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Anti-Authoritarian Self-Help and Recovery with Craig Lewis TPP143


Craig Lewis PicIn this episode I’m joined again by long time punk comrade Craig Lewis. He updates us on his new personal revelations and international adventures, and provides a radiant and radical energetic transmission of positivity and hope.

We share a passion to change the world by first changing ourselves and finding inner strength and peace to move through the world in an empowered and autonomous way. We also both promote anti-authoritarian approaches to self-help and recovery.

It’s always a pleasure to catch up and commiserate about the struggle to survive and thrive. For anyone with punk roots, Craig is a fierce reminder of the spirit of liberation we all embodied in our youth. As we become educators and mentors, we can share solidarity with Craig and applaud his efforts to keep the spirit alive.

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About Craig:
Craig Lewis is grateful for every experience he has had that has resulted in this very moment. He is transcending the challenges of his past and sharing his experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned with all those who will listen. This is an ongoing journey and Craig, like all of us, is a work in progress. The choice to live a life of gratitude, peace, love, kindness, spirituality, accountability, forgiveness and acceptance facilitates Craig’s liberation.

Training for Better Love and Sex with Yoni Egg Athlete Grace Diaz TPP142


Grace Diaz Pic
In this episode I’m joined again by Grace Diaz for an enlightening and invigorating conversation about her new book How to Use the Yoni Egg for Sensual Healing and the broader implications of sexual training and athleticism.

She helps us understand the wide array of beneficial effects of a dedicated yoni egg practice and we compare notes on our efforts to bring more consciousness and skill to the arts of love. We discuss how men need to transcend porn addiction and show up in the bedroom with an attitude of worship and devotion towards the orgasmic potential of their beloveds.

Grace also shares some of her teaching methods and offerings for seekers to be coached and trained. She’s currently helping to bring the light of love to Las Vegas and will be organizing more classes and trainings soon.

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About Grace:

My passion of healing began at the age of ten, when my father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated me as a Reiki Master in Medellin, Colombia. For years after arriving back to the United States, I began teaching Usui Reiki all over the east coast.

Reiki lead me to Tantra. I was introduced to Shakti-Pakti-Tantric-Yoga by my Guru Tafari Sudra, in 2011, and it allowed me to heal my 10-year eating disorder. Our organization, YONI GRACE, LLC was birthed in 2012 when I felt the burning need to share the wisdom I was experiencing through Yoni Breathing.

In 2012 Grace began distributing Yoni Eggs wholesale worldwide and teaching thousands of women how to run a Yoni Egg business from home!

Grace hosts Yoni events in the Las Vegas area and internationally. In 2016, she was privileged to be hosted in Istanbul, Turkey. There, Grace and 35 Muslim women participated in a weekend workshop of the Yoni Egg practice with Yoni Yoga. Her classes are one of a kind and focus on helping women embrace their innate sensual wisdom for spiritual and physical wellness.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 142 I’m joined by Grace Diaz who recently released the book called How to use the Yoni egg for sensual healing and she’s been a guest in the podcast before I would do that episode all about healing Eating Disorders with Yoni breathing and I’m glad to have her back she did something very cool which who is broadcasting live on her Instagram when we’re having this conversation and actually I lost the first few minutes of it so we’re going to just get right into Where We Are 30 in motion with the conversation and I hope you enjoy it and please do check out her work she’s an amazing country Kia and healer and distributor of all these wonderful healing Tools in in toys for your personal Sexual Healing Revolution alright with that said please enjoy completely cuz I can feel you can physically feel your muscles more contrasting gripping squeezing one of the one of the things that has really helped clear my energy as well like if I’m if I’m trying to energetically with detox if I’m actually trying to implode or plant like an idea using Yoni breathing is be like okay so I’m doing this why I’m so I’m going to just also show you guys so there is literally like the vaginal Canal is literally a suction tube you know and when you strengthen I don’t want to like minimize it by calling it at tube but just realistically like that that’s like just to let get the idea okay so you’re basically strengthening this cord that connects you to the universe and you’re learning to actually like suction and grip and pull the energy upward and Beyond you know so for me when I started doing his practice it just it just completely healed me like a completely healed me I can say that hundred percent it completely healed me now my my thing has been managing it like managing the energy like being having that conscious moment to moment to moment you using what I’ve learned consciously regularly like that’s been my thing you know what I mean and one of the things that I tell women when I do like these interviews is that being a goddess being like a young like a conscious woman all of that is really challenging like that’s not easy that’s probably the hardest path I’ve ever walked like it’s if you start feeling more you start knowing more you’re getting one touch with your body more you you can feel with off you can feel it’s on you know and being conscious of your own well-being and your objective and your goal in and using your energy to directed accordingly towards your intentions like that has been like the biggest issue you know like being really conscious and aware with your Sexual Energy that’s where we are you know you know that’s that I mean I talked about this before on my on my Instagram as well you know you know male impotence want one of the things that a couple men have shared with me they volunteer this information I’m like wow where did this come from is there life so intimidated by what you do I am like what I’m like why am I just hearing this for the first time you know and then and then another guy said it to me and then someone else that it’s me and I was like me working on myself as a woman has been like what I want is a woman is to be seen as an hour out I want a strong woman to be seen as like an ally as opposed to being a threat you know like it shouldn’t be threatening you know like I’m working on myself so I can share that and she and I can you know attract the right the mic the right men to me even like the right relationships. Like women but yeah I’ve had it I’d had you know I mean I don’t really know what I’m going with sharing this but pretty much like I’m just highlighting how working on my energy so much I guess has really emphasized you know people who aren’t you know you’re initiating yourself into your own body temple in the path of that is there still Power and Light and healing energy starts to build up and some people that’s like you’re attracting flies you know it’s like a light that attracts flies and I can understand that in fact I was actually thinking about that exact sort of thing recently just about how a woman who’s really in her power sexually and is doing his practices and developing mentally the Consciousness but the the sort of strength and the athleticism of tantric sexuality and healing practices it is intimidating and it is it something to bow down to but it’s something also to be compelled to rise up to and to create a quality that you’re talkin about if men are used to a paradigm where women are just kind of infant alized I’ll put it in so many different ways and it’s kind of like well if a man is like infantilized like the way they would do foot binding in China to limit a woman so it’s like if you’re a man and you your performance sexually isn’t judged because a woman either isn’t allowed to talk back or because she isn’t allowed to discover and to know better that she could actually be having sex with herself or her female friends or with men who can last longer cuz they do the work but if you keep women in the closet under the patriarchal Paradigm then then they they can’t really rise up and Rebelle sexually with their there you know what they went with your true power coming into being that forces men to actually not be lazy about their practices as well so I think that’s kind of a challenge it’s like being lazy paninis with being actually comfortable and old men to approach me like with their whatever their their cat calling like whatever like I feel really comfortable just saying Hey brother I’m not really busy right now thank you you know like I said offended like some of these women are like oh my God likes me to ncat calling. Me to end you know like socializing men and women you know sexually like being comfortable having these conversations you know and I’m so I’ve just noticed that you know the men that I extract you know I’m just I’m just really it’s really easy for me to just kind of Durex where I want to take that conversation maybe I do want to talk to them that I want to see who they are you know you know it or internet but I just like okay who are you you know that’s you know you’re coming up to me and so who are you you know sexual capital and if you if you can if if someone is approaching you with interest of any kind you can always direct them to somehow enhance and and help them in their path of self-development you know that’s a real gift it’s a blessing or something you know start the conversation so maybe I’m not you know that the match for you but here’s what you can do to go and hear you give him some advice if they’re coming up to you and it’s it’s like not working I love a man that you know works his mission or whatever you know even if I’m not pursuing this gentleman that I just said now that seed has been planted in his Consciousness a woman who is comfortable you know with her energy and now he knows and hopefully now he goes and maybe Works cuz he was properly stimulated yeah it’s always an opportunity and I appreciate you saying that cuz I know that there are women who I’ve known and enjoy my life who will get really jaded and cynical about the energy coming towards them but the ones who really at the end of the day feel more blessed and feel more light and free or the ones who actually just kind of play with that incoming mail energy and can kind of trick them and kind of it would not you I’m not not in a bad way but I’m will just work with that energy and actually instead of just trying to be hostile towards it actually Master it and actually just do a little bit of psychic Aikido or Jiu-Jitsu and kind of turn the energy around and make it productive and useful in some way ya ya talkin about Jiu-Jitsu I’m actually taking jiu-jitsu classes Bolivar not very beginner but the concept of Jiu Jitsu of basically deflecting energy back till your opponents that you’re sparring with or whatever so that you don’t use your own energy to drain yourself and you can last longer and everything not only applies to like lingam breeding lingam practices and everything but for like removing your Yoni egg believe it or not so basically just to ship to hear is to talk about the Yoni egg really quick that I literally hear about almost on a daily basis is how am I going to take my Yoni egg out how am I going to remove my Yoni egg has been inside for like 3 days worst case scenario like a couple days you know and it always comes back to relaxing like the vaginal muscles I just being relaxed being you know not Contracting in a state of fear or flight on my God my eggs not coming out which is really reflecting some usually some some Trauma from sexual trauma was some like inability maybe they were you know sexually violated and they thought you know taken you know I don’t think we actually talked about this my last podcast but kind of relaxing and letting that go is the number one thing that helps to release the egg when they feel like it stopped so it shows how how the energy flows you know if we just kind of give a real step-by-step overview of what let’s see if a woman for the first time is hearing about or his started here about this Yoni egg phenomenon work if you were to kind of give us an outline for essay a workshop where she gives a star with the elevator pitch yes can initiate us into the the mystery and wonder of the Yoni egg practice have buffet in the shape of an egg that is used internally in the vaginal Canal women insert it preferably nice and warm after they cleaned it exists they just infected it they have built a certain relationship with it where they are consciously infusing their intentions into it and once they’ve done all that which I can expand on this well they inserted and two things happen the weight of the stone strengthens the vaginal Canal but also energetic play the stone is amplifying all function of of the of the Yoni I should have a vagina so usually have expressed is women start feeling more women start learning what I call vaginal muscle memory where they’re able to like what I described earlier consciously manipulate their vaginal muscles because you know typically for a healthy which I guess I can Define but like you know a healthy vaginal Canal it will come out every time you go to the bathroom like every time you have a bowel movement without but what I was describing earlier regarding in opting out is usually when there’s like some pain tension vaginal tension vaginal pain and you know usually they feel this even before they’re using their eggs so they’re kind of like aware like this is something that has to come into the practice because I was already there and do Yoni egg is really expecting that it’s kind of highlighting that so that she can work on that and I said yeah every single time I’m on the phone with with someone who calls me like oh I can’t take my reading practices with them and assure them that it will come out I relax them and on the phone it comes out every time every time I get these calls the able actually come out on the phone but but yeah that the young egg is a really powerful practice for enhancing a woman’s sexual Consciousness she starts feeling the energy flow in her you anymore an example of that from me is I can actually feel my like which ovary is menstrating cuz it’s either one over here the other most women don’t know that but it’s usually one or the other on the left or the right one so I know which side of my body I need to kind of relax you know like a freaking was driving I’m not going to put tension on like my right leg like I can feel my menstration happening on that side if that makes sense into that area so much more she probably took the signals are probably suddenly being sent but if you’re not really tuned in just like any other you know practice if you were to do meditation on an area that’s for any you know anyone any sex if you were to have us a knee injury and you needed to put energy there and you started to focus on it then you will start to develop that fine that fine perception of sensation so it’s that’s amazing it’s great sure that you’re able to tune in that way and just probably do way better at self care and maintenance inspire me the most and make me the most passionate about this practice is the orgasmic Enlightenment part of it like literally feeling the pleasure you know like like the innocent pleasure of of what’s naturally received in in your genitals you know like on a physical level you know like just feeling that sensation or I could be the wind blowing it could be you know like not to get too personal but you know I feel like it’s kind of appropriate but like for example I’m a big fan of hair like you know like pubic hair like I think it’s healthy I think it’s healthier or Castor oils and it to keep the skin youthful you know it can actually keep skin like younger like smoother like more moisture I like all of that you know it’s like a barrier and so I’m like an avid you know like hay like don’t like sushi don’t laser like a whole thing off like that’s just like crazy right but anyway long story short and it up doing a photoshoot and like I deduct shaving my Yoni it was like the first time like I said I could feel like I could feel everything like it was like it was like tender tender skin that was newly exposed and it was like I was literally like I felt like I was like generating like orgasmic energy like from walking you know you know pretty much like that’s the level or two that’s that’s the extent to which you can be sensitive you know like in in your room and so that’s what I was going back to what I was saying earlier like walking this walk is is really challenging like it’s very beautiful it’s very Awakening it’s very inspiring is very motivating but is it also called you to really be responsible with your Sexual Energy cuz you just feel it that much more you know that you’re just more aware of the world around you at large you know let alone your intimate with someone and they’re actually inside of you and and you can put one woman said to me be more of a participant than a recipient you know I mean what exit is actually I should say that I guess throughout my years in Tantra I feel like I’ve been with women who now I know we’re kind of just dabbling because I was with a woman recently who was a serious Yoni egg athlete and she would keep it in you know she would cycle through it being in and hold it in you know for just as she’s walking around and just to find muscle tone that she created with that it really gave her a sort of dexterity that was like having several hands worth of strength and grip and it’s dirty and it was said that to me was it that that was intimidating but it actually gave me a real just a new experience of how powerful a woman can be and also what it really actually for the first time is so interesting it to me it was such a it was so it’s like so obvious but what was so interesting about it is that I could really feel the Primal essence of her body really just beyond any language Beyond any culture beyond anything you know cerebro it was just a really Primal Instinct rule carnal effort to extract a seed extract sperm from me you know that and I have got a vasectomy so we wouldn’t have to worry about that happening but it was just I was like for this is so beautiful she is going so hard with so much intensity with all of this power and all the strength to just for me to surrender and release and to give her body with what is needed for the species to continue and that level of enthusiasm sogc my biggest issue and I like that you call that Yoni egg athlete I’m going to go with that as a young athlete pleasure it’s really it comes down to you know the men not lasting long enough you know like coming really fast and pretends not being able to really connect with me and them coming to the table with their intentions which is jacking off coming and I am left high and dry and I am a mountain and a bigger picture and you know when you feed the fire and it keeps the world you know what I mean so it takes two to tango and so I feel like you know is a man who who considers himself a sexual athlete in that I do the work I’m going to consider to be like I’m in my I mean it was funny people it’s like it’s like having a six pack in your in your PC muscles you know what I mean you’re doing a kegels and you’re doing the Celtic birth multi-orgasmic you know long cycles of in jaculation and edging and drawing energy are okay well actually I have a video that is on my website and it’s free but it is marked explicit so you have to check a box as it you’re 18 or older to watch it but it’s like an hour-long of injaculating orgasms up into each chakra and explaining what the chakras are about and how the energy can you adjust the activation of actually sending directing explosive orgasmic energy harvesting and cultivating and drying it up sippin it up through the you know some people called the Cobra breath but you know there is a way to sustain the waves of orgasm as a man that goes more from that sharp you know quick sharp peak of the genitals these two actually smoothing that out into a stroke of energy is Tantra Punk. Com and what’s the general sneeze that’s that’s like an affectionate term that I think about it at 6 ologist in country cuz used to talk about just I mean you can make that analogy also with the disc clitoral orgasm so that like if you’re training a woman to have more of a deeper full-body longer-lasting Arc of a new no vaginal orgasmic experience then you want to put a separate and put in the context it just rubbing the clit what’s a even with those the sex toys that women are kind of use over using and making themselves numb just kind of burn it burning out the clip with rubbing with friction it causes that really easy relatively he’s into it to induce quote General sneeze works just like a reflex and for a man if all he’s doing is rubbing one out he’s just inducing that reflux and not actually spreading it out and harvesting it and you don’t like you say breathing it up to the heart if you think of the heart as a magnet for the sexual energy and your connecting that high voltage sexual energy into that you create like an electromagnet and that’s when you get into the Magic in the sex magic so you know if you’re not if you’re not actually applying this energy towards manifesting your Visions for your future than your kind of just spilling it into the cause Into The Ether and there’s there’s a there’s a lot of wasted Prana that’s just goes and it just gets that Prana gets get consumed by the lower aspects of ourselves and that’s why you have all these pornaddict universo pictures of women in Golden Consciousness please tell me what your help or in his kind of affected your your past and your clients and their works I guess the the main variable or like you know like it’s basically a guy and then the girl doesn’t really feel it still feels cheated on feels like he’s indulging in for not her feel sexually shame she feels bad about it she like she’s not good enough she’s not pretty enough and her either wasn’t affected like as a woman and she does know and that’s a lot of women actually believe it or not I believe it I believe it is yeah neologism trying to create memes that will actually compete with the you know what we’re up against but hey I think Kundalini is the new money shot in the township born Revolution so you know stay tuned so yummy Yoni eggs how to use Yoni eggs for Central healing right for Central wound healing but I thought that was just too many people wanted me to put them in there somehow but I decided that I need a suggest simplify it reduce Siri find it and so that’s still what it is still Sexual Healing using and yeah my practice is I suggest daily use like like your goddess friend and I really believe in the progress that women make when they use the Yoni egg on a regular basis and they are Yoni breathing in addition or a conjunction rather with that usage without foxes really enhances their connection to their body so their bra to their pleasure to do they are as a woman as a person as a spirit as a as a feeling Source an expression Consciousness and she’s able to to learn to direct your energy so that helps women do that also describe the book is it what kind of format is it in and and what can people expect if they pick it up just called how do you say on 8% real healing I’m holding it right now it’s a it’s a square book and it has the rose quartz On It featuring The Rose Chords it’s on Amazon it’s on Amazon is also my website Yoni and it was number one new release of the new age division is what all congratulations that’s awesome a whole one stop shopping center for all things sacred sexual healing and training practices and I’m just thrilled that you’re holding us face and gorgeous pictures by the way everything is lovely in thank you so much I hate you I work really hard but I’m actually hiring right now like I’ve been trying to bring on women I just moved to the area I’m trying to bring on women who like one because I already doing their own business and they have questions and they don’t know I really do this like a successful example I do actually have a certification for his for women who want to sell you two guys and they want to educate the women you like is actually mainly about educating them and you know here this is compliments. You know take this information to this so I’m teaching them how to do that chorus I’m really sorry about that it’s called Yoni egg mid white you know what the age of Jeff’s water so you can you share it just any of the stories of the top of your head if people who have women who have just had total Transformations and just knew yeah I knew Chattanooga leases on life with his practice wow which way do I go with that the first time I came to mind is I think the most powerful wine women who like I just started my business like seven years ago so this problem 6 years ago like I was still like beginning right and so was the first time like I ordered eggs I go getting AIDS manufactured feel like the first time and you know that it takes so long I can take months and months before you are what you know what you ordered so anyway she was waiting on some weight first month second month like anything after that like maybe you know you do want to talk to your doctor and say hey you know I want to strengthen my vaginal muscles I’m going to have an easier time being let me do this you know to let you know leave it up to them but hypothetically you know if you’re doing we miss it will help you I’ll just say that like it will help you but anyway so she basically had was pregnant with twins her package was you know delayed to a certain time where she could really do her Yoni breathing first I guess like for her like she started running breathing like her entire pregnancy and eggs came a couple months later and they really helped her to catheter muscle City spent that when she actually went into labor she was like literally 30 minutes never thought about that never thought about how it would absolutely help with recovery and help with preparation and that’s great I want everybody in the world to know about how beautiful this is cuz I like I said I was I was just a fan of it I believe it was like oh that’s great yeah I know people used toys and there’s all kinds of toys and that’s great and then it’s got you know healing properties in the stones and the crystals that’s all great but literally having someone absolutely just completely rock my world and just like give me a real you know really it made it into into such a a match of willpower in a match of stamina and just the the the force the beautiful powerful forcefulness that she was able to express in so many different ways it was just like really so beautiful to behold and yes it makes a man want to figure out how to really rise to the occasion in some curious if you have stories are you know of women who have just kid off totally changed the game under the sheets with and then it’s like they they’re their man maybe they just was too much of a too much of a struggle to keep up or the man was like wow I need to actually become a master of my own equipment so that we can actually have this professional level excite me of activity happening are there a view of stories at all if men who said like you saved my marriage kind of thing here thank you so much kind of stuff like that solutely so there are a lot of women just from the break that were telling me that they were wetter like the first time in years I think we really try and make sure they have a lot of pain during sex to the really dry on the Yoni egg witness for them and from the beginning you don’t like the first week or something like you know they’re feeling this and so that really help with their with their relationships you know what their sexual relationships I had one girl she calls me from New York periodically just helps her feel so much more juicier much more she’s just like driving you know how every time I talk to her so and then there’s the women and I’m still trying to track this but there’s a lot of women who say that they have a they have an easier menstrual cycle as well like it’s just I’m not necessarily painful but they’re more aware of like the cramping like they’re able to like relax with the contraction logo instead of like tracking holding it being in pain pills you’re not wrong. Like that’s why I like you need to relax relax with it with it it it it is hard like a massage like the cock if you were as if you were kind of on some kind of massage roller or just like what it what a massage would feel like on the outside of the skin is it kind of feel like that as it’s moving and azure is it moving your kind of playing with gravity imagine your you know using gravity and using just musculature and just kind of playing with a right and then that does that feel kind of like a massage on internal massager how does it feel oh yeah it’s an internal massage that’s a beautiful way to put it I had one woman say it was an internal hog attack so yeah it’s not like it was a bear hug you know that I basically enhances like I have some women he’ll joke around when I talk to him about it and I’m good with that you can always be better even if it actually especially if you’re celibate hey I have been I have been for you know seasons in my in my life you know awesome so what else would tell me more about your overall experience all of your offerings and services as a business and what you have kind of on the horizon what’s going to be continuing to develop so that’s an interesting question when you see okay okay I’m going to be talked about for the first time I think I may have mentioned it in a few videos that I’ve done but I’ve been working with men for the first time recently and that has been really fulfilling for me I really have to pee like opening up my channels while I’m opening up their channels like it’s been really beautiful like that’s actually been something that I really wanted to do and I feel safe doing it like I don’t like saying this is not ideal but you know I do feel like safe through a computer with them because I have had bad experiences you know unfortunately and that’s why this work is so sacred and that’s why I work so hard because there’s all that. I hate to say it but you know when people don’t understand but I am happy to do it actually that is good to know yet because you know there’s there’s I work with a lot of gay and bisexual men and I’m someone you know I’m somewhere on the Spectrum and I got many spirits going on I can appreciate all aspects of the human form in the many forms it takes but I know that there’s there’s only I straighten straight men who are pretty vanilla or pretty kind of just meet me at 8 o s guys you know they’re not they’re not so enthusiastic about working directly with me or watching my videos because they might feel like they might they might catch queer if they watch my videos or something hands are kind of afraid more women who are there to facilitate and entice that Journey for men and make it you know really an easy sell for them I appreciate that the women were doing that because it’s really really important to stop raping to stop abuse and to stop misuse and you know if it’s not abuse its misuse if you know the way really straight guys you know so thank you for doing that work it’s a pleasure and you know that you’re improving their love lives and potentially against saving marriages if that’s the thing in stepping up so is that something people can just go to your website and booked a session or how do you how does that work but there is a screening process you know if I engage with you and I have any mail us a check she does all my emails support canceling and rescheduling and wanting to be fine and then again and then telling me all this problems in divulging and I was like well you know and then you know I have a I do at this one actually do have a cancellation policy where I I’ll keep a sound like you know there’s a lot a lot to deal with him before we work together you know that there are situations like that and so I will not work with you I love to see a world where we have temples where there’s a lot you know if a man is a secret of sexual initiation add a new level hands on hands off you know what section is everyone you know how long has Spectrum but you show up you be a warrior you help clean up trash you help grow you know the garden and plant trees and actually be of service and then you will get spoiled with the love of the takhini sue you know have the the different levels of interest in in-service and education so I’m hoping that eventually will move out of that points are you in Vegas now is that right for on and off for a couple of years and I actually co-founded the Las Vegas Tantra meetup group that there’s there’s it’s it’s stop it I want to go yeah well it’s I haven’t you know I did before I kicked it off I did the first few the first few classes at the pole fitness studio and it was great to just sort of Emergency the world’s there and and and Luna together but it’s been taken over since I left them back in LA but I would definitely yeah be so thrilled if you were to come in here and do some yoga you should totally get connect with some with the current organized person and just yeah I guess I can imagine we have please tell me what what brought you to Vegas and are you on a mission to bring your healing energy to the belly of the Beast or what what’s your angle well you know the I guess exactly was having this conversation with another another Las Vegas resident who’s doing tantric healing work and it’s like it’s interesting Paradox because it’s a place where women are really empowered sexually yet they’re still sort of a very shallow form of of male attention that’s coming through and it’s not really it’s not really as is spiritually Advanced as it could be so yet there’s a lot of spiritual lightworkers there so the people who can bridge the gap between the worlds of sacred sexuality and the sort of you know just kind of excessive party Indulgence you know the archetype of Mystique of it there’s so much potential there there’s so much Financial potential and so much spiritual enrichment that can happen so I’m always curious to find more people who are sexual lightworkers who or you know are there medicine really to to this that will work with my former lover called a adult Disneyland right so you’re at please tell me what what is your if you don’t mind if it’s not too personal what what what is what brought you today to send City so there’s no state income tax here so I just saved money having a business that was the main reason the quality of life is cheaper than where I want you know that is why I did notice that things are way cheaper and has so many incentives in the industry to to keep people around and that’s it that’s great that’s amazing so are you are you finding clientele there are you reaching out and teaching them hoping to teach classes and Lee seeking control I just run my online business if I happen to meet somebody around then I will work with them well that is very very interesting because I can just imagine that synchronicity and Serendipity will the right people at the right time will will show up and there’s so many I mean could you imagine if all the strippers and lap dancers and you know they were all what do I distribute to this population yeah meditate yeah we will all the all the listeners will be praying for you to succeed because that’s a beautiful I’m the others I know that other country cuz who have really done well you know they’re bringing the light so you’re in good company and with a good president so I was actually when it well she is she goes by the podcast pseudonym magic fucking pussy and for reasons of privacy she likes to stay Anonymous but she’s been on the podcast number of times she’s been in you know some of the we did our thing we made a lot of magic and made a lot of love and brought the Tsar are sort of alchemic one of our All chemical tantric children is the Las Vegas Tantra Meetup that was kind of birth for that so I’m glad to see it’s still going and I would love to see you just more more people connect to that but yeah so I will definitely do that so what else it’s so if you you’re starting or you’re you’ve just realized how long how long you been there for I have any I think it’s going to be a year in June okay so yeah you could kind of going to stablish so what is the if there were local what’s a women you know to start with local women who wanted to connect with you and actually would say do you know what are you going to want to do workshops and actually you know get spaces organized so you could do obviously for that meet up where you can start your own meet up or you could do you know your own marketing to get people kind of connected to to what you have to teach but I mean I would love to see yeah you you feeding back from that online business into the local the local market there you have a do you have a timeline for when you want to start branching out more you know what my books now that’s published I can actually feel comfortable sharing the unions are more broad-scale because there’s an actual manual now with it before I just started selling them even though they also a lot of the women so you need to get their eggs for me that is so cool to be a proprietor of Yoni eggs thank you so much you were going to be so blessed I can’t imagine how good you know your life is going to continue to be and how good you’re just sort of facilitating so much pleasure and so much healing I really applaud that thank you a lot actually yeah I saw that easy pass this is Bernard I really need support here I need to hire somebody so far it hasn’t worked out with the last few women because it needs to be packaging is a skill you know and I really need to build a team that’s really good the game well it’s will call that in and hopefully yeah that you find the right person who is just a total believer and totally shows up and in the right way and thought about any insurance cuz you can can be more trouble than they’re worth sometimes and not all of them have the best intentions but you might find that’s a good way to kind of lower-risk get somebody kind of trained and skilled with your business and if they work out keep them on long-term you know internship is a feeling something that I need you I didn’t worked out with some of the University’s here because this is like I’m in my home so they they don’t want to send insurance yeah it’s a restaurant that’s what I was told I’m actually still looking into it I asked one of my girlfriend she’s she does are yummy art like in my book like half if not almost all of the New York is her drawing and I’m sure she’s just like amazing she does like my brochures she just all the yummy aren’t for my brochures my boss said please come do Yoni art and was packaged and she was like I just signed an apartment New York we’re also your YouTube channel is totally blowing up I see you have amazing a list of videos on there so we’re getting tons of use and just amazing making it look really good what you doing in the next it’s yeah thank you for being a spokesmodel for this form of wellness and fitness it’s just beautiful yeah I do maybe one YouTube video awesome is that is it been a lot of good feedback you feel like you made the loyal fan I don’t like I’m directing more videos to men you know just kind of feeding their Consciousness giving them some ideas you know so I’ve been kind of branching into that direction for the first time I’ve been working with women like doing Yoni egg practices like 3 years for like 5 plus years and now I’m starting to really Branch off from work with women more so if you’re good with what you’re going to come back and get this is a lot more a lot lighter and more you know just more playful than the last one a little heavier but I’m glad we got to kind of follow up on and connect on a on a motor on a lighter note as it were and give some a little bit of more exposure to the beautiful things you’re doing and certainly where where should people go to connect you want to give that that URLs and all that good stuff yeah so they can go to Jonnie 9 degrees. Org they can go to YouTube and they can look up Gracie asked myself that he’s putting Yoni breathing the find me will be the first person that comes out by the Yoni egg or even all of those three tears are how you can find me Instagram graceful empowerment you know and then on Amazon it’s only $2 I really even if you don’t get ever get an egg and even from men as well if they want to understand like just vaginal vaginal like energetic like physiology my book how do you like it’s a simple read they do it with their practice step by step but it’s also very like Literature Like and poetic and intended to really honor like I don’t really use the word like vagina and it’s too much I don’t you know you certain vocabulary so it’s it’s a much lighter read like you said so yeah that is so awesome that is exactly what I’m looking for and I will after that you know when the standard was set as high as it was for me and this was not too long ago I really am going to insist and this is what I was looking for I just want to be able to insist it’s like hey you know we owe it to each other whoever you know Partners lovers maybe it’s actually not only just this is part of the inner work it’s part of Fitness part of Sexual Health and Wellness Center why why not deliver your A-game and in just sort of have done the homework in the home play to be a real powerful energized and skillful lover that goes for everybody so no excuses anymore we got this book out it’s ready as two bucks come on I want to give do you know what it would have Valentine’s Day gives a birthday gift you know and if you’re a man and you feel like oh I mean I don’t want to be crude but hey some people say all this goes both ways your quote dead lay if you’re a dead lay on either side get with it get with the program yeah that’s why I wrote it and it took me six years to write cuz I was trying to perfect it I mean although that’s an illusion obviously we can talk about that all day but you know I was really generally trying to honor the sacred texts you know of sacred scripture and teaching and sharing so I really worked on it for a very long time and I did a lot of like surveys with the women who are using the eggs and just got you know a poll of information so and it really supported a lot of my original theories are hypotheses I should say of the oniac when you use it regularly for women doesn’t matter how old you are you know where you are if you’re sexually on it’s it’s an it’s a beautiful living breathing you know conscious stone that works with you and harmony with you so awesome awesome I’m not no thank you again so much grace I guess we’ll call tonight and blessings and best wishes and prayers and good luck with everything and hopefully we’ll be in touch and you take very good care of a good night. Kontrapunkt. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Township Park. Com Thomas gay

The Future of Crypto-Anarchy and Techno-Shamanism with Vin Armani TPP141


Vin Armani Pic

In this episode I’m joined once again by the illustrious crypto savage and pro gigolo extraordinaire Vin Armani. In the year since our first conversation about hacking the sex industry as a sacred sex worker and initiated tantric shaman, I’ve devoted myself to studying his path (best outlined in his book Tao of the Gigolo) and tuning into his weekly live show.

For years I had been a fan of the crypto movement but wasn’t  directly involved. The powerful insight and urgency that Vin provides motivated me to finally begin to participate, and for that I owe him my deepest gratitude. I’ve done my best to rapidly accelerate my crypto studies to prepare for this epic exploration with Vin into the cypherpunk and crypto anarchist roots of Bitcoin.

We go over both the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto and A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto to set the table for a discourse on psychedelics, techno-shamanism, sci-fi hero archetypes, bitcoin politics, and visionary futurism.

As a long-time hacker, computer programmer, and web developer, Vin has been perfectly positioned to disrupt not only legacy banking systems, but also the cryptocurrency industry itself with his radically elegant SMS based Bitcoin Cash solution As founder, CTO, and lead developer, Vin explains how he plans to launch and roll out this project world-wide.

We discuss the roles he intends to play by officially joining the Free State Project in New Hampshire in the coming weeks. In addition to his crypto leadership,  he’ll be bringing years of experience in the Las Vegas escort industry and his notoriety from starring in the Showtime reality show Gigolos to the politics of sexual freedom in what we affectionately refer to as “Love Free Or Die” state.

We close with many hopeful and optimistic predictions for a successful return to ecological harmony on earth and for responsible galactic exploration as the human technological adventure continues to unfold in space-time.

Please visit Vin’s website at

And enjoy his mixes at:

About Vin:
Vin Armani is a philosopher, serial tech entrepreneur, and CryptoSavage. He is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post. In addition to being an author and speaker, he has made his living as a television star, film producer, high-end male escort, software developer, art gallerist, pirate radio station operator, DJ, music producer, and motorcycle courier. He studied Philosophy at Howard University.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 141 I’m being joined Again by the illustrious Vin Armani who we spoke almost August about a year ago before talking about being a pro Gigolo and hacking the sex industry event has been a prominent figure in mainstream entertainment media is one of the stars of the Gigolos Showtime reality ducky drama series that was on for about six years and also the author of an amazing book called out of the gigolo which if you read LG kundo and your Bruce Lee fan or a fan of just the spiritual Arts the martial arts you really need to immerse yourself into this Treatise on the Living Arts which who better than from a man who is achieved so much success with an ethical and moral high standard of success what every boy and man dreams to achieve which is really truly not the conquest of women but the integration of the beauty of women deeper level and this is a man who truly loves women so men women parents please Avail yourself of that book. Of The Gigolo I eventually we’ll probably just have boxes of it in my trunk catches pass it out because this is something I wish I had read and that I had access to when I was just becoming a man and I will say that you know the best thing I could say as a word as words of praise for van is just that you bring it all together man you are seriously an authentic you were walking the path of a of a super heroic archetype and it Blends inflows and is resonant with all of your endeavors that I am you know that I’m aware of that I’m watching and it’s like it makes me think a lot about growing up in and having these amazing powers full sci-fi spiritual Warrior Heroes on the Silver Screen you know and they really built me all of those stories to Philip K dick the the William Gibson all of the mythologies were played out what he’s been missing characters but I didn’t feel like they ever really carry that through to the real life and they were representing those politics of Liberation in the real lives but you were someone who does that and it’s just a thrill so really anybody listening please we have a a a champion of some really amazing powerful and beautiful causes and you know us not to put you on a pedestal or make you seem to be perfect or without any flies but it is just an omage and so yeah with that said we kind of did yeah we kind of got your back on your personal history in the last episode so so we’re going to just jump right into the topic which is broadly we’re going to look into crypto Anarchist philosophy as I have got more into crypto thanks to you and Jack spearco first and foremost thank you so much for that and yeah just to give you it to balance it out to give you some space before we get into this these Seminole text of the crypto Anarchist Manifesto and the cypherpunk manifesto you wanted to check in with this tell us what’s up and how you doing and how you’re sure will first off I want to say thank you very much for that that intro of course you know my mind my own ego I’ve I’ve it’s really been a a journey for me to put aside my own ego over the past decade for sure but I have to tell you that those same influences that influence you were the ones that influenced me and it’s funny that the author is in the books that you that you listed off even there in the intro I was like yep yep yep of those are at those were all massive influences on me and I guess I just never thought that it could that I couldn’t use those as examples in that I am that I couldn’t live that sort of life and always I guess maybe I I’m pretty. I’m pretty tough on myself for better or worse but I always thought those were always the archetypes that I wanted to live up to an end truly embody and so I’m trying man I’m trying but I will tell you that every step that I have taken where I’ve done what was right as I posted according to those archetypes in according to those examples when I’ve done what was what was right even if it even if it was something that was outlandish and and that maybe people said was unrealistic every single time it is paid off for me so if I can just continue to you no share that message with people whenever someone approaches me or contact me from afar and says that something that I’ve done just by living by example has made a difference in their life that totally makes it worth it for me on on every next step and I have so many next step so I mean I think we’re going to talk about the things that I’m getting into now but they definitely do feel the weirdest part about it is that the things that I’m doing now in cryptocurrency in and sort of the libertarian sphere although I think that’s a box that I’m not really ready to fully put my selfie and although I do use the vocabulary just because it’s a dick sometimes it’s expedient and because that is a certain I guess perhaps audience that that could be receptive I think they were talking about something much much deeper here and certainly where I’m coming from is I am trying to be on that hero’s journey while I’m still on this Earth and so if it does All Steel although you know you’re moving from a gigolo to do cryptocurrency to I you know it’s speaking at the libertarian conferences around the world at the Met to some people seem like wow that’s kind of a jump It’s been a a very very smooth and clean and genuine movement of gross for me in moving through those fears and so you know I I bring with me all of the lessons that I indoc you know when those past years and and bring it through in it and now it does feel like things are really coming full circle in and I’m ready to really really manifest some things in the world that’s kind of the reason why I snap to it to to to invite you back on is because I do believe and we are going to get into this that the killer app that we’ve all been waiting for in crypto is quaint extend for a lot of reasons him and so you know one of the things I definitely want to get into probably around the middle of this talk is just something to even kind of put in the the subconscious realm right now for to Tucanes to honest at you I believe are going to be one of the next Eric Vorhees archetypes of hi Sue for hundreds of millions of dollars of valuation in your Enterprises and your your personal wealth and what Vin Armani can and will do with the blue sky budget to turn this world upside down for the better is the most exciting thing on the horizon I know about Soha preciate that I think that’s one thing I have not I haven’t you don’t we’re all so deep in the trenches of of current events and what the the potential Hazard of the crypto movement and all of these sort of event Horizons right and you were one who has the craft dialed in to be able to actually make the sort of global vision boar you can actually turn people into a harmonized vision and and I really would love to hear we’ll get to it you know what love to hear see that canvas of what you see as being possible if and when you achieve that level of of thumb of influence and that level of of wealth to be able to actually roll things out on just almost infinite scale and have them all kind of bootstrap each other so that’s not that’s a that’s a good topic I’d hate to jinx it but I would certainly love talking about Vision whether it’s me or whether it’s someone else I think that to articulate a vision you know when if it’s not me and it’s someone else listening that’s that’s just as good cuz for me it really doesn’t matter who it is because I’m about the vision it’s it’s not it doesn’t have to be me at all smart not hard leverage it get other people to chime in and make things execute you note to a greater picture for sure and yeah awesome cool right so now back to the sort of nuts and bolts of this to really I feel like every time I hear about another high-level government official from law enforcement to regulatory lot riding abandoned their posts with the government to join a crypto Consortium or a blockchain Consortium it’s just a call of the anarchists martyrs are are just cheering in their graves to know that you know the black flag of all of the battles for territory and for sovereignty that have been fought and in lost quite frankly to the tyranny of of physical violence by the state of the material plane we finally through the Ethereal realm of digital technology actually been able to advance and to a point where they’re deserting their posts to join what is the truth machine that you can’t take the truth out of the truth machine it isn’t you know it’s you got to get the truth and the truth started in this movement with the crypto Anarchist Manifesto and I’m going to go ahead and get a kick ass off with that to just chew on for many or so these this is just straight out of the what we’re talking about the Sci-Fi that this is why it’s a feeling to be and white Wi-Fi I’m bummed that it took me so long to discover this but here goes this is sort of the whole kind of fun copy from the cypherpunks mailing lists all star from the top with including the head of the email so from TC met at NETCOM. Com Timothy seemed a subject the crypto Anarchist Manifesto date Sunday November 22nd 1992 cypherpunks of the world several of you at the physical cypherpunks Gathering yesterday and Silicon Valley requested that more of the material passed out in meetings be available electronically to the entire leadership of the cypherpunks list Spooks eavesdroppers and all gold here’s the crypto Anarchist Manifesto I rid of the September 1992 found a meeting it dates back to bid 1988 and was distributed by some like-minded techno anarchists at the crypto 88 conference and then again at the hackers conference that year I later gave talks at hackers on this in 1989 and 1990 are a few things I changed but for historical reasons I’ll just leave it as it is some of the terms may be unfamiliar to you I hope the crypto glossary I distributed will help this should explain all those cryptic rooms in my signature Tim May here goes the crypto Anarchist Manifesto A specter is haunting the modern world the Specter of crypto Anarchy computer technology is on the verge of providing the ability for individuals and groups to communicate and interact with each other in a totally Anonymous manner two persons May exchange messages conduct business and negotiate electronic contracts without ever knowing the true name or legal identity of the other interactions over networks will be untraceable by extensive rerouting of encrypted packets and tamper-proof boxes which Implement cryptographic calls with nearly perfect Assurance against any tampering reputations will be of central importance far more important in dealings than even the credit ratings of today these developments will alter complete me the nature of government regulation is the ability to tax and control economic interactions the ability to keep information secret and will even alter the nature of trust and reputation the technology for this Revolution and it surely will be both a social and economic revolution has existed in theory for the past decade the methods are based upon public key encryption zero-knowledge interactive proof system and various software protocols for interaction authentication and verification the focus has until now been on academic conferences in Europe and the US conference is monitored closely by the National Security Agency but only recently have computer networks and personal computers that team sufficient speed to make the ideas practically realizable and the next 10 years will bring enough additional speed to make the ideas economically feasible and essentially Unstoppable high-speed networks is DM tamper-proof boxes smartcard satellite scoob and transmitters multi M IPS personal computers and encryption chips now under development will be some of the enabling Technologies the state will of course try to slow or halt the spread of this technology citing National Security concerns use of the technology by drug dealers in tax evaders tears of societal disintegration many of these concerns will be valid crypto Anarchy will allow National secrets to be traded freely and will allow Alyssa and stolen materials to be traded an anonymous computerized Market won’t even make possible Everett markets for assassinations and extortion various criminal and foreign elements will be active users of cryptonet but this will not halt the spread of Crypt of Anarchy just as a technology printing altered and reduce the power of medieval guilds and the Social Power structure SO2 will cryptologic methods fundamentally alter the nature of Corporations and of government interference in economic transactions combined with emerging information markets crypto Anarchy will create a liquid market for any and all material which can be put into words and pictures and just as a seemingly minor invention like barbed wire made possible the fencing off of vast ranches and Farms dust altering forever the concept of land and property rights in the frontier West so too will the seemingly minor discovery of an Arcane branch of mathematics come to be the wire clippers which this man the barbed wire around intellectual property arrives you have nothing to lose but your barbed wire fence is the aspect of that that is I think the most profound is how incredibly accurate it’s almost as though a time traveler I mean think about it you go through an every single thing does not want word that isn’t that hasn’t come to fruition every single thing and not only that in chronological order right and it’s so you know you start to wonder in this is you know I joke about I do this hashtag vinster Damas right that it’s like it’s getting to be a joke that like I’ll say something on my show which is one of the reasons why I like having a show is because I can say things and then like 3 months later it happens but it’s not a betting Market a crippled chain things that I’m doing but it’s because when you’ve studied enough about particularly about how individual humans behave and then you get a little bit of history and a little bit of Economics you don’t have to have much but like I’m a history buff and I love studying economics and I you know either I embody sort of the all the traits of psychotherapy particularly as being at you know in my time as an escort it’s like you get to be like down in the trenches really learning what motivates people and particularly what keeps people coming back to talk to you right to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to talk to you you start also learned a lot about yourself in your own motivation I think what’s the deepest aspect of that is it when you have the technology and you see okay here’s this technology and it’s now been placed into the wild even a little bit then you can do a logical progression because there’s really nothing new Under the Sun we might think you know what I love that the analogy of the barbed wire fence and the wire cutters or the printing press and it’s interesting him using that printing press analogy it’s been used again and again now I bite that document I probably first saw in about 1998 cuz I mean I was a hacker at the time right and so that was floating around on bulletin boards and what not you know along with things like the Anarchist Cookbook and whatnot these were all these little things that people were collecting and that they were putting into these compiling as being part of this hacker culture and you know what the time like you say it was Science Fiction it’s like wow this is going to be this is this is crazy science fiction except know it’s a logical progression and the reason why good science fiction works is because it’s believable that this could be the future right I mean William Gibson prime example so in your home answer right that was the first time that he ever use the term cyberspace and I think that as we look at that book in particular and we look at what our fears are of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence researchers you almost wonder they’ve already William Gibson of course but you almost wonder are they designing to the book or was the book just that much of a of a prophecy that that was the logical progression I mean he wrote a book called virtual light that’s basically the story of Google glass-like the device that’s that’s the fundamental sort of a MacGuffin in that book is this this pair of glasses that you look through and you get augmented reality and I think he wrote that in two or something like that 93 so this is what makes great science fiction good the thing is that now things are moving so fast that when we talk about things that science fiction they could be a year away right right we’ve got you on musk shooting things into space he just yesterday put out this hyperloop video that’s crazy you know he’s boring underneath Los Angeles and it’s like this video looks like something that Dad that would be in a William Gibson novel and yet here’s the here’s of the CGI video of it but it will be a reality in like 5 years so we’re in this weird space like Terence McKenna. I was just going to say yeah right it’s like time-wave zero almost right now he has sped up its bed up to the point where you know it don’t like do we reach the transcendental object at the end of History like how close are we to that it’s an interesting time to be alive and I don’t know when it comes to crypto Anarchy you know for those people who are Anarchist for those people who are libertarian one of the reasons why I am such a forceful advocate for crypto and for bringing people along is that if you’re already there philosophically and you’re not there technologically there’s a problem you’re going to you’re not going to be able to fully manifest what you want to see in the world in your lifetime which is a real possibility if you’ll Embrace this technology exactly yeah you know I can actually dropped it recently on on one of your shows that you were kind of shipping on the deterrence theme about shamans and artists from the future so it’s like you enter into that creative space and you just it just rains on you you know this these glimpses from the future of the Sci-Fi sort of feedback loop is interesting feedback loop between actual future events and then the sort of artists and authors who are predicting them and yeah if you were this is so this is so apt in what’s happening and then you know that the time-wave zero it’s the take home from that from anybody who isn’t familiar with it or anybody who blew it off when 2012 didn’t you know open a violet door into hyperspace you know I think it fucking did your sleep like how could you deny that I sent it with her it was exactly 2012 but like let’s be real like we’re talkin about smartphones in like 2008 Bitcoin in 2009 is like just those two technologies just those two the smartphones have already completely changed the landscape of what it is to be a human being it’s completely changed it that was actually the introduction of cyborgs we are already cyborgs is it going to snow melted with the machine it’s already true take somebody’s take somebody’s iPhone away for a day and see if they don’t start reaching for it in their pocket like a phantom limb like a fiend right oh my God is the semantics of the singularity us becoming a global board hivemind through the internet that is the singularity we are the machine and luckily thanks to this for side of the crypto that you could the Vatican cypherpunks were actually able to own in and really actually in a laboratory manager has the sword is on the steering wheel the power to to actually drive spaceship earth in the direction that we collectively you will see is his for the benefit of some of all of this for or perhaps to stop driving right because this is how I interpret what has had I interpret that the end of the entire Crux of human history until until this point has been us attempting to drive spaceship earth and where we’ve been attempting to drive it is back to source and what source is for us human beings for our particular species what separates hours of our species from every other species is is our capacity for communication and it’s not just our capacity for communication between individuals because there’s a great many species that have that capacity and some of them have it on a much greater scale than we do and that we would then we ever will between individuals but us to communicate across time and across space and that’s as fundamentally what makes humans humans and when we started out as a species we were able to communicate instantly with and face to face and voice to voice and even you touch and to smell and to have a $0.05 communication with every other human being on the planet that first family right however many of the hominids that that were our ancestors that we are all as a species derived from they were able to communicate to every single other human being on the planet and at the moment when that’s that tribe that Clan grew so big that they split apart and one family went you know on a search for more resources because resources were running out or maybe there were they scattered to the winds ever since that time we’ve been trying to find a way to get back to that place to that one family to be able to reach out and touch and smell and and interact with every other human being on the planet and that was a fantasy until in our lifetimes and we are now returning to that point and when we get to that point P I believe that is our Singularity because I believe that’s why restart that’s when we hit the reset button then we become a new species and it’s going to be it is because of the machines and it is because of us integrating ourselves with this technology which by the way is not unnatural it it does not come from an unnatural place it’s it’s manifested from inside of us from inside of our Consciousness it’s it’s abstractions that we have made manifest into the physical world that that wanted to emerge and to merge and so that’s what we’re really dealing with at this point and so what we as a generation in particular and it’s going to be our generation that’s going to either do this right or wrong is we’re making a return to the garden now and the question is are we going to learn from this journey of piloting spaceship earth because now we have a chance to become truly a galactic species that’s our next step are we going take out off of this planet and into the Galaxy are we going to start over as what we can be or are we going to take all an M that means the garden all of those things that we all of those the violence and all the witches in Act of course and it helped us to survive and in that time but it’s due to come to in a new realization in our own Consciousness and in our biology and not to say that we are that it to recognize the shadow right to recognize that that’s there to recognize that this is what we are as a species but to also embrace the idea that as individuals that we can raise our Consciousness in that that’s positive know we have the choice both of those examples have been presented to us throughout history on both sides right of both sides of that and it will we find that balance as we become a galactic species because it’s a foregone conclusion now it’s not a question of if we’re going to the Stars it was a question so we’ve got to decide are we going to carry on the things that aren’t that we needed to survive in this harsh environment but now that we have become especially Gods we become as mythological Gods now that we’ve become as gods are we going to be those warring gods or are we going to be those guys who got their shit together that’s the question I asked you definitely gives you glimpses into civilizations Beyond this galaxy that have figured out the balance of technology and spirituality materialism actually that what just came to mind was it a quote if I can remember it anywhere near the sodality of the original affecting parents ended one of his talks went saying no we will we be Street Smart in the ways of demonic materialism and able to come back to the family farm and eating with that wisdom and certainly if we’re going to go out in space and not leave the Earth is smoldering Cinder like so many dystopic novels then it’s going to take a yeah well so beautiful and so this is already it’s great cuz it’s just weaving itself cuz I wanted to get into the Psychedelic influences and now this is probably a good segue before we get back into another section of a texture I’d like to read the the cypherpunk manifesto to put that just sort of on the record year but to give us a little conclusion here do you want to talk about just sort of some a broad overview of how your psychedelic Explorations and experiences have informed your interfacing with technology and certainly your Inspirations for coding and and just done with a broad topic but since we kind of got into the Terrance space and all that it be great that you know put that now for a bit and then we’ll get back into the sure sure well you know it’s interesting it’s been 25 years since my first psychedelic experience and psychedelics have been a part of my life and a companion companions I should say the various different us Spirits there but they’ve been companions for me throughout and it’s just now that I’m able to start articulating what course I’ve embodied a lot but that I’ve it’s just now maybe in the past few months that I’ve even been able to articulate what influence really that that psychedelic Journey has had on me and I think and some of it has been going back and listening to Terence McKenna that it’s weird because about every five years I will go and try to delve in into to Terrance and I get something new every single time and it what you realize is a while this was a true Master Hood really gone all the way out there and then come back you know what I mean in and so is its there’s there’s great depth but what I realize is and you know I’m realizing more and more now it was getting into the Ayahuasca community that I kept being confronted by people as you know you would share your story on in ceremony and and after and and in just so you know communion with those other people and they would constantly say to me while you’re a shaman you’re a shaman you’re a shaman you know what the things that I was was doing it it never never resonated with me because I never really really really understood that but you know Mirchi eliada has kept coming up over the last year so I went out and got the the his book a classic book on Shamanism in and read that and and Terrence getting into Shamanism and I think they’re really it can affect house and then vice versa and then I know some companies for penis or dildos that they may operate with each other as well so there’s that I’m so for real I think it’s really been I think it’s mostly popular among cameras we are always interested in focusing on relationships intimacy so there is that as a result of the development with held it on for men that was Toys R Us been a bit better but no one’s for for you know that or maybe towards women other people who might like to try something different than a genital to genital contact different types of really interesting as well so so it’s like that old is Onyx or the 268 Patton and it expires after it’s 20 year on this August about not exactly the exact date but it’s about a goddess when it when it expires and so this is really significant because there I’m not sure if your readership is familiar with this project. Tried to get off the ground and you know really small startups that it’s a really interesting things with a couple of things and I’m really pushing for it or you know development but unfortunately because there’s this really wide Haughton but cover is basically sexual communication over the Internet a lot of people have been sued or shut down in there if they’ve had to fight legal battles that you know that are basically you know it’s the cost of the lawyers even if it’s pro bono I like one company like I think it was cold is getting towed when I was getting sick because they were looking for prior art and you know there has been you know the ideal tell the dogs existed before this time I actually was granted however they’ve been successful in suing people and people just cuddling cuz they don’t want to deal with you know all the legal problems that go with it so he was able to get it dropped but having to pee but I don’t think it was a nice process for for the mobile that was not fun and I think they got a new thing I did find a pro bono lawyer in Endor if I had a face match lie angle to remain in the space so it’ll be after this August to see if people are really interested in how old Onyx or if you know if it was kind of holding it and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows I expect more with live timing actually has more campsites have Incorporated chip activated sex toys so sex toys that will that will basically responded to the sound of text so when someone is watching a cam performance that you know they checking and whatever the ticking noises or Whatsapp might change the intensity or what device can do so yeah that’s an exciting thing to look for and there’s that Hypes they’re not really marketed towards my body but I think it’s exciting and I’d like to see more in there I just don’t I’m not sure I’ve heard some people really like it arson but I think that like there’s much more sophisticated Technologies because I think with which is it was very low Fidelity like you all the sexual movements you can make and compared to a without quit that may be a smart dildo or smart Middlesex leaves can do is like you know there’s so much Lost in Translation so keep an eye on for next year well well I guess this makes me think they eventually they’ll probably have some sort of pressurized suit where you could actually just have a regular massage that way you don’t even erotic now is standing but it just seems like things are going to move in that direction anyway of just remote everything in the eyes I was even thinking now you’re saying this if if you were if you were wanting to do this more of a sexual therapeutic thing and you were in if it’s it’s like the it’s been very treacherous the territory of being surrogates and I’m sure the lot of the sex surrogates that have existed since it’s been legal least in the US has to have been in situations that they probably would have much rather had had some sort of mediation device that could actually perform physical manipulation of flesh but we’re not with them having to be right there you know in the room but that you could actually be like in like in some lab Booth where you’re behind the glass but there is a surrogate apparatus or likeness of a human or something that you can speak through with that you can move through and it will be kind of like a like a space suit or something but you’re not interview at those those robots that they put out the work on space stations if you could work on it unless someone sexually LDV and a harmful way and you could actually induce certain forms of somatic Therapies in that that might be even more scalable than trying to find the people brave enough to want to do that stuff cuz yeah I think this will hopefully go in that direction or this everybody will is Hedonism will be counterbalanced by the therapy going to be a big competition for a robot out of tar so that is heard about exercise but it also had funded project to make the first digital tricorder in with a Star Trek tricorder that basically diagnosis in the competition’s on what’s the guys name I forget what a multimillion-dollar basically tries to you know get these robot out of Hearts made it and I didn’t I don’t believe there’s any connection to sex but it’s more to help people in remote locations doctor service is or Nurse Services of course development and Technology happening with money behind it up some big implications for what’s possible all right well this is a whole nother I raised money to do a the first porn in space in are they raised I don’t know some percentage of their goal but that was interesting headline I sell alpaca should I I don’t know that it wasn’t quite there gold but yeah then I haven’t heard anything about whether or not happen but I’m sure it will eventually he’ll be in there and on top of that there was a harness device that would allow for zero gravity so that people could reproduce in space cuz if people thought is like what happens if you start to try to get it on I’m sure that’s enough to try but what if you end up swinging yourself across the space shuttle and then you lose the ejaculate in this is floating in the air NASA has spent sending it has already sperm to space just to basically see all the details but yeah they’re they’re wondering if it’s possible to reduce gravity going to affect reproduction is it going to make it as easy like how is sperm motility yes oh yeah and I mean that people are going to want to call and eyes Mars eventually or it’s not like they want to now so yeah I wonder they sex is coming just don’t know it is coming and no pun intended of well that’s interesting cool then see if we can assume any other so we got to tell the Don X and everybody’s pretty well are there any other innovations that we should be aware of I’m certainly yet I didn’t know there was that patent situation so I’m really kind of in the dark anything at this year please what’s interesting is just how in the last couple years or last year really there’s been just a lot more female lunch printer is coming and so I think that’s great because if you don’t like the pornography that’s out there but like granted it is at the clean a do you know you like a course in something about pornography with sex toys and sex tech products if you don’t marry the thing is is that there haven’t been so many going into it in the past the developers have been mail and she know that’s how that’s how it’s been but you know if you’re craving for that if you’re you know things for women that they haven’t liked so much more talk from an entrepreneur is making products and focusing on women’s pleasure in the in a sex-positive way which is really really important and in that kind of a kind of discussing the orgasm Gap and I don’t know if you know where the workout some tacos but it’s basically different studies that show different types of something like or just had her in sexual encounters I think men for the most part are like nine times out of ten they’re going to have an orgasm and then for women it’s in between one and two thirds of the time they’re going to have an orgasm so I mean it’s not like I always like to say it’s not all about orgasm there’s there’s more to Sexton that but just you know there is where is the discrepancy in and I don’t think there’s been enough focused on women’s pleasure and women focusing on their own pleasure okay because I know what you like and be open to just finding that out and so I’m just a really excited about how there’s this more women and sex text no putting their horses out there and if you don’t like their products which it which I I love products products I’m just saying like you know there’s this stuff there that’s that’s that’s happening it’s a great it’s a great thing to do if I guess right thing I wish there was more of us when I was growing up not sure I would have been if exposed to it because it’s hard to advertise when you are insects taxable I’d say it’s really positive it’s the adult performers sex check which they overlap but then there’s there’s different is that there are more women directors and creating Studios and I think I think that’s that’s great you know I think there’s more diversity the better and so about comes with like books of all backgrounds you know I think that the more people from different walks of life to develop products that are there software you know whatever it is a different really help cut down on the negative sexual things that happens with abuse assault that’s awesome. Do you have any on the platforms and the and we’re not to you that you publish on have you done a series or would you think about doing a series or anyting the chronicle sorted profiling women in insects take or women who are entrepreneurs in the space so that I will be happy thrilled to know more about than just be is that something that that you might do like a specific unit of focus on at some point so we can look into that later International women’s day we had a writer put together a peace sign about I think maybe 11 women in sex tech that you are doing interesting things and I hope we’ve also covered if you act like just serious but we do cover for a lot of different male female I mean he would but I guess they’re not going to find it but we just all genders in between and we’ve covered CEO Polly Rodriguez of Unbound and she’s really great shoes I don’t know if you’ve heard of her but she co-founded the women of sex tech community so she’s based in New York and Unbound is her company and it basically creates products for women and sell products for women’s pleasure and a really like it because it makes you feel good about yourself on their commercialism but you know that market in a way that it just because you know they’re really speaking to a demographics I think has been underserved well is that how Polly co-founded women have sex talking so it’s been like a networking group mostly for ladies who are or women identifying people to talk about problems and getting funny because I mean this is the times I’ve heard differing views and I’m not a funding sometimes and then with women going in there they might get treated a bit weirdly like they don’t really appreciate it or there’s just not as much interest in focusing or investing in Need for women’s pleasure but I think women are the future of sex. Net and we’ll have definitely have articles featuring women who are in it and then I think it’s women of sex tech stuff, and that’s just a bunch of women in sex tech or sex-related online projects that you know you might be interested if you don’t know a lot of women entrepreneurs in the space store in publishing online that’s cool I’m so I was at the crypto invest Summit in Los Angeles recently and there was a women in blockchain panel and there’s a number of there’s a really powerful really amazing women in the blockchain space were organizing and creating a different groupings in and just looking at a think it’s something like I don’t know where anywhere between effort numbers between only 2% of venture funding goes to women in Navy up two at the most like 10% but that’s probably generous so we have a long way to go and that’s that space is so much more I have a lot more hope for for transformation of culture through Venture funding when I do through replacing people on you know positions of authority and Power & politics to let you know that everywhere but I’m not really thrilled to know about that cuz I feel like yeah whatever whatever dystopian futuristic sex text scenarios might happen with really may be corrupted ingredient you know harmfully perverted men if their women in the space of Mino writing proposals and business models in business plans in pitching then hopefully more enlightened more feminist friendly future will be a that was my home okay so you’re moving along to another question so there has been it’s weird I feel like the green the go green kind of Boom it’s it’s almost like I don’t know I want I don’t want to call it a bubble but it seems like I remember in the late in the late 2000 and early 2000s around between 2822 I don’t know what you have wouldn’t wouldn’t say when it stops at any point but it did really kind of get big there was directors of sustainability positions opening up in all these different firms and I’ll and institutions and Recycling and just a sort of Renaissance of of the Earth Day by but it really got up the nerve is everybody wanted to go green and I don’t know if you get the sense of that sort of faded a bit from a Zeitgeist maybe people have gotten just more all about apps and all about smartphones and just like that in that movement and it around Elsa was big with the Inconvenient Truth coming out there and then being a I see a lot of celebrities speaking out about a lot more I think on the other half of the Earth but I’m noticing a gap I don’t know if you have noticed it but I’m curious now if you feel like in the specific unisex take space if there are people who are really coming out saying I hate let’s do this let’s do this development of psychological development for sexuality but let’s do it with certain environmental ethics and protocols in place as far as carbon footprint and as far as you know sustainability and sustainable products and materials and all but I feel like these people are really losing sight of the supply chain of Technology from ecological perspective I don’t know if you have any thoughts on that but for the sex tech industry I don’t think it has a great track record when it comes to sustainable projects or at least not in promoting them I imagine I think that if I had a better track record I hear about it cuz the pr people like to tell you what they’re doing great there is people like lovehoney they’re like and basically trying to make more vegan products so that’s not necessarily that let me hear me say that again like so it’s about regarding like semen safety and then making sure there aren’t animal products in your sex toys and I’m not an expert on that but there has been more discussion about vegan products and then and I think there’s some companies that really promote that is alternatives to leather like some type of a vegan alternative but yeah I don’t I don’t think it has a great track record I haven’t really heard much about it there are some 3D 3D printed 3D printing projects I’ll hear about every once in awhile and what kind of push like I’m an environmentalist point of you sometimes because I’m guessing you’ve heard of Eco sexual arousal stainable 3D printed sex toys that they people can fit themselves and any use out outside historic site right now project was called dildo at yourself idea of you know generally instead of mass producing a million sex toys like one-size-fits-all with 3D printing you know there’s more customizability so that’s that I think 3D printing has but just so you know it’s just because you 3D print something it doesn’t mean you should put it in your 30s to be like a protective coating put on auctions increases the technology gets better you will have to do all this DIY stuff. I got a clitoris 3D printed because there is an open source 3D printing projects to get that. I’m basically just to raise awareness because you know most of the clitoris is internal and people don’t know that and they don’t realize like they see just one little thing about that looks like underneath so I got that I don’t have a 3D printer but I went to something called like three beehives and basically it just links you to people in your area I’m in a very like safe manner I felt that are able to print designs for you and decent cost so I mean back something as well instead of like that can change how business is done because you don’t need to buy your own face 3D printer you there are going to be already are in this going to be more and if so needed to spend all the money you can get somebody else to do this and I don’t think the guy who cares right I want to get princess just a personal services so there’s it’s possible that is really cool I feel like if you could through and I have never thought about that really you know I’m kind of cynical and jaded and in my old old-fashioned but isn’t didn’t really think about how great it would be if there were even somehow edible totally organic totally cruelty-free edible ingredients to take to create these shapes with using machines like that mean I could be something that gives Pizza waiting two years for a part to arrive you can know we have the skin the scheme of anything friendship you know when the anti-globalization movement failed to stop the sort of thumb race to the bottom of wages where the sweatshops of the world with the lowest environmental standards for materials is like all of this plastic stuff that’s being manufactured in sweatshops and then shipped back to the US if the 3D printer can make that entire the bottom dropped out of that market because it’s so cheap as it is but if you could eliminate all of those Logistics by the way you’re saying like a localized distributed open source way to get the same sort of 99 cent store that you have your own 99 cent store in your garage take out that whole corrupted supply chain of international trade that’s really not with what is not healthy for the time but the news like bioprinting and I think people are the really interested in the house applications of of regenerative Technologies and Technologies and I think that there is no try that is possible to create it’s going to be possible at least a crate pills that are for like really targeted for the person so instead of giving like everybody like this is just a standard dosage know some people need different Doses and elderly people are often prescribed medications and so will you just expect another slice of this type of printing it has so many applications that can really enhance like you know what you said you could help get rid of fireman by cutting out all that transport and you know hopefully make fruit quality of life as well as medicine very good very good so I think whoever do with all that stuff a couple questions I have here if we have a few more minutes to get to wrap up I think we covered I was going to ask if you would share some with some women like space but it sounds like we got some good resources for that we laid out and I appreciate that so people can follow up and and look at those and then I guess the met the last question will be if you yourself had a blue sky budget to develop the start-up of your dreams and their futuristic sex text space What would be one of your dream projects if you’ve ever been in a brainstorming about it yeah well it’s a big question I would say yeah I think for for sex tech me to get payment and Publishing done on our own terms and stop Outsourcing like for instance you know trying there’s some people Facebook doesn’t allow any sex advertising or it could be something really likes a fish for work basic it is not like it’s hard to advertise the banks and I’m peanut processors they can just freeze your account and so I think something I mean maybe it wouldn’t be blockchain we would have to develop something but with the Sky High budget I just think that is made for and by the sex tech industry so that we’re not reliant on you know people who don’t have necessarily the intellects Experience open my Nest help a Dolores extech Industries you know so I understand why some companies want to get Facebook eyes but you know I don’t I think that’s just open a can of worms in a bit because it’s what’s good sex what’s bad sex should Facebook me to finding that and just in terms of online publishing a 90% about enchiladas Revenue goes to like Google or Facebook the duopoly so again if you’re publishing picture people are making money but it’s mostly those two people and so I think the way to Circle wait this I don’t think we should be like cow coloring to these big big companies that have all this power but not necessarily open-mindedness and I totally agree with that it’s a huge pain point and Swan that I’ve certainly been let me know what I can say for personal experience I’ve had videos go viral on the more mainstream platforms that I shall not name but the second they really go viral they get deplatformed and that could have been career-changing for me you know if you have to build an audience so maybe it’s funny because Yahoo started out very much a highly trafficked adult almost classified platform if I’m not mistaken but there was there was a sort of kick-starting bootstrapping golden age of adult in the early days of the internet that got quickly sort of extinguish I don’t know why they don’t just have an official vetted adult only access sphere of their own Enterprises even if it’s a subsidiary with a different name or something if they have some distance from you know politically or something but they’re definitely missing out you know I don’t know why they don’t figure out how to make their algorithms could do anything I mean your algorithms good figure out how to only serve with I mean cuz I just wiped out a lot of they demonetized a lot of of content producers who run anything that could possibly be controversial for advertisers but why not just say oh you’re up you’re a right-wing gun that freak you know that whatever will hear is you get all of those ads and Penny Play Say Something for everybody so and I’m not putting that down imma you know that there’s there’s I’m just an example of what some of what gets with what get some persecuted by that but yeah I totally agree with that and I do feel like hopefully blockchain and you know these new permissionless content platforms like steam at for example as a good example publishing platform where you can get paid for your content and they just have a very intuitive there it is checkbox for not NSFW right and that’s it that’s all you need to know self-select I don’t know if it’s the community can can certify a gate but then it doesn’t get deleted it just goes into that not-safe-for-work category in that is all you really need a break myself but yeah that that’s a great a great idea hopefully everything will come to you to help the guy that process and you know actually know if I just have one less thing to put out there since I have you on the line and the folks who are the fans of your work might might get into this I don’t know if this is been done yet I don’t see how it seems like it would be the easiest no-brainer sort of fork of some sort of Open Source Code for a nap but basically you bringing bringing sex tech Down to Earth for my ecosexual perspective that I would love to see there be an app that’s exactly like Airbnb but what it specializes in is connecting people who are like glamping you know but for sex places where you can have sex in nature and go to a place in private property that is a place where you can go and feel free at this like like monetizing private 611 Tantra temples but but at the very least just feel like I’ve got a bunch of land with you know a cabin on it and I would love for people couples or whoever to go out there and have their full moon rituals and not be bothered people gawking at them or you know complaining about it and they can be as you can be as loud as you need to be to really go deep with sexuality which we also do not have the access to seal open up you know what their vocal cords as much as feel free being naked and Nathan Wyld so yeah let’s have an airbag recall are birds and bees like that so cool well hopefully yeah all of our dreams come true here to certainly plenty of plenty of resources being thrown around and now in the crypto Stacy know I’ve never seen so many hundreds of millions of dollars / around the planets online exchanges they never before so they do you know if there’s a will there’s a way let’s get well let’s hope for the best and certainly be optimistic about the potential for anything now yeah cool said you’re going to give your websites and Sandy final closing words anything else before we sign off your podcast cuz I’ve been a fan for a while so it’s nice to be here and you want to check out the site of future of sex. Net we’re just vamping to be a responsive shame I know it took so long but it’s going to look a bit different soon if you are visiting today it’s not responsive just yeah you’re still a sex-positive future dates or anything we should be aware of I definitely can see YouTube easy easy for most corresponding all these matters I had no clue about a lot of this stuff and I’m so thank you for enlightening us and we will definitely be in touch soon thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me a podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email been at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Activating Kundalini Blockchains with Crypto Psychedelic Artisan Nanu Berks TPP140


Nanu Berks Pic

In this episode I’m joined by Nanu Berks for a discussion about her role as a prominent artist and cultural ambassador for the crypto-currency and blockchain movements.  I discovered her great works from her deeply enlightening and empowering video from the recent Anarchopulco conference.

When she shared about her involvement in the Crypto Psychedelic conference I felt compelled to reach out and invite her to be a guest on the podcast to talk about the intersection of these diverse multi-dimensional fields of spiritual and technological development.

Her candid story of personal transformation and financial liberation through art and crypto provides a heroic dose of optimism that I believe will serve humanity very well as we all learn to navigate the new economic paradigm.

Please connect with her at:

About Nanu

Nanu Berks loves “connecting humans to each other in creative ways

Originally from Argentina, she currently works as a full-time artist & crypto cultural arts ambassador in the city of Austin, traveling often for global collaborations.

Nanu has a writing background in Tech/AI/Communication, and enjoys “sharing information about the blockchain evolution through experiential art”

Ask her about Crypto Murals, and 5 senses social experiments.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 140 I am totally blessed right now to be joined by nanu Berks who is the blockchain artist and crypto cultural Ambassador and I discovered her online I was watching a videos from Omar at cryptos news and he was doing interviews with Folks at the recent anarchapulco Gathering which is Libertarians liberty-minded folks anarchists of all stripes and anarcho-capitalist crypto psychedelics all kinds of folks all all there together and I wish I could have been there but it was great to see his coverage of it but then in the suggested videos right after his came up nanu Berks and she gave sort of a debrief on the experience and also got really deep in this amazing just personal insights about really what it means to be alive and it’s time of such great technological opportunity and and also I noticed that she has played a pivotal role in the recent crypto psychedelic Gathering which I was even more thrilled to know about and so I just had to ask for her to join this podcast and tell us all about this amazing work that’s happening and how she’s really been instrumental in bringing more Visual Arts and more Cultural Arts into the technology space of crypto and you know really it’s we all we all need each other so with that said Narnia thank you so much for joining me and please tell us a bit about your background how did your personal life story lead up to you play me some beautiful rolls because so far I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work and it feels really exciting but the more I hear about people wanting to connect and understand what this movement is about the more it makes me understand that my role is growing in different ways so I guess I’ll start by saying I used to be you know I was born in Argentina and I moved to the states officially when I was 13 years old I didn’t know English and it was a really Rocky time Argentina Argentina history as far as a financial situation yeah we had the crashes of 02 and 08 in the bank so all my mother’s money like savings we had no shoes no food moving to my grandma’s house is kind of crazy and so when I started backpacking full-time I got that full-time for about 14 years on and off living out of a backpack I really hated money man I was against money I was a full-on an artist based on all the wrong definitions of what energy or energy as a means you know I was trying to live outside of a system repelling anything and everything that had a structure and it was great to find my Spiritual Awakening but it wasn’t very useful as far as bringing change 4th so I’m learning a lot and I you mentioned that a little bit on the video I’m learning a lot about how to make change from within and being a constructive interest in this system that’s so awesome yes so when I saw you speaking that video and you’re talking about the 2nd of the crypto psychedelic conference you want to talk about how that all came about in and that’s just the most exciting most thrilling combination of words ever to exist in the universe it’s been found myself as a corporate hippie corporate bridge and a lot of my friends call me that the hippie Corporate Ridge I work for Samsung and Segway and and Novartis by medical and then I worked in all these startups and in hippie you know I’ve lived a hippie lifestyle and cams for two months at a time and attend all the stuff and and when I first heard about crypto psychedelic I was intuitively very excited about it I said you know hell yeah let’s bring people from all walks of life into the same container to experience what it’s like to talk about psychedelics in a very informed the matter with people from maf’s who are incredible at meeting the government where they’re at and getting things approved and passed in a way that’s rational that we can look for funding for MDMA research for depression and PTSD and let’s also have crazy outliers you know I’m people that are making documentaries about what it’s like to experience toad medicine or Ayahuasca and let’s bring in people who are crypto Centric that have nor blockchain enthusiasm have no idea what psychedelics are and let’s bring together the artist who are already very awakens and excited about connecting with this blockchain technology as a vehicle for Change and also is bringing everybody else in the middle who feels like they want to be a part of this movement but they don’t know quite how to interact with this face and so that was my first excitement about crippled psychedelic however they had to be totally honest and I’m embarrassed about this but I think it’s important to mention when I was at I was in Miami at the North American Bitcoin conference when I was still kind of trying to figure out my role and how I was going to I have been helping planning and co-producing the the Psychedelic events from afar you know from within the internet world but I was trying to figure out exactly how it was going to get there how we were going to do all these things and the feedback that I was hearing from the very corporate and kind of Moore Square people in the blockchain space was listen if you want that should be a freestyle rap we can do that at the end so if he’s not that I was receiving was listen if you want this to be mainstream you cannot use the word psychedelic in the title like you need to brand a little bit bigger a little bit wider if you want people to take you seriously in a little bit of fear and me wanting to merge those two worlds came through until I email the core team member these amazing people from symposia and you know from the sensor net and and I said hey you know the feedback I’m hearing from people is that crippled psychedelic might not be the right brand even though I love those two words together you know and pretty much nobody answer that email because obviously I had a huge blind spot about something but that my intuition was totally aligned with the begin with and so nobody answer that we have planning the the event it was insane mind blowing and everything anyone could hope for and I think the more we do these events like anarchapulco and Crips like I like the more we realize that there’s there is a need for these Wellness seminars in mind expansion containers to be a part of the blockchain movement and I’ll just be bickering conferences or token tests or things like this and it’s even so confess that I’m going to be live painting at in San Francisco March 15th and 16th I mean they reached out to me I don’t really know how how they heard about me but the word is getting out where they say okay yeah we have these amazing speakers and conferences and let’s talk about tokens and money and Fiat currencies but how do we bring mine expansion and interactive interesting feelings into this as well and so I just wanted to mention that because it was so funny how I thought for a minute there we had to change the whole branding off Edwin really that’s that’s exactly it you know that’s the challenges explain to people that psychedelics is not a bad word and that it has there is room for for that word in the blockchain space and in the research movement and in the mainstream media and that we need to heal whatever trauma and resistance we have to the plant medicine world do you know exactly yeah well I think most people now know that the founders of most of the internet and computer technology we take for granted now we’re all outspoken acid heads and you know in that during that time and really that’s it’s and it’s such a beautiful and important Legacy and history to reclaim so yeah I’m proud of y’all for representing you know what the p word and and I honestly when I when I first saw that those words and I’m very deep in the you know what my own personal shamonica transformational journey and I’m a big fan of maps and all of that good work and consider myself to be a kind of outline Rogue you know researcher that contributes how I can but but the real huge massive wealth transfer is happening into the hands of mostly a well don’t know if it’s mostly but there is a lot of young fresh Talent from the millennial coding sort of computer science geek world that are just literally sitting on tens of hundreds of millions of dollars in and they’re just instant Angel Investors in a rolling funds and capital back into more projects and I would just love to see there be a really dedicated group of people who are who are really not soliciting those people but creating inviting those people into the arms of Mama Aya and into the you know these the ceremonial containers that are helping to create nonviolent communication and create Foster more of a of a synergistic collaborative environment because you pretty are you pretty well-versed in just the whole very spiritually kind of disastrous history of the Bitcoin block size debate and how that just is totally splintered and derailed so much momentum in that yeah the massive amounts of energy that it takes to mine Bitcoin even though that you know the amount of banks in the amount of energy to other Banks take is much larger and so it’s all connected and there is of course when people come to me unless they will Bitcoin is not the solution and who do you think started this we don’t even know who Satoshi is and of course you know I have these concerns as well and there’s good and evil in every part of a movement however we cannot ignore how tremendous I like how incredible this this piece of technology could be or is 4 hour change us here in humidity in in evolution of the healing of the planet and so it’s of course is going to have light and dark in on everything does and I have a few things in mind from what you just said one my own psychedelic Journey has been really really feeling and I call myself the microdosing Ambassador because I hear all these people talking about macro Doses and I have drink Ayahuasca in a couple occasions and it has been very very healing for me but at the same time or end the same time I have found the most healing for my depression with micro doses of psilocybin and that has been better than anything else I have tried and I have learned how to do it on my own and a very ritualistic in a responsible way and so I have a message but I guess I’m being I feel like I’m being called to speak this for a lot of people that might be a little resistant and I know your audience is probably very inclusive and accepting but if you are a person out there who may be feels threatened or scared or not completely sold on these microdosis it’s totally okay and just as beautiful to try to dip your toes wherever you feel comfortable and just experienced having the plant Spirit within you and just trying a microdose of something and then seeing what that does for you whether it’s even you know passion flower tea that is relaxing for you or is CBD oil or anything any anything in the plant spectrum that could heal you in some way you know because I think that’s that’s the missing information out there we were too but putting these documentaries out and and Everybody’s Talkin about Ayahuasca and I both of which are so powerful and beautiful but there’s also so many little ways to get introduced to this and Amor ya in a more compassionate and in Safeway to Safeway to yourself you know if you don’t want to jump right into the deep end like there’s no right or wrong you know when it comes to trying this thing that’s a great point I could see a parallel also with just getting into crypto you know they say you know only only invest 10% of your savings and you know start small and and really get to know the technology before you take huge risks with this or another. So do you want to talk about for the people who may have heard about the conference or maybe just hearing about it now the crypto psychedelic conference could you kind of give us a recap or yeah just what are we missing what what can we look forward to I am hoping that it’s planning to be an ongoing thing conference started as this kind of joke or a play on words with Matt mckibbin he wanted to celebrate his 1 billionth second on Earth and his birthday and it’s a little ball thing you know there’s a lot of pieces of information that I don’t have people that connected with people and then eventually Woodside it’s a really throw a big party and then it was a celebration and then was a conference and then we had speakers and then we connected at two different houses in raising awareness for maps and I’ve been wanting to collaborate person live with maps seriously for the last five years I can find trying to find a way into just collaborate with them somehow and it’s been so beautiful being able to make art for them to do auction and fundraise in Austin and into the room and just going to think to them at a personal level and see beyond the white papers in the research and everything that is online meeting these humans that are real level and so it was beautiful to have a space where we’re all of these scientists and enthusiasts and experimenter came together with the crypto world and trying to make connections to fund these different fathers because as you said the the fact that we have so many new avenues of energy in the form of a monetary New York coin or crypto warm where we can support and sustain different projects and in the fact that all of his wealth is in the hands of people that are very open-minded it is so so beautiful and it cannot be taken for granted and so there’s a lot of different pools from from one side and the other you know I think there’s so many parallel sides you said we would psychedelics and with the blockchain onboarding from the micro investing in micro investing to the micro and macro those to the eagle really being tested because once you start getting traction and fame and recognition in money and or Fiero currency orb of power and wealth in any of these ways the eagle resurfaces you know and it says Hey I want to be hurt or I have you said yes or I am valued in this and I noticed it on my own without the very very insignificant level so I can’t even imagine the people that I’m not being in the spotlight you know in front of millions of people and so I feel like I have the awareness at least you to kind of monitor that and hopefully I have enough good people in my life that I always ask please call me out when I lose track you know when I catch the ego and I lose track of what I’m doing and what’s important but I do think there’s quite a few parallels and so all these topics came up in conversation when we were at Christmas I could I like we had a a couple panel discussions about what Maps is doing how they’re integrating into the government and you know getting things past and so much about the effort tremendous effort that they’re putting into into aligning with with the with the government in a way that makes sense to get these plant medicines approved and then getting being short on budget you know doing 10 years of research and policy and all this stuff and then not enable to clear it because of a lack of funds so that is insane that there’s so many people behind this movement that it’s proven again and again how much like medicine can help us fight depression in or solving no deal with drama and then that they would not be able to pull the last year because of a lack of funds when abundance is so so available to us you know so it was beautiful to see that and to hear the the antagonist perspectives as well there was different couple panels that were edgy to say the least and they were a few discussions you know people be completely opposing views and it was beautifully handled everybody listen to each other and and and then those those little bursts of energy in conversation provided the platform that must be it for other people to have their own discussions in beautiful Paradise by also being conscious of wealth and the lack of their off for the local community it was just it was such a such a container for 4 a.m. lightening conversations of all sorts and to give light to the ignorance that we all carry as well you know yeah well it sounds so beautiful and amazing and I’m seeing another kind of weaving together of these it’s I’m seeing is double helix between the equipment because there’s there’s often sort of interesting kind of false dichotomy of the shamanic path way of making you sick or making plant medicine is more available and accessible through the like a religious framework or just a screw the man we’re going to do whatever we got to do to heal herself and there’s the the more official and regulated secondary research end of things and really everybody is sort of him somewhere between and kind of it helps to find that this Common Grounds and I still hate to see the same thing between the hyper crypto anarchists cypherpunk strands within the crypto movement and those who were pushing for regulation for Mass adoption and so that’s another interesting interesting yeah absolutely and I’m a big fan of of saying you know we need everybody everybody on the Spectrum and for some reason it’s been pointed out to me that I’m good at connecting with 80% in the middle you know there’s there’s a hyper technical people all the way at the end of the spectrum there’s the early adopters which in a way I’m a part of it as well and then there’s this yeah the massive amounts of people in the middle of that are Cheerios or mad or angry or confused and how do we bring everybody together and so it’s so important that it ended up medicine world and within the Crypt the world and in all of these massive Evolution waves we have everybody acting on it and so there is enough room for everybody who feels like making videos are creating content to interview people to put content out there there’s enough room for everybody to be at these different conferences there’s so many little ones spreading out biting everywhere so it it’s it’s kind of weird because being inside of this movement so many times I feel like the market is oversaturated for what I want to do and then I forget right that it that we are pioneering this this thing and so it’s it’s a back-and-forth elastic you know dance constantly off of self-worth and looking at yourself as a person and your own Evolution and then connecting it to too large to what really matters you know so it’s it’s been so mind-blowing I’ve never I guess after anarchapulco that’s when I really realized what crypto psychedelic was the first wave when I came back to Austin and I read the sign the logo that our friend Jake designs for crypto psychedelic is a I don’t know if you saw it on the website is like this mushroom that has a circuit board kind of got it tattooed because to me that whole experience Mark the beginning of the rest of my life and I know it sounds so crazy but it was just one of those conferences When Everything feels right and Everything feels like we’re standing on the edge of something so massive and then going to another computer right after that connected all the rest of the engine dogs to me how much this crypto blockchain movement is the seventies Evolution movement and is everything that we’ve been fighting since the beginning you know it’s just freedom and is decentralization of power and is compassionate love and acceptance isn’t it’s all the same thing yes LOL awesome so now you’re you’re do you want to talk about your your creative Works to art that you do and Me Rollin and whatnot is his very interesting exciting to me I would love to understand more about what we really are playing in that in those respects on the street making music painting and I was a lot more egotistical than I am now a lot more naive in a lot less compassionate and you know I was growing I was 18 when I was in the thick of it at backing and I can’t believe the crazy stuff that I was doing back then just walking up to people and saying you need a miracle here I’m going to paint a I want you and just how with my mind I could make so many things happen with my heart as well but it was very mind driven and now I’m starting to realize how I can do the same things just leaving from my heart center you know and having it connected to send so many things that are bigger than myself and so I did that for a long time backpacking and then I went High corporate and working in all these corporations learn about PR and branding and for the last year-and-a-half before before this year so last year I basically you work as an independent consultant for small Brands and startups in big Brands and technology for rebranding their whole the whole strategies basically you know and then here I am doing the same exact thing that I was doing when I was a free spirit anarchists living Barefoot traveling the world and so it’s really funny and satisfying see it. Oh we’re now I’m here making music and painting mirror but now is so much more aligned and with more resources and energy directed in a way that is that is just more useful for everybody so I hope to continue learning and I feel very thankful to be in connection with the people that you know that I have been meeting the whole crypto art murals is for me away to be known as a writer at hard and the writer as a trade putting out content in a written way is really useful but it doesn’t reach everybody if you don’t have internet and you don’t know how to read you’re not going to get this information and so painting a mural in a community where the Arts is available to everybody and you can just stand in front of it and be curious feel sad feel happy feel whatever it is and ignite your curiosity for your own research that is insanely powerful and I know that because I have cried in front of murals I have taken pictures in front of murals at that made me realize something about myself and that is one aspect right of the that the massive big scale Arts that can that can provide a message for an entire community and then the other half is supporting these artists you know myself and then everybody else who I see struggling so much to do what they love and they’re so good at it and and disciplined enough wealth in the right hands is an opportunity for us to fill up every single block of the chain you note for the artist to paint if that’s what they want to do the visual artist want a fan or the artist want to make music or the artist who wants you to create experiences that are interactive and then for the people who are good at managing and just love discovering and helping and connecting to do just that and do not have to do all the other things and for the web developers to develop their websites and it’s just he just amongst my own friends and connections here how much energy and time we’re wasting by not working together and so the more people I meet in the blockchain crypto or are crypto blockchain connection space the more I want to all of us to do our shows in crypto shows together because it makes no sense for everybody to be spending their energy resources in in building a website if you hate building a website you know like if you want to paint just paint and then we’ll find people to build a website for you and and I encountered a lot of people fear based in this space who are all about competition and want to do and they don’t want anything to do with other brands and then I encourage I mean I’ve encountered so many more people on the collaborative side and that’s where an archipelago that’s where it what I felt that are not a couple, but I felt like I like people were down to connect and they said yes to all the projects and let’s get on a phone call and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from if you want to help and it aligns let’s do it you know and that is really refreshing and I think that’s the way the Psychedelic or open-minded or meditation more expensive way of looking at this movement awesome God you want to talk more about just practicing meditation and what sort of how your your spiritual processes and maybe tips you have for people who are coming into here wanting to participate in this technology space and an actually starting to you know they say the first time you start to have some actual games in your cryptocurrency portfolio than I can say from experience I just want to give my life to the movement because it’s changed my life so much and I want to just be in service but I’m not a coder and I’m not really I’m kind of a wannabe geek so imagine making this cultural Ambassador you know doing that like if we were talking about him in franchising people you have said yes to Justin tips about what it’s like to be adapting to this new I mean you’re providing a platform for people to express themselves and you’re finding people like me who you know I’m nobody in this world and at the same time I very I feel like I’m a very important piece of the puzzle and I haven’t always felt that way my own SoCal you wasn’t where it’s at and I you know I need the others and you need the others and so you already doing so much and I really appreciate you reaching out and wanting to give a voice to people like me who maybe you’re not on the you know I feel like I’m behind the scenes a lot and now you can’t necessarily reach out to to you know I don’t know bigger a larger what it’s called platforms and say Authority terribly I need to speak on this or be on a panel specifically and yet at the same time so many opportunities like this have presented themselves to me like being on humans of Bitcoin or the libertarian Radio free talk live or your show and so many others and so it’s it’s such a beautiful synchronous synchronicity how we all find each other and I’m being hard open to supporting each other and that’s what it’s all about so to me when people ask me what is a blockchain artist what makes you a crypto artist or what how can I get involved in this way if I don’t have any coding skills or if I don’t have any if I don’t feel like a nerd at hard or any or if I don’t have any connection the truth is that most of the people that are even curious about this movement or that believe in Freedom are already a part of this movement you know what I mean and it’s just lack of Education or lack of information and lack of system or container though it’s being created right now and so anything that you care about and if you respect freedom and the evolution of humankind through compassion and love that is blockchain with me and I know it sounds really extreme for some people but it’s really is I mean if your yoga teacher you can download and secure whatever wallet of your choice I love Edge they you know they just upgraded to their shape-shifting converting application which I didn’t have before and I just downloaded it and it’s my favorite wallets I always recommend that you use in a hot while they’re on your phone you can just download something like that in three seconds and all of a sudden your yoga teacher who takes crypto you know what I mean it in Seoul I’m in this is what I do at my my events like that we have the exist for South by Southwest and is not an official South by event is a disruptive one because even though I love songs by and I painted a giant mural for South by that’s going to be showing at the Expo Center for Austin Rodeo I love what they’re doing so many ways they’ve also turn down quite a few female speakers for the blockchain panel and I don’t know enough about what they’re doing and I’m sure there’s reasons why everybody dusted the things I do but I think it’s important to set up other events are outside of the you know of the gates of South by in the rules and so on so that’s what we do at our events you know we set up a men’s where where we can bring in a bunch of artists who have never heard of a crypto before or who are interested in it and teach him how to download a wallet and then make their sales are there vending whatever they’re running t-shirts and arts and whatever in crypto in there you got like that’s all it takes so when I get on an Uber or Lyft or Rideshare I asked them if they take crypto and they look at me like I’m crazy then I showed them how to download the wallet and then I took them in crypto and when I go to any any local shop or any restaurant I just automatically always ask do you take pepto and they just look at me confused and then they ask and then I tell them and so it’s just word of mouth and that’s it very small way in which and how we can educate each other just ask about it as if it’s part of your normal life because to me and to you it is you know and so the more people we have on the system to better that easier we’re all going to to evolve within this I don’t know if the answer is exactly the question who want to just be ya be a part of the movement and and adapt and actually alter reality one day at a time just with whatever means you have you know yeah that’s exciting is that you know I’ve had I’ve had a similar kind of weather journey of just wanting to onboard friends and just get people excited about it and really the best way to do it is just to get them started with some in just a few or I’m going to split the mule and give you your you know percentage of Crypt or whatever and and that just gets that gets the party started for for anybody and I see why you’re talking I was imagining they’re being a i y bet there’s got to be some art galleries in the world that just give what is QR codes on every piece so in case you don’t want to buy it you can just tip the artist while you’re there be a white of all the art that I’m so like thrilled to behold in my eyes when I go to an art gallery I would go in there with a budget to tip all the all the artist that I thought really blew my mind you know that’s a whole number and thank you for saying that because I seriously have been wanting to make a video on this for so long thank you for reminding me I want I want all the spray paint artist mural is due to get a QR code stencil and so many times that I’ve been moved by a mural and I yeah you can buy it and you can buy a piece by the artist I’m just freaking said man like $1 a hundred people $1 and then you go home and the artist girl out in the world like how insanely amazing about education if nobody told me that I could do better if I wasn’t a part of this movement I would not have either. So yes I think every Gallery should have a key or code next to their pieces for sure and hopefully work making it easier and easier to have these things be more accessible and just like you said you know split a meal and pay in in crypto just like you would do with venmo or PayPal is very easy and another thing that I think is important to mention is that at first when Bitcoin came out in the early adopters now that Bitcoin was more like a Welsh holding system and still now you know it’s people assume that that you have to have a lot of money to get into crypto but I love the people at and dash dash people talked about this a lot and then cash and Litecoin you don’t fast transaction this is a system that I believe in I’m so tired of using Banks and I’m so tired of using Fiat I don’t want it anymore so I don’t actually hold its on a crypto I’m not at a point where my Abundant Life reflects in my in my wallet but I do get to use crypto every day to do my everyday things and every time a little more and so even if you just want to download a wallet and put 10 bucks into either or 10 bucks into like going or Dash or whatever your favorite currency is just put it there and do nothing with it and check it again in a month and see what happens or just how about you don’t have something like $100 and whenever you go do something if they take crypto you can transfer that and just start really small it’s it’s such a mountain of information that I can be very overwhelming I sign up for a steaming a couple a couple weeks ago and I’ve heard about steemit for for those of you who don’t know it’s a platform like it has all these different channels you can blog writing you can put up videos it’s basically a decent realized turn off all the social media that we use today so right now if you comment on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram you don’t get paid for your value and reviewing people’s content but on steemit you basically get rewarded for being an active member of the community you get paid for voting for curating and you can receive a lot of steam power and crypto money basically for producing good content that is useful to people and it cannot be tamed innocence other than by the users and the population and so it’s a really amazing system in everyone’s use it for a long time but I was kind of intimidating by it finally I made an account into two and a half weeks to clear which is insane and and I’ve been getting super overwhelmed with learning how to use it and I just try to continue to watch one video day and do little things at a time and in no time I’ll be an expert you know that’s all it takes so just I hope that people don’t get over Round And if you’re curious just continue learning just a little bit at a time you don’t have to be an expert overnight exactly. I’m glad yes team is amazing and probably going to totally crush it on there just is it doing writing published his stuff it’s been specially in the crypto space is people that it’s amazing some of the mounts you can get off of that and it shows you how big data is really extracting so much value from users of platforms and it’s it’s it’s not going to be long before just because it’s free means that you just give them all your data and sign away the property rights and all that stuff is is going to be replaced by this micropayment ecosystems where people can support each other you know value in the content that they consume and and being really well well supported in and I think it’s going to do the asking to do a lot of amazing some of her friends yesterday we were talking about all them you know thousands of jobs disappearing as robots take over and Singularity and all the stuff and at some point in my life I was really concerned about this you know yet where are aliens off drivers truck drivers going to go when we have also if driving cars do you know all the stuff but the answer is blanching all these people will be doing things in blockchain I will be getting paid well for it and it’ll take less time and I mean from the Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Work Week on and everything. Having high developments off technology and be more efficient with our time does not mean that we is not does not need to be scary you know there’s a lot of stuff within fast Evolution that is that is concerning to me specially how fast were developing and growing and how our security initiatives are not all the party yet and I think we’re getting there so there’s a lot of concern of course but anyting however I don’t think that we all really grasp or we’re starting to now how how much we really don’t have to work 90 hours a week or whatever the ridiculous things we do you know that the whole point of this is that micro payments and micro contributions from everybody involved will react what time for us to to be humans to exist to just let me know this is such an interesting new development in the sort of f have that imprint of a techno dystopia since childhood from all the Sci-Fi and I watched it and then you know you imagine this world where humans are made up sleep by robotic technology and Ai and I’ve been pretty sure that those prospects especially now is drones of coming to the picture and now I really feel like it as of this moment this kind of is really the undeniable presence in the now of both of those dystopic seems coming coming nauseous to come to life but coming into existence but then as you’re saying which is actually so Redemptive for sheep the human soul is that like she was an example something might you might have some thoughts on as far as empowerment but it’s like the the sort of this myth of the scarcity of worthwhile productive labor that can be done with from picking up trash to planting trees to cleaning up toxic waste like through the blockchain micropayments and sort of micro temporary employment contracts that can really enfranchise all the homeless people to get a micro crypto payment without actually showing up and waiting in line to get in the welfare program or get into a you know some sort of job placement program you can just be like you know you show up on the there’s some spill like a whip there’s some kind of cleanup has to happen and people can just mop it and and have day labor crypto payments and there will really never be a gap between meaningful work and and fair pay and there’s plenty of wealth in the crypto world alone to finance stuff like that and even if you know whether it’s through a nonprofit system or through taxes done I mean I’m not going to endorse taxes in general but but you kind of know what I’m saying so how do you feel about that you feel like that’s the direction we’re going to go and there are so many projects that have mind-blowing for example the green miners are looking into mining basically with all green energy from turning trash into clean energy so that things like Bitcoin mining don’t have to take resources as we know them now and there are so many projects in the space for cleaning up the oceans and cleaning up the air and I’m bringing food to the right places and replanting trees and replenishing the soil I mean there if you think of any good initiatives going on in the world for every single one of them there is at least one crypto person who is trying to intercept and connect and there are some barriers you know like the the extreme hippies and I don’t mean that in any negative or positive connotation specifically just outside another word to use like the Crypt on earth and the cryptic Crypt of hippies and all these people like hippies like me back in the day when I when I was in Turkish hippie confused and all of this integrating technology and really scared of it I never imagined in my life that I would be here talking about technology I like but at the same time I see like you said you know how directly this has impacted my life I live a better life I can eat better food because I have my bills taken care of more often because I am connecting projects that feed my soul in that feed my pocket and and it’s just it’s just acknowledge he’s not going anywhere so yes hearing drones zooming around in the air concerns me especially there’s no privacy laws about this and I’m sure I am in plenty of videos just public random videos of people have of course all that is concerning to me but at the same time if I can get drones to massively plant trees and water them creating on cleaning water and stain of away and replenishing the Salt Lake of course I want that also so it’s a fine balance you knowing yeah there’s just there’s just so many opportunities and I’m a very hopeful first person you know and Technologies not going anywhere in the craziest disasters are going on in the world are very real and I’m very aware of my privilege and I’m honored for just being able to be a voice and a part of this movement in any way but if you are truly concerned if you’re a person sitting there and you are really really against technology my best advice to you is to get involved you know what I mean just get involved and make sure that our our moral compasses are still true and that our time is being used efficiently because while I think it’s piercing experiencing abundance is a really healing thing for our communities that happen monkey trained into scar City and fear so I think that having lavish parties in exotic places when they are led by the right Compass when we’re doing no trash Left Behind when we’re also feeding and in helping those communities those are beautiful experiences I think also it’s very easy to fall into the you know greedy egotistical side of things and so we can be people on the sidelines criticizing this movement or we can just Dive Dive Right In whichever way feels comfortable to you and try to help from within you know absolutely yeah amazing so do you want to take can you talk a bit about you know obviously not to be tokenizing but I was really thrilled to know that Amanda B Johnson is the spokes person for Dash and they have a sort of a in the dash consensus system they’re they’re holding their whole their whole technological platform on the basis of it there’s money allocated in there sitting there a crypto economic ecosystems to support people in in roles as delegates and Advocates and Educators and I’m I’m wondering if you have some thoughts on connecting with or have you connected with women in crypto and just having more solidarity and more initiatives that are women lead and women find it and having the the voice and the the wisdom of Sisterhood in the crypto space which is is seriously it’s I don’t know I wouldn’t say this that I understand to be hyper sexist or it’s just a typically gender imbalance in technology for various reasons of course and but this is one of the most inviting and open-minded for thinking space is so I’m just curious if you have thoughts understand that aspect I do and I just want to throw in really quickly that Dash is doing some incredible incredible things to use this new currency in the everyday lives of people and changing a lot I mean I spoke with Danny the other day from the Crypt of showing radio station and just some of the projects he shared with me that they’re doing going to orphanage orphanage is camping outside open and to defend that old homes and rebuilding after after earthquakes all of these weren’t the weather doing in Mexico and helping people from the US and for Mexico to send each other Dash instead of Fiat you know making it super useful super accessible for them and actually turning crypto into into resources are they need whether it’s a new fan for their ceiling or food or whatever and so they are doing a lot of work right on the ground and putting you know when ATMs in crypto ATM there just it is amazing to see this dystopian Society for good and bad is already here as completely I mean crypto is already being used in so many daily activities all the time so much more that we know and I know that documentaries are being created and they will be available to all of us soon and every time more but there is so much more happening than we even inside are aware of you know every time I talk with anybody is it blows my mind all the projects are going on in and that this is the Hood part of it is another one and there are all these telegram groups going around some of them are called crypto women badass women in blockchain you know he’s different name there’s this group on Facebook called crypto queens and I have found some amazing amazing humans are working with the UN and women investing in women and funding each other’s projects and the Miami Conference the North America Miami Conference Bitcoin conference I had this one person run up to me this woman and she said hi sister if you’re a woman here I pretty much want to connect with you and she added me to his telegram group and I stole that from her in the best possible way so every time I’m at any blockchain event I run up to the women and I said Hey sister if you’re a woman in the space I want to connect with you and it’s just so beautiful and so I may be 5 or 10 different groups that are all women in blockchain and art projects in blockchain it is it is really unbelievable I’m actually really excited for the South by Southwest there is a bunch of the crypto Queens are coming down we’ve been talking about doing a documentary about women in crypto and I just hope that I get to interview them 10 minutes with each one in super supportive so it’s been quite interesting and of course there is still competition with in here and there but for the most part I find that women are really supportive of each other I also have been working with swarm City and the storm funds quite a bit I meant Joel from Joel Dietz from swarm and we talked about a bunch our projects and all the stuff happening and you express a lot of interest in supporting both blockchain art projects and women equality so I know swarm is now sitting around the survey to try to make sure that there are as many women as men users and their platform that’s really exciting and also so many surveys about how they want the tokens to be used and so on are hungry to include the community that’s what’s Tim Meadows all about right and that’s what these events are all about so I think I think we’re doing pretty good so far and I see how much more collaboration is going to is going to start happening you know just from from these telegram groups and how excited everybody is and and also how cool is that that we have telegram instead all our messages so that the government can hover information are private conversations it’s just it’s amazing we weave I feel sad about the fact that Facebook and all these social media platform orny or Cuban connection you know I honestly have so many thoughts where I say I don’t care if Facebook knows all my information or if they own all my media I just want to be able to share photos of my friends in Argentina and this is the easiest form so how sad is it that we were okay with all of our privacy and information being exploited and people making money off of us just because we’re so starved for human connection so I’m really excited to be able to do the same things we’ve been doing and use the good parts of Technology like social media in a way that it also filled up our pockets and our Spirits you know that is music to my ears thank you so much I’m so glad that I I mean I just just the fact that your video came up right after cryptos news and we’re in this moment have his conversation this is all such beautiful music to my ears and yeah it’s been I mean in my field in the world of Tantra sacred sexuality sexual healing in just the I think the most important thing in my studies in my experience for healing a planet and really saving the Earth is really being instrumental and being conducive to two women Sisterhood and a healthy positive empowering way and actually creating more financial Independence so that women as mothers can have more freedom and power and actual means to make more independent decisions with their bodies with their with their you know how they how much even breastfeeding I mean the most people don’t know that it’s pretty much understood that about 5 years is a typical pre-industrial young length of time to be breastfeeding infants on demand and imagine the kind of infrastructure changes that have to happen for that to be possible in the modern world but if anything’s going to make it happen it’s going to be the fruit of the work that people like you were doing and that’s as you know might just sort of Public Service Announcement about you know a sort of futuristic crypto feminism you know that I said that I want to contribute to I want to see happen is this more and more working together and in collaboration So yeah thank you for helping with that and Centric energy and learning some teachings of something that it’s pretty recent to me maybe two years and there’s so much to learn and I found so much healing and in all of these intersections of psychedelics meditation 10 trick work and crypto and it’s it’s so bizarre and no way to talk about technology and evolution and money in the same line that we talked about psychedelics and in self-healing love and all of this to no life force of energy but it is all the same thing it’s it’s just growing us a more compassionate and accepting loving human race you know that’s what it’s all about and at the same time that I’m really excited about all of these blockchain as a vehicle for 4 change I am really concerned about Wi-Fi and radiation and you know of course all of these a chemtrail crazy stuff that we put ourselves through so I’m putting out the intention into calling for more people to get involved in to figure it out other ways to connect the other internet in a way that it’s not so destructive for us and so there’s not some natural solutions and then there’s simple things we can do like turning off wi-fi at night when you go to sleep and self-education on this on this topic but I would love to hear more like I said Solutions and privacy are are something that we are now noticing that we need to work on more at the same time that we develop all these amazing systems right we need to wear we’re kind of like it’s floating and all this magical ways and now we need to start creating the containers that will keep us a lines into our missions as well yeah absolutely absolutely awesome well yeah I’m getting about 2 or if you’ll just totally mind blown and totally satiated by learning all this stuff all this great stuff that you’re doing do you feel free now to take some time to promote your efforts and talk about we have coming up in the future will people can be looking out for and and yeah we’ll we’ll call it a good introduction to hopefully we can also keep in touch on going up next and that is the exist that it’s a beautiful project where we are just connecting more and more people doing similar events and hoping that we can continue to collaborate so if anybody’s interested in anything that we’re doing please reach out there’s room for you to be fully creative in your own way and like I said it’s not about competition the abundance is there and in so many ways so that is South by Southwest Austin and then we have token Fest in San Francisco I will be there as well and then we have an art party in the bay somewhere so all this information will be on social media that is at my new brakes on Twitter or breaks on Instagram and I wanted to mention. So I most recently connected with gel polish and he’s doing art for addicts and he has a lot of projects going on in that world so I’m really excited to get more involved in healing the process of healing ourselves through ART and handling addiction because I believe technology is also an addiction right so being able to create those containers again and also few initiatives for the cleaning up the oceans and ocean token and just so many good projects coming up so anyway that I can that I can help or help you connect with those who will get you to where you want to be the green miners we clean energy any of that please reach out to me I would love to help out cool thank you again so much now Newburgh city has been such a pleasure and yet again thank you for just allowing me to be impulsive and send a message out to you and get you on the show and to know also that your ear integrating some the tantric wisdom in and works into your life it’s so exciting and I agree this is all just one big Kundalini blockchain Bliss Bellini black seamless hashtag that will be in touch in the future and thank you again so much sounds good thank you so much have a beautiful night. Trent repent. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email said I turned your punk. Com Thomas gay

Learning to Share Your Love and Your Lovers with Wilrieke Sophia TPP139


Wilrieke Sophia Pic

I’m this episode I’m joined by Wilrieke Sophia, a powerful and empowering intimacy coach who I feel has vital medicine for humanity. She’s been brave and courageous in her personal journey to grow beyond cultural conditioning and rules as she’s explored open relating. She shares an overview of her journey and we get into the depths of the emotional, sexual, spiritual opportunities and challenges she’s overcome along the way.

She blesses us with a reading of an amazing piece she wrote entitled “A Letter to the Women Who Sleep with My Man.”

Please visit her website at:

About Wilrieke:

Wilrieke Sophia is fascinated by intimacy and interaction between people. How can you connect as deeply as possible, on different levels and in different ways? Once she was a very shy and insecure girl herself. Many years of exploration taught her how to accept herself on the deepest levels and surrender with a smile to life. Her path brought her into the realms of tantra, BDSM, non-monogamy, healing, shamanism, mindfulness, meditation, and her horses taught her about empowered leadership and dynamics between individuals based on body language and charisma. Wilrieke Sophia holds a degree in forest- and nature conservation and is the mother of three daughters.

Wilrieke Sophia was the first to facilitate Cuddle Workshops in The Netherlands. Through her company Exploring Deeper Wilrieke hosts a wide range of workshops, retreats and individual sessions based upon a unique blend of cuddling, consent, tantra, conscious kink, sexuality, cuddling, authentic relating, healing and coaching in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. She loves bringing inspiring teachers from all around the world to The Netherlands. Wilrieke is also a passionate writer, writing for her own blog as well as a guest writer for e.g. Elephant Journal, Postmodern Woman and Rebel Society.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello Temple Evansville, Township on podcast episode number 139 I am being joined by Will Rica Sophia and she is a blogger at exploring deeper. Com she’s Aunt Missy coaching facilitator kinky timesheet kit mother and also the author of a amazing piece called a letter to the women who sleep with my man and I first came across that piece on the polyamory weekly podcast that she was featured on and I got to say it brought tears to my eyes it was so nourishing to the soul and so I’m such a breath of fresh air and it says as a man who is is constantly struggling to feel share the higher conscious more expensive more open-minded loving potential unconditional loving potential + communities and relationships and friendships it’s the resistance that comes from that Disneyland thesis about romance and monogamy is Judge it’s so I can be so toxic and I don’t want to say everybody’s wrong for it but it’s it’s just there’s a lot of ugliness around around that end with ology an archetype in it really takes the beauty of people who were living in a respectable healthy and sustainable way that are exploring and experiencing new and better and more love and figuring out how to work through issues and get along and so just this this letter that was this open letter that was written it’s just probably the most powerful piece of media I’ve come across yet that just really changes in and I’d say break some of that that cursing and and opens up new avenues for folks so we’re going to be blessed by getting into that later but said to start with that will Rica please if you would just tell us about your personal background history you’re doing some amazing things and just loves to get caught up with everything thank you for that wonderful introduction and Ice Stacy this wonderful words to bite my writing yes so why don’t you start I turn you believe in you know are changing paradigms and researching why we do the things we do I’m basically that’s that’s why I called my my business because I love exploring deeper every aspect of my life and I guess I’ve always done. It from being very young and you know always being the different one in the family like I was the first one going to University to study I was the first one to move out of the village and there were many other things there was the first one to two steps on a plane and travel somewhere that’s your people from foreign countries and see you traveling to see other countries and so the exploration of part of me has always been there yeah that also started in relating when I met the father of my kids have got three daughters I’m not with the father anymore but when we got together I was 23 I was super shy I had a very limited sexual experiences it was my first-ever long-term relationship and when we get together we got this children in the relationship and then there were three kids did that part and then we were like a k we’re like monkey baby nurseries yet we both have limited experience with other people is this at the rest of our lives can we never kiss or touch anyone anymore and also there is so much love that we share can we not share that with others and who is to decide we cannot do that like Society tells us what a relation it look like you know is that what we should do then I felt it felt very fulfilling and then we were talking about you somehow we both came up with like what if we were changed shape of the relationship or this contract that we have with each other on our behavior and what if we talked about and explore how we can do it differently so we both read a lot about it we’re at other bloggers we read books and we agreed first in theory and then later on all started like like practically taking stabs like Explorer sharing the love we have and connection in any shape or form with other people as well we often Define Relationships by the acts that we do a lot of people having sex means that this is the person we have a relationship with whereas we wanted to change that Paradigm to letting the relationship the defining factor of a relationship so over the years we like very slowly started exploring what happens if we have a girlfriend together what happens if I have a relationship with a married couple happens if we have lovers and yeah it is started with lots of trial-and-error lots of crossing boundaries that we didn’t know that existed lots of checking in and yeah we learned it was beautiful and also very intense like I’ll never say that Leah Maria czy but I learned a lot about myself and about a year-and-a-half ago we decided to I like I like to say not stop the relationship to change the relationship romantically involved with the father of my kids anymore I’ve been single polyamorous lifestyle of honey for a year-and-a-half I experienced some lower supposed to be very much celibate digesting that almost 10 years of relationship that I have with this person and everything I explored and tried in the time cuz I also went into deep processes with Tantra with conscious King and with other things so I took time to digest. And then I decided to do some research like if I want to be in a relationship right now what would it look like and what year would it be and I just a few weeks after that research I met a wonderful man and he’s my primary partner now and his best friend with whom he has like a platonic friendship forever 20 years she’s my lover so we are in some very interesting trying at the moment Sebasticook that’s like yeah that’s a brief overview of my adventures in the land of polyamory space on your personal life so it sounds like you were the one to mainly proposed the idea of exploring deeper and it with your your prom. The father of your children and how is that can you tell take us back in time to just what was triggered or what came up or what was the what was that conversation like you know what and whatever you tell your earpiece so comfortable sharing I’m curious that’s always the sort of interesting really scared to even have a conversation because you just doubting everything and it could be catastrophic so bring up the conversation could be like dropping a bomb on an existing relationship but we initiated this kind of together I always have been the more active one of the birth of us over the years and there’s things that that challenged us let me see I think I identify Genesee so as a word so much I don’t really believe in jealousy so much I think jealousy is a sign of insecurity so if I feel jealous it’s not so much that I’m jealous but there is something in me that I don’t trust for example if I’m afraid that he likes someone else back to Dundee that came up and it still comes up and it’s an insecurity of me not leaving I am lovable and likable so one of the things that I that that word was challenging and has been challenging in that relationship was the ability to look into the mirror of what the other person showing so it requires like in my opinion open relating requires an equal capacity of looking into that mirror and not pointing at the other person so I like how you’re doing everything wrong but to look into the mirror like hey you drink something which is hurting me so why do I feel hurt right now what’s underneath is this is a boundary I have is is an insecurity I have this is apostrophe, pause emotions that I haven’t worked through yet so what’s going on this is one of the challenges I had a relationship is that that wasn’t quite equal that some point I was like it’s not just me and my challenges so it’s is really need if you both go there and also was very much needed I think you see if he really super super super clear on bottom dries pictures for example if we had an agreement like hey it’s okay for you to date with someone else but I don’t want you to have sex with them right now then if my partner was she said in his definition sex would be penetration where is it my definition sex also includes oral sex and putting fingers into another woman’s body and frame it wasn’t so then there was some batteries close to trust every now and then and that was so at some point we really have to sit down to get a ride down okay this is this is what this means and this is a canis is not okay we do have boundaries and we do have girls right now where is you know there’s many shapes and forms of having an open relationship from having us the rules and regulations and having ownership and I you can do everything you want to do and also to navigate that like we started with lots of rooms and then we have no rose and then we shall post wasn’t working and middle way yes there is I think there’s to get some clear care of the logistics of the open relationship like what what are boundaries hell are we dealing with foundries what’s your cake can you sleep over it when you come home and when will you tell me you know these practical things is that is is a big thing that can cause a lot of challenges and issues and possible at bums for messing up a relationship and the other one what is the ability to look into the mirror and to feel like I’m being triggered owning this tree grand opening my feelings and I’m going to do research and I’m willing to face our spare some willing to do this in a research I think those two are very very necessary yeah I’m and the boundaries thing money is Communications a communication as self-reflection all so well that sounds like you did the U you didn’t just read a book and everything works magically in perfectly like you were assembling you know some furniture something at all fit together and it just worked it sounds like he had said he had to build it from scratch and actually you know throw away a few different versions that didn’t work until it finally worked and then and then even then it supposed to be repaired and stuff so I’m sure Morgan is in like this is never done this is not this is never done that even though I’m in another relationship and it’s yeah we started with this relationship I can tell you how we do it now like how I designed this relationship is it was it was quite different from other relationships that I’ve ever had so this relationship relationship with this man he is not living in the country where I am I am living in the Netherlands he is a pretty living in France and partly a nomad traveling the world right now he’s in the jungle for a couple of months and we met in a Miller lens between like we completely beside each other we got to know each other over a few days at a tundra festival and we were like a ride this is just something special I need to do some research are like maybe this is maybe this is a relationship so that would be 5 weeks between the meeting done and the next time we would see each other and we sleep took the time to write both separately relationship agreement and relationship agreement for for me it’s like a contract with myself and I’ve I’m a writer so I wrote 10 pages on what’s my desire in a relationship what are the intentions I have for like this research with myself and the research I want to do with the other person brake sound like it when it’s travel I want to keep throwing myself I want to be able to reflect each other and The Price is Right in two Dimensions I had and desires and then I’ll set you write down deal-breakers like what could happen or what practical practical things could be there that would definitely not work with me like for example he’s looking for Community to live in if that would be summer in South America things will be a bit complicated cuz that’s quite far for long distance relationship Breakers and we both also wrote down a user manual like if I’m grumpy maybe just feed me before trying to talk to me because you know the grumpiness is probably nothing to do with what’s going on I’m just hungry so we both write them done and then wrap them and them in those five weeks time for it and rewrite each other is a relationship agreements and then we agreed like I this is this is compatible there are some things that could cause friction and I might even be deal-breakers but we know them already will we won’t find out 5 years from now and then be like her shit this is 5 years wasted but we already know them and we consciously choose to create a relationship so we redesigned the relationship and then we call it a calibration so we we we have this relationship agreement we created Mexico like if we going to have sex with others will do that protects it without SpaceX we are the primary relationship like this is one of my things like everyone’s primary relationship and not be one of multiple relationships that are like level it’s just not my lifetime full respect for that but it’s not my desire for Sunday at the moment and the we created that says container and then and now we’re still in the calibration face and I think they’ll never end so there is a size container but we still getting to know each other and there’s some you know something something something happens and everything okay there was a battery we just now it so let’s use that instead of being like all this is this is painful and this is not good we are using it like are you know what we can actually use this to make it that’s if you create more intimacy between us as it is how we doing it now and it’s I think it’s a wonderful way of creating and designing a relationship that’s awesome yeah I have that I strive towards those ideals and and I’m I’m I will feel so blessed that when the day comes that someone with the level of attention to detail that you have is actually sharing that opportunity with me cuz it feels like two people who want to I mean one of the that’s so limiting and so damn thing really is that idea that oh you can’t you can’t plan anything you can’t everything has to be spontaneous it has to hit you like a you know it has to knock you off your feet and you have to lose your mind head over heels and fall in love and all these is really treacherous dangerous it’s like you think there have to be some hazard sign that says watch out you’re in your blind at all these red flags when you’re not really super conscious and aware so you just really actually you’re being drugged by by your own neurochemistry and so you know to come into that and intervene and slow it down actually put really real initiatories sort of initiation to the Temple of my body you’ve got to go through these steps you got to talk to the soups and disqualifies a lot of people who don’t have this month’s with myself like if I would ever have a relationship again and I’m 34 I don’t want to waste time in relationships that are not you know are not what I really really want and there is always Tennessee especially for if you’re wired like me you know I I kind of like confirmation I’m me and I have this anxious attachment as system where you know I like and it’s very easy when you’re on your own to just settle for less than what I really want so I really spend time figuring out what it is that I want and I told myself I’m just not going to do I’m not going to 2 4 Less you know that I’m liking myself so much right now and it took me a few decades to get there and I’m lucky myself so much right now that I rather be alone than being in a relationship that’s not having something to my life and that makes such a huge difference outside of people I attract you because Sunday I was blinded by matches that were probably amazing amazing people but just not much for me I might it open doors too many people there actually an amazing match for me awesome yeah dude I feel like the quality that you’re describing is something that is almost it’s like an event horizon for people who can’t think I guess they call it serial monogamy but it’s like the the cycle of people who go so get so lost in in a relationship with someone and then when it when it I’d say so you know if it’s really dysfunctional it is inevitably going to stay lit when that happens it’s it takes the pain as trying to sort out your essence of who you really are and you know that and then just that you just kind of a mess you know but with all the wounding and the people rebound and they jump into other relationships before they really discover themselves or set intentions for who they want to be it’s literally Unthinkable to them too to get to a point where you’re describing where you’re actually content and feeling excited and joyful about Espino having your own time yourself and actually cultivating yourself and sharing that sharing not giving you not betting the farm on on one person as soon as you get the opportunity but you’re actually you’re giving people samples of yourself and you’re letting them you know you’re sampling them and they’re sampling you and you’re not you’re not selling yourself short or you know selling yourself too cheap and in that that level of having a really high valuation and in your own sexual property record on sexual Capital you’re not you’re not just throwing it away on the market you know your ear metering it out and that’s something that people just cannot I mean a lot of people that can’t imagine having that much contentment with self-love and you know could you describe that a little more cuz I think that’s that’s that’s the key ingredient if you don’t have that you cannot open up tomorrow you can’t enjoy most people cuz you’re not enjoying yourself so that’s in any kind of relationship also monogamy for me is very a very great model and I know I could even see myself going back there at some point in my life when I feel that that’s the most beneficial for my gross is prices of a kind of filling the void that we don’t want to feel inside with other people I think this is also the biggest trap in non-monogamous constellation is it slow because I’ve been there as well you know when I was in the relationship with the father of my kids like there were some parts of the relationship that were not mazing like like sexually it was a feeling for either of us and it was and it happens that we both filled that void with other people instead of working through it so I would like to instead of facing the pain of that I meant talking about you and seeing what’s underneath so I think that part is not relax you do shape of the relationship but more to the willingness of self-reflection and the winningest suits you have that kind of life you know because this life of self-reflection and explain the four that I choose it is a conscious choice and Anita once you go down there’s no way back but yeah it says I think this Pitfall saying voice is not related to the shape of a relationship and in my opinion yes sexy to self ego-self know they’re there for me there was a time that I was the most shining secure girl imaginable like I was so shy I’m very tall for a woman and still I would be like the invisible Wallflower at parties you know even if you would invite me I would feel like the wind really want it but me there I was super insecure about my looks about my body I try to make myself physically small so I still have like a terrible posture because of that I wore shoes two sizes too small because I thought my feet were too big yeah there’s numerous examples I have very few friends I was always with my horses yeah it was super super shy super super insecure and you know I now give cuddle work Sims 4 years and I never touched anyone I never cuddle people I never looked and at some point during all this traffic is traveling I travel a lot when I was younger I when I was studying I started forest and nature conservation side cherries the topic that was very dear to my heart which did not involve too many people and was like getting permission to go to the forest all day and be on my own but at some point I felt was not for feeling the way I want you to fulfill my life and when I was studying you know I was I always was the crazy one with the binoculars knowing all the birds by name and I was you know it was the way it was and then I start studying and they were all the way at 1 and that’s very connecting is very bonding when you’re all you know happiness cute it from the popular group all your life abundant and I actually learned what it’s like to have a real conversation and I learned what it’s like seeing the people in the eye and then I started to have some friends who gave me a hug and it was like Risha but I don’t you know like I melted and I learned like actually this is this is amazing and treated traveling you spending hours on trains I was on a train from Moscow to Beijing and I just stared out of the window I wrote down everything that went on in my mind and I start sitting there and you know this reflection and this is not a process of that changes you ever night this is a prices of yours where I learned to be very compassionate for my shy side so you know I would now if you see me you’ll see that off and I’m like rubbing my chest or having a hand on my belly like there’s so much compassion right now for everything that I feel so when I’m insecure I’m insecure what do you need now and I’ll figure out what I need so I learned to accept myself in all aspects but I’m a woman with a full spectrum of emotions that I’m not necessary dramatic but that I just feel a lot and that I’m very expressive in my trial I might scream about this just who I am and I love myself. I’m a bit crazy sometimes and so gradually that changed and also you know I always thought I wasn’t pretty and then I think the open relationship help me a lot of them because I think I saw two men and women came to me and they were like you’re pretty and I was like what are you talking about but then you know I’m also my hypothesis of I’m not pretty against the hypothesis of wrong maybe this is not the time then telling myself if I just entertain the idea that I’m wrong and I’m actually really cute you know that just playing with the idea I don’t believe in like I you cannot place anywhere you should change your thoughts it’s just not working but playing with the idea like what am I nice to you if I change this. I’m sorry for myself just as nice appears to be much more fun there and that encouraged me to change my on paradigms about some other things as well yeah life has got much worse I dropped the insecurity bit by Grant and I’m still dropping it bit by bit you know there’s still some fear is like one of the Spheres I have is like I fear being too much like being too emotional being to presence being too sexual or whatever it is that I think I’m still working on dropping them that he had this is definitely not going prices but still worth it yeah beautiful thank you so much yeah I feel that it’s it I feel the same way I feel like there’s like an inner voice of I’m too hideous to be in public that a lot of people been there myself and it’s it’s when people would contradict that I would think they were crazy in lying or something I bought it was your agenda what are you trying to get you know it takes time and really I like the way you’re talking about in just some almost like I feel like you’ve become the demon whisper if you just start to tickle those voices and get them to actually warm up in and out and it’s a c i can be such a dysmorphic they call you know what body dysmorphia isn’t right where you just you see you have a completely distorted perception and even to other people they don’t they don’t they’re not exaggerating the imperfections and in your the symmetry of your face or this whatever shape of your body and they just accept you and see you and feel you if you’re glowing that’s what they are attracted to a I feel like that’s why it’s taken well yeah definitely so as if we can get to get a little bit to inquire a bit into the de politics of this stuff looks a little bit so if you’re a parent now and you can you imagine that or what what was your sort of narrative that I mean I can I cook this is my synopsis of it I’m really curious to see what he would say bye but I still like the the agenda of the beauty miss machine of all of the magazines and TV shows and music videos and glamour you know machine the commercialized glamour machine if you will it’s it’s it’s preying upon diversity of peoples natural forms and diversity of every thought is a diversity or am I supposed to be the end of this is beauty medicine so that they said that to you other the storyline for love and all that and and so as a as a mother now having lived through that in and now you come out the other side with a glorious Redemption and salvation of becoming that and do what do you do and where what do you recommend about how to play like you said shift the Paradigm in and just make sure that that that that level of of isolation in sort of the private hell realm of being insecure and being not feeling really confident how are you how are you supporting that Paradigm now is a mother I’ve got three daughters so I got a lot of opportunities to work with that as there’s even more paradigms to well I’m I’m the kind of parent she doesn’t I did like to force any kind of Paradigm on my kids so I will not tell them to have an open relationship for example like I’m not telling them to not eat candy but I do tell them what sugar does to your system so that they can make a conscious Choice themselves what they want to eat and I had a beautiful conversation today with my nine-year-old my oldest daughter and her teacher was she was explaining to her teeth to her teacher that she loves it but this is what I do text her not once a red bell by teacher like we don’t eat so much candy. She’s not rebelling that she’s like what I know now I know what I can choose and I know that I can choose to eat candy because I know what it’s doing for me so this is what I want to do with them as well when it comes to anything you know I have sometimes one of my daughter she’s insecure about her teeth do you know where the little little a space between front teeth then I’ll just show him some videos of Madonna Like You know it’s just fine if you don’t like it we can fix it and that’s why I want to do it all show them what you said your pursuit of that so I love to go to a sauna or see you some nudist beach with them just to show them different bodies I’m turn me happy sign in my body and telling them about you how it works I’m not hiding anything from them but I’m also telling them you know to to have one relationship with the other friendships are the owner I’m just very I just want to support I’m not hiding anything and we talked about like we talked about things to the extent that they once because you know they’re still quite young and they don’t have strong Concepts yet about relationships or sexuality so I’ll just do their level and I’m just being very open and honest with them about why I choose to live this way and also I believe kids learn the most from examples or did I spend research that shows people learn most from examples so it’s really it’s my mission to live in the most amazing life myself to show my kids that this is what it’s supposed to Bubble so he’s also I’m also doing this like yeah I benefit because my life is pretty pretty damn amazing but also for my daughters to show them like you know you don’t have to fit in a pair of shorts that’s what you want but I’ll let that be your conscious choice but yeah this is this is what’s possible and this is my choice and you know whatever your choice is I’ll support you that’s awesome. That really is that’s amazing philosophy I hope everyone really adopts that to just it’s just feel like what I’m hearing you say you have this positive pressure energetic positive pressure to to to feel tip to not be miserable and to feel grading to do whatever it takes to find what makes you feel great so that you can be a role model of not just how to follow the rules and how to you know get a job and have a stable marriage or whatever it is that you’re supposed to do with yeah Mommy you’re doing everything according to the rules at the man set but you’re miserable so I don’t know if I want to listen to anything she said she like there is enough in my life to be insecure and certified and it’s it’s it’s really you know my lunch awesome it’s oh so pretty damn challenging and I’m choosing to be happy and I’m like the last week’s I’ve been telling people when they ask me how are you I’m saying retry out of myself and I like embracing a healthy sense of pride of being have even though life is so slippery challenging my time awesome awesome I agree Wilkes so if you don’t mind I would love to at this at this time Have you shared that letter and and really I think we found it I will have will have a bit of time to discuss that afterwards but if you’re okay with it I would love to have that I’m not be sure cuz it’s such a treat it’s called a letter to the women who sleep with my man and it goes like this very sister thank you thank you for opening your heart and opening your body for my beloved thank you for being vulnerable with same thank you for sharing Precious Moments in organic police with him thank you for enriching his life you can give him things I never can for the simple reason that you are not me you have a different flavor there are different things that excite you that make you tick that frighten you with that you had to another mirror to look into you can show him things about himself that I never can you have walked at the different paths than I did you have a different past with that you can teach you things I never can thank you thank you for being so brave and courageous to see him into receiving because you know of my existence I see you I see that it takes guts to take off your clothes for a man who has a woman who knows about you you didn’t run away instead you came closer you touch the skin I touched so many times before you kiss the lips I kissed so many times before you curled up in the arms I tried asking so many times before you’ve seen the body as I saw so many times before he’s Lovely isn’t he with all my heart I hope you enjoyed every moment you spend time will spend with him I hope he will enrich your life as you and Rich to I hope you shared you Bliss Beyond imagination there’s only one thing I asked a few see me don’t walk away when you meet me again I understand if you feel nervous about me and that you are not sure how to communicate with me you don’t have to know you see this path sometimes scares me Reckless there’s this little girl inside of me who’s afraid she will lose her beloved each time he is away it’s easy to see you as my enemy my competitor like women have done for such a long time but you’re my sister we have the same fears and we share the same longings I asked you to be vulnerable with me just give me a hug you don’t have to say a thing which is right man is so message that feels easier for you let’s not compete but mead invulnerability as equals we are sisters and we have something in common him I love you thank you I look so tough. Oh wow take a couple of breasts does it impact everybody this way after you got to bring a box of Kleenex down the street watching me like you know the real story of this one if this article says it’s really funny actually I wrote this I just wrote his on a day where I was like you know I have to write like I’ve got these urges to write things I just had the urge to write this time and in a wave of bliss feeling very Blissful about everything and connection to your sister and I really like this and I just put it away on my computer and then it was a Monday morning where I was like yeah let me just post something maybe I still have an article somewhere that I can put it online and I came across this one again I just posted it like this Monday morning just let me post something and it wasn’t in a few hours and it’s it’s it’s been a little while since I’ve I think about 3 years ago or something and it’s still impacting so many people and so many people sent me messages of five years and it’s been changing lives and people have used it to open up to me it’s unbelievable is incredible and I feel so grateful that the impact of this you know it’s not I don’t mind I don’t care that I was the right things I really don’t care about you basically but I’m so grateful for you know for the for the weight of this for your for the fact that people are thinking about relationships and I’m so so grateful that is touching hearts that even now like like you connect me with me and people connecting with me if I do believe in each message is message that I got each time someone gets Tears in their eyes it’s is bringing me tears into my eyes and I just feel super grateful for for being in this together because you know this would never resonate with so many people are we were not in something together so that’s that’s what I’m feeling very grateful about wow yeah they just keep on rolling on are you going to write a romance novel and that’s just that was just the the Prelude right if you got it and it’s been finished it’s about all of these things about my whole prices from being shy girl to where I am now and is still waiting for an editor as soon as I find an editor who can help me like putting it in real English because I’m still native speaking person I hope it will be out there soon yeah I hope I hope that way in Turkey. well I just got it I get it feel that it’s just that it brings up just I’m just feeling into all of the all of the shadow of competitive the shadow of Sisterhood which is just Relentless competitive competitive abusive emotional violence and in the debt it’s still I think it starts with a mink and correct me if I’m wrong but I say where it was very recently that somebody a female friend of mine is also a tantra instructor in and she is just doing the really difficult but really rewarding work I’ve actually building women’s groups and kind of goddess work together with women and and just been trying to figure out you know how to harmonize all these emotional torrents of energy and all of these conflicts of interest over man and and resources and popularity and who’s the the top Priestess and all these patterns and and then it is when the things she said to me that I had kind of overlooked as it kind of you know someone naive in this department is just that we get really rainbows and unicorns about Ya-Ya sisterhood is powerful and it’s the way you know it’s a really I believe it’s the way forward but then when a lot of women think about what sister had actually means that it’s torture and torment and Idris merciless ongoing years of the little man and understand like wow it’s because is it or I’ll ask you is it because siblings in a scarcity industrial culture you know who they’re competing for the scraps of attention that come from parents were totally distracted and probably not happy and so just that Cascades down and there’s just it’s a big is the heart of it all there’s just this the scarcity of love and attention and affection that makes people have to go feel like there’s never going to be enough so you have to fight for what little you might get from your father and that becomes your you know this this this scrap fighting over scraps is at does that seem like where this is all coming from that’s so challenging to overcome with with a delight of Sisterhood movie it doesn’t it doesn’t really resonate with me this one I think I do see this a lot I also work with women’s groups and what I see is that you can also look at the evolutionary perspective of it which also means that women had to compete for a 40 alpha males right so maybe card is genetic I can imagine it part of Steel genetic you know where where we think we’re very far and evolution I’m very well developed in all kinds of ways but you know we still have to do is start animalistic brain and nervous system and hormone system analyst. So I think that’s there and also we are raised in a culture that is very much fear based on his very much Basin and security you know if she look at women’s magazines and fairy tales and pup star is so you know there is just this image that we all know a very skinny women you know of this this beauty models Beauty Perfection and perfect perfect Beauty image that we have created which is basically impossible it’s just way more interesting for commercial right if we think we lack if we think we’re not perfect then we at least by all these beauty products so I think we are being raised with lots of insecurity lots of competition comes from there you know even when girls are small I can already see it happening with my girls and their friends and definitely when I get older in high school like I very clearly remember my high school experience why I was the outcast as I said before like I was taller so I was pleased with that likes to and Ike you know I’m I am a curvy woman and at all so still when I walk into a room or if my man is looking at someone who is shorter and skinnier I immediately thinks she’s better if all sense and then competition has already started you know then there’s no vulnerability so we need to break those walls down every time we need to break Chinese rules of fair these walls of thinking we’re unlovable all of these things and yes of course how we were raised but I think this is not related so much to women just women you know we are all race with an addiction for love you know how do you get someone addicted by giving him something and taking it away from them and this is an experience pretty much every one of us has you know when you’re doing something right as a kid our parents will be like yeah well done amazing and as soon as we don’t clean up our toys behind us or walk the wrong way they’ll be like not this is not great but they take away the love and approval we will try our best and as censor ourselves and change yourself to fit in a mother of a child that receives most loved oh yeah that’s right there and especially we have siblings who may get more love in our perspective then that will happen to all of us have opening in our lives like previous relationships or whatever it is that contribute to this the sister who and what I see is working it is to really see each other and it’s so so what I want to do with this with this article is not create this vulnerability if I see other women as a danger as possible possibilities that take away the love that I have in my life right now the source is that love then I’m in competition and I don’t see them as human beings so one of the things I do is when my beloved that has a lover that he sees my office I want to meet her because then I can see her and see for myself and it sounds weird but I can see for myself that she’s a human being and not some some Dark Cloud that somewhere there but an actual human being and then we can talk and I can share my vulnerability and one of my teachers he always says be a walking permission slip so I’ll be her permission slip to be vulnerable with me I’ll be about our boat and that is magical like I still have some of my best friends some of my best female friends are actually ex-lovers of ex-partners and those relationships have stopped long time ago and we’re still best friends just men men come and go but women who are raising children but most importantly you’ve got to have solidarity really and that’s that’s beautiful to thank Chad text to the you can meet some of your best friends through after the pastor that has been replaced chicks before dicks in one of my friends likes my friendship with her over any Explorations I would like to have with him so she would be uncomfortable for whatever kind of reason I want him because you know that this is more important in that case then I said it wrong to really see each other and to communicate about it and maybe electron it is possible to you to have some experience is such a really do that too if I have I have an encounter with a man who has a relationship I always ask if I can contact her like even if it’s just a message on Facebook or something but just to tell her like a stank you thank you for your courage is sharing your man and this is who I am and I had a wonderful experience I’m very grateful yeah I am very much keen on creating a Sisterhood Bond so it’s not just me having a experiences with some man but really you know it’s more than that like open relaxing and polyamory is more than just experiences with another person in for me in my TV. That’s awesome and I’ll say I’ll just put it a word out there for the men who whose knees are shaking and White Knuckles turning white hearing all this stuff I got to say that the the I would say the most the most satisfying and nourishing moments of my life has been in addition to or even equal to what’s a sexual gratification with more multiples with multiple lovers it’s actually witnessing the harmony of women really safe and comfortable with each other and dancing together and and sharing that Vaughn and then I really see what’s missing and what’s been crushed and taken away and that is such a beautiful thing to behold that is so mesmerizing to see that and and I see how powerful is and it makes sense why the patriarchy would be afraid of that and want to crush it but to give me to I swear I have a partner in the lover and they say hello to each other and they give each other well men’s hug that’s just bringing tears to my eyes are so beautiful it’s not just the women in the 6:30 ghosts always so beautiful and so and all it takes is are you ready are helping myself out so yeah do you want I will wrap up I guess you want to talk about a bit about more of your Professional Services and how people can connect with you and what to look forward to in addition to this novel the Earth at your book that you’re going to be working at least I got my blog on exploring deeper. Come there is there are quite a few articles about call me I’m worried and I’ll monogamy and courage and fear and emotions and intimacy and relation yeah basically I’m fascinated by Intimacy in a full spectrum of it so not just sex but also cuddles a kink contra III love all of that and what I do is I offer workshops and mostly in the Netherlands but I must have traveling and willing to travel so in other European countries and I think I might come to America for the first time this year so I also work shelves from evenings two weekends to retrieve I give intimacy coaching so online like this way we’re doing right now or in real life hands on their people can come to me and if we talked with Elsa touch yeah basically that’s what I do and I sometimes bring people that I find super interesting to the Netherlands to help them produce workshops here as well and anything that comes to mind so yeah it’s it’s also about non-monogamy sometimes I’m at places and I do a lecture or I tell my experiences and yeah and body to experience a lot of what I do is not just talkin but creating a space irina’s create safe spaces for exploration so I pray it works out for you can explore and see the imprint of searching my experience is so that you can take that back into your life and it’s not just hopping from worship to Workshop but really changing your life yeah yeah and it goes from me I do kinky things from these things Centric things and everything in-between that sounds wonderful and thank you thank you thank you so much for being the wonderful glorious person as you are and yeah I’m looking forward to that more of your travels and Adventures and and exploring deeper. Calm and that so people can connect with you and in follow-up and yes I have any last words you want to say any wisdom you want to share and then we’ll call it interview you can easily find me there on Facebook if you remember my name is Luka Sophie and you can easily find me also on Facebook and on that all the channels that we have nowadays yeah so I’d say I don’t believe in any Paradigm or fixed shape of anything whether it’s sexuality or relationship or intimacy whatever our parenting your flavor of it you know it’s your flavor and it’s so beautiful to have the courage to go in words in Words before going out but you can never connect with anyone else cheaper than you can connect with yourself so Having the courage to go in with you to talk during it’s not easy on easy but it’s so so worth it it’s so worth it and relationships are a wonderful field of exploration and so beautiful I’d I really encourage everyone to to find their own voice into find during slavery and also when you found it it might change though it’s not me find it might change every day and please give yourself permission so you change your mind to change your way of living that you know this is the life we Scott let’s just you know I enjoy it as much as we can and share as much as we can beautiful alright well thank you again so much we will definitely be in touch of literature you’re very welcome I very much enjoyed talking with you take care of a great evening thank you thank you for listening to the podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast for donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples Pepper Bike ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email fan at Tasha Punk. 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