the value can go up and down and you need to just make sure that you don’t put yourself in a bad spot counting on it exactly exactly what that is great great advice and so yeah we’ll have definitely have to follow up and if any time you feel like coming back on the show just feel free to reach out and I’m sure you will want to be in touch again as things develop it looks like some exciting developments happened even just today with the aetherium in the SEC and that bullish news about it not being a security that is very exciting and again back to your point about to stick with the majors people and you know I’ve heard some surprising things though like I I would like to know if there’s not I thought my perceptions there’s not much money to be made and all coins but I’ve had people blow my socks off telling you that there were here day trading and they’re making good money so it’s like you know whatever whatever pick up and you like and you can do and you you can roll it that go for it cuz some people up there is some people are natural Traders and it’s just about wherever you want to go with it so all I want to thank you so much for having me on and I’ll definitely take you up in the future on for coming on here cuz it’s been really enjoyable talking crypto with somebody that also has an understanding of its enjoy the rest of your day and we will be in touch soon podcast please go to put on the Downey by 10 to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at +81-827-515-9314 event at Orchard Park. Com Thomas gay



Abolishing Circumcision as a Form of Child Sexual Abuse with Nurse Courtney Garner TPP159


Courtney Garner Pic

In this episode I’m joined again by the one of the most experienced and highly qualified tantra practitioners I know, Courtney Garner, for a heart and gut wrenching (but absolutely necessary and long over due) discussion of the shadow of circumcision.

She has done some deep research and has created an amazingly entertaining and informative video to share her factual findings, thoughts, and emotions.

Please watch it here:

We broadly cover:

  • the historical roots of practice
  • theories of it’s motivation and it’s rise to dominance in the western medical paradigm
  • the shadowy history of the sex-negative medicalization of the practice
  • why it’s ethically, medically, psychologically, and sexually questionable to say the least
  • how to manage and care for natural penises with foreskin
  • myths about hygiene
  • personal anecdotes that help illustrate the benefits of being uncut
  • and more!

About Courtney:

Courtney Garner- Mindful Living, Tantra, and Sexual Healing Expert
Authentic Tantra® Practitioner & Tibetan 5 Element Healer, Nurse, Board Member IATE

Courtney is a highly effective Mindful Living and Sexual Healing Expert providing instruction and support to bring mental balance, emotional fulfillment, and awaken all forms of pleasure in our lives.

She accredits her contagious joy to being “refined by the Fire.” From early experiences of trauma, she has cultivated spiritual integrity, compassion for others, and a passionate love of Life!

As a nurse and Tibetan Tantra practitioner, she’s woven Western medical knowledge with Eastern holistic methods to expand the scope of health and wellness available to the public. Courtney guides her clients through a spiritual adventure, with concrete understanding of the body’s physical and energetic synergy. She focuses on empowerment through building body awareness, and having a healing system in place to maintain spiritual health.

Currently, her mission is to share the art of catalyzing spiritual growth by integrating sexual energy, and using this power to further our conscious evolution.

AI Generated Transcription:
(Want to help with corrections? Please contact me to learn about rewards for your efforts!)

Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 159 I am with Courtney Garner again of absolute Tantra. Calm and we’re going to talk all about circumcision today it’s been a subject that I am very passionate about but I have sadly or unfortunately been somewhat of a coward to to speak out a lot about this I am at my mother blessed me to remain uncut and and I have some stories about my experience with that a growing up in this mostly cut culture and will probably get into a little bit of that that anecdotal stuff later I buy just wanted to say that the main reason this is happening is because Courtney put together a fantastic video that is so fun entertaining and educational and just really no-nonsense straightforward important facts and some of the most obscure and pertinent facts to really understanding I think what you could call it a really kind of Insidious conspiracy that’s been going on and you know you there so many different Insidious motivations that that need to be looked at and anyone I feel we will get it wait but we’ll get into that I’m going to stop myself from going to soapbox but this is just please continue listening please go to the video go to the web page for this podcast episode or just go to her website or YouTube and definitely look at this video and and hopefully every time you or someone you know is about to go through the process of making this decision to not do it blindly into have as much of the as many of the facts and as much awareness is is possible on this is really the best now I’d say go to Resource so with all that said Courtney thank you so much for making a video and for doing all your great work and you’ve given your background before so why don’t we just get started right with them if you know maybe some updates from you how you’re doing what’s new what’s planned in a few in the near future and I will get into really your research on that video and and what you’d like to share with people there Courtney I’m guessing find more about me at Absolute Tantra. Calm and I’m really happy that bin appreciate this video because I made it because I wanted people to have the information and I know that that’s a big thing that’s lacking around circumcision nobody talks about it cuz I’m really excited to share with you guys that information today but I’m a full-time Tantra and struck Michael living expert and every day I’m just working to give us more knowledge about our bodies about our spiritual health and how that’s a necessity pressed into breaking her everyday life means no worry about her spiritual healthy guys how we feel how we can process promotions and lately I’ve been working on making my myself actually making myself more accessible to people in person so I’ve been doing a lot of healing sessions lately going to people’s events still that stuff is something I’m up open to do more of a really thrive on Connection in person connection I reached out to people and sharing information so that’s why we get along so well because we both love to teach and share about what we know will help other people so I can have this life I live in that we’re growing up and as we learn we have the ability to to share and that’s a gift so and I did as much as we can in the future you guys can fight wingsnmore webinars I know that’s something that he would ask me to do more of those so I will just going to be a challenge with no activation button are coming up in a couple months so look at my website for updates that’s awful absolute country. Calm so yeah that’s that’s update on me and still living here California enjoying the sunshine and join the peaches really connecting with nature out here and making that a part of my daily practice so yeah yeah so maybe I will get started so do you want to talk about just the your motivation and more about your motivation and it’s just a process kind of a behind-the-scenes for that video and then we can get zoom in on some of the the concepts and the history and what not in the video was I found out about the infant circumcision about the trauma that I’m from doing research and you know being concerned about men’s sexual health and I really had no idea that something so normal so common and you know kind of prescribed some something recommended is so harmful and causing us on and sew for me is like if they knew if I could just share this information with people they knew that it was damaging and it wasn’t just about you know having a penis that looks neater and is less prone to infection what they’re doing that I think they would change their minds and so that was my motivation at first released a infant boys they give them the chance to grow up intact give it a chance to grow up with your full sensation when having that contribute to their connection with themselves connection with sexuality was the feminine energy and I think having a foreskin contribute to all of that the goal for this the video that I’m going to get you was really for us to be able to share and if you ever have anybody that’s having a baby boy and you you know you’re not sure if they’re going to circumcise or not just a wire do is send them the link and they watch the video and I’m very confident that they will change their minds if not email me your heart make a survey circumcision hotline don’t do it. Don’t know cuts very simple but it changes the course of that man’s life how he how he perceives pleasure how you perceive connection Harper has his own body and of course there’s a lot of men that are circumcised right there and have a wonderful Sex Lies they have a great connection with your penis and I want to celebrate that also this is you know not in any way to make men feel as if they are incomplete or lacking something without foreskin but it’s too late down the facts that it really does cut out 70% of your sensation and a lot of other things are going to get into later but if equations of it is real so we want to treat it seriously don’t just brush it off as some elective surgery that you don’t make your your child’s penis look better as he grows up right now that’s a thing to understand that right and is it okay for me to mention that you have a background in nursing so you actually have someone would you say that that you’re back on nursing helps inform your medical perspective on this issue so you actually are in a position to argue very intelligently about hygiene about all this stuff really appreciate that you have that sums curious if that was a played a role in your in your chest to your lens you know protein is the reason that I love human body and I love to understand it and know how to heal it would have to be in there so bringing in Tantra to that was not an extra layer of understanding and knowledge and now I might be able to work with the energy so that we can heal the body so bringing my nursing into that I’m thinking about yes hygiene and affection and then also relating it to the homologous structures of a woman’s body and how we perceive that cuz if we can open ourselves up and look at each other instead of separating you know this is what men do this is what women do when we can use each other’s each other’s forms of Reflections do you like Hey Okay so the only is sensitive where am I sensitive like the young Edie the nipples are sensitive nipples to be sensitive or not just you know meant to be there and when we can open ourselves up to seeing the potential by reflecting off of each other then we’ll both have will both expand from there I think it’s it’s good to look at the other body so yes my nursing the knowledge that I have about the human body how to heal infection which one thing about the milly fashion about healing illness in the body and now with the understanding of Eastern healing tactic a healing techniques Eastern medicine now I can see how to go to the root of the issue so that I feeling the symptoms you know taking supplements can go to the root of it and where is the energetic and balance that’s going on and so that helped me to understand also with circumcision that you have parts of your being that need to be connected in order to feel whole right we have our spirituality and sexuality we have our emotional part in that all needs to be integrated with her mind when we engage in sex when we want to have a whole experience seeing how the brain damage seeing how the procedure of circumcision traumatize has the Babies R A normally causes changes that is an obvious sign that of course you are going to be in misalignment if you are not able to feel at peace in a Philip field one with your pleasure I’m so yeah that’s that’s really what I would have comes down to his connecting all those dots feeling feeling at peace feeling at one with your pleasure feeling cold with your body no matter what it looks like awesome yeah so this is something I believe I first heard from Devi Ward she at one point and one of her podcast definitely been a few years now but I believe She interviewed somebody who had some scholarly research that could basically pretty convincingly prove that there’s a correlation between the more patriarchal Dominator or like conquering cultural relative to circumcision in that there’s a correlation that just male violence is attributed could be attributed in large part to Justice to be a little less scientific a little more a little more spiritual psychological that you know I guess you could say I definitely would imagine that if I had that original trauma at Birth or near birth and if that was my first impression of the hostility and the violence and the aggression the world that I would probably pretty resentful and want to or just be more susceptible to to the seduction of evil doing it whatever that make might be for a culture it just seems like a way to really set people up to be if opposed to Nature opposed to to life in into just be easier to manage is soldiers or whatever so I don’t know if that’s that’s kind of a if you encountered much of that or if you have that intuitive sensor if you have thought you were an astronaut Abby great was that because these changes that have been is a doctor call doctor doctor call tanara he’s done a lot of research on it actually found some of his documentation of his research on circumcision. Org so I guess not go there and do your own research but he was talking about the solar change it on the brain that they saw after the procedure on these babies wear with reasoning emotions perceptions so just thinking emotional processing is a problem there and we know it’s a society that we have a major issue with toxic masculinity with men not being able to process your emotions be able to connect with emotions and a lot of it has to do with the space that there and write the environment that they’re in the that allows space for men to be vulnerable to be emotional but just a naturally if you think about how difficult it is versus how easy it is for a woman to connect right what do we do what is what patterns do we have in our society that we still can contribute to that and I definitely believe that the regular routine circumcision contributes to our are men’s lack of emotional connection or ability to process it and that’s one of the things that if you think about in the in history how they gain control over men rice Russia attacking sexuality with women how you gain control over women attacking a sexuality it’s a major part of our existence is how we got here so when that’s threatened it’s just a part of us and we are majorly blocked when our sexual or sexual energy is block it so yeah it’s a definite control device whether it’s intentional or not I think that that’s definitely part of our our societal issues that we want more emotionally bulb one of them want men to be able to full space for our emotions emotions rights of course we want you to be able to do that for yourself first and I think that will be a lot more accessible to do when a man has a sore skin intact and has also had the environment to cultivate that so there’s factors of course in though you know the way you grow up but without the initial trauma of being an infant and you got here like you just got here a week man and bonding with your parents your mom is your number one caregiver you know you trust the most you just got here a week and they put you in the spice and lock you down and the anesthesia that they use has theirs is not tested to be a hundred percent effective and baby still show paint you know pain is we can’t do it for them we can see the signs of it and it’s grimacing screening till they pass out and those are signs that they’re feeling pain and then next thing you know they have this this bandage around your penis and a big part of them is gone really interesting part about the foreskin is that it’s the most sensitive part of a man literally has special tissues inside the tissue that that they actually throw away or are they sell we’ll get to that later but they’re special cells and that she does not anywhere else but it allows a man to have his orgasmic sensation with just a foreskin and of course it’s going to ask you is pleasure going to add to his sensitivity so yeah wow there’s the other so much amazing important and say in this and so I guess it’s hard to kind of organized this but so so yeah we pretty much covered the I’m getting a little bit of a glimpse into the trauma of it and I think now the the the next logical place to go with this after kind of setting that that tone is to just try to understand put this into a historical and cultural context and I think what was people am assuming that were people the kind of cognitive dissonance people have about this it’s just that they don’t have really any clue about the origins or really how how it relates to just a cross-cultural perspective where we don’t you would think that you would compare to other coach and save why is everybody doing this if if all these people are still if a huge population percentage of the world population is still doing absolutely fine naturally what what’s the comparison here and there’s just obviously that this Narrative of everything and Western Medical Science being the most tested in the most proven and everything else is primitive relative to whatever we believe is The Cutting Edge no nope no pun intended but it’s actually a really anomalous a really anomalous and kind of bizarre cultural form of expression in I mean you could compare it to clitorectomy or or stretching earlobes or putting plates you know there’s so many ways that people modify the body in traditional settings however that form of modifying the body is not is nowhere near as widespread as ear piercing and tattoos and haircuts and dying the skin and stuff like that so it’s a very I’m just wondering if now if you would if you talk about what you’re sort of broad overview is of the origins of his practice and how it became so monolithic and in medicine and all that stuff today can Muslim cultures as far as religious reasons a lot of people do it for cultural reasons but as it stands there are our country will the US has the majority of their males are circumcised and that number has decreased last five seven years and I think that’s also because of education but the the use of it for LeSabre cultural reasons even historically the bris it was she was ceremony Packers right but it started off as just a Nick flesh you know the cause of blood sacrifice didn’t actually cut off the fool for skin on it so that itself has developed you know into what it is today but in the western culture in 1870 dr. Kellogg the same guy that made Corn Flakes he was a person that really did not like sex sex was bad. It was sinful masturbation was definitely something that’s going to send you straight to hell and then also just sex in general was depleting to the human form it was like a succubus draining something you should definitely avoid major brain fog and all that so he came up with a campaign to decrease the likelihood of boys masturbating I’m in that included by changing your diet so he thought that plane Foods grains and nuts those kind of things reduce your desire but things that were flavorful increase your desire so I thought that by giving voice clicks and is Bland cereal is going to help reduce their desire also teach you how to get you full and you I guess I guess for him. When masturbating you did that this guy has no marriage he had children that he adopted but his wife and him slept in separate rooms never had no, sex and so this is the guy that’s making a protocol and for me when I under when I realized this was kind of this is how it started in the US as a regular procedure when he talked about it in his book about purpose of using not using any anesthetic because the pain associated with that is going to be in a really make an impression on the baby boy that make you never want to touch his dick again and it’s going to buy some that was the purpose of it and now how do we get from from its starting this way to stop masturbation where now we know that masturbation is not so much stronger pain is more kind of you know marketed in the court and Industry is encouraged to just you don’t masturbate so it’s not I don’t think that’s the reason to dip the reason definitely is for normalcy everybody does it the end of the Corn industry most of the penis is there are cut it looks neater understand that that’s what they say and so as young men growing up as young women growing up actually just see me images of the penis is that we do see there you know they look neat natural and to us that becomes too good at becomes the you know the normal and natural Tina now has a bad rash looks like it’s some it’s a the ugly one but in reality it’s it’s how you’re born and it has a lot more function and special special function to it that really makes it valuable and some rest you can see and you just kind of cut it off without having a grounded a really good reason to do it then that’s where the hole is is that people are still doing it without really knowing what it is you still allow people send me that it’s better because it’s easier to clean and it looks better to them but I feel like that is is not enough reason I’m to cut up and listen to the part of your body that’s it that seems like a real a real disconnect and I believe did you make did you make the analogy one point about how the what other place on human bodies is moist and needs to be cleaned up so why would we not let’s another male thing to use a man right then you can be messy you can I get some dirty socks and maybe a little smelly and you’re so cool as a Lawman we’re supposed to be clean smell great clean and dry all that and so we will be going up on what with a lot more Yoni shame and awareness of sentence moisture and all that and also because you don’t have a white hole where his men who especially the men who are circumcised they don’t have the sense of a wet hole they have been exposed but if they were to be more natural part of the foreskin the reason for it is it keeps the glans moist so you have the sense of this moist soft delicate tissue on your body and I think that’s a really good analogy for to drive with women because hygiene so you know it’s a natural thing for us all to be aware of and a simple thing like that could make up man with a natural penis just feel good I know that talk to men with Napa penises in car their insecurities in the past has been you know girls maybe don’t want to give them oral sex or they feel like it’s extra skin is is extra skin is not nothing else and I was just an awareness but if we can’t allow people to understand what it is and why it’s great it’s just like the yummy lips would you tell your you know what to tell a woman that her extra skin in her labia majora our lady Lenora was ugly and that she should trim it off would you tell her that you know other girls have no clitoral hood and that looks better and so you should do that like no we wouldn’t do that and I feel like that’s the lack of empathy that we have for these male bodies is understanding how sensitive it is I agree and so yeah I feel like I don’t did you did you come across this at all in your research and if not I’m I just it’s just kind of my my random armchair Siri but I feel like the the the utility of their of there being a sort of cultural conspiracy to makes it to normalize circumcision it seems like it came out of the area and it and and places in the world where perhaps there wasn’t as much available water to wash with and for soldiers who are Marching and and perhaps didn’t have any the expediency of not having to have a responsibility to care for your foreskin and and cleaning and drying the glands and all that it seems like it would slow down battle and soldiers in war and that’s just my my picture for conspiracy theory about how they’re probably trying to streamline you just remove any obstacle to trench work that surviving a trench warfare because it is already I mean well any form of warfare with your Marching for days and you may not have you don’t we wouldn’t a general would not want the liability all right man we need to hike 15 miles out of the way start sit water so we can all wash your junk you know I don’t know I don’t know if that’s it but it seems like station Fort Fort cock Spa on iPod worn itself right or create new habits if anything it creates new habits based on the the need for them to survive even like his think they say in Romans with the boys they had little boyfriends when they are out at War and that was definitely a different change in their their normal society and they did it to adopt a war so even now let’s see if the circumcision they’re doing something to adapt to war and especially with the penis if it is infected if it’s irritating but you really can’t do anything right it kind of puts you makes you miserable so it’s a distraction so it doesn’t make sense for them to find a solution for according to those times, but right now where I am why do we need to continue this procedure and we can’t really find I can’t really find a good reason but I know what the damage it does and part of that damage just you know I’m keeping men the glass ceiling of connection right yes it is. I was probably a spectrum from the more Moline to the more benevolent or sort of benign just visit a couple of things to come to mine one is never attribute malice to what can be explained by incompetence so it could be just that you know the if there was any justification which and I don’t think either you or I would have would agree that that is a that is justifiable to do that cuz so I call your men are really empathetic and feminine and they don’t want to go in March for days and be wasting their their Gardens in her family while maybe that’s a good thing I know and then yes oh it did there’s that I mean there’s two sense of there could be there could very well be these beasties agendas well that’s a very the way that you do the research you’ve done pretty much exposes that they’re there is Extreme anti pleasure hatred of pleasure which to the extreme levels of just dr. evil kind of stuff and then hiding in the guise of Medical Science and that’s another thing that that hurts so much cuz it’s like another betrayal and a stab in the back to be trusting doctors and have them be demented Twisted sexless freaks that are hurting people I’m a skilled and that’s not the first time this has happened I mean even let it the guy who put lead in gasoline and is responsible for so much like one of the most ecocidal Maniacs it’s ever walk the earth like I said documentary on the history of his legacy and science just one you would think it came out of some conspiracy theory but yeah I think the not everybody is doing this the parents that are signing up for this they don’t really have any clue about these agendas and they’re just going through the motions right and didn’t you have some research about there being even Financial incentives by a sort of circumcision industrial complex of sorts do you want to talk about that that yeah yeah the soap for skin part of the motivation which is not a surprise right because his money behind everything so there’s products that use fiberglass of those are the cells of the foreskin those are the cells going to give you this nice you know very useful look anti-aging is a big interest rates at use industry so there’s ice cream that you use you appliances like you know any level eight and Tiny face rain but it is made with the cells of course can baby foreskin so think about all these regular routine circumcision if we were to stop them then where’s the market for the foreskin cream like that’s millions of dollars maybe billions of dollars that there that they’re going to lose so just like any pharmaceutical company that if they were going to you know if your taking medication off the off the market that they lose money through that hole that hold medication another reason to you know promotes problems and give him a big give him a fix for it so you know what circumcision if we were to yeah if we were to take off that that that Supply then how would they meet the demand for a product that we can you know you don’t get it one way and that’s by harming a baby so that’s why I think that’s a huge motivating factor and the reason why I still exist because we have too much sense for that I believe you guys you don’t go on so so easily without giving it more of a thought process ends really considering wants to use the foreskin that would love to know how it is to have it oh yeah there’s ears markets out there to do facials for it you know just got your biohazard bags full of some baby foreskins he’s just off to Europe for something kind of creepy kind of catabolic but we’re doing so you’re basically putting the emotional trauma of babies on to our faces for us to look better like ice exchange or making basically brought that up and I just feel like all the animal rights people all of the human rights people I mean this is it it feels like and also the approaching and the removing tasks from animals and just it’s it’s this only leads in One Direction which is trafficking if that’s gay. I mean it sound level that’s going to be part of it yuck I just can’t I can’t believe it well Olivia had something else to share if you guys the funny fact about dr. Kellogg so he had a lot of other crazy ideas one of those crazy ideas was understanding that diet affect you or your mood and things like that so he thought you know what’s changed I change the person but he wanted to hook people up to accommodate a colonoscopy so she’ll two flushes your whole bottle system with water but then the next thing he does need injection yogurt from your esophagus and your anus at the same time he fills you up with yogurt but this is a procedure that he proposed tested to get done to have you know as a regular medical procedure on thank God that one. You know knock. I got to be towed and they didn’t approve that one but that was never mind that we you know that he’s operating from so just a fanatic and even if it wasn’t you know him just his his hand the reason that this is this today just knowing that he was a pioneer of it and support it and give it some medical basis which is what people you know what people look for and that’s kind of the the the delusion she was thinking that when someone gives you medical basis for a procedure that it’s now safe and yet you can trust it do your own research if it’s yourself know your own body how do you feel and really think about that because you can’t trust anything. That’s when your motivation that’s not in your best interest right and I’m going back to contemplate consent if it’s a child who does not have the ability to be to have informed consent in your apparent than the responsibility to do this research because you were taking your basically that is really the most core trauma that men carry it the who have that who had that procedure done so I wonder if you know I’m I’m just got to be parents out there who’ve gone to the experience of realizing that they made a mistake after they did some research later and then just I wouldn’t want to live with that thank you I mean yeah so so be great to get into some of the the more than myth busting my ass bigger things and I’ll share a little bit about my life history this is the first time I’ve ever really access these memories are shared them with anyone but but I can remember vividly the first time when I had a urinary tract infection when I was maybe five six maybe probably five or six years old and I just remember having no shame in public about squeezing my my junk and as hard as I could and screaming and that my mom you know help what’s going on and and and it was just to let you know that the run-of-the-mill garden-variety urinary tract infection and we had to go to the doctor and the doctor I didn’t feel any shame or anywhere nice around around that but basically what I had been doing without better instruction or knowledge or training was that I would just be urinating through the foreskin without rolling a back and I have done that just out of habit without having really any other brothers or any other reference point for uncircumcised men so that was just can’t you know it was that important important to provide that instruction I realized and I but I went to that and then I was told from that point you have to roll the skin back and you have to keep it clean and dry and you and I even this is interesting to is like I sit down when I pee and I wipe the tip of my penis so that when the force been forcing goes back down I’m not leaving you know droplets of urine sitting in there to get funky and so that’s something that should just be okay that’s a no-brainer I mean that that eliminates in precludes 99.9% of anything that could possibly ever really go wrong it’s just accept that there’s some healthy natural moisture and that it is important to to bathe regularly and another the best reason to be anti-war so that we can have more uncircumcised men one kind of memory for my past growing up and then ever since then it’s it’s not been a problem and then I think there was a time when I at some point in early life was I don’t think I was really made fun of maybe I felt a little bit protective like I would maybe choose a stall in the Boys Room in school or whatever where I wasn’t exposed as much as I would notice that I was different but when I asked my mom about why that was you know she said I was not going to mutilate you that this is how you were you were born this is how your Nature Made You know she wasn’t really religious I shouldn’t say this is how God intended you but when I think about it this is how God intended as it were born perfect and you want to use that religious car you going to play the religious card then what why did it go I made a mistake is that possible in your book I don’t think it’s possible that you broke so how about using that back right back at you with the Perfect Design do you as a nurse or someone now that you study this and with men I don’t know if any of your male clients are suffering from this I know some dinner actually going with like reconstructive surgery options and stuff but I’m just curious if you have now if you’re going to kind of put together for yourself a a list of recommendations you know if her parents and stuff Here Pay Here’s to make it easy for you to make the decision to leave it intact you got to just have these basic bits of knowledge you know about about hygiene really if you feel like you found your working on something where you can make it easy for people yeah I think that’s that’s something that I definitely should get to because even to do my research I didn’t realize how widespread the ignorance was just like Paris to First Look up and taking the information openly and see okay now I have all this information and if I want to continue to heal could you have a circumcision and what are your reasons would that what is your intention and I think act asking yourself those questions will help to make the right decision of the healthiest decision for your baby cuz remember this is not about you circumcision is not about you at all it’s about your child and child care concentric Ben said he can’t stay don’t cut on my dick like I can’t you so it’s a lifetime decision that you’re making for your child so take it that seriously and will do everything you want me to mention Ben or something I just if so if you when you’re describing the people the procedure when you’re when you’re describing the people that procedure of cleaning there is there is you looked at you you found some information about what’s what’s generally clinically recommended for a yeah a term for a for what when you’re supposed to basically you do need to do some age-appropriate work to make sure that the foreskin develops properly and there’s a bit of a if there’s if there’s there’s some extra steps in the process that could be observed to make it a more seamless Afrin no pun intended to seamless missing the process yeah but the foreskin naturally retract on its own and usual start to do with you know between ages of 2 and 6 start to separate the foreskin is attached inside to the penis and so you can’t force your traction are you really shouldn’t but it’ll start to AutoZone and usually that’s when we start to see some smegma like cheese and soy sauce sauce around that or I feel dirty but it’s just it’s natural so that’s skin sloughing off then as a man used by the time he reaches 18 he’s able to fully retract and that will happen at its own pace so each each bodies different there’s not like a set time when a man says like okay right now I’m at my horse that should be retracted so just really pay attention to your body and when you when you do clean it the reason the foreskin is there to protect right so when when you clean it thoroughly fact you want to make sure it’s clean it’s dry and I say treat the foreskin like a vagina when we watch a vagina we don’t put any harsh soaps in it use if anything when you can use soap and water warm water and the gentle you know brushing up our fingertips but you want to put put it back when you’re done so you clean it you dry it and you put the skin back because it’s kind of like putting back on your protective protective sheet and that’s to help keep it moist which keeps the tissues healthy and sensitive and when a man is you know when a man is circumcised when he’s cut there is no sense it there’s no protection there it’s overtime and overtime gets less less than to do I saw the foreskin is there to keep that since its you keep a little bit of moisture in on so don’t always know that that’s that’s natural and it’s part of the glory of the foreskin is to be moist and to be charged it to be able to stretch and move provide lots of sensation awesome yeah so now it be great I’m sure we haven’t got through some of the the shadowy stuff and some of the medical stuff let’s talk about the fun stuff and why it is I can see how I can talk forever about the fun stuff you know what I could say a few things but I’ll let you continue a ninjas what why is there mutual benefits for lovers when it comes to the foreskin remaining attacks like I said it has a special cells in it and there are highly sensitive to come to light touch but also sensitive to the stretching of the foreskin so they have your foreskin like an accordion like flesh as it’s going in and out of the woman as soon as in and out the stretching is opening and closing it’s stimulating you exponentially stimulating versus if the person is not there and what it does to is lemon for skin helps the seal in the lubricant do you guys think about the way up Mushroomhead works it kind of goes in and out on it and you know for some women that might make them dry up faster or are you just really matter but eventually it does pull out a lot more moisture than the natural penis natural penis feels up the kind of shields seals up the connection and keep the moisture in and what you have also with that moisture so I want you to picture of unni picture a natural penis inside he’s filled up that connection right so now we just have this dance of the Yoni lingam together and inside of this this pocket the Yoni you have the flu at the other foods of the lingam and the flutes of the Union mixing together and this is a different level of energy in food exchange that you’re getting when that happens so there’s that keep you in Wister and then there’s also be the first in bunches up on the G-Spot and it helps women to get more pleasure internally so internal internal orgasms are little more elusive to the female body so we to get internal organ orgasms the natural penis actually makes it a lot easier because of foreskin bunches up it creates more friction more pressure and because of the sensitivity of the foreskin excelled think about two matches your other come together in the mix a big flame vs. without the foreskin you don’t have to match the kind of house you know the match and so with the foreskin because it’s so sensitive and highly erogenous like a clitoris would be there be able to join these these highly orgasmic how do you write his bones together and create more so that’s that’s why it’s great because you have two bigger Rogers of tissues that are joined forces and just fax a natural penis is not as good not going to be as highly erogenous as far as highly righteousness as a natural penis and that’s just because lack of nerve endings right that I mean an intermittent issue is not there anymore so it’s a it’s a there’s two factors even there because not only are you deprived of that 70% but you’re also dumbing-down and deadening whatever percentage you have left through all of that chafing and all of those jeans and all of it all that so I I just can’t imagine what it would be like in end I’ll say I have well it’s it’s it’s a lot of voltage even without anyone else around you know to be playing within and working that end and it was when you know I actually something came up for me just now that I hadn’t thought about in a while is that I-84 number of years in my Virgin during my Virgin years is a boy had a lesson I would actually hump thing is I would hump the bed and I would make love masturbating with a really highly developed fantasy sort of architecture but I was using my hips and I was grinding the bed and I was really holding and grasping and imagining a full body beloved in my fantasies and so I wasn’t just whacking off just with that shut that we wrote the shaking the dice motion that everyone makes fun of them just know I seen it too many times that doesn’t prepare your whole body for for all this so for me to have that so we didn’t text you this where’d you get braces private the Segway for the practice vagina so it’s not only does it feel smooth and you don’t need lube and it hits its it has its own and you can masturbate for hours without chafing with boob and obviously coconut oil and whatnot it adds great sensation to experience in and what not but on but yeah I will say from from first-hand experience it is a practice vagina and I can’t help it if they write themselves and then so yeah that ability to Tekonsha see how things and all you can say that I’ve been in relationships where if my partner consented to me having humping on her legs and her ass and wherever her breasts you know when she wasn’t fully in the mood but she was consenting to that just being especially when I was like 18 19 and I was I had to get off every morning every night and so it wasn’t it wasn’t a big deal and I remember clearly just that it was a consented routine that I would just take care of myself by grinding and humping on whatever was available as long as I was to you know bothersome with it and so anyways just a million reasons why having a practice vagina works and if it’s nice that you get with your foreskin that you don’t get without it and let you can just when you masturbate right your foreskin whatever Lou better precum comes out like it stays in there longer so you get to use that natural lubrication and our natural lubrication is a very slippery slippery and think so it’s the better better look for us than you know even the best oils so the 14 also it’s just meet so perfectly for your pleasure that I still see why we wouldn’t want to have it but you have to practice the practice vagina other things that I feel like it does for men is it gives them access to the level of sensitivity that we feel so if we think about how sensitive the clitoris is sensitive the tissue of the vagina are and a man who has a weather has been circumcised right over time his glasses been Catalyst not as sensitive as it used to be he masturbates in a hand that is also not the silkiest thing ever done with maybe you lotion in their products that are also not as silky as a wet vagina or his only pretend so overall we have experiences and habits that are developing less sensitive to what you know a woman experiences with her silky wet hole cuz that’s really what it what it is and so when I say treating you know empathy for the vagina for the Yoni I mean that’s the level of sensitivity that we feel cannot really be accessed without the proper amount of nerve nerve endings to feel that amount right so foreskin can do that and the smoothness the gentleness that you guys within himself he can now relate that to when he’s sliding in a woman but without that I thought that experience of the lacking a lot of men and it shows with how they have sex how rough it is also important is that too but it really is if you would feel what you were doing and you felt sensitive we felt it then I thought everything was going on so I think that’s part of it be with the Oni and understanding a level sensitivity that we’re dealing with very true I can attest to that well well this is been a wreck and what it feels like 5 minutes went by I can’t believe time is my flight leave early on a roll but yeah I like to give you time to share more thoughts whatever else you might have I don’t know if I missed anything just from the general outline of the video but I definitely I mean you put together so amazing effects and it just so it’s so well done I could I just say I really applaud you for that level effort you could tell that you’ve spent so much time really Anderson so much passion and purpose in this so I think there will be a whole generation of boys who will be thanking you for sparing them from this barbaric practice and I see you know you don’t. If I say I guess I should say if it is your spiritual religious practice tonight I don’t mean to I’m to put that down but I will say that really the the for me this is just my soapbox on this is that religion and spirituality should be something that people have full consent to be to choose animation be given as many options growing up to explore what works for them and just literally forcing someone in that vulnerable and innocent State into a direction of you unchangeable or virtually unchangeable Dogma that’s a really unfair it’s very unfair so there’s people who do it later you know you can always do it later if you want to and a person’s more mature although yeah let’s you get into law the ethics are but that’s my final thought on this for now and I’m just want to really encourage people to watch this video it will bring everything we said fully to life and something you can it’s appropriate you can share with the teenagers with schools it’s not it’s not too raunchy or any way inappropriate for four people I’ve ever believed to to learn from Sao yet what do you want to any other points that we missed that you want to touch on and then of course you can direct people back to all your websites and all that good stuff yeah I just wanted to just touch on men that are circumsized and that feel for all men are circumcised really because it’s a lot of times with you know you put out a message a video like this with a purpose to in the procedure and people will will watch and they may feel like oh no I’m broken or they might for them is highlighted that they you know they are missing their foreskin that’s not my intention is to draw weirdness so that we are habits fall into alignment with our greatest good our greatest potential our greatest happiness so even if you are if you’ve been circumcised or no most men out there are because third of our world population circumcised things you can do to regain sensation regain wholeness spiritually to fill hole with your body if that’s something that you feel and do my research I have learned that there is a group of men who feel a little chit in Italy on recall over there feel like you’re missing some I feel void may be mutilated even because they do not have a foreskin still giving a license to those guys and saying yeah like there’s there is help for you on their support for you and it’s it’s a valid feeling that you have cuz a lot of times those things can be in the Overlook ter you no thought of as it’s just in your head but no it’s not this it’s real shit and there’s definitely people out there like bin myself that support you and support you in your healing and in people who have been circumcised have a great sex life that’s also very real and so you’re one of those people that are happy with how you feeling your body then that’s that’s beautiful but also be open to sharing the knowledge so that maybe the next person you know they circumcise circumcision would you know do more harm to them so don’t think just because you’re fine they are both is fine that’s what I’m saying different types of promise if people don’t have any awareness of, and maybe they’re great in their happy and having a great sex life but be aware and know that there is space for anybody that feels like they’re in need of healing in support and as far as restoring still there surgical ways to do it right and I’m a nurse always say non-invasive first so I would never tell you that surgery because usually it’s not as it’s not going to be the same as your original that’s because you know special sells bundles of cells in the foreskin that you can’t you can’t replace on but you can grow more nerves in skin that you do have and you can stretch the skin you have so they have creams for that they have stretching devices where it’s just pretty much consistent daily stretching but in reality you know you guys have to think about this if you really wanted your your foreskin the one that you will get your own back would be visually it would help you see your penis cover it and it would help with the protection help moisture help take away the callus from the glands and have more Sensation that waved but it would tip it would take a lot of diligent so anything you do you know Reawakening with just take practice support diligence but anybody can increase the sensation in the penis so I just want to let you guys know that just takes some structure instruction and support that’s all it’s all you need for all this stuff for that I’m sure Ben’s really familiar with being using conscious awareness of your touch and then including that with the killing methods of specific I’m in order to weaken more unnerving to stimulate the growth of more nerve endings so that he can feel more so that’s that’s doable guys it all the time so do not think that you don’t have any you know don’t limit your own potential and yeah that’s that’s pretty much all I want to share about that there’s I am going to be talking about a little bit more about this tomorrow again it’s going to be a chapter on Instagram so you can stay up-to-date with me on my discussions to just show us where we going to talk about healing to talk about connection Consciousness X all that stuff things we need to do better and feel better but yeah I just want you to share this video I stayed over three three little baby penis is in my family so far cousins and such and I’m happy that they’re intact and they’re going to get to experience their holness so if I can do 3 then I challenge you guys to at least you three to you yeah I know you don’t have information that you know then will spread the word spread the word that way that’s a great that’s a great concept that text you I’m thinking what we’re saying that it said it would be cool if there’s some sort of petition or pledge or just a Ticker on the website it says this is how many people play just not to perpetuate this practice and you know you can be cool and some something like that I mean I’m sure it’ll it’ll evolve on its own somewhere I know there’s a guy who created a comic book superhero called for skin man I believe and I heard an interview and say comic book and yeah there’s definitely is definitely spirited passionate activist out there to connect Griffin and people who were who were really doing the Grassroots kind of activism stuff and hopefully hopefully I’ll be able to get more involved but certainly for now this is again yeah thank you for that video it’s why we’re having this conversation it’s long overdue on my end and the others healing and redemption in recovery and in all forms and I got it. Do you like brother to do so there’s ways to resensitize any tissue in the body where there’s been numbness or trauma so that’s we really have the ability to use mind over matter to her awareness to whatever is left in an area so yeah I think we should still lots of healing for everybody and and all that good stuff so so yeah your absolute Contra. Calm and at township with Courtney on Instagram and yeah that’s that’s amazing so thank you so much keep doing all the great work that you’re doing and we’ll hopefully have you back again in the future sometime soon to talk about new and exciting adventures and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next in really can’t wait for you to have a Hollywood or discuss Discovery Channel production budget to take your Curiosities you know I ain’t too with really hate you know cuz you already doing really amazing production value stuff just hacking it together it seems like on your own but if it was a real production house was behind you then I could see a lot more miss being busted a lot more truths being exposed and all that good stuff so I’m going to pray for that awesome thank you so much for being a part of a wonderful evening and we’ll be in touch soon all right have a good night podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email Brent at charger Park. Com Thomas Day

Tantra Massage for Healing from Sexual Abuse Trauma with Tiffany Tanner TPP158


Tiffany Tanner Pic

In this episode I have the blessing of speaking with Tiffany Tanner, a certified therapist and tantra massage teacher. I found her powerful article on  Mind Body Green about how tantra massage helped her heal from sexual trauma.

She bravely shares her story of healing from trauma that provides a very compelling and inspiring case study in transmuting a tragedy into a gift that serves the greater good and shifts disempowering victim role into a victor role.

We discuss how tantra massage techniques can effectively move trapped and negative energies from the past into the surface of the mind, body, and present moment. We also talk about how much care before and after is required to better ensure a positive outcomes.

About Tiffany:

Tiffany’s personal healing journey propelled her to become a certified therapist and teacher of Tantra Massage through her beloved school, Somananda Tantra School. She finds great joy in sharing and spreading these spiritually based, life-changing teachings in a pure and authentic way in group retreats and private courses for couples around the world. To learn more about Tiffany, Tantra Massage offerings and upcoming events, visit
AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast I’m joined by Tiffany Tanner today a certified yoga teacher certified tantra massage teacher and certified meditation teacher and I came across her work through one of my Tantra Google Alerts we’re pretty much scouring the web every week for anything new and interesting about the whole Global Tantra movement and that’s how we discovered a lot of great people doing a lot of great work and this really resonates with me the article that I found on mindbodygreen which all linked to in the show notes and it’s about how tantra massage Hercule from sexual trauma and the story that that she shares in that article is really nice really moving so I was I reached out to see if she’ll be want to talk about her journey and what she offers and definitely give us some good contacts for people who are interested in what is tantra massage and how can it be use to heal trauma and so with that said Tiffany would you like to tell us about your background give us kind of the more detailed story about how you overcame that trauma and if so become a service provider in all these beautiful areas when we were talking strictly about sort of the the the trauma itself at happens when I was quite young actually I was 7 or 8 years old it was by a dear friend of mine her father who was obviously a trusted fatherly figure for me I spent a lot of time with her she was my best friend so we were inseparable at that age and yeah it was you know just kind of one of those random days I was over there playing with her and she happened to to go inside for something and I was on the on their property that has like a swing set or playground and I was there just kind of playing and yeah he had invited me into the his Workshop area and of course I didn’t think anything of it he was going to show me something I don’t know what that was now but at the time it sounded very interesting and intriguing so as a child of course joint him that’s how what happened next was obviously very traumatic at that age he did sexually abused me and rape me and yeah and I walked away from that experience clearly confused and I didn’t really tell anybody it was it was very I just remember being very Dazed and Confused after the experience not quite sure what to make of it’s not sure if it was right or wrong because it was my friend’s father you know so you kind of question whether it’s okay or not okay when it’s someone that you trust but yeah I didn’t go through a whole lot of processing I didn’t tell anyone about it I was very worried about my friend getting in trouble and I didn’t want to rock any boats so to speak so that the next memory I had after the the incident was actually I was at my own home and my mom had said that it was seeing we had a scheduled play date with my girlfriend and I just literally went into chaos I I was very uncomfortable I was crying and I said no you have to cancel I locked myself in the bathroom that was a very very clear memory of mine that I locked myself in my bathroom and of course my mom was very confused you know this is my best friend and someone that I was always loving to spend time with so she wasn’t quite sure what had happened she of course questioned me as to whether or not that was you know if anything has happened that she should know about and by that time it was kind of I had suppressed the memory almost rather quickly I I consider it a great blessing and probably a protection mechanism of my Maya I don’t know my my mind my my body and my spirit who’s to say where the protection mechanism comes from but nevertheless I didn’t have a clear recollection as to why don’t want to go play I just knew that there was danger and I needed to stay away no matter what so that was kind of what was at the Forefront of my mind so yeah so I kind of cruise to realize of course it was a bit turbulent for many years but again being so young and didn’t really understand why it was so turbulent I struggled with many things emotionally as a child you know I got into my teenage years and and was less troubled at that time but I also fully engrossed myself in school and boys and work and school work and you know the things that you kind of focus on when you’re a teenager so it’s not really start flooding back to me memories until I was in my 20s I would say and mid-twenties and I just started having memories and feelings and Recollections and I couldn’t really make sense of them obvious they recognized my friend I recognized the father in these memories and these dreams but the idea that something like that could have happened and I wouldn’t have remembered was beyond me I didn’t know that the subconscious mind could do such a thing I thought for sure I would remember it if it really happened so when I started having these dreams these memories these Recollections I kind of dismissed them and thought they were rather ridiculous cuz what girl could possibly forget such a thing and then they it started to become more forthright it started to become more frequent and it came to a point where I was my boyfriend at the time when we were making love the he became the perpetrator he became the father that had raped me and I decided at that point Out Of Reach critical mass that this was definitely something that I needed to explore and look more deeply into so I thought help and that kind of propelled me and began my healing journey and an exploration Journey as well call thank you for sharing that and it’s so I have I can I can commiserate with a lot of that as a Survivor myself and I know it’s a it’s like a very that processive of Discovery is really difficult to reconcile and so I appreciate you just surviving as we always will have to do in and so if you don’t mind could you zoom in a little bit to what the experience was of your partner becoming the perpetrator would that mean that he was exhibiting kind of like hostel or predatory kind of Tendencies or was it just that your mind was kind of swapping the files for the experience that you you couldn’t differentiate or you were kind of having like a flashbacks they were kind of like blurring between the past and the present or how would you describe that so maybe people can start two people maybe who haven’t questioned what some similar experiences might have been and they may be in the same state of kind of denial you can say spray tan because by the way that I said it could leave so it’s good so good to clarify it it more became like a blurry line as to whether I was making love with my boyfriend who was a very sweet heart and soul so there is you know no perpetrator Tendencies on his part and there was nothing difference in our lovemaking or our relationship we have been together for I think three or four years at the time so it’s just the act of love making some sort of stimulated the memories of being raped as a child and so my lover became sort of it there was like this blurry line we’re at moments he looks like my friend’s father and so and obviously why when you see such a thing it definitely throws you off to say the least and and and it was quite shocking at the time, to think what I was thinking of have you ever seen that film Bliss it came out I think in the late nineties and it was like a Hollywood production with some pretty well-known actors and actresses in it pretty much details the whole Arc of recovery from sexual abuse with tantric healing cinematographers it has a very Cinema graphic way of showing in describing exactly what you’re talking about where it’s at one point you not to be not to give the spoiler alert but it’s a married couple and she’s struggling with a lot of internal issues in their kind of in therapy together and she’s inorgasmic and they’re just trying to work through it and then they kind of threw sacred spot massage State end up rupturing this sort of suppressed energy of all of his memories of, and then it just she just becomes flooded by if she has to she has to basically temporary set separate with a partner so she can go into some more Focus human work so how did you were you able to transcend that August now we get into how you were able to to move beyond that into did you regret your relationship survive also that that chapter chapter on my partner at the time was very supportive but the relationship kind of expired not long after that, it was just more of a amicable parting of ways and kind of growing in different directions so I wouldn’t say that it didn’t survive because of the incident because he was very supportive and actually very instrumental in the process and the healing but yeah you know we all grow and evolve in the sometimes that means party way so that we can continue on with life in different directions I’m glad to hear that the that he was supportive when it mattered the most I’m just do you have any tips or from that recollection of time specially for people who were who were supporters of survivors in these these relationship Dynamics any sort of good feedback you could share about what was working for him playing a role in just being present and supportive than studying and learning with you about the whole issue yeah for sure you know when partners are sort of on the the other ends of the spectrum and trying to support other partners that have gone through such experiences men or women I I think number one is to not take anything personally he was very good about that we had a very close to motional energetic and psychic Connection in some ways where he could really see that if there were issues that were stemming or popping up in our relationship that often times they were because of the healing process and the recollection process that I was having to go through so he was really patience and very sweet in that sense and that he could really step back or to take himself out of it not take it personally and realize that there was something much more Global going on and what was happening perhaps between him and I if there is a challenge or a disagreement of some sort that a lot of it was as a result of me having to go through the psychological psychotherapeutic process so I would say number ones not take it personally which is obviously easier easier said than done number 2 is supposed kind of holding the space which I hesitate to use a little bit cuz it’s kind of this new age term that doesn’t have a whole lot of substance unless you really Define what that means but as much as possible just kind of allowing the person to go through the process because there are so many different levels and stages of the healing process from anger to paint to outrage to sadness to having to relive it was awful moment that you just want to forget forget about to forgiveness to love to so many different levels and stages so it’s it’s quite an ask for a partner to support Survivor as you had mentioned or called it before so if you can just hold the space and allow those emotions to come out allow those stages in those levels to evolve in progress there is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel tunnel and there is sort of this shining ending most of the time to the story so I think that’s probably where the two most fundamental and memorable actions or inactions in some cases that my partner took that really supported my healing Journey that is so grateful to hear that and I’ll just add by saying that the statistics of reported sexual abuse cases of boys and girls men and women it’s so high it’s so off-the-charts and that’s under estimating you know not factoring all the people who don’t actually come out and in either respond to a survey or file a police report or no however those studies measure this so I think it’s important that we all kind of probably expect that we’re going to at some point be in a position where if we’re not survivors ourselves we’re going to be carrying closely for someone intimately who has had some level of trauma so yeah it’s going to be making more critical that the work that you’re doing and they were all doing to raise awareness is going to have her clay through through the culture until we get this problem solved so do you want to talk now about how where you started to discover Tantra and kind of what what the steps forward you took to to kind of grow and get into those more the stages you word your mentioning we are getting you know kind of just not not getting over it not not putting it behind you but integrating that the bigger picture and just becoming degree like realizing you become a wounded healer so when I initially started to explore the memories are flooding back and sit to heal this suppressed memory I started with conventional means you know this is the only thing that I really knew about so I started with a psychology and Psychotherapy and I went to life coaching I did a number of different modalities to try to cuz I there’s a part of me somehow even though I don’t know what I know now there is a part of me that subconsciously knew that this was more than just something psychological this is more than just something you know at the Forefront of my subconscious mind this is something that had somehow embedded deeply into my life on many different levels spiritually emotionally mentally sexually physically so there’s a part of me that knew I needed to do more than just talk about it on a couch so to speak I knew that I needed much more than just hypnotherapy for example to really confirm whether the memories I was seeing where real and true and really happens I knew that there was an energetic healing that needed to take place in emotional healing that needed to take place a mental a spiritual a sexual so many different different thing I really over the course of the the healing process and that over many years I did many different Therapies and I have to pay for me personally sure that there were there were certainly times that it was it was hard to handle it was hard to see the truth it was hard to swallow what was coming through but I have to say I’m so grateful and thankful that that memory was depressed for 20-something years because when it’s so fresh and when you’re a child and you don’t have the coping mechanisms for the understanding to get through such an ordeal then you can really carry a much bigger load of baggage for your life then what I probably did so it was a really a God sent that I had suppressed memories for 20 years by the time you’re in your twenties you’re obviously much more mentally aware and emotionally aware and you have a lot more control over what comes through cheer being an end so I the healing process was was quite therapeutic it was quite harmonious I can’t say that there was really a time where I felt overwhelmed by the healing process or felt like I couldn’t do it or it was too much it was step-by-step it was it was a unique experience in something I would never sort of take away from myself because I really feel like it attributed to who I am today and the path that I’m on today so that I find some gratitude and I find an immense amount of forgiveness as well but yeah I began with these conventional means and by the end of the the process which is probably over the course of eight or ten years I really felt like I was in a good place I really felt like I could easily talked about this experience I wasn’t cheering up I didn’t feel like this emotional hang of hurt or pain inside of my being I I was rather relaxed about the topic about the memory about having discussions openly with people so in my mind I had healed it in my mind it was a done deal and I had Unearthed everything that could possibly be on earth and then of course fast forward gosh I don’t know exactly how I found myself in kind of this a relatively good place in my life I have owned I was only my own business I was very successful at what I was doing I was passionate about what I was doing I was loving what I was doing but I always felt like there was something more that I was missing something in the end that there was a purpose that I was really craving and I found myself in a bit of a a spiritual crisis I would call it kind of that who am I and why am I here question it became it kind of consumes me it was it became something that I can no longer just miss or speed I suppose are quiet down with just simple things are with material things or with them you know a bit of yoga this or bit of meditation that or hanging out with friends it be a really deep calling and I found myself at the place where this was non-negotiable now and I had to do something about it and but it didn’t know where to turn I didn’t know what was next and I found myself praying for the first time down on my knees praying and asking something a higher power or God or something for guidance on what was next how to move forward how do I discover the answers to these very broad big life changing questions and I prayed for about 2 weeks and then I found myself on my computer looking on something on YouTube so you know random unrelated YouTube search and on YouTube if you were call there’s like a side panel that gives you suggested videos the subjects suggested videos are in relation to what you’re searching for but in this case it was completely unrelated and I saw this video that was called tantra massage energetic orgasm using tantra massage techniques and it just for some reason really stood out and in again intrigues me and peaked my curiosity and I decided to click on it and yeah that that led me to someone on the Tantra School that’s who this video I checked out his website and I just said you know what I don’t know why but I really need to explore this more I’d never heard of Tantra really I’d never been involved with you and so for me this was it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense but for some reason it felt like it was the answer to my prayers so I did check out his website and there was a course that was coming up in 5 days and Argentina and put attending such a course would be at the time with seemingly impossible I had booked at like a complete my schedule at work was completely booked out for 2 weeks ahead I had eight hours a day clients booked in so the idea of being able to drop all those clients cancel them book a ticket to Argentina take the 10-day course was a bit hard to Fathom at the time but that’s a little voice inside my head said that I must go and I did actually key to that calling I did listen to that voice my ended up there and that’s where I started I took the 10-day tantra massage therapist course so what I experienced there was completely unexpected because again in my mind I had completely healed the sexual Trauma from the past and there was nothing left to discover there is nothing left but as I was going through the tantra massage and working with many different partners and for so many days we were doing you no 3 for massages a day by day6 I had an amazing release an amazing unexpected a healing I guess took place and it was and I knew exactly where it had come from he knew exactly what it had stemmed from I knew that it was related to the sexual trauma and what surprises me is that it was so harmonious it was so peaceful it was as though you kind of said something earlier you said it really beautifully he had like pop to this bubble and it had somehow you’ve been released do you remember what you said done earlier rupturing a sort of feel like there’s so many I have to hold back on how graphic I’ve seen it from my I guess for like a third eye perspective if you would if you think of it from my biomedical perspective you really you really extracting something that is almost like a sister almost like I’m just at the unnatural or invasive growth that is really consuming resources and taking up space and you know stealing energy really so yeah that that care that’s needed to actually explore and find the location of these energetic not sis is another way but it’s not a metaphors but I think the reality is just that it said it’s very Surgical and away is very energetic surgical operation that says that’s nice way of putting it was it was like this you know this growth that had an energetic it wasn’t me August anything physical or tangible by any means but it was embedded deep in the tissues and in the aura and yeah so it it was an energetic manifestation and therefore had to be released energetically and the Tantrum massage course that I was taking was a highly focused and rooted in the principles the original principles the authentic principles of Tantra which is energy so for me that’s all that it took it took just an intense amount of energy work and eventually the same was dislodged but I truly believe I know you’ve probably seen such manifestations be released in a more violent and dramatic way and I have seen that as well but the the school that I studied under was very specific about the the healing and the releases needed to be in a harmonious and peaceful way a lot of dislodging which I know we can’t always control but a lot of these sort of erratic or violence dislodging of these energetic man manifestations can actually in bed the memory Keeper in the tissues in the aura and so it doesn’t fully leave the body in fact it kind of multiplies that right because now you got this traumatic experience from years ago that is coupled by this very violent reaction in the two almost couple with each other and create a new memory alright it’s a very sticky process and certainly I mean there’s there’s times when I feel like it’s ill-advised to for some people you need to have the financial and social support system setup to be able to take time out of your life to process more and more memories start to come up and like you said linger cuz they’re not going to hit it it creates a whole new Trainwreck energetic wiring and a high blood people who are who are doing the work to to create the Sacred Space in containers for that to be actually a beautiful a very beautiful viewing experience is the pike the positive beautiful transformative regenerative trentino transformative experience is actually so beautiful that that it’s easier to let everything just sort of go away in a lot of people that would maybe just do really limited kind of clinical session work with this kind of stuff and then just leave people to their own devices walking back onto the Subway or back to the cubicle and it just isn’t it isn’t advisable so appreciate what you’re saying about that approach that approach in that style honoring that needs help thank you so much for that I’ve seen it to your rights like people that go in and for single sessions and went on and get on the subway it’s quite something and and there’s also you know courses are a tantra massage teachers that teach that actually encourage this like outbursts this screaming in this you know Barry outwardly release of certain memories are traumas and well I see I see the reason like the reasoning behind it I understand the logic behind it but I also don’t think that people really understand as you said this energetic networking that takes place that you know by by doing such acts such hourly ask such kind of violent acts that sits like I said you are coupling a traumatic experience with another traumatic experience kind of a thing and so it kind of a the more Whimsical and then you got to have a head I’ve had to learn to have some humor about this stuff from a greater sort of I guess like I asked for the ecology is is is when it’s kind of a a nerdy term that I like to use but to kind of make bring a little more lightness to it I actually just a thought about it a lot of people who are suffering and I certainly have been suffering for many years of just feeling very alone and you know what I did know about what happened to me which is only kind of scratching the surface was was so grotesque that I didn’t want to even talk about it cuz I feared alienation and you know being vs. Whole shame that that comes from being a Survivor and wanting to you know concealed the truth from yourself and others and even you know Psalm Isadora bless her heart do you know she is alleged to have taken her own life and she was one of the shining stars of the the Neo Tantra Sexual Healing movement and you know I read test Counts from her saying that she was afraid to open up about her history of abuse because who would love me you know and that curse is so profound him to feel like you have to be silent about it cuz you don’t you know if you would even be loved if people would be repulsed by that truth and just with that line of thinking no to wrap up this this and that I have is just that I think it’s a simple connect energetic economic question of if you want to use the word demons which is kind of mythological archetypal thing but but if you we all kind of have some reference point for that but I kind of feel like if it if these are so-called energetic parasites are demons and they’re just they’re feasting on you and a very depleted state where you don’t have the ability to you know to fight them off or release them or move them out of your field then it’s I could see them thinking from their perspective while it’s like there’s no competition here no one’s coming into love you more than we would just like to devour you so you know what you going to do about it and they’re just they’re doing their thing or that this is happening but when you bring in enough I like Amor a counterbalance their act pretty inside of your field with other human beings with the sort of angelic loving energy than their displaced by that love vibration and then the healing experience doesn’t have to be a deeper trauma but it requires like a higher amount and frequency of the love vibration so if that if I can you know the some guiding a guiding Point that’s that’s kind of my one of my conclusions about this and what you’re saying I’m glad that you know you brought that up because it’s such a it’s such a delicate thing not to make it worse than it already is cuz maybe it maybe you’re just let me know so I know there’s people out there who just could not they would probably melt down and probably become almost catatonic or maybe even just they would lose it and and they would have less of a grip on reality and on their you know just trudging through life trying to make it make a living and get by so hard work you know when you have someone guiding you through the process that says really skilled in such a thing then it can be a beautiful experience you know and a very lethargic experienced and almost Blissful and many ways to be able to transform something and transcend something that is you know horrible in the eyes of most and even in our eyes and to make it to come to a point where you could appreciate the experience understand the implications where it comes from why and how it propelled you forward in life and you know where it can lead you I feel is there’s nothing greater than and that it’s truly a gift at least it was for me about just even later instances in life of let’s save the very typical sort of Campus sexual assault and rape and all of it all of the different sexual assault perpetration Zone that Spectrum Austin if it leads someone into their power to become a crisis counselor or a self-defense instructor then it’s a new kind of well if I think it forces people psychologically to to make lemonade out of lemons you know and it fits it it’s certainly I mean I would there were other things I would rather be doing with my life and focusing you know 100% on this on this dimension of healing and and and helping people but we need more Sofia the First Responders to this issue so you know yeah it’s if I see what you’re saying about the just getting you into purpose and you know it’s it’s a scary thought but some people who were who were kind of in that I guess you like you’re saying about holding space being a little bit kind new age and kind of lacking definition it’s a lot of people will say Isabel will you chose to enter this family structure and you chose well in advance you know while you were in spirit form to come into this life and have these experiences so that you could be catalyzed share your gift we should be to kill people and I think there’s got to be some some truth to that that some of us if we can survive it and you know build the strength to become teachers and healers ourselves then we can really fight back in it in a healthy way so do you want to talk about more specifically what you were training entail building what you’re doing now and just how the sort of more than the mechanics of the procedures that you’ve been trained to do and that you’ve experienced then what people can understand about how tantra massage differs from other modalities of healing Bodywork as I mentioned that the very first course I took was this tantra massage therapist coursed through someone on to Tantra school so that really serves two purposes I actually didn’t go because I wanted to become a tantra massage therapist but it was the soonest course I could take and it was regarding tantra massage so for me I went and joined and I’m so glad I did so first and foremost it helps me to heal the last shred of what existed from my sexual trauma my previous sexual trauma which is amazing and of course it created a lot of clarity and realizations as well but secondly I walked away with a tantra massage therapist certificate as well and though I had not intended to really use it or offer it because it’s not something that is widely accepted or even legal in the United States unfortunately I did after sometime after the course I decided that this was something that I wanted to offer to others as well in addition to sports just changed my whole life changed everything changed everything I knew I knew to be true it changed everything I believed it’s opened my eyes to a whole new universe really and so for that reason and because in my mind it was an answer to a prayer I really felt that I needed to stay the course and stick stick on this path that I really needed to dive into these teachings and and continue with the learning so after this tension massage therapist course I actually came back and I closed my business which was quite a dramatic action on my part really really yeah you do. It was not an easy decision of course I I I did actually trying to sell it because it was a thriving business it was very busy and it offered a unique service it was actually in the in the realm of Rehabilitation and healing chronic pain naturally so that is my original backgrounds of speak so it there was a high need for it you know and I I was initially thought you know I’ll just put it up for sale but these things don’t happen so quickly there’s quite a process that you have to go through and you know the longer I held out for the perfect fire so long I was prolonging my my path the next out the Future these teachings and these things that I wanted to learn more and more about so for me after a couple of months of trying to sell it I just said you know it’s not going to be fun it’s not going to be pleasant it’s scary as heck but I’m just going to close it oh I liquidated everything closed it and ever since then I have been taking course after course after course and really focusing on my spiritual life and my spiritual practice after the therapist course after closing my business and tying up all the Loose Ends I then went on to to become a yoga teacher certified yoga teacher a certified tantra massage teacher because I wanted to offer Retreat two people to couple two singles similar to The Retreat that I had experienced I’m and I also became a meditation teacher as well so that’s been my last few years well that’s amazing yeah that’s these are the kind of success stories that really do a lot to ask but she you know sometimes country gets a weird smell media kind of thumb presentation and they’re certainly if there’s actually a lot of surprised that people might be surprised but in in India there’s a lot of extreme legislation even against what’s become a prolific so it is no pattern of of what we what we would call Black Magic and you know the more sort of evil quote spectrum of of from which doctors and just you know really actually anti-black magic supplies that criminalized Tantra in a very real way and I think it’s sad because it’s been both in the West End in the East the the patriarchal forces have driven the goddess worship aspect and they only worship aspect very underground and very you know out of accessibility and so the more patriarchal and more serious just people using the mantras for Trident love spells and even political candidates getting busted for Consulting with these quote God men the word using Tantra Mantra to get them elected into you know shamanic Lee poison their other competitors and stuff so the more we have these really beautiful Redemptive stories of people like you actually having massive profound transformation and bringing back the glory of of a more. You know you could say goddess sent to your door Shakti centered approach to this that that the global PR campaigns it really is you know at least I know before I jumped into this course of my initial course I thought about it like everybody thinks about it you know it’s cuddle parties it’s sexual it’s all about sex it’s it’s similar to Kama Sutra you know it’s unfortunately gotten away from its original authentic spiritual roots and been modernized and adopted so much today and then even gone in the direction of black magic you know it’s it’s just it’s so distorted and too many people don’t realize it initially Tantra was you know this whole and complete comprehensive spiritual system that touched on many things so it touched on astronomy and astrology and energy and Universal forces and purification and living a clean and healthy and Pure Life and meditation and yoga and relationships tantric relationships and what that meant marriage Life Death first pregnancy and complete system where there are authentic and original text that reference all of these things that make up our universe with explicit and expressive teachings on how to manage your life in a spiritual way and unfortunately I don’t know how but over the years over the centuries it’s got introduced to being something sexual so I think it’s important to note that Contra is so much more it’s a system of evolution it can literally take a person from A to Z regardless of what a looks like for you whether you’re you know like me and you who are trying to heal who are survivors of sexual trauma or traumatic experience generally or someone who know just looking for something more in Life or someone who’s looking to have a better relationship or marriage like it could literally just take you from A to Z regardless of where the starting wages yeah you doing it and then I think the the way that that we can have our cake and eat it too as far as the the sexuality piece which I like someone said this to me once you know it’s a kind of absurd that over representation of a sexuality part in the west you know I says westerners have encountered eastern time show where sexuality was more integrated into a whole system like you said a more holistic macro perspective and micro perspective on just a fractal energetic nature of the universe and life and creative forces and just balancing masculine and feminine energy that sexuality is not excluded it’s not over in the size and it’s sort of just imbalance with everything so there wouldn’t be distorted and sort of bloated in a in a healthy kosher but in a culture like we know that the dominant Western Paradigm of sex negativity in the sort of post Victorian repressive even puritanical attitude of sex phobia negativity then it’s the first the second chakra of the West is the one that’s most how to balance the most wounded so that’s kind of where the vacuum brushes to the energy of country Russia’s there and that can be a good thing or bad thing but but the simplest way is good to me was just said hey you know the second the sex chakra is one slice 1/7 of the of the pie of the chakra system so you can’t you have to treat every chakra in the country system of learning about our energetic Anatomy that you have to give equal attention and purification and activation to all of those parts and then you will find that the lower chakras really energized the higher chakras in the higher chakras really inform the activities that you know that we’re driven to do so it’s a it’s a good it’s a tune-up you know it’s a good tune-up when you get it off blowing right it is so true so true cool this is something that I don’t I don’t see being addressed as often as I like and I would just love to get your thoughts on this what I feel is going to be the future of once once we get enough of our survivor you know Ken more up and running with this material and more you know I’m powered then eventually I can kind of see that we’re going to be called to apply these modalities in various ways to address the problem in in prevention and treatment of the actual perpetrators in that could I could see that involving you know people that go in and do prison chaplain work and bring yogurt you know into psychiatric prisons and juvenile sexual perpetrator programs in there you know so many places where there are social workers in criminal justice officials and you know think tanks and ngos and operating all over the world special in places where there’s war-torn extreme violation happening of you know it’s just there’s so many places where if there were a ton of bricks or a task force that we would be deployed to actually on both sides he will the survivors in keep survivors to heal each other and then get the perpetrators working on clearing them each other out and and everybody can then we can weak as a species we can move Beyond this sort of infection of the soul in I’m just going to throw to find people who who have a forward-thinking attitude about this and I’m curious if you’ve given much thought to that sort of dimension of you know this the applications for treatment and prevention of perpetrators and we can just demonize them forever and just pretend they don’t exist and put them in the shadows cuz that just makes it worse right perpetrators by demonizing them you know so there’s certainly a healing that needs to take place and I think that we need to have a bigger broader perspective about our soul contracts in our soul purposes you know is you mentioned earlier that we all whether you believe in reincarnation or not we all come to this particular human life in this particular human body with karmic baggage you know we all come here to live out our previous or current Karma so it’s it’s much bigger than just you know this human being is a bad human being and therefore he’s done something bad or she’s done something bad and you know they need to be demonized and punished it’s it if we could sort of educate Humanity on the principles of Tantra which is energy which is karma which is you know Universal forces which is reincarnation imagine what a different world it would be we would have an entirely different understanding as to why things happen and how people become who they become or why they’ve taken certain actions so in terms of healing perpetrators or offering a long-term solution to rectify this ongoing and kind of issue that keeps it seems to be getting worse more than it seems to be getting better I think for one we need to start from the ground up we need to start with children need to start with our young are use my my teacher is coming on. He has actually a vlog on his YouTube channel and he talks about you know should we bring Tantra into schools when you tell that to the most the the common the modern person they’re going to say absolutely not where I’m going to teach our children about sex but if we can come to a different realization that understanding about what answer truly is an absolutely imagine as a child understanding such things and and also having tools to manage our human existence are human life tools to manage our chakras tools to manage our emotions tool to imagine her to manager and control are mine and that’s really what Tantra can bring so for me it’s it’s let’s start their number one and number two to heal or to hell perpetrators or you know the the mentally ill I don’t you know it’s hard to say where the issue stems from butt certainly you could bring Tantra modalities such as yoga or meditation to the prison system or to the psychological realm or the mental treatments definitely it could help for sure nobody has to be doomed whether you’re a Survivor or perpetrator there’s always time and tools to change so as a Survivor you feel like who’s going to love me and it’s a perpetrator you’re feeling who’s going to love me I’ve done terrific thing right who’s going to love me and so the idea of being able to transform yourself and become a good PR person is almost Beyond your realm and as a Survivor it’s like who’s going to love me this has happened to me you know I’m kind of going into a little bit of this wounded sort of mentality we’ve we’ve got kind of a similar issue but at two ends of the spectrum exactly exactly and then who wins at the end of the day it is like the word I mean some people don’t like the word demons and I had to you know I love her and she was like can we just call him scomi’s or something less aggressive grotesque and yummy I think Gremlins are at 1 am? A tantric Ayahuasca Shaman friend of mine would he would just like to call Don V call somebody on Friendly’s so we’re not loving ourselves not loving each other not figuring out how to bring love to where it’s needed most to the you know that the deepest wounds then then there’s no competition and you know really we have no we almost have no right to lament this crisis if we’re not willing to step up and bring the sun where you know literally where it does the light where the sun don’t shine is what it usually comes down to an important call to action for people who are her doing this work I’ve met you on social worker two are integrating this and then you know what you’re saying about the child development and the schooling at I know Laurie handlers is one of my heroes in his face and she comes from a she’s got a podcast and use one of the most prominent features I believe in that the modern movement and she had to interview with her a while back and cheese it has a background with like really high-level business organization doing the working at one really high level of public policy projects and corporate kind of don’t you call it just management Administration and management of social organization and so she when we were talking it was very no-brainer to her about how you could roll this stuff out where you know the sexuality education doesn’t have to start with the sexual anatomy and the reproductive organs in the act of sex it really when she’s she’s had guest on talking about Teen Tantra in school workshops and people who do like a preschool level approach which is just all about sensation and energetics and consent and sharing in becoming a real master of your emotional landscape in your body and that’s really the prerequisites to be a conscious caring compassionate sensitive a human being that win at the appropriate time of sexual development later in life you’ve actually laid that Foundation to be very conscious and aware of yourself and then you won’t rely on alcohol with say to a to have to be inebriated to open up sexually and that’s you know the cause of so much abuse and Trauma so I think that any of this this the people who are are going to step up and in an adapt used to be called 264 of love where you would as a man or a woman to be really considered you know socially Adept you would be learning to do flower arrangement and working with you know archery and Metallurgy and poetry and so many different balancing of masculine and feminine energy so that by the time you actually we’re getting aroused and turned on and wanted to get it on you would be such a beautiful multi-talented just Renaissance person not so yeah that’s amazing kit will I’m so glad that they were able to cover a lot of the stuff and just extend the conversation and you know we’re about an hour or so if you want it feel free to share any extra thoughts and words of wisdom and then certainly all of the ways that people can be in touch with you and and connect with you so I guess I’d like to maybe just briefly describe tantra massage cuz again it’s one of those things that’s sort of lot of misconceptions regarding tantra massage again it kind of goes more towards the erotic sexual sensual side of things and went and her massages is done properly and with full integration of energy meaning is an energetically based massage then that it’s you’ll soon discover it’s actually not a sexually based or erratically based massage it’s actually built and renowned to provide deep intrinsic healing healing at the energetic level healing at an unprecedented level healing those embryos or the seeds does energetic seeds that have been implanted in our Aura from a lifetime of experiences and situations so it’s really quite a powerful form of Bodywork and healing should be at the Forefront of the the goal I guess I think it’s important to just kind of describes that’s that the purpose tantra massage should be rooted in the foundations and the fundamental components of Tantra which is energy-based and it it needs to abide by certain laws of Tantra so energetic laws for sure but continents right so sexual continents are preserving the Sexual Energy should be at the Forefront of a authentic tantra massage and yeah it’s so for people that are perhaps listening to this podcast in and may be seeking out tantra massage as a healing modality for themselves just some things to keep in mind when you’re searching for a practitioner or therapist to assist you along your healing Journey you want to make sure all they say that the person is skilled and well-trained and that they’re incorporating fundamental principles of Tantra into the tantra massage session so I think that’s as far as how to maybe touch bases with me if it’s something you have questions you’re interested more in learning about tantra massage and what it can bring to you or if it’s the modality that is right for you then I can be reached at energy Alchemy. Me so energy energy Alchemy Alchemy. Me is my website and you can read some description is an articles and whatnot about what exactly is tantra massage and how I personally conducted course that can vary from practitioner to practitioner and I guess last words really bad would just be that there’s there’s always light there’s always a way there’s always something on the other end where you are there you know no clothes Road no one is doomed whether you’re a victim a Survivor a wounded warrior whether you’re a predator or someone who has perhaps puts a person in a situation where sexual abuse was taking place if it doesn’t matter like you there are solutions and there are ways to transform your life and to move forward and a productively healthy successful spiritual loving way so in my mind it’s some no one’s doomed there’s always a way and you just have to be willing to take those next steps there is obviously you do need to be diligent you do need to be dedicated you need to understand it’s going to be challenging it’s not just you know this lovely seamless no way past but I can stay from personal experience and maybe you can to that it’s well worth it what’s on the other side is beyond anything we can buy them and truly amazing truly blissful absolutely yes will beautifully said in great words of wisdom and dime I’m super motivated to coming to this world again unrecognizable as it to it’s enough for my former life I still I believe that anyone is listening to this who is a Survivor even if you know there’s a sort of paradox which is that you know I realized it’s many years ago and it still be kind of my my final response to no to this to wrap this up as yesterday at one point I realized it was really disheartening I realize you don’t even if I could heal and from the trauma and overcome this and and not have it bother me so much or feel like such a dream I was I would still probably never forget it like you can’t put press a button that deletes these files from memory forever you’re going to always have to be shaped by the memory of it but that the more you eat the more of this work that you do tantra massage is it just a great way of looking at it mean if you are doing giving those and receiving those that you know as many days and hours of the week as you can then there is so much light at the end of that tunnel tunnel it’s ongoing Discovery more and more like but you will never actually forget that any of the stuff ever happened you just have a different way of engaging with the energetically and it won’t feel like this black hole every time you have to get sucked into it a trigger of the trauma and put the flip Beauty the thing that motivates me you know I’m beyond that seems like I can never really Escape it escape the knowledge of it but you can’t have the hope and I believe that if we really correct this and we really feel this on it on a world a global level in a general you know with it within the next few hopefully Generations then we will come back if we choose to and reincarnate and then we’ll get a fresh start and we will I think it’s so important to do this work now so that we can be more statistically assured that when we come back into another womb it will be through a nun raped and unmolested body and it when we will be born and live lives there free from that fear and that that trauma so let’s do it no better reason to stay happy and healthy as long as we can to do this work and and be given I don’t know I don’t know what’s in the afterlife but I know that if we come back to earth we can directly affect how the net out our next life actually hands out if we do this karmic clearing work now so yeah that’s that’s the spiritual call to action and thank you so much Tiffany has been great chatting with you and I wish you all the best with all your endeavors and hopefully you know anyting that you have to inform myself in the future please let me know I’ll be happy to have you back to share any new offerings or if you have any creative works that you want to promote then fell means love to hear about it so yeah have a wonderful wonderful rest of your Sunday and will hopefully be in touch again soon thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to see me and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been a tantra Punk. Com Thomas Day

Balancing Wellness and Technology with Crypto Commentator Dr. Stephanie Murphy TPP157


Stephanie Murphy pic

In this episode I’m am joined by Stephanie Murphy, PhD who is one of my most highly regarded wisdom keepers in the crypto space. While catching up on the complete archive of the several year running Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast I was vaguely aware that there was a sex and science show on their network but didn’t,  until recently discover that Stephanie is a co-host. The moment I learned of this I felt a ray of divine light beam down as I realized that we’re both sex podcasters and therefore it would be appropriate for me to reach out and invite her to be a guest on the show. I often feel that the edgy and adult nature of my podcast limits the range of potential guests, in this case I felt so blessed that we could share common ground.

The work she has done in the crypto space is so empowering and her compassionate fury for true personal and financial liberty has seriously changed my life.  I highly recommend exploring her offerings and enjoying her voice in all of the various formats its packaged in.

Our discussion covers:

  • her personal life journey leading to her prominent role as a crypto commentator.
  • the role of yoga, meditation, and wellness in her life and her works
  • her experience of and thoughts on toxic masculinity and toxic patterns of conflict in the crypto space
  • the need for more holistic approaches to conflict resolution in technology communities in general
  • the historic human dramas that have caused forks in the bitcoin blockchain
  • practical down-to-earth strategies for the average non-techy person to get into crypto without relying on centralized third parties
  • the need for careful and well tested approaches to sex industry use cases for crypto
  • and much more!

About Stephanie
Stephanie Murphy, PhD, is a professional voice actor with numerous credits, including national commercials, videos, and audiobook titles. She is formerly a biochemist. She can also be heard as a host of the podcasts Sex & Science HourLet’s Talk Bitcoin, and Sovryn Tech.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin I love your beloved book from the time for fun podcast episode number 157 I am probably going to die I don’t think I’ve ever been this Starstruck before with the guests because I’ve become a huge fan of Doctor Stephanie Murphy she is a doctor about chemistry co host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast and the sex and science hour is also a professional voice actress but she will probably mad at you will probably assume Our Guest by the way when you go to speak and to give a bit of background he right for anyone who his listen to the last I guess almost a year worth of podcast episode will notice that I have taken a pretty obsessive interest in the cryptocurrency space because to me it’s the Fulfillment of so many broken and Lost Dreams within my camps behind this movement to see a really successful model and come out that is accessible and and has utility and is actually destructive on all and all levels of society and so it’s really is forced me to go back in time and I’ll do my best to catch up on this to stay informed and to be really current with this Revolution and in doing so I really dug to go to myself I listen to the entire Archive of the podcast that is trying to become aware of all this stuff and I’ve all the people in in the movement that I have been studying so deeply really anthropologically studying and understanding the different tribalism Xin subcultures within it and really it’s the the women and more Empower leadership roles like Stephanie that I I really appreciate coming from obviously that the goddess worshiping Divine country background in knowing how so many of these male ego whether it’s Warlords or pimps are gangsters are Bitcoin Bros or just that these these people at the top of the crypto pyramid who are who are really running the show with really toxic nail energy that’s not you know we’re fine by a lot of things that that I talked about her that we talked about on this show it’s always a blessing to connect with those women who are outspoken feminist outspoken libertarian or anarchists store or Dion labels is probably better way to go ultimately but I can’t express how grateful I am to have this privilege to speak with Stephanie Murphy right now so please tell us all about yourself and I’m so curious can I call these nuts for it’s because you really wear a lot of hats in and it’s all very impressive High then will thank you so much for small for having me on your show I was super excited when I got your email when you reached out to me I think you found out about what I was doing on let’s talk Bitcoin the podcast I’ve been a part of for five years when we recently did a live event in Chicago for our 5 year anniversary and we did a live performance of our show which was like a total dream come true for me so yeah I’m just really glad to connect and don’t die if you if you do start to I’ll do CPR on you yeah me breathe breathe through the Stars technician school in an MD program for a couple of years I didn’t end up finishing because I I made a career change and I sort of picked a different path but I guess that’s sort of start it starts off you know a little bit more about myself a little more detail about myself I’m very interested in health and medicine but I guess what I realized over my time and in medical school was that I’m interested in Wellness more so and like I don’t think that Western medicine but you know it there’s a lot of great things about Western medicine but it’s not so good at addressing like how to be well and like real with genuine well-being and for that I think we have to turn two things more like yoga and ayurveda in like maybe Chinese medicine and other modalities that are different from what we think of in the west which is really a new kind of medicine that’s only been around for a couple hundred years and it’s better at treating those kind of emergency situations rather than teaching how to people how to really be well or like radiantly healthy from the inside out so I guess I guess I’ve always had an interest in that in that kind of holistic Wellness I do a lot of yoga and meditation and as you mentioned I’m a voice actor and I’ve never dated some guided meditations I married some books about meditation yoga practice is part of my life I try to integrate that mindset into everything that I do and so it’s been an interesting because you know how did I get involved in cryptocurrency right trying to live a mindful kind of life you know you think those two things don’t exactly go together and you’re right they don’t the cryptocurrency world is so fast-paced and it does have this as you mentioned like a very masculine kind of energy and dynamic to it and so like how did I end up in there I still don’t exactly know but you know it’s just always been fascinating to me I I heard about Bitcoin on the radio on in 2011 or or maybe early 2012 and I started reading about it I was fascinated by it I was sort of interested also in like libertarian spaces or communities as well and that was something that a lot of those cut those people were talking about with cryptocurrency so I found it really interesting that Bitcoin at the time and then all kinds of cryptocurrency lyrics would allow you to have more agency in more control over your own money which money in this world is a tool that allows you to do things and it’s it’s represents power in a lot of ways sent it to its empowerment and I need to look at that from a negative way like it enforces power structures and oppresses people or you can look at it if there’s another way of looking at it looking at it to which is that money is it is a tool that enables freedom and living in a lot of ways and so how can we have more control over it in our own lives and how can we think about it in a way that empowers us as individuals and I really felt like Bitcoin did that and that was what was so exciting about it to me from the very beginning so I got really interested in Bitcoin early on if you my friends at the time we’re also experimenting with Bitcoin like some people’s friends are like experimenting with drugs my friends were experimenting with Bitcoin remember like somebody you know someone cooking like sandwiches and people were buying sandwiches with like physical cuz H’s Bitcoins which at the time were worth like one or two dollars are like $6 if you were trading these like little because they should coins around people were giving each other tips in Bitcoin to their podcast in like 2012 even into a little bit into like early 2013 are there was the first Bitcoin ATM that was built by a company called Lama Su which I think still makes Bitcoin ATMs are there really more like vending machines not really an ATM but like you can put cash in and you get Bitcoins out onto your phone well yeah I got the opportunity to use like the first one of those that was ever ever on the market and so that was really cool I just just watching that happen and watching people use Bitcoin in a lot of different real life ways and experiment with all the new apps and Technologies and see how that change people’s attitudes about me and their lives and how it like opened up more options to do things that people couldn’t do before with it so yeah that was all really interesting to me about Bitcoin as I mentioned I have a medical background and I also was involved with a group called free Aid which was kind of like a not really like I guess maybe I could be compared to sort of like an anarchist black cross kind of thing it was like a like a volunteer all volunteer medical medically skilled people providing kind of first aid at like festivals and events basically that’s what that’s what the group did and also education about about CPR and AED and how to use an AED defibrillator in case somebody has a cardiac arrest because time is of the essence when that happens and you don’t want to rely on First Responders you can’t rely on First Responders always to get there super fast sometimes you have to just find your community and the people people that are around you and I really like that idea of you know the community kind of selling in support when First Responders couldn’t always be around so yeah but it’s so the free Aid was doing that kind of education and also providing volunteer first aid at festivals and events which allowed us to go to festivals and his head was fun but yeah we found out about Bitcoin really early we started getting donations in Bitcoin and we became like one of the first organizations that decided to kind of run a nonprofit type of organization entirely on bitcoin and that was in I think she’s a thousand thirteen was only made that switch so that was an interesting experience as well I’m trying to run sort of a decentralized organization with Bitcoin and you know provide first aid and be a part of a community and contribute back cryptocurrency so now I feel like I’m going off on tangents and rambling but this is all just a sort of still people in on my my own background and like my interest and stuff like that all the things were yammy stacking them up together at once for me and seeing you has so many high highly developed skills and values and points of connection to that title is in the whole survivalist movement in the whole Wilderness survival S&P Plumbing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that I guess like to go back even further I am I’m not a computer scientist you know my background is in Life Science & environmental medicine the medicine side of things and I’m also really interested in in Psychology and sort of mental well-being and wellness stuff like that spent a lot of time reading about how can have Wellness in our minds as well as our bodies and of course it’s all connected the mind in the body are are inseparable as far as I’m concerned and they affect one another let’s see I so I’m not a computer scientist and I’m not really like a like a cypherpunk but I was something you said before resonated with me as well cuz I I used to get you know I was really interested in like punk rock and likes to sort of the whole do-it-yourself kind of ethic of punk rock and music of course and I think that really influenced me to be interested in cryptocurrency because like again do it yourself it gives you power over it allows you to kind of be your own bank and not rely on other people to manage your money for you which I just think is really really cool and that DIY DIY as a kind of came in with with with free Aid to is like you know helping on a community level rather than relying on other centralized organizations to always be the successor to be dependent on them you know what I said before if I if you don’t mind is for second. I’ve got it before I forget now that you mention this I was just at the the crypto invest Summit in LA and I’m not showing anything but this project was amazing that give a presentation and they they pissed this project called Guardian where they’re actually doing decentralized Medical Response on a blockchain so that there can be rapid deployment of trained Personnel that would be able to receive compensation for their their Works without relying on a nine-one-one system which doesn’t exist in whatever percentage of the world and Haven to talk about doing something like motorcycle Medics and I can only imagine how that’s going to be a completely Global decentralized blockchain kind of 911 service that in franchises in employees your neighbors email incentivizes they’re being medics self trainer or yeah and I can’t get up. Please continue thing yeah okay so well you know with an interest in health and well-being and yoga and stuff like that I guess inevitably comes in interest in sexuality in Psychology to of course sexuality in relationships and part of the okay so here’s the story of how I change careers and also where I’m at right now so this is leading up to the present day so while I was in medical school and I was also working towards my PhD in Biochemistry I listen to a lot of advice podcast on the internet you know like Dear Prudence and like Dan Savage and all the popular ones where they talk about relationships and Saxon there’s another podcast you called sex is fun which had a big impact on me I loved it at the time at this like 2006 and 2007 so there weren’t even that many podcasts around this was like before the podcast Gold Rush or whatever or boom time the rent that money podcast on the internet but the ones that were out there were some of them were really really good and entertaining and I got I guess I just got really into the whole world of podcasts and I thought I wouldn’t it be cool if I could do that too and I started a podcast with a friend of mine pretty much as a joke and it was like an advice podcast and at first we were like asking our friends hey like give us a question we can talk about on our podcast and sometimes we we like fabricated question perfect at first but then we actually get started getting people asking us questions and pretty soon we had a an advice podcast that we were doing and if he came so much fun that one day I kind of realized I like doing this better than like what I do for most of the day and most of the week and at that point I sort of knew like okay you know maybe I need to like radically changed my life and do something completely different than the career path that I’m on and so it took me another couple of years to really solidify that choice I was I had a lot of anxiety and fears about like how I was going to make money and like how other people would judge me for for changing careers that way because you know I guess when you go to get Advanced degrees you got a lot of Praise it’s like something that you’re that is considered like a good and like noble thing to do and this quote successful you know by the rest of society and when you don’t follow that model A sometimes you get a little bit of heat and so I was like oh what are people going to think you know if I basically drop out of grad school till I can become a podcaster that sounds ridiculous but it actually wasn’t ridiculous because I figured out that will podcasting may not pay the bills but it’s always going to be a really fun thing to do but I have this parallel skill people always tell me I have a great voice nowadays it’s possible to work from home and be a voice actor on the internet and I learned about I learned about doing voiceover I volunteered to do an audio book project did my first one it was actually your audience might like this it was a book called markets not capitalism and it was about like Market anarchism but you know kind of being skeptical of like the word capitalism in like the traditional like and cap kind of anarcho-capitalist kind of line or philosophy says my first audio books that I volunteer to do and I enjoyed it so much that I said yeah I think I could do that you know for like I could do that all day you know and so I start doing more audiobooks I started doing short commercials that started like writing commercials has started writing via videos and things like that and overtime I just got more and more voice-over gigs also started doing this is an 2013 when I was making the the switch and I’d had a successful podcast for I guess about five years at that point and I was learning the skills of a voiceover kind of self-taught and reading books about it and watching tutorials and things like that taking classes and and yeah I just got into doing voice-over and I made the switch to do a full-time and and then suddenly I had my own business and I wasn’t really working in science anymore I discontinue a little bit with the science stuff because I did end up finishing my PS4 I left I did not finish med school but I did finish my PhD in Biochemistry and so I ended up doing a lot of like scientific and medical technical kinds of voice over and of course cryptocurrency related voice over because I was interested in in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and I also ended up writing a newsletter for a couple of years for the sense Research Foundation which is like a human life extension kind of private Foundation that funds research on extending human lifespan didn’t audiobook of ending aging as well which was which was by Aubrey de grey who’s the founder of sense so yeah it was I guess it did my interest just sort of dovetailed with each other and I ended up on you know becoming of a full-time voice actor and that’s that’s what I do now I still do a podcast where I talked about relationships and sex on the Internet it’s called sex and science hour and yes I think I will link to it and your shout outs but that’s what I do now that invoice over and audiobooks and of course let’s talk Bitcoin still doing that shows all awesome so can I ask how did you cross paths with Adam and Adam Levine and Andreas Antonopoulos and how did you get the are connected in that The Power Team so that was kind of a serendipitous story so this was right at the time where I was changing careers and I was just starting to get into voice over and one of the services that I offered was writing and producing and voicing a podcast intro for people’s podcasts and a friend of mine who listen to my advice show at the time I told her that Adam was starting a podcast and told Adam hey there’s this lady that makes podcast intros you should have her do a podcast intro for your show and so Adam found me that way and asked me to produce an intro for his show at the time it was not called let’s talk Bitcoin it was called The Daily Bitcoin show and it was it was going to be a Daily Show which is a very ambitious project start producing intro but then the format of the show changed and Adam said no we’re going to go to twice a week and we have to change a brake hose cuz you know he had another co-host that there were some scheduling and time zone difficulties with and so he found Andreas and cuz Andreas was pretty well-known on speaking about Bitcoin on the internet I mean he’s very he’s still like one of the most well-known people in Bitcoin today and he’s awesome and great they both are and so Adam says to me yeah you know like got this guy Andreas we’re going to do a show you do show to your party master and you know about Bitcoin would you like to be on the show and I said yes I would Abba I was available you know because I just kind of change careers in my schedule is kind of open and so we started doing show twice a week and yeah I would it just it just became let’s talk Bitcoin and that’s that’s how the show is born has it has it consumed percentage wise for you personally to be so fully up with all these developments I just imagined that you’d have to be reading white papers in peer-reviewed journals and all these different Reddit subreddits and all the stuff that mean but you all just sort of oranges dancing and juggling all this stuff and then still having a million other fun things you’ve been like for you to be like literally an Oregon digesting this entire space into a talk show is just mind-blowing wow well I guess I guess that’s sort of is why I mentioned at first when we started off talking you know that I tried to like live sort of a mindful life and it is impossible to keep up with all the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news at first I tried and I spent a lot of time doing it but yeah I mean I do have a business that is related to bitcoin but it’s not all about Bitcoin I don’t really work in the blockchain OR cryptocurrency industry and that’s kind of on purpose because it allows me to keep some distance from it so you know I hear about stories but I don’t hear about every story and I guess between all of us on let’s talk Bitcoin you know we are able to propose topics that look interesting and jump out to us and then we kind of read about them and research them and we talked about them on the show I mean we don’t we don’t over research either because then you know we want to save discussion for the show and we want to like sort of get out and take it apart on the show so yeah we we don’t we don’t even try to like drink from the firehose I guess because it is like drinking from a firehose it’s just really can’t keep up and if you try you’re going to kind of go crazy so yeah I mean like I stay off of a lot of social media I don’t really I never really got that into the Bitcoin forums Reddit or Twitter I know there’s a lot of discussion that goes on in there and I don’t know I just feel like happier kind of not really kind of hanging back from this yeah well then sold some of the things I guess because I listen to everything in such a compressed kind of one episode after another for some times 10 12 hours a day just you know because I have a job I have my day jobs things I can I can be piping and podcast in 4 hours of LA traffic and you know working on landscapes that stuff so I have plenty of opportunity to just go through the whole history and it seems like it’s this is as fascinating of a of a of a science-fiction I mean this is as deep and complex as any Philip K dick Lego Saga and outer space in the future or something it’s so there’s so many different human dramas and in Revelations about power and gender and and it’s just it’s it’s the most thrilling story eventually I’m sure they’ll be plenty of movie screenplays you know written about sociology Stephanie who could have imagined all this stuff so it’s it’s it’s such a thrilling adventure and then again I think you offer for being describes some pretty much different chapters and I’m curious from your perspective and not to tokenize you as a woman but to really honor it what what is the feminine qualities that you that you choose to embody Franklin from your perspective how you have reacted to her process just the that shadow side of masculinity that gets represented as these is basically verbal violence online and all of it are trolling and just the the way that decision-making happens in a very Unholy stick and very kind of in the middle of all that which you know if a lot of a lot of women in a lot of spaces they do say fuck this shit here I’m going to go do my thing that and I think with what style and your co-host on good cleaner certainly a very aware and very I don’t like I think you all are immune from some of those entrance battles and you don’t haven’t taken sides really so that you have enough for me. open up about what it’s like to to have that experience yeah thanks for asking about that and I appreciate that you said right up right away like that you’re not trying to tokenize me as a woman cuz that is something that happens a lot in the space like we get asked to be on panels of like women in Bitcoin and represent quote on quote the female perspective on bitcoin as though there’s one female perspective on anything you know and yeah it isn’t as though it could be like the diversity of women’s experiences could be represented on like a panel of four people being asked questions like what is it like as a woman you know I don’t know I mean that stuff definitely happens I will say that there are a lot of you know there are a lot of people in the Bitcoin space that are that are totally you know welcoming and supportive and don’t make me feel uncomfortable uncomfortable can make me forget that it’s like can be a a sort of a gendered space a times but you know there’s always like some elements that make you remember that there is sort of this unbalanced going on you know for example there were articles going around about like Bitcoin conferences and like some of the entertainment into like the booth babes in the theater having business meetings in strip clubs and things like that and I mean like I always am careful to say in those discussions cuz I really believe this like I support sex workers I’m not saying anything bad about them it but I do think it’s inappropriate to I guess like force a business meeting to be held in an invite like an environment where women are being sexualized and probably wouldn’t feel comfortable attending like a business meeting in that context so you know there’s that I mean yeah it like it is Brandon earlier today there was a gorgeous and I said, we’re in Los Angeles ever look at the sky and you know it is it is sitting at a Mexican restaurant and seen white people everywhere it turned out because it’s kind of like if there is such a thing as middle class in Hollywood now I feel sick from New York City driving I guess it depends on who’s driving I get there in four and a half but all of the food everything I make sense to to be posted up legally in New Hampshire for so many reasons and then I feel like it well we will be I can imagine it I kind of imagined that it would be the Vegas or or like you’re saying but I’m surprised that there isn’t a more of a booming adult Production Studio house industry given that you could it’s it’s bad about sounds like it’s about as far as away is Vegas and everyone fled to Vegas when the the kind of life started taking enforceable effects in the LA County area so that’s a silly question I have for you is it you know if you’ve been following the the regulation around and this sort of the big money the big money clinical groups who are trying to shut down the street on the health but with the health department as a sort of there their battering ram into the industry I’m curious in New Hampshire are they is it is there any specifications from the health department or health code that that are trying to set the rules for the industry for the porn industry there it is it is the Wild Wild West out here we are more people more to join you know start producing they would have to try to regulate it but I don’t know if they would because I really don’t think they would I adhere to the same you know guidelines as as far as testing goes the only difference is I pay to get tested we we provide them with testing we make sure everyone you know we we go through this last we have this very detailed checklist I think it was inspired by Nikki Benz I think it’s called an if possible the only difference is we’re not paying Los Angeles or Las Vegas free small company but you know we talked about splitting, according Talent from Vegas and Los Angeles and you know kind of responsibility regulating type of business you just have to have trust that all people are you know I’m doing the right thing around that is because yeah I think that I think like Outlets sexually here you know I said you know if you will actually liberated place like you know I even thought about you some Leaf peeping directed in the professional studio shoot up or down with your spouse just that sounds like a great guy honestly before you even were saying this stuff I could I was just it was a premonition that you would be talking about this because I I just felt like you were going to probably end up working in some capacity with the Chamber of Commerce of wherever whatever region or whatever sort of municipality or me to Sally’s and actually help that like what you’re you can’t you know you can’t afford your Public Works projects you know your new parks are being closed down for whatever reason well here we got the screws it’s going to be amazing yeah I can see it now and start building and I’m almost filling my gas tank to start driving out there right now I can of gas its people have been wanting you know it’s been it’s been on my not just a to-do list but actually really it’s it’s it’s the lot a lot of the stuff is is I can see it happening and also I I I want to if it’s not already being taken for some other obviously a worthy cause I feel like the love Free or Die state is going to be the hashtag that I talk to Subway to get a handle on that it’s all you it’s you if you can take that and run with it if she if it works but I feel like that’s good it’s the best I feel like you have a lot of love but I like a lot of love yeah I know I feel it I feel I feel you said you were a Healer and you seem you seem like very empathetic yeah this won’t this to me you know all of the trauma that I have witnessed that I’ve experienced ice I can imagine that this is would be a place for people that veteran died literally I mean you know they call it in the adult industry we say that you’re a civilian if you’re not in front of you in if you’re not in front of the camera and doing the stuff for on the street or wherever you’re a civilian and so if that’s the case which I really truly believe it is then we need to have VA programs in hospitals in a note and benefits and we’re doing a public service for helping living out everyone’s fantasies for them if they don’t have the courage or the resources to make them happen so for that I like to be treated with this much if not you know as much love and respect and dignity and resources as veterans violence and brutality in Warfare civilians is military yeah that’s cool yeah and we aren’t we aren’t we know we were lying about reliving some sort of childhood, it wasn’t about servitude or Surrender sometimes it was just the process to the session would be the process to get to the Aftercare to get to that hug to get to that approval of being told you did a good job you know and when I realize that I thought there’s so much more I’ve actually I’ve had plenty of clients for a while there it was kind of weird they were widows widowers their wearers like I was attacking little words that were in various ways and people don’t understand that Sexual Energy can be incredibly therapeutic and healing you know when there’s something fundamentally wrong with that especially you know I mean now I mean Dairy mention you know I mean every day and I just kept having these handmade in handmaid’s tale things going through my mind and and now to be apart of Swap and to be keto on the inside track knowing what’s going on with this legislation here to decriminalize effort I am filled with hope and love all over again no more despair or fear I feel like this could really I meant to be alive right now at this time and to be here and now in this state I feel very very honored and lucky absolutely why I feel very honored and lucky that we are having this conversation you were exactly the voice of the representative that I wanted to find and connect with its in this is really an amazing amazing invigorating conversation and I just I just want to thank you again so much and you know we’ve got a little bit of time left I think we covered most of what I was super excited and looking forward to discussing I guess I would like to ask if you want to talk about the kind of support that you need from people in the area from people abroad people anywhere in the world listening to this but what what do you need to help your chapter really get to the to the point where were you have all your dreams are coming true and you know you have the people power and the skill sets what were you what are your pain points and what do you need so that that can just be put out there and it is a prayer absolutely absolutely awesome and I’m sex worker Outreach project is a nonprofit we do accept donations we accept recurring donations donations I mean just to be an ally to a sex worker to be supportive and you know aware that their work is real work and emotionally laboring work to know the sex work as a form of emotional and physical labor and that nobody story is is representative of all sex where you know and I think that the presence of sex workers in social movement come together and try to fight this and you have to fight what gone but it is a tubal refuse up sex workers bank accounts and it’s happened the money seems suspicious that’s unacceptable yeah yeah that’s you that’s the way to to bypass So Many Factors whether it’s the pimp violence or the banks or the state or even Amazon not wanting your wishlist to be you know used for compensation whatever it is the terms that you have to been in bed will I have to say that the my biggest public service announcement for anybody that might be in your network who listens to this is that I really hope that anyone listening who is a sex worker who has the u.s. exposed to these Financial choke point issues invest time in studying the whole cryptocurrency movement starting with Bitcoin and in aetherium but but you can accelerate that process if you start to look into joining the platform of spankchain which is bringing together all of the activism all of the the really Advanced cryptocurrency solutions for being your own bank literally being your own bank where you have peer-to-peer Financial transactions you can sell they will be yeah they will be providing a lot of solutions for the industry and for the producers and performers to be empowered independently and off the rails of the money system we don’t need to do our dirty work without your dirty Fiat is how I feel McGregor’s Outreach project we have like a meme donation thing you can donate cooked difference NFL Karma Dakshin and and how how sex workers are the difference between trafficking educate yourself some people have been looking for what seems like an ideal future to me or all of the the glory and the beauty of the healing in the transformation that is possible and also the the sort of in the streets marches and the activism going to take to get there and a couple of I guess you’re silly but up at the memes have come to me and one is it you know people I remember chanting in the streets protesting Wars and logging and you all kinds of pollution would not the people we would always chant whose streets are our streets and I can hear this echoing Cruise sheets are seeds coming out with our seats and then you can also got allies and civilians involved right thing that ever since I started looking into it swapped but I’ve ever felt like we’ll all of the the Financial Funding necessary to do real political work lobbying in legislation and all that stuff I feel like there’s got to be a way to solicit the the buyers of sex work the purchasers of the material that the funeral of the client’s right of the clients are you so mean maybe PornHub can put a donate button to swap you know somewhere I mean set stuff like that I would love to see the financing for all of the stuff that you have in your bucket list of dreams to make come true for this industry and for this movement that that the money if the people who can afford to pay for their further their fetish or for their experience or for their media everybody and you know what I mean I come from the the green business Eco business startup kind of seen in in LA and it was a no-brainer that you would want to launch your startup having a dollar of every purchase or a percentage of your purpose so that you could have the the pr potential of putting out press releases were you talk about how you give back as a social impact or I mean even PornHub has done a lot of cool stuff like that and I don’t mean to keep harping on them but because they’re the biggest conglomerate really that the industry absolutely and you know that they’re behind them right that I was either going to let my contact continue to be over there in cream to the channel myself because it because you know we can continue and have more follow-ups to this conversation but I certainly would love to explore some of your insights in the industry and I have some yes yeah I wanted to add you know how that Whole Foods you know if you have to you have to be a squeaky wheel gets the grease and House of weird that you were is this is thrilling to me I know that there’s a there’s worse things in the world than having pornstars solicit you on your doorstep like door-to-door canvassing for help me on Monday to take your singing telegrams you know what the my name is you could use the conservative rhetoric against him and say we’re here to clean up the adult industry sign here and give us a check what do you mean well I know where else next workers never would never when they used to pack meat and the muckrakers had to blow the whistle and that’s how we have ratio any conservative how do I I subscribed to say the r word regulation but I will say any sort of public outcry about working conditions that’s all we need you know and Industry within the industry of people like you who know what performers need what the issues are and can represent that and it’s not coming top down it’s not coming from you know sideswiping from weird organizations with too much money trying to push agendas where they don’t belong and some people know what I’m talking about there and some people don’t but it’s what they did with the keywords you know trafficking of course people wanted to sign off on that piece of aeon I support you know anti-trafficking laws of course I do and so what we could do is we could eat give them a dose of their own medicine like you said hi we’re going to clean up your industry and fine hair like that cuz that’s how they do so many things when they say you know that people don’t read the fine print when they when they sign initiatives to get on the ballot you know they read the sort of sensationalist headline that skews the facts to some moral kind of you get boxed in Morley by the by the by the headline of whatever it is and so that it’s it’s like appealing to logical fallacies for anyone to want to do that but yeah I mean this is really it’s actually truly the holiest and most most sort of medic there’s there’s a way for all of the people to I mean excellent performance have the legal space to do this right then then the medical aspect will I think it’s going to naturally organically become a safer environment if you’re not having to be underground in the hide from you know the the filming commission and fucking cops and at the neighbors and you could actually have facilities that work up Captain staff and you know and fungus were like just clean to the places I mean that’s what people say about the all of those secondary crime things that go along with Vice and things being underground and the black market economy you know if when you when you legalize drugs all of those secondary cramps go away and so this is a war on sex and we need to end the war on drugs and the war on sex and these problems will sell themselves in the free market so it’s going to happen New Hampshire you know get ready full medical benefits of cannabis right and I’m actually is for you I think what will happen is that is that is that the Cheeto person will get a reverse gangbang by a bunch of Tantra see the goddess and he will want to transform United States into one giant orgiastic goddess Temple to heal the planet from all the patriarchy that’s my that’s my vote I’m going to put that are you trying to turn me on now I try I try not to but sometimes I can’t help it it just happens thank you for that well yeah so we it’s been one of the most delightful hours of my life at sharing this time with you and I’d like to ask you now to give us the links to everything that you want to share and that you’re involved with and close this out with some final words calls-to-action slogans from the front lines whatever you like to share please take your time. Thank you it’s been an honor and I’m I’m I’m pretty sure my cheeks are going to hurt from smiling too so that’s as wot USA. O r g basically you where you can find me I just would like to do everything I can and vegetation Security building in Albuquerque beautiful thank you awesome alright I see well yeah let’s let’s call it a podcast and let’s be in touch and I will I will be in touch again very soon thank you so much and have a wonderful evening. Smiley and you’re coming over here thank you for listening to the touch upon podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition of sustaining and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Thomas Day

Exploring the Future of Sex Tech with Jenna Owsianik TPP156



In this episode I’m joined by Jenna Owsianik a sex tech expert who sheds light on a vast array of sectors that have been outside of my reality tunnel. She helps to provide context and optimism for technology in the sexuality space and helps me to overcome some of my deeply rooted luddite technophobia. It was an honor and pleasure to discover and explore new dimensions of sexual futurism and I’m looking forward to having her as a returning guest to keep the tantra punk podcast community informed and operating ahead of the curve in the sex tech space.

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About Jenna:
Jenna Owsianik is a Canadian sex tech expert. Since 2014 she has been the editor of, the world’s leading publication on how technology is changing human sexuality, today and tomorrow. She is the primary author of the Future of Sex Report (2016), which covers state-of-the-art sex technologies and the five major fields driving innovations in intimacy: sex robots, remote sex (teledildonics), immersive adult entertainment, human augmentation, and virtual sex.

A trained journalist with a Masters of Journalism from The University of British Columbia, Jenna’s reporting has appeared on, Al Jazeera English, CTV British Columbia online, CBS Sunday Morning, CBS 60 Minutes, Global News, and CKNW Radio in Canada and the United States. She also holds an Honors BA in Women’s Studies and French from The University of Western Ontario.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin and also a sex tech consultant and she mention my podcast in a post on social media after she heard an interview I did with vehicle and Butler from intimate. I know which is one of my favorite recent episodes where we were able to talk about the future of sex in terms of blockchain cryptocurrency in and all the new opportunities are happening there so I’m very pleased to know that there’s been a no pun intended ripple effect in that that conversation is led to this connection now and I’m really excited to be having this conversation and I’ll just say before we got continued an introduced Jenna is just that I apologize for the the drop in quality and next to the mobile after situation so the museum the application on my phone instead of at my studio so please bear with any of the background noise and quality loss and with that said Jenna would you please tell us all about your history in life and what was you into this fascinating world that you’re playing is this expert consultant set up an interesting journey into the space my background I have an undergraduate degree in women’s studies so I’ve always had an interest in how sex and gender shape human interactions in the ways that culture disability Grace influence people maybe, how how they’re treated and Suboxone has been like a focused me what’s important and being involved in that I I’ve never really loved mainstream representation of women sexuality in particular and out of minority groups that I don’t think the General Lee mainstream media does an even more nuanced way when it comes so you can just like white straight man it’s sort of language has the most negative things about what’s happening but we don’t always hear the positives about Saxon and I think it’s just really important for us to be having Frank and Don scentsationals conversations about sex sex education in engender because you know we’re here most of us because you know somebody had sex but it’s sort of it is not on your podcast but places in outside of the sex tech industry it’s been like oh you can’t really talk about it unless it it’s it’s the Nacogdoches right so that’s been me wanting to get into reporting and journalism regarding sex has to really be able to share some of these positive stories or even push some of the negative topics out there but with more of us solutions-based Focus really highlight different yo so-called alternative sexualities because there’s a lot of people whose voices are missing from a conversation and props their sexual preferences or not so alternative after all we’re just not seeing seeing them in so that’s really will have my passion is gone and gone into it to this it’s sort of funny how I’m working with the future sex now because I used to be a researcher on a show that never took off but it was supposed to be like a documentary series on the history of sex and now it’s always been an area I’m interested in and just always happy to meet new people and hopefully start discussions where we can talk about creating a positive and exclusive sexual future well thank you for sharing that very very well said in that yet Continuum of history and the future hopefully yeah you’ll get to do some coverage of historical material as well and made me think about a really good series by I can’t remember his name right now it’s like one of the guys from Monty Python but he do them a couple of ancient history of sex kind of thumb Adventure very adventurous and very entertaining and comedic expirations and some of the most some of the most potent information and so liberating and healing is is coming from looking at how well the Glory Days if a lot of coaches were people were way more open and and expressed and whatnot so I hope you had a hope you do get to do more stuff as well just while we’re on that topic what was what was some what are some of your interest in the history of before we get into the patterns that you say now in the present history I think about the main focus of the developers of the show in what we were looking at was just type of like Miss busting about sex like everything you thought which I believe is too much of a generalization sort of the push for monogamy in a relationship right now I think things are changing we have this kind of you of you know the nuclear family being always the way it was so it always the way things were and thinking about you know what the past that everyone was announced he’s you know had her sexual care relationships but you know very old artifacts and what not and so that was sort of that was interesting to me because I I’ve always kind of felt like growing up personally it’s always the snow this is what you do as a young lady you do that when you get married to a guy at this age and whatever and that’s how you’re going to be happy but I think you know for everybody is just because that’s what a lot of people do it’s not necessarily the right thing for you or that it’s not culturally created just so that was sort of interesting to me this opening out ideas about maybe the heaviest history isn’t so much what we think it was it’s not so like what it was now but maybe you know there are more sexual acceptance about maybe having a relationship romantic or sexual with someone who wasn’t your monogamous married partner well I totally agree with all that and I’m sure you must be a fan of that book sex at dawn would say yeah big bucks that we were looking at and I think we spoke on the phone to Christopher Ryan to see if that could kind of develop into a show but yeah I agree why but with it was interesting because I was working for a private party entertainment has as a production company at West and they had produced the series called I think you know people interested in Kankakee and it was funny was the the big Co he was saying that you know that show did really well but like 10 years later you didn’t think that if you pitched it would work like doing would have been open to it and maybe that’s why the history of sex didn’t get picked up because you know how fast is our culture is also like a sexual with it and I don’t know why I picked up maybe you know there’s more stuff on the internet if you don’t need cable and I’m yeah it’s interesting to think about the trends in why things like 10 years earlier mine’s been accessible and then kind of 10 years later maybe maybe that’s just too risky Essentia sitting at these patterns and yeah it kind of brings us into now the present we’re really I mean I would love to see something like I’m missing Chris Ryan Christopher Ryan document in documentaries are being interviewed what not end in TED Talks stand and I feel like he breaks it down in such a heartwarming and and validating way for everybody to validate everybody’s was otherwise consider to be sinful you know if you can take a deep sigh of relief even if you are interested in monogamy but I think some people feel really bad sometimes when they’re attracted to somebody who’s not their monogamous partner and I mean that I may just I think it just makes the desire more taboo and more you know forbidden indeed indeed well yeah but I’ve got a couple of thoughts I’ll ask her if you’ll questions way to that that I’ll save for a bit later and I’ll just kind of make a note that there is a dimension of the futurism of sexuality that’s happening through the the global webcamming free live webcam being whole infrastructure that’s exposing and creating space for some of the most elaborate Creative Group sexuality Expressions I’ve ever seen and it’s it’s actually this huge Catalyst to to push all these boundaries towards more queer and Polly normative Behavior anyway I want to see that thought for later we’ll get so get around to it if we have time but that’s something I’m really thrilled about the will let’s let’s talk about you if you would what are some of the now looking at this accelerating technological train ride the roller coaster ride perhaps they were on what do you see now in the modern era the rapidly accelerating kinda techno future area that we’re looking at what are some patterns that you’re observing from your journalism in your research into that that direction of time was he must know cryptocurrency and blockchain it’s like every time I check my email I have a new press release or something from a company that’s trying to launch a token for the sex industry and that’s that’s really appealing I don’t but still it’s still obviously needs to get figure it out and I think that everyone should listen to your on episode with Leah Colin Butler Illuminating discussion about blockchain people performers are people maybe who are entrepreneurs trying to. You know their money get paid and you know keep privacy so you working sex tech or something or your sex worker or something to do something sort of related to sex it can be real big problem to open a bank account to keep it open without it being closed because they think something you’re doing is you know unsavory late or very sex negative and then of course there’s issues with privacy and safety and so I’m there’s just a lot of folks out there who are excited to think that in your blockchains a way to make it so there’s ways of paying people that’s outside of the mainstream where they can’t shut it down and I’m hopefully being able to to protect privacy as well so that that’s really interesting and exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain so I wonder how it’s going to hear from now I’m very keen to know what all these tokens around or going to be doing cuz there’s just so many and then what’s also come out more is I’m seeing more virtual reality sex games with outperformers their likeness inside so we have like stars like KCl there and yeah so basically I think what they do is that the most part they wear motion-capture suits and their likenesses recorder than the different facial expressions and then they get put inside video games and so can others as they can send it to this is what how they have their IP to have their you know digital duplicate used I think that’s really interesting because he how you can say that with someone without reformers but that could also be applied to two maybe you know of your own personal fantasy or maybe a long distance relationship where you’re able tags immersive sexual experiences that that seem real with people who like to be intimate with bite me you’re not able to just because he know they don’t exist but it’s interesting how it’s it’s it’s it’s been something that I like literally that I don’t understand that we’re prography Industries in really trying to do is respond to the yard so hopefully sales and into interactive games to bring back the cash what’s interesting but it also has had some effect source of the muses outside and I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about sex robots was just thinking about that was going to the next thing I would want to ask you about what you’ve got on your status so if you want to talk about sex robots in use might not really tell you is like usually it’s it’s basically an animatronic sex doll that looks like the hydro normative type of thing that’s usually for being treated for straight men there are people who are trying to think of you know all what about people who have different interests on what would women want a sex robot right now what is really in development and on sale are these animatronic life-size love dolls right that right now they’re their bodies don’t move but they may some a heat up some cancer walk in their lips but the the one that looks the best and he let actually gone on sale is I’m from realbotix and so realbotix is a subsidiary of Abyss tree they make real doll and so they finally after a few years of no being in the media and working hard with them some really great roboticist I’m an AI developers they finally released their first generation robotic head it’s pretty cool you should check on YouTube or if you have to just go to robotics. Com it it’s it’s it’s pretty much a safe for work website I mean really cool how the system to kind of change the face on the robotic head is is a sub magnet in Silicon system and look it looks super super realistic and I think the doll is quite the same price I think it might be about 10 grand but if people aren’t interested that they all still has like a knife that’s about $20 a year where it’s like an AI personality. That’s the idea so why I’m saying all this is really exciting it’s just because covering sex robots myself there’s a lot of hype there’s a lot of vapor where a lot of things that is like people just trying to just poor reporting about sex robots because it’s just you know it’s such a sensational topics of the medial pick it up and you know often report things that aren’t true like there’s one Infamous our love is all that I won’t say the name of it but got a lot of press about 10 years ago but yeah it’s it’s never really been questioning people who are following sex robot development have some questions about authenticity so what’s interesting about realbotix from the makers of real doll is that this is like this is sophisticated Robotics and it and it looks fairly realistic and it’s actually on sale it’s not just people talking about an idea that’s real and I mean it’s not Everyone likes the idea of these very like you know Barbie ass love dolls being programmed pre-programmed girlfriends or programs on sex toys of course it’s all so it’s it’s crazy in a way to think that you know we’re able to create very lifelike robots even if it’s just that it’s available this is Wellston yes to stirring up a lot for me because I’m the one the one hand i’m simultaneously the ultimate Luddite and deep ecologists then listen to see everything just dissolve back compost back into the Earth and start fresh but on the other side I have to say that you know the the money that’s breaking the world go around is going into startups in mostly Tech startups in holy spaces so the only the only hope that the the green freak hippie you know if people like me my never have is that we actually just write software that runs on these applications and if you know if we can make a robot girlfriend who teaches you Tasha and then when you have a real relationship you’re actually very well trained and it’s actually more like it’s raining like Marsh the way you would have a martial arts training dummy nobody nobody goes into much their students his look at all these perverse Effigies of humans that you’re punching like what what is I hear you guys are demented it’s like well we honored training and violence by violence Sports in combat but we don’t honor training and sexuality and I think I’d rather have rather have life replicas that actually teach my whole body how to move and hold weight and you know actually engaged in just a flat screen of pouring and they’re basically only touching a mouse and hunched over with bad posture on a computer screen if you compare those two options if there might be some salvation here but I’m not going to endorse anything for sale but I’m very curious about if you could just put in download a script and that script is something actually useful for therapy you know Sex Therapy could download its entire lexicon of techniques and make it psychoanalyze you and be your surrogate and do everything you know that and it could be trained by some of my colleagues to be really a net benefit to prisoners and you know that’s why I’m just breaking off have you ever covered any any any of that sort of what what are some feminists thoughts on on this stuff that are more open-minded I guess myself a feminist maybe if people don’t agree with my phone or go ahead and I don’t know and I think some guys who buy laptops to get a bad rap and it’s not people doing this and said there’s a therapeutic effect that can work you know people have a lot of sexual shame and Trauma right it’s not necessary always easy to talk to someone even if they love you even if you miss you’ll like they like you it’s exposing I’m not saying that we should all just talked to sex robots and that’s going to solve everything people have been seriously traumatized by shame and then you know there is a lot of sexual abuse that unfortunately happens in the world and if there’s a safe way for people to to kind of Express themselves in a non-threatening way and maybe with you know some type of therapeutic software that can kind of disgust or you know maybe anticipate be able to read you write like why why you might be talking in a certain tone or having certain gestures like maybe like something like maybe a therapist but you don’t make me crap like artificial intelligence might be even more better you know what one day and I think that that that That’s so exciting potential and it’s also while in the big giant loved all this is just one one type of sex robot that could be different ones that could really help people who want to explore their own sexuality and aren’t even thinking about that I’m not interested in the physical I’d be more interested in like you know the womanizer sex toy connected with like a super Advanced like Siri you know because it’s like that like the mental and that and there’s probably a pretty vanilla thing. But they know there can be some people with limited Mobility what she knows what will happen with a note to self pleasure and I think there’s people in all age groups will always be buying sex products and then that’s not saying everybody needs to get into the market it’s a great Market it shows that you know people as they age they still want sex but you know Mobility goes down it’s not it’s not like you I miss you and able-bodied and so I think there’s bad and there’s a waste for me exploring desires that you might be afraid of that that maybe are not simple at all like I really am interested in sex world where there’s different players like it’s like second like second life but people go into me and I have sex in it’s like you don’t need your body for that. I mean you either way of interacting with with the computer of course but you can be almost anybody you wanted and you can even try things that maybe you’re too scared of her maybe you really always wanted to do BTS on or he’s just talked to someone of the same sex and you want to have a virtual sex experience but you’re so like you’re worried about some of you like this virtual sex roles has fake almost like their own communities write a sex-positive there’s always see how the internet’s not completely safe place I’ll be asleep but there’s thought I think sometimes when you talk about sex robots are online but you know that but maybe it’s just people who don’t fit into this one way of sexuality that we’ve sort of been taught about at at you know and I like spending current 6. Can be just you know you want to you know sometimes you need to explore to know who you are or just inconsiderate and I think these type of technologies that are emerging are allowing people to express themselves sexually and so that enables people to be fully fully Express chinos on a human level and I think you know obviously is always important and necessary it’s just that there’s there’s a lot of good that can come out of exploring oneself in your kind of suffering up to this I mean at first glance do you know why I feel like all this is just it’s going to create Skynet scenarios perverted perverted Skynet scenario that I like afraid to even though but I’m going to counterbalance that that technophobia with also thinking about just right now as we speak I’m thinking about well how many people how many families and children are killed because drunk drivers on a Friday or Saturday night or are going out to a bar to try to hit on people to try to get laid and it’s like the harm the way that the current. I was like this over instead of being a cyber sex you know psycho sex an astronaut of or cyber not have cyber sex you know instead of that you’re going to have to do it the old-fashioned way which is get drunk and drive drunk to try to get laid at a bar and potentially have anal unwanted children or be spreading diseases or to have consent be blurred so there’s a lot of factors to compare this to us I really hope that when this is really start to roll out that there’s people taking really good doing really good research and and and covering it the way the way that you’ve been what not to be able to have compared the the research and just say hey if this is a way to reduce harm then there might be an advantage that you know just think about how much anything about how much violence and videogames and how much crime and then just Madness it’s been just put out within the video game space and if a fraction of that much of that technology and that funding went into technology that facilitates healthy stuff to sexual exploration and we will see a lot more Innovation and you know it said rather Embrace whatever is going on there then what’s going on with all of the violence in media and video games and you know work all kinds of War gaming of different kinds of things like just even having these conversations right to discuss like no deposit deposited but I think they like what exactly when you use a comparison like we’ll have a positive or how how productive for Humanity of society or other right so yeah any other patterns that your side’s the sex robots like I guess I’m sure you totally covered teledildonics and you know that’s probably something that people haven’t heard is it will be interesting to explore and then besides that any other I like to see their long-distance sex toys so that use haptic feedback so it’s suddenly like Gamers here you know if you have like one of those with these long-distance sex toys they’re meant for people to connect remotely what they do is that they have sensors in them that for I guess I owe you search how to roll sample because that’s where they’re normally marketed even though you can use them in different ways by state like there can be like interactive sex leaves I mean how could you know his number into one and the way that that moves it can affect how maybe and then vice versa and then I know some company mail devices you no work for penis having devices or you know dildos that they might operate with each other as well so there’s that I’m so or we I think it’s really been I think it’s mostly popular among cameras and so it’s we are always interested in focusing on relationships and intimacy so there is the development with tilted Onyx for men those toys are a bit better but no one’s for for you know that women are people who you know might like to try to be happy bodysuits where it’s not just genital to genital contact but you know incorporating different types of really interesting as well so gold Onyx is this is like Infamous tattoo has like that old is Onyx or the 268 Patton and it expires after it’s 20 year reunion this August about not exactly exact date about me goddess when it when it expires and so this is really significant because there I’m not sure if your readership is familiar with this but like space but there’s been like a number of projects that tried to get off the ground and you know really small startups that it’s a really interesting things with with with with not just with Tammy and I’m really pushing for it or you know development but unfortunately because there’s this really wide cotton cover is basically sexual communication over the Internet a lot of people have been sued or shut down in there if they’ve had to fight legal battles that you know that you know it’s the cost of the lawyers even if it’s pro bono I like one company like I think I think they did get off because they were looking for prior art and you know there has been you know the ideal tell the dogs existed before this time I actually was granted however they’ve been successful in suing people and people just cuddling cuz they don’t want to deal with you know all the legal problems that go with it so he was able to get it dropped to pay but if I don’t think it was a nice process were for the my balls it was not fun and I think they got scared people from entering the space in end or if they had on his face match lie angle to remain in the space after this August to see if people are really interested in tell hold on X or if you know if it was kind of holding it and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows I expect it’s going to grow more within live camming actually has more campsites have Incorporated tip activated sex toys so sexy that will that will basically for sponge to the sound of text so when someone is watching Aunt Pam performance that you know they tip and then whatever the tip or they will check my change the intensity or what device can do so exciting thing to look for and there’s this one of the trends because I think they’re not really marketed towards my body but I think it’s exciting and I’d like to see more in there I just don’t I’m not sure I’ve heard some people really like it arson but I think that like there’s much more sophisticated Technologies because I think with which is it was very low Fidelity like you all the sexual movements you can make and compared to a without quit that may be a smart dildo or smart Middlesex leaves can do is like you know there’s so much Lost in Translation so keep an eye on for next year well well I guess this makes me think they eventually they’ll probably have some sort of pressurized suit where you could actually just have a regular massage that way you don’t even erotic now is standing but it just seems like things are going to move in that direction anyway of just remote everything in the eyes I was even thinking now you’re saying this if if you were if you were wanting to do this more of a sexual therapeutic thing and you were in if it’s it’s like the it’s been very treacherous the territory of being surrogates and I’m sure the lot of the sex surrogates that have existed since it’s been legal least in the US has to have been in situations that they probably would have much rather had had some sort of mediation device that could actually perform physical manipulation of flesh but we’re not with them having to be right there you know in the room but that you could actually be like in like in some lab Booth where you’re behind the glass but there is a surrogate apparatus or likeness of a human or something that you can speak through with that you can move through and it will be kind of like a like a space suit or something but you’re not interview at those those robots that they put out the work on space stations if you could work on it unless someone sexually LDV and a harmful way and you could actually induce certain forms of somatic Therapies in that that might be even more scalable than trying to find the people brave enough to want to do that stuff cuz yeah I think this will hopefully go in that direction or this everybody will is Hedonism will be counterbalanced by the therapy going to be a big competition for a robot out of tar so that is heard about exercise but it also had funded project to make the first digital tricorder in with a Star Trek tricorder that basically diagnosis in the competition’s on what’s the guys name I forget what a multimillion-dollar basically tries to you know get these robot out of Hearts made it and I didn’t I don’t believe there’s any connection to sex but it’s more to help people in remote locations doctor service is or Nurse Services of course development and Technology happening with money behind it up some big implications for what’s possible all right well this is a whole nother I raised money to do a the first porn in space in are they raised I don’t know some percentage of their goal but that was interesting headline I sell alpaca should I I don’t know that it wasn’t quite there gold but yeah then I haven’t heard anything about whether or not happen but I’m sure it will eventually he’ll be in there and on top of that there was a harness device that would allow for zero gravity so that people could reproduce in space cuz if people thought is like what happens if you start to try to get it on I’m sure that’s enough to try but what if you end up swinging yourself across the space shuttle and then you lose the ejaculate in this is floating in the air NASA has spent sending it has already sperm to space just to basically see all the details but yeah they’re they’re wondering if it’s possible to reduce gravity going to affect reproduction is it going to make it as easy like how is sperm motility yes oh yeah and I mean that people are going to want to call and eyes Mars eventually or it’s not like they want to now so yeah I wonder they sex is coming just don’t know it is coming and no pun intended of well that’s interesting cool then see if we can assume any other so we got to tell the Don X and everybody’s pretty well are there any other innovations that we should be aware of I’m certainly yet I didn’t know there was that patent situation so I’m really kind of in the dark anything at this year please what’s interesting is just how in the last couple years or last year really there’s been just a lot more female lunch printer is coming and so I think that’s great because if you don’t like the pornography that’s out there but like granted it is at the clean a do you know you like a course in something about pornography with sex toys and sex tech products if you don’t marry the thing is is that there haven’t been so many going into it in the past the developers have been mail and she know that’s how that’s how it’s been but you know if you’re craving for that if you’re you know things for women that they haven’t liked so much more talk from an entrepreneur is making products and focusing on women’s pleasure in the in a sex-positive way which is really really important and in that kind of a kind of discussing the orgasm Gap and I don’t know if you know where the workout some tacos but it’s basically different studies that show different types of something like or just had her in sexual encounters I think men for the most part are like nine times out of ten they’re going to have an orgasm and then for women it’s in between one and two thirds of the time they’re going to have an orgasm so I mean it’s not like I always like to say it’s not all about orgasm there’s there’s more to Sexton that but just you know there is where is the discrepancy in and I don’t think there’s been enough focused on women’s pleasure and women focusing on their own pleasure okay because I know what you like and be open to just finding that out and so I’m just a really excited about how there’s this more women and sex text no putting their horses out there and if you don’t like their products which it which I I love products products I’m just saying like you know there’s this stuff there that’s that’s that’s happening it’s a great it’s a great thing to do if I guess right thing I wish there was more of us when I was growing up not sure I would have been if exposed to it because it’s hard to advertise when you are insects taxable I’d say it’s really positive it’s the adult performers sex check which they overlap but then there’s there’s different is that there are more women directors and creating Studios and I think I think that’s that’s great you know I think there’s more diversity the better and so about comes with like books of all backgrounds you know I think that the more people from different walks of life to develop products that are there software you know whatever it is a different really help cut down on the negative sexual things that happens with abuse assault that’s awesome. Do you have any on the platforms and the and we’re not to you that you publish on have you done a series or would you think about doing a series or anyting the chronicle sorted profiling women in insects take or women who are entrepreneurs in the space so that I will be happy thrilled to know more about than just be is that something that that you might do like a specific unit of focus on at some point so we can look into that later International women’s day we had a writer put together a peace sign about I think maybe 11 women in sex tech that you are doing interesting things and I hope we’ve also covered if you act like just serious but we do cover for a lot of different male female I mean he would but I guess they’re not going to find it but we just all genders in between and we’ve covered CEO Polly Rodriguez of Unbound and she’s really great shoes I don’t know if you’ve heard of her but she co-founded the women of sex tech community so she’s based in New York and Unbound is her company and it basically creates products for women and sell products for women’s pleasure and a really like it because it makes you feel good about yourself on their commercialism but you know that market in a way that it just because you know they’re really speaking to a demographics I think has been underserved well is that how Polly co-founded women have sex talking so it’s been like a networking group mostly for ladies who are or women identifying people to talk about problems and getting funny because I mean this is the times I’ve heard differing views and I’m not a funding sometimes and then with women going in there they might get treated a bit weirdly like they don’t really appreciate it or there’s just not as much interest in focusing or investing in Need for women’s pleasure but I think women are the future of sex. Net and we’ll have definitely have articles featuring women who are in it and then I think it’s women of sex tech stuff, and that’s just a bunch of women in sex tech or sex-related online projects that you know you might be interested if you don’t know a lot of women entrepreneurs in the space store in publishing online that’s cool I’m so I was at the crypto invest Summit in Los Angeles recently and there was a women in blockchain panel and there’s a number of there’s a really powerful really amazing women in the blockchain space were organizing and creating a different groupings in and just looking at a think it’s something like I don’t know where anywhere between effort numbers between only 2% of venture funding goes to women in Navy up two at the most like 10% but that’s probably generous so we have a long way to go and that’s that space is so much more I have a lot more hope for for transformation of culture through Venture funding when I do through replacing people on you know positions of authority and Power & politics to let you know that everywhere but I’m not really thrilled to know about that cuz I feel like yeah whatever whatever dystopian futuristic sex text scenarios might happen with really may be corrupted ingredient you know harmfully perverted men if their women in the space of Mino writing proposals and business models in business plans in pitching then hopefully more enlightened more feminist friendly future will be a that was my home okay so you’re moving along to another question so there has been it’s weird I feel like the green the go green kind of Boom it’s it’s almost like I don’t know I want I don’t want to call it a bubble but it seems like I remember in the late in the late 2000 and early 2000s around between 2822 I don’t know what you have wouldn’t wouldn’t say when it stops at any point but it did really kind of get big there was directors of sustainability positions opening up in all these different firms and I’ll and institutions and Recycling and just a sort of Renaissance of of the Earth Day by but it really got up the nerve is everybody wanted to go green and I don’t know if you get the sense of that sort of faded a bit from a Zeitgeist maybe people have gotten just more all about apps and all about smartphones and just like that in that movement and it around Elsa was big with the Inconvenient Truth coming out there and then being a I see a lot of celebrities speaking out about a lot more I think on the other half of the Earth but I’m noticing a gap I don’t know if you have noticed it but I’m curious now if you feel like in the specific unisex take space if there are people who are really coming out saying I hate let’s do this let’s do this development of psychological development for sexuality but let’s do it with certain environmental ethics and protocols in place as far as carbon footprint and as far as you know sustainability and sustainable products and materials and all but I feel like these people are really losing sight of the supply chain of Technology from ecological perspective I don’t know if you have any thoughts on that but for the sex tech industry I don’t think it has a great track record when it comes to sustainable projects or at least not in promoting them I imagine I think that if I had a better track record I hear about it cuz the pr people like to tell you what they’re doing great there is people like lovehoney they’re like and basically trying to make more vegan products so that’s not necessarily that let me hear me say that again like so it’s about regarding like semen safety and then making sure there aren’t animal products in your sex toys and I’m not an expert on that but there has been more discussion about vegan products and then and I think there’s some companies that really promote that is alternatives to leather like some type of a vegan alternative but yeah I don’t I don’t think it has a great track record I haven’t really heard much about it there are some 3D 3D printed 3D printing projects I’ll hear about every once in awhile and what kind of push like I’m an environmentalist point of you sometimes because I’m guessing you’ve heard of Eco sexual arousal stainable 3D printed sex toys that they people can fit themselves and any use out outside historic site right now project was called dildo at yourself idea of you know generally instead of mass producing a million sex toys like one-size-fits-all with 3D printing you know there’s more customizability so that’s that I think 3D printing has but just so you know it’s just because you 3D print something it doesn’t mean you should put it in your 30s to be like a protective coating put on auctions increases the technology gets better you will have to do all this DIY stuff. I got a clitoris 3D printed because there is an open source 3D printing projects to get that. I’m basically just to raise awareness because you know most of the clitoris is internal and people don’t know that and they don’t realize like they see just one little thing about that looks like underneath so I got that I don’t have a 3D printer but I went to something called like three beehives and basically it just links you to people in your area I’m in a very like safe manner I felt that are able to print designs for you and decent cost so I mean back something as well instead of like that can change how business is done because you don’t need to buy your own face 3D printer you there are going to be already are in this going to be more and if so needed to spend all the money you can get somebody else to do this and I don’t think the guy who cares right I want to get princess just a personal services so there’s it’s possible that is really cool I feel like if you could through and I have never thought about that really you know I’m kind of cynical and jaded and in my old old-fashioned but isn’t didn’t really think about how great it would be if there were even somehow edible totally organic totally cruelty-free edible ingredients to take to create these shapes with using machines like that mean I could be something that gives Pizza waiting two years for a part to arrive you can know we have the skin the scheme of anything friendship you know when the anti-globalization movement failed to stop the sort of thumb race to the bottom of wages where the sweatshops of the world with the lowest environmental standards for materials is like all of this plastic stuff that’s being manufactured in sweatshops and then shipped back to the US if the 3D printer can make that entire the bottom dropped out of that market because it’s so cheap as it is but if you could eliminate all of those Logistics by the way you’re saying like a localized distributed open source way to get the same sort of 99 cent store that you have your own 99 cent store in your garage take out that whole corrupted supply chain of international trade that’s really not with what is not healthy for the time but the news like bioprinting and I think people are the really interested in the house applications of of regenerative Technologies and Technologies and I think that there is no try that is possible to create it’s going to be possible at least a crate pills that are for like really targeted for the person so instead of giving like everybody like this is just a standard dosage know some people need different Doses and elderly people are often prescribed medications and so will you just expect another slice of this type of printing it has so many applications that can really enhance like you know what you said you could help get rid of fireman by cutting out all that transport and you know hopefully make fruit quality of life as well as medicine very good very good so I think whoever do with all that stuff a couple questions I have here if we have a few more minutes to get to wrap up I think we covered I was going to ask if you would share some with some women like space but it sounds like we got some good resources for that we laid out and I appreciate that so people can follow up and and look at those and then I guess the met the last question will be if you yourself had a blue sky budget to develop the start-up of your dreams and their futuristic sex text space What would be one of your dream projects if you’ve ever been in a brainstorming about it yeah well it’s a big question I would say yeah I think for for sex tech me to get payment and Publishing done on our own terms and stop Outsourcing like for instance you know trying there’s some people Facebook doesn’t allow any sex advertising or it could be something really likes a fish for work basic it is not like it’s hard to advertise the banks and I’m peanut processors they can just freeze your account and so I think something I mean maybe it wouldn’t be blockchain we would have to develop something but with the Sky High budget I just think that is made for and by the sex tech industry so that we’re not reliant on you know people who don’t have necessarily the intellects Experience open my Nest help a Dolores extech Industries you know so I understand why some companies want to get Facebook eyes but you know I don’t I think that’s just open a can of worms in a bit because it’s what’s good sex what’s bad sex should Facebook me to finding that and just in terms of online publishing a 90% about enchiladas Revenue goes to like Google or Facebook the duopoly so again if you’re publishing picture people are making money but it’s mostly those two people and so I think the way to circulate this I don’t think we should be like cow coloring to these big big companies that have all this power but not necessarily open-mindedness and I totally agree with that it’s a huge pain point and someone that I’ve certainly been let me know what I can say for personal experience I’ve had videos go viral on the more mainstream platforms that I shall not name but the second they really go viral they get deplatformed and that could have been career-changing for me you know if you have to build an audience so maybe it’s funny because Yahoo started out very much a highly trafficked adult almost classified platform if I’m not mistaken but there was there was a sort of kick-starting bootstrapping golden age of adult in the early days of the internet that got quickly sort of extinguish I don’t know why they don’t just have an official vetted adult only access sphere of their own Enterprises even if it’s a subsidiary with a different name or something if they have some distance from you know politically or something but they’re definitely missing out you know I don’t know why they don’t figure out how to make their algorithms could do anything I mean your algorithms good figure out how to only serve with I mean cuz I just wiped out a lot of they demonetized a lot of of content producers who run anything that could possibly be controversial for advertisers but why not just say oh you’re up you’re a right-wing gun that freak you know that whatever will hear is you get all of those ads and Penny Play Say Something for everybody so and I’m not putting that down imma you know that there’s there’s I’m just an example of what some of what gets with what get some persecuted by that but yeah I totally agree with that and I do feel like hopefully blockchain and you know these new permissionless content platforms like steam at for example as a good example publishing platform where you can get paid for your content and they just have a very intuitive there it is checkbox for not NSFW right and that’s it that’s all you need to know self-select I don’t know if it’s the community can can certify a gate but then it doesn’t get deleted it just goes into that not-safe-for-work category in that is all you really need a break myself but yeah that that’s a great a great idea hopefully everything will come to you to help the guy that process and you know actually know if I just have one less thing to put out there since I have you on the line and the folks who are the fans of your work might might get into this I don’t know if this is been done yet I don’t see how it seems like it would be the easiest no-brainer sort of fork of some sort of Open Source Code for a nap but basically you bringing bringing sex tech Down to Earth for my ecosexual perspective that I would love to see there be an app that’s exactly like Airbnb but what it specializes in is connecting people who are like glamping you know but for sex places where you can have sex in nature and go to a place in private property that is a place where you can go and feel free at this like like monetizing private 611 Tantra temples but but at the very least just feel like I’ve got a bunch of land with you know a cabin on it and I would love for people couples or whoever to go out there and have their full moon rituals and not be bothered people gawking at them or you know complaining about it and they can be as you can be as loud as you need to be to really go deep with sexuality which we also do not have the access to seal open up you know what their vocal cords as much as feel free being naked and Nathan Wyld so yeah let’s have an airbag recall are birds and bees like that so cool well hopefully yeah all of our dreams come true here to certainly plenty of plenty of resources being thrown around and now in the crypto Stacy know I’ve never seen so many hundreds of millions of dollars / around the planets online exchanges they never before so they do you know if there’s a will there’s a way let’s get well let’s hope for the best and certainly be optimistic about the potential for anything now yeah cool said you’re going to give your websites and Sandy final closing words anything else before we sign off your podcast cuz I’ve been a fan for a while so it’s nice to be here and you want to check out the site of future of sex. Net we’re just vamping to be a responsive shame I know it took so long but it’s going to look a bit different soon if you are visiting today it’s not responsive just yeah you’re still a sex-positive future dates or anything we should be aware of I definitely can see YouTube easy easy for most corresponding all these matters I had no clue about a lot of this stuff and I’m so thank you for enlightening us and we will definitely be in touch soon thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de