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Political Economy of Sexploitation with Ex-Porn Star Vikki Dark TPP82


Vikki Dark PicIn this episode I’m blessed to converse with former porn star Vikki Dark about the political economy of sexploitation in the adult industry. We hear heart breaking horror stories of her descent into the industry and invigorating stories of courageous escape. We address an array of ancient, recent, present and future paradigms from radical and eco-feminist perspectives. Ultimately our conclusion is hopeful as we find ways to share strength and explore synergy in our efforts to transcend this pit of capitalist sexploitation.

About Vikki:
Vikki Dark is a writer and academic whose work spans erotica, feminist thought, biography and transgressive fiction. She’s a radical feminist and a sex industry survivor who now campaigns against the injustices rife in the sex industry namely the use of comprising imagery by producers for the lifetimes of women.

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Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 82 I am on Skype with Vicky dark a former adult performer who has become an advocate for I’d say a better more Ideal World where people have evolved past this industry with a lot of this harmful Tendencies and this is really very well-informed and has a lot of insight and wisdom that you probably aren’t going to hear in many other places so I’m very proud to have her to share her perspective and to be able to feel very honored to be able to have a discussion that’s going to honor the sacred feminine in a way that a rare rare opportunity so with that said Vicky would you please tell us a bit about to your your history and where you came from with all of your eye with your works okay so I started young in me I don’t need to stray I literally was terribly chain bad relationship with my mother problematic bloodline theme my mom have problems when she was young and young boyfriend needed money and basically is so adverts in kind of papers you know. I wanted to be an actress and it was for that dances and that and then there was some stuff like that and so I explore these effing used and what got me into the the stuff that was most life-changing okay I’m at woman who was an agent and as she basically I said do you want to be model You Got What It Takes I thought it would be compliment and it ended in me doing hardcore pornography very young age so yeah but then I pedal back it was really I don’t know if I could say tree affect me at that age I kind of like buried it was like it was I was told he was going to do monthly and then I turned up this place and and then then in the next minute I was told I was sleeping with you having sex with a man when I was very young. 27 and I kind of like I was one of these young people who didn’t have much I had low self-esteem I guess I kind of like you know if I could be pushed into things quiet until they got me a few drinks and stuff like that and I wasn’t even legal was not the actual American strength what I used to call it back then you know what I mean America’s it so you’re saying it was beyond like Xtreme guns or what I don’t know exactly what the other on light 2000 late night is was when you actually see the penis entering the vagina so that’s nothing now now now compared to what’s going on what we go out there an American strength was considered like strong and so that’s when you actually see the penis into the vagina film I have watched the film I don’t want to do it in such rhetoric I believe you didn’t see the actual you know that the American strength Paul which was a penis enter in the vagina you just throw these Shack in the actual sex scenario so that was that was actually one of my first experiences with the Auto industry but I said I didn’t want to do it at first and then I said oh okay well you know okay then leave whatever but I didn’t have the money so just call me that the paperwork quite nice by the end of the day I was lied to about where I was going to do I was young I did it I needed the money had no money to get home so just go off so that it led to a series of me me kind of think he would have done that so it’s good money you know who cares and I was taking ecstasy and stuff like that in the time of taking a hard hard drugs but I was definitely probably a generation and in England it was like a kind of rape scene in America to Global Goods in Rave for the guy that was a big thing right side quest retrievable the Heyday and it’s definitely been a hyper regulated in isn’t is pristine the underground is been kind of co-opted into more of a corporate new rule as it was you know that was years ago and I remember you like to take my phone saying things like that I mean there was some it was a good times about my younger life but definitely gonna Seattle industry was was was something that suddenly became was something new at first and then very quickly became something the buy me very depressed and something that raps that you like them because of the money and it becomes your kind of perspective of Your World becomes you yeah yeah you know it’s 10 fish if you’re young it’s like, to see the the wood for the trees and in times of Morrow was in everything I don’t believe in the religion of the parents and Friends religions and spell projection of morals at all wrong if it feels right you know to the person sound sensibility then I believe that you’re gone and you know what it felt wrong I needed the money young age I know you didn’t want to lose your money with a few hundred quid but it was not very quick work for a few hundred pound and and you know what kind of didn’t really look too much in the future. This is you know this is wrong so I head out over here and everything like that cuz I was kind of like in this mentality that was like a regular jobs but I was doing regular jobs and stuff like that I had my first boy when I was 9:18 and then they had him at 19 pregnant your first you say your first boy your first child and that yes. So then I saw it becomes you have to get the bread and stuff like that. Yeah we have fine he didn’t get you wasn’t bothered hit it like you don’t care whatever he scraped my knee so it’s always been bringing 500 press if it’s a question about women are objects thingies the money was very good you know 502000 lbs some nights at least think that I was the cream of lap dancing club in London is the best one you can get that was lucky enough to get in there at that time I felt pretty lucky yeah. That for the next few years, that fell into the Esco inside of things because what happened cuz I had a nervous breakdown come out if it had my second baby and then and then fell into the high school inside of things and yeah you do something for me so you’re getting the money and the money is gone. You have a good holidays you’re having like you know who these great things the capitalist system office but it comes and goes it comes and goes and you kind of left a different nose person you kind of don’t look mad the same anymore you’ve developed and also and I hate to admit this but you kind of become rather sexual as well I mean it’s a big is a mess around in the Auto industry that women have really really highly sexualized and really like an eye out for it as they say in England but I mean the biggest faux pas if you are a sex worker is to make you hate sex love sex so much I really really love sex and you said you don’t have to fucking say that you know you don’t have to keep saying it because that’s what’s expected of you why don’t you just say you just want to know you want a night off and I hate that about the women actually now the new kind of the new object is the subject so it’s like they but they kind of the women are currently I see on social media you know I’m telling the truth and the monster manga I don’t have this kind of thing but they are not kind to tell me that they own their sexuality on film because they don’t let you know I’m that sexuality says they say right so you absolutely awful experience I’m not negating the fact that we can have adventurous animalistic sex wild sex and everything. That what I’m saying though we become a collection of signs and signifiers which is nothing to do with a list of gender and sexuality sorry if they are saying that they only sexually inside the more important basically is the woman is the focal point the timber I guzan arranged in such a way that the man the man appear to be subsequent reaction I mean the dicks there and everything and it’s lent to the the woman and taking place in everything. That guy’s a party not the partying up with him indoors and I know sorry the actors the cameraman these are old guys it’s a party it’s a boys club and she’s in the middle I mean you know I think actually I would go so far as to say it’s not even about the woman I mean the woman could be even you could have an animal sidekick yeah it’s the locker room teamsportsinfo Conquest Rodeo really the woman has led to believe that she is some kind of star probably because she paid more and because they get these big following in our accounts on Twitter and everything like that and I guess in the head by saying I’m some kind of stuff I need an 81 why I guess they are well-known and they’ve got some kind of cute also attached to this to this identity this cast list these capitalists oriented identity by the porn industry but it’s not a thing you know they pay I would do double anal gangbang everything you want me to be you know the motherfuking the mud likes you’re going to get in the most fun as you’re going to get and the more you look like you know the least real you look for example the more plastic you look the more like a sex doll cost you all from who you are the more likes you’re going to get the more followers because you know you are becoming more because they are becoming the product tomorrow more so a product of this capitalist of this agenda this whole thing it’s like I know is that some some Theory or some the Inn of the three physical material body and the fact the oldest religion is visual vernacular every bubble industry we fix polymorphous party. It is doesn’t exist sheep you know she’s a hoe you know it is a patriarchal lens they can’t tell me it’s not a negative patriarchal lens that we’re seeing this is construct Define construct I agree with you and anybody who anyone who is a question with question anything you said so far at is that let’s put you in that position and then after you experience it you can talk about how you felt you know you’re assuming I call you when I have you and have anal sex while you’re going to get it from me first buddy you know what I mean you’re going to have to understand if you want to have any sensitivity you know if I’m going to trust you to be at all sensitive towards my body then you’re going to have to you know it’s going to be 50/50 and that’s a relationship you know so it’s it’s interesting to I would love to to do a social experiment on MythBusters for all the guys who think that this is just such an empowering you know deliberating in the position of the woman to see how I feel what is the other space printing if there’s plenty of protons who will strap-on and Peg guys senseless so you know it’s not like it’s not like they even have to be gay to do it to have the experience but it’s just putting it out there so but I dare I would dare the and then that you don’t have to say yeah actually this is horrific you know it’s his horrific painful psychotic evil and I love it or I hate it but they’re not going to they won’t have the app they won’t be a steward ignorant about what it would it really is you know you have to own that only that it is extremely harmful and would you show this to your child would this be in the stocking stuffers at the 13th birthday Christmas you don’t I mean if I don’t think so I mean there’s a lot of Shadow there that’s the question isn’t it I mean what you want your child car into this happy birthday on social media you know it’s kind of everyone’s like yeah sure and you know their parents in the I can do you see the parents stand the ancestors standing behind that meat puppet you’ve got their front of you or you just see the dollar signs in the Benjamin unit while you got a different different how your what’s your pounds right absolutely right yeah they’re seeing they’re seeing this this stack of money and they’re not honoring the ancestors and they’re not seeing their children you know the impact is going to have on their children do they want their children to be trying to perform these acts on each other example of a moral checklist that is is missing and So you you’re pretty well steeped in the in the arguments for I’m sure you’ve spoken to actresses who were sort of bought into it and are defending that that you know the Enterprise as it is and I’m sure you’ve spoken with and communicated with directors and producers who are defending all the stuff profusely and are you ready to talk about about how that’s that dialogue has been shaping for you the more kind of a couple of my friends actually kind of Frenemies guy on here is very active on social media and always willing to converse and I appreciate that because you know a lot of people shut things down but I don’t want to hear Echo Chambers me and he and he’s a producer over in England and he basically August with me quite a lot about the Emancipation the freedom of women and they supposed sexual Liberty that subscribe to women and pornography and how you know who do I think I am to stand there and end challenge that you know that’s his bicycle race in which he argues from I’m not that’s fine but you know if he wants that opinion and I’ve realized you know free might kind of experimentation if you like through my research for a social media which is a kind of spoke to all the women and the ones who like I get the M the law in a private message the law and I’m young goes to be honest with you and I’m really happy to speak to them and if I kind of say things like that wants me to go here you know this producer and this is his name and he does extremely sore neck strain that I’ve heard bad things about him should I go that kind of question is absolutely know if you heard anything about a different stuff you know what we’re talking about here I mean in the dialogue so what’s not addressed and what is actually the elephant in the room is is the Moto the system of the system of the Auto industry women get paid a lot more now this is why I defend it that day this is why I basically on social media in the public domain women argue with me and they kind of come at me with an attitude of who the hell do you think you are you know what you think you are and I’m like you know because I’ve got voice because I’m trying to make something with trying to rebuild my life until they rebuilding my life is being an academic that to me is my passion so I’m going to take that wife from me I don’t know these women know but you know that produces no I don’t care you know that ain’t going to take that away from me because that’s the one thing in my life for my kids so I can say you know all the crap talking further and stuff like that are so bright because I’ve been achieving but what do you think you are you know cuz I’m kind of like fully my passion and I’m having a voice about the industry so not only do I argue with produces with the women in the industry you don’t even want to open dialogue so yeah I mean it’s really it’s the reaction but generally employed and I understand the diner you know the dynamic of being in the industry the harbor certain amount of anger women not surprising you know you know that making a choice for the money I want mo money for the quicker time spent I don’t want to do the full week working a job and the hard work that kind of appreciation to come later that night that she was in the money I meant that they are full go in the ceilings and the destruction of intimacy that’s occurring within them through selling their bodies to let you know that anyone who comes along with enough cash to sexual violation and they got some great things never shops know that nice for nice houses might be in over their spot they both keep this going to go kick this cabin and so the cops see a while because the money and so everything I’m saying or suggesting even if it’s positive for example what the new suggestion it was not really know I’ve been going on for a while this alone it’s because I’m a very English Oblivion I tried to a few official people about this and it takes a lot of dedication and devotion and get this up and running but it was and if I can buy back their images from the internet you know of any other industry and what that does that allows the women after 10 years or 15 years even know how to transition into the public university college whatever just normal life opening up that children without being recognized and you eat it should be really easy it should be a simple program that you push a button and it just sucks everything away massive chasm in the Auto industry in eight states states is women are getting paid 500 quid in our new goes in the industry that there is a tie go what can be max hardcore at the moment and I take it she’s like a chain and she just used her real name and I was talking to her on the day and and and I said to her without you know it’s never too late to change your name you know because County Concrete Elementary back you can use it forever and it’s really extreme stuff at them your whole life ahead of you and she kind of like of the day I’m so I couldn’t see any tears or anything like that by felly on the voice of his coming through likes me now what can I do to sign bad for her because I’m so anyway so with the Auto industry about lease buyback proposal Isla is the women come with me and they say it’s not going to work it’s not going to work because because you know is I like how I know I don’t show it to eat it’s not you know you sometimes what about films we never thought the paper I said he’s not perfect but allows you to erase profiles and eventually the images images I’m sure you could have private investigator bounty hunters they could get you a huge settlements if you know I mean there’s already people for music and all other forms of media for copyright violations there’s a whole third-party industry cuz if the government’s not going to the government is not going to proactively enforce a lot of that stuff but there’s agencies out there that are private agencies that make money off of this bounty hunting of them content so you know reputation band what’s up, do the reputation real well it’s just it’s as if like for example if you’re a musical recording artist and somebody you know uploads your music to YouTube or some other place on the internet the government isn’t going to necessarily be tracking down all of those copyright infringement cases but there are now in the dussehra where you try to keep computer program that can scan and scour the internet and look for the the wave file or or the video you know would end the end of this match it and then a lot of Kellogg times now with they’ll do is actually figure out how instead of a lot of punitive damages or lettuce and you know trying to drag him into court they’ll just make it make it so they run ads you know so you’re what you have my content somewhere well we’re going to have to run ads on it and you know give the give a percentage of the money in the revenue to the artist and it’s all kind of being sorted out there’s big cases but you know I’m in the music industry that’s that’s there so obviously if you wanted to erase all that you would have for you know what’s the word a takedown policy enforcement you know so if you were to say yeah I’m I’m I’m declaring that I no longer want my likeness that it’s not that I no longer give anyone permission to put my likeness on the internet No Matter What by the problem with signing all those contracts as a model is that you sign your letting you know you’re selling your soul to the devil pretty much have to form a union for models and actresses that says we don’t ever signed more than the five-year you know term or something I mean but these these contracts are just in blood they’re just signing everything in Bledsoe I just blessed blessed to hear these these words be spoken and by you and and I’m curious if you would like to guide us through what your creative Works have been I know you’ve you’ve you’ve got too many directions since the book was released I’m curious what do you recommend people start to discover beyond the book that that you feel most proud of and and thank you yes well you know I do see the whole thing as a vagina you know I I I I came in at the bikini but I didn’t really know myself and spent the first part of my life and I think it’s natural for beings to do that to spend the first part of their lives the same who am I you know and trying to know oneself and in that way you differentiate you’ll pass from what has been necessarily conventionally and you you you choose especially if you’re a person just naturally go to the beat of everybody else and you know I know. Kini is now have been their name is being taken the for a specific kind of embodiment within the tantric but you know what they represent in essence is in at the embodiment of a feminine wisdom principal they are archetypes of wisdom wisdom which comes at you naked because it is naked it butt naked truth it’s not it’s naked it’s radiating blessed through every pore and it’s disruptive because it passed away all the things that you because I think you relied on and all those artifices and all that eager dramas she just Trampled Under Foot and lost and she’s drunk on the Blessed of share spontaneous being yeah in the other part of my life is full I discovered Tantra and the reflection that I came in just trying to see who am I and in that I said who am I and how do I fit into the culture that I find myself in and it’s my own self and what are the projections of others and how am I seeing and how do I see myself and all these things I was bringing into my experience of aunt and my aunt was I found the technique of collage and that was when I was doing my thesis of the surrealist artists map sons did a number of college books using old engraving and in those books he put together the Engravings to create seamless new world but they were very Fantastical you know people had wings and snake came out between the Pavements and the real encounters happen but now look like they were meant to be like that all the time but he’s instructed them and you couldn’t see where they looked. Together they were a new world and I said I thought you could kind of see make it look like it’s not. But it’s actually fuse into a new reality and you can also really joke people’s perceptions by bringing together the things they wouldn’t normally associate together but by the juxtaposition you to create this what they call it in there so am I use those those tools of collage and use the loss of images of myself had my own photo taken and put myself in that so that I could be both see the Muse and the one I mean the object of somebody else’s view but with photographic and then I also made three dimensional objects and I use those cool things in a lot of pieces life cost of myself my own head button and then like us about the people that was similar to using photographic call out your photos Honda back in 73 I had an exhibition code opening which was all about food and the roster so I’m bringing together you know that the body of woman with the whole idea of the table together in that and it was very shocking to people dressed up I had a whole wedding cake constructed I’m prevented myself as with a van everything adds the wedding cakes at the invitation for the exhibition it was in a being fully engaged in in in the eye and after that I forgot I started it went through for 7 years which was a major I guess you’ll call now to send what was that word wasn’t used at the time but it was me looking at all the skeletons in the cupboard I had a relationship with this filmmaker and we were meant to be doing all these projects together and it never really asked you fully manifest and then we broke up and it was my whole drama with woman’s theater group and my what with them kind of ripping apart their relationship and then I just had to process all this cuz I would say I’m sorry can I ask you something really quick I don’t want to cry or be a gossipmonger anything but I feel that the the Dynamics between creative creative relationships romantic relationships and those the way those play out the Ender play especially if there is I don’t know what that was in your case but I’m I’m really curious to see what wisdom you would have to share about you about using tantric skill sets and tools to harmonize human personality conflicts that’s a big big question a lot to to explore but if you were able if you were confronting these sort of issues were you able to at least somehow raise the vibration you know even if there are deal breakers and things had to be you know closed off but I’m just curious if you were successful at all and applying principles or by Christopher Hills my you know the person who built this property here he did a book called creative conflict which was all about heart-to-heart communication and about people needing to be hard I’m so it’s at whole dynamic between having an exchange with someone else but that person letting you know after you’ve spoken from your heart but they have understood it reflecting it back in their own words to you and that you do that back and forth and it actually creates a whole different kind of feedback loop the misunderstandings that often have a good exercise based on you know Christopher understanding of those principles a yogi eyes pop from being a western scientist animal and he was all these things wrapped together but that was a very good example of principles into the relationship Dynamic but for myself you know that it’s been so many different relationships and even oceans and you know how many dimensions the last to it and each one I’ve had a few major relationships in my life apart from many other relationship but as a few major ones you know that had bad that even a beauty and then Gloria and the agony and you know all of that and I always say there’s no such thing as my student so I like to think we’re all students protection is setting in the area relationship dynamic especially going to the mat the male-female dynamic at this particular time on the planet is in such a challenge in at the rest so many areas that go across because she knows you think of just love and attraction and vibration if you like you know that conventional I’m just you know that Dynamic the spice of life and energy vibrations which you know I make everything so complex and setting it this time the whole sexual identity is something that so you know I’m in the midst for what it’s going to be the next evolutionary stage of how we’re going to be able to manage male-female dynamic in a new way and of course you know the true Keys the Contra do do hold those keys because it is a true and which ones have it if you are able to hold that Crucible and a gaining and it didn’t. Do you have the real chance to be able to see the Divine in each other and bring the Divine fully into that invaded relationship and that you know it’s just the the Beauty and the glory and the end of the immortal France and get moving into our discontent touched any magical ways but at the moment I’m playing a lot of challenging in our relationship not only to each other but to a whole The Crucible of plant it up and down with her that you know that the interpersonal has to also be expanded I believe attitude tantrica to include the whole interaction with all of our natural world at this point and really bringing that into every meditation and interaction really because we can’t afford to lie if that helps eco-warrior and was all about planting gardens and saving trees and I still am now but I feel like what I’ve added to that with Tantra is just a ever-deepening reverence for creation and for the Divine the astral the Earthly Plains all the things we often take for granted I just want to be in that state of reverence and awe that I think most people achieve that when they go into the Great Outdoors and then go hiking or skiing they they have a tantric sort of shocked if acacian of there at least their parts of their system get woken up an activated unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be enough to make them into real hardcore activists a lot of the times but I feel like the there is an ecological agenda that is very transparent and very intrinsic to the path that that romance with with the life-giving fertility of this divine feminine and if you know a lot of people experience very direct communion with the wisdom intelligence and directives of Gaia through this practice so do you want to talk a bit about that kind of revelatory ecological revolution of Tantra if you will be glory after the sexual Revolution and I would save the kind of a cool resonance that I’ve I’ve told condemned presentation to some of her because I really believe especially in the cold vibration that she said we’ve got to start treating the Earth like a lover not like a mother and it when you treat her like a mother it’s you expect the mother to get unconditionally do everything for you and you don’t have to give anything back but if you treat it like a lover than you you know show that you have to give love to that lava and it says to a slow and so that’s an important shift and I think that’s a good thing to bear in mind and I had one time when I was in my twenties and experience with some strange object did Johnny and in that time I had what I still feel program the most orgasmic experience that I had when I had it I was just lying back on this massage table I wasn’t touching myself but I was having these orgasm just passed through my whole body and what I was feeling at the time I felt like I was body of the Earth has style and the every single every single of an insect’s wing and the slithering of the body of a snake and the rustling of leaves everyone going through my whole being beautifully spoken and who could not want to experience that who doesn’t anybody out there not enjoy orgasm it’s a very small number and to the to think that it can become such a flow state of being that level of Sensitivity I kind of almost feel like what most people are striving for when it when they’re trying to get off you know whatever gender or sex they may be is there their they’re basically trying to use friction sex or some sort of high-intensity friction contact in order to kind of chisel or sandblast or break through all this plaque that separating their nervous system and their chakra system from the cosmic Bliss that is a constant wave of orgasmic energy so the more you dissolve that plaque through right action through dharmik practice and purification of all kinds that are very well enumerated in the tatras you know an in yogic texts and Vedic texts there’s a path way to clean your stylus and get more of that orgasmic slow going and it’s definitely so abundant and not so scarce like everything else that we’ve been tricked about as far as the scarcity mindset vs. the abundance mindset so that’s just a follow-up that’s from me and and now that we’re coming to a close on time do you want to talk about some of the anymore highlights from your creative works that people should be looking for then about what’s what’s the current and future of an exorcism it was called and said some the book that I put out and that was trying to look at all these psychological States and and who am I and is that I could dance we both kind of psycho and then I come out at the house and then I have discovered time trip by this point and then I meet Nick Douglas as I say and then we went on to do another College book called man the next to see which was just a celebration of coming out of the confines of this black and white house and all the Western Heritage Inn in the Himalayas and just everything is one century psycho-spiritual play of of everything the profaned the sacred oil mixed together and it was a it was just we were enjoying and I wish I knew how to do, what a wonderful tool it was expecting this and that was that serious and then at the same time we did the secret dakini Oracle which was the 64 card Oracle system in systems put that out and that’s being around working since then then I went to to the Caribbean I was there for 15 years at I-10 and time got a long story short I realized I was there because of the embedded energy of the Arawak Indians whooping for alcohol Caribbean free Columbus and the Magical and pure kind of society who had been swept under the carpet of history and speaking to me and so I firmly believe that the indigenous way of life is the way of creating sustainability for the planet if we can start to embrace him understand that engage instead of in a friend that to the side as the Civilization V how to be in tune with the spirit and all things so that was my home to that way of life but I did for my portraits and they are like Indians in my time that and then I came back to America in 94 after I was I was here before that New York I was working on my phone from about the Arawaks and I finish that and then it was then that I met Christopher Hills and came here and then for the time here I am held a lot of events dr. Christopher past but she did the 97 to bring in the goddess energy and I still would like you to describe them when we talk to them right to coming on on on the car that you were interested in the way of using the energy that is that in these events and we’re all these awful waves so all that happening and I still while we can offer them to the goddess and then she can give her grace to us and doing for several years he has many people from the whole graveyard from performance thoughts and in the area bringing them in and having people get their offerings to Spotify and then one. I made the 64 that key Miracle which isn’t Eeveelution of the nlra but this time each of the energy that he needs and I have 64 Oracle and I hope to do a nap cuz if it can meet chat father and that is like a temple for the goddess and an Oracle phone just working on more three-dimensional pieces the game and coming back into a focus of customizing they oughta game having reached out to all the Divine archetypes imma come back into a more personal expression and now that I’m done now I just want to see you on tour with the museum installation with all this I’m not the biggest art Aficionado in the world but of course I’ve I’ve been a fan of Alex Grey and H R Giger and what I after this conversation I feel like I got a lot of catching up to do on on what you put out that I wasn’t aware of and I’m really going to enjoy it so it is a sort of a sumtur got some guidance that you could provide to say hey go and you know you can go to your website and in and just order purchase what you have or their YouTube videos or any other ways to access your go to website since I mean has a broad spectrum of the word that I’ve been talking about and then 64 the numbers that Kenny. Org is where you can go to consult the Oracle and but also that the gallery of the images of the Thai King is there and then the Blue Lotus pod. Com which is rstudio site which has some videos and Son photography so those are few things that you can look at to start with and I haven’t all page on Facebook too with how about Instagram of you if you got on that platform say it took me a while because I just have so many projects and engagements of all kinds I didn’t want to be distracted by something that was another no platform of that nature however I am totally convinced now that it is one of the most strategic leverage points for anybody with the message or Consciousness that can create visual content it’s amazing I just thought of something I wanted to say and it was about relationship and resolution from a perspective that we were talking about mentioning my exorcism though that thing about The Break-Up and processing of the relationship and that’s what spurred our conversation about relationship with my partner at the time and next month or beginning of next month I’m going over to the UK to go to a conference and speak that that’s about this film makeup Peter Whitehead and over the last few years we can get back together in the sensitive film that we did at the time which type of being shown all those years and I was able to show that the Hayward Gallery in London and oh so I’m speaking at the conference about him because it’s a whole retrospect if they take him to the archives at this University and son a solution of some quite powerful can you describe it at all or just footage that we shot at the same time I did all these photographs that became the basis of the footage of myself and my girlfriend and Peter Shaw hit in this old derelict mansion house could love and it’s all just showing it Roar has it came out to the time off to all these years after 1969 that was shot and I guess this unit many takes but it’s like in this time the space that it’s like a magical experience that’s amazing so is there any hope that we will get this that’ll get to see a bigger audience or what do you have his first plants with that now is scheduled to reach a larger audience is a documentary that just being made of me he was young filmmaker Cove it started walking on it in 2012 when I was over in the UK I’m getting a tour at the gallery about my work and he was excited and said, I shouldn’t interfere with you and that interview grew into the documentary what she’s dressed now completed and it’s all of my early walk treat antra I’m in London and a relationship with a woman that hole. And it’s called Penny Slinger Out of the Shadows quite a good release coming up shortly support and Discovery and in the promotion and I’m definitely want to continue to explore in and talk with you about how to support the mission that that was laid out and and I feel like someday I will somebody will be calling me and asking me what was the story behind what brought me to interview and people like you if this is my contribution to the world and there’s just an ongoing interest and it’s so interesting to see to get this background and to have to really just go on a sort of a Time a Time trip into these you know these different points in in your creative history and really if I could just ask you a couple more questions before we before we call it a night do you have a couple more minutes being this kind of bridge through these was one of the things to me that’s very important in the manifestation of my life’s Mission if you like is to be able to be active and relevant at this time in my life when I am old and that the wisdom of the wise woman knows he didn’t pack anything back into society and that’s what he need so much to be able to swear I act now I’m not wanting to be Destin historical figure but I am for the active right now I love that thank you so much yeah that’s I’m so thrilled again that we’re having this conversation and I feel like the the need is is greater than ever to access the wisdom of the elders going back yuno thousands of years and the question I actually want to ask you who really is like the what the let’s see the shocked it country code is the goddess worshiping country cuz whether they would be considered on the left hand path of the right hand path or generally I think more realistically it was a it was a sort of he was ambidextrous it was an ambidextrous way to be in in in the shock to Tantra schools where you were dabbling we’re not doubling but really actually working consciously with Desire with with Will with your will and also with the Divine elements but hopefully with Integrity to Lenny’s trainings you would be in service to add a v or in the process so that you would be sort of putting yourself to work for the Divine will and getting your commission of the small things that your small mind actually wants in this small slice of the universe or the universe and if I if I simplify what the essence of the positive empowered healing Reverend Liberatore nature of of the more feminist Tantra is about purification of those parasites of the heart that you mention you know earlier and if if that was the intention back then against the forces that Humanity was up against at that time that they warned us the forces are going to get worse it’s the Kali Yuga World age and we’re going to be inundated with these negative entities once again the technology that you were exploring and has continued to explore and her still as you said ready to bring to the present moment at this time of absolute sexual Madness more than ever through porn the the question is it took me awhile to get to it but how do you advise the world now about the need for Tantra what are your what are your words of wisdom and take as much time as is you have pleased to give us some guidance now Where Do We Begin what do we focus on and prioritize if we have limited attention spans you know yeah please and that was about a left hand or right hand Tantra and as far as I’m concerned they only real difference in a kind of pacification is that the right hand is to do with meditative Union with say the daikini and the right left hand is to do with actually taking an inverted Shakti to realize that Union but it’s both to do with the inner Union with the Divine being and then the interesting cuz I had it seems so simple but I had a revelation between like tantric meditation and the meditation of other religious forms is you’re not sublimating that energy that section energy you actually using that but what the right hand while you’re using it but with this entire no. Can you actually making love with the internal. Kini so it’s it’s using everything rather than denying everything so I just really wanted to address that because when you say to balancing photos of course you know the play is at the Contra dealer is that Tina between the outer and inner and other call BNI it within the soccer not the gross body that’s why it’s called the second body the energy body where that is you know that that in a erotic channel of energy where in at the Statue of Santa up to the crown and it’s all one energy and I said that they that the blessed is when you envision and experience the union of Shiva and Shakti in the crown chakra meaning like completely in their territory around but fillet in the cellular matrix honey and milk into the Lotus at the hot and got us that and that is The Crucible and that’s if the dentist thing to focus on in the inner plane that’s it because it’s about the dog and dangerous about the dog that hot ass between me and have a claim and it’s true that you know list for meditation that you can stop with the chief Zach time does all the time male body vibrates but we’re actually wonderful wave energy that you are manifesting it’s that I want it that you’re tuning into it with the gift-giving wow so the right-hand and left-hand path are not antagonistic that’s an illusion make the pads Chrysler make an ex or something in a beautiful dress right as bad as it spirals as it should beautiful thank you for that clarification I think that’s going to help a lot of people yeah so so I’m dressing and red and white snake spider and around but you know the contract principle is to get that energy than going into the central Channel which just you know is this I’m at wave of infinity no bottomless and topless photos of spiraling into that Central Channel yes yes thank you so much it’s as beautiful as it’s no wonder that your visual artist because you’re you creating a beautiful art form in the Maginot just through the word so and yeah thank you for that I am very excited to see what you continue to develop and and I definitely feel like his you’re saying it’s if it’s if the wisdom that you’ve been carrying is not percolating through the generations the way that it it we would hope for it to then I want to be stepping up as somebody who who really makes effort to connect people who are interested in erotica and neurotic media and the wisdom teachings that that you you share to be able to access them so hopefully this is one small step in that direction with doing this podcast and I’m going to definitely look forward to just catching up in schooling myself in your work yeah any other things you want to share before we go tonight you are sending out many good powerful vibrations to everyone who possibly tunes into this that they fix that part of being that country Quiva of the own Destinies and put themselves in the center of that own mandalas so that they a defect not just cause at the same time of cost aligning to the Divine headlights in the sky but your fulcrum and your guide so that you are at course but your turkey day at effect of the goddesses well, all right good night thank you so much pain he will text you and take care, and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818 to 7515 3 or emo band at Country Park. Com Damas de

The Good Men Project with Exec Editor Wilhelm Cortez TPP81


Wilhelm Cortez PicIn this episode I’m joined by Wilhelm Cortez, a dear Portland Gutter Punx brother from back in the day who has since become an Executive Editor at The Good Men Project. Wilhelm was a key factor in the origin story of Tantra Punk as he ran a profile piece on my  “coming out” as a wounded sexual healer. It was a pleasure to learn more about his life journey and how he’s playing a vital role in evolving the discourse around modern masculinity. We share a deep comradery in finding purposeful right livelihood after years on the front lines of protest movements.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin podcast episode number 81 on Skype with Wilhelm Cortez who go back with pretty far now almost what 20 years at least into the Portland gutter Punk tribe and he’s been a beautiful inspiration to me over the years we’ve we had some beautiful experiences also in the forest defense community in the Northwest and we’ve yeah I’ve been kind of Kindred Spirits on on a journey and I I feel at one of the few survivors of those depths of self-destructive punk you know communities to to Really shine and make it out and threw and sustain the spirit with that said do you want to tell us a bit about your life story how you got to become the executive editor of the good men project spend 20 + lake is 93-94 I’m guessing if they have the haziness there but you know it’s been an interesting Journey getting to where I’m at now but it could be a very very long story as you know just from you know that times The Weave cross again and again over the years through just random means but it was still not Court of like you know we came up in this scene that was about figure it out for yourself figure out what’s right and promote that for your lifestyle so I think it was just natural being you know on the west coast and traveling in those circuits that we were just going to run into each other and it was always enlightening but not surprising when it would happen and that’s kind of how I ended up with the good men project is when I was living in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur my partner at the time had met some people that were doing physical rehab with her and one of them was a camera in Conway is a writer and journalist and at that time he had just started as one of the first group of the executive editor is to work with the good men project and I met him and found out you know what he was doing in his work amazing things on exposing human trafficking child labor just really heavy topics all primarily under the idea of the disposability of men I’ll yell traditionally meant the soldiers the workers and the Expendable in that and we see in the western Society in the life expectancy some men is compared to women in on and on again there’s lots of levels to it but I met him and he introduced me to the project and I just kind of you know started joining their social media yeah like their Facebook page read their articles then I saw a Cameron posted a call for submissions that was just for a haiku about men masculinity haikus and I’ve been writing poetry since I was like I don’t remember how old and I know I’ve got a ton of haikus has got to be one in there and sure enough there was one from when I was living in Shanghai and there was a man who was he lived in the neighborhood I was at and he was kind of the the gatekeeper of the alley and he would stand out in the way he shaved was with one of those law large metal paper clips or like you know up whole dream of office paper and he would just click it onto the hair and pluck it out so I wrote a haiku about that submitted it to the good men project accepted looking for the writers group and I was like what’s that so I went and looked in at that time it was a private group a closed group but we’ve now open to public group but the stipulation for joining at that time was that you had to have at least one post published on the good men project and I was like well I too technically is a post because it did go on to the project website even though it was only in Oak Lane and almost immediately I was accepted once I call this is great so I started looking at that and seeing the editors posting there or articles and this is where most of these little connections between people come in there was an editor at the time Neil Hill who is environmental ecological educator and activist is I guess the best way I can try to lump it all together and all of his he was an editor at the time and he had made he was looking for somebody who had a Native American man as a role model because it was coming up on Thanksgiving and he wanted to expose you know a lot of the indigenous rights problems that surround the whole holiday and I messaged him and I told him you know I’m not a tribal member I did not grow up in the culture but they’re at a very young age when the Leonard Peltier case was first coming about I was just becoming aware of outside world and had seen the stories on the news and ask my parents about it and then his tastes just kind of that was when I was about seven years old and his case just threw my life just kept popping up and by the time I was a teenager and was involved in you know Street activism and things of that nature. You know the Peltier case is a big big one is still sitting there and so that was the first article that was and follow up with all the boogies tribe in Borneo view the five genders and those got the attention of the publisher then I was being asked to come in as an editor for the social justice section working in collaboration with Neil Hill in the environmental section because as we know there is no environmental justice without social justice there’s no social justice without environmental justice were connected you know we don’t we don’t save the environment or Nature by taking people out of it were part of it but we have to exist in it with balance so we started collaborating around that idea about building those sections in the content for it and now I’m actually mean who’s added her now for a day we need post that he does he’s always everyday he’s out in nature and interacting and he recorded it writes about it and we publish it’s not everyday and so that got me in as an editor and then it was just I just became my passion pretty much and I work my way up as people would come into the project and leave the project I would keep climbing the ladder up and about a year-and-a-half ago I started the executive director level and now I’m the last one standing from the ones I came into the project with got two more executive editor Rob Watson and Barb abrahamson and they’re really awesome as the team behind our publisher Lisa hickey and then we have a boardwalk the numbers on that when it was Ken Goldstein he kind of keeps our our business and a flow and really helps guide our our overall idea and our mission where what direction we’re heading in that’s so awesome yo what just struck me as you’re saying this is if I were a hetero ish woman in this world I would want to get your phone number yesterday because you are reading some of the most potent relevant state-of-the-art of evolving masculine Consciousness project you must you must have yeah I would love to put you on a dating show or something I mean who wants to date the executive editor to give info to review you have a lot of things to talk about you probably can keep somebody entertained on a date to see the lease with all that knowledge so all of the best and brightest most honorable respectable sentiments in heartfelt commentary and well I just want to thank you for that that that the woman in me says thank you and I already got your phone number so he has no I won’t ask you to give it out anything but I still don’t have one yet cuz he I just relocated back to the United States and getting a phone is low on my priorities and it was has been so that’s why I’m the Skype guy right now all right man so yeah thank you again for sharing your story and I love that it came from but do you have the Haiku or can we hear it it cuz I’m sure we could find him but I could not it’ll take me just a second here I think it’s it’s going to be worth it cuz if it’s got to be so endearing there it is yeah I knew I had it in there somewhere oh yeah that was 2013 wasn’t it you get up there and Street Corner plug shave big spring loaded paper clip is Razor of choice that sounds so I don’t like Johnny Cash or something it’s got this this grit to it traditional forms like that especially the short forms they really lend to that because you’ve got to focus on on the Rhythm you have to focus on the sound if you don’t it’s just it doesn’t work you know and so it really you know you do do get a heavy rhythm in it always right on that right on so do you want to tell us about your knowledge of the GMP Origins and Mission and and offerings for those who aren’t subscribers or contributors yet numerous times the pursued contributors specifically because of the topics and they’re really important because one of our you know what kind of one of our advertising lines are marketing lines is a conversation no one else is having and it’s a conversation about where are we in the 21st century with our views of masculinity and we’ve had Decades of civil rights gains we’ve had Decades of women’s rights games we’ve had Decades of lgbtq Rights games in all of this there’s been a lot of exposure of the oppressive systems that exist and how we go all the way from Les over forms of Oppression that are easy to see down to Cove or forms to where are the forms of Oppression having been internalized by the trust and they continue to perpetuate the oppression themselves within all of that advancement there was very little and really no talk about what do we do about these outmoded toxic oppressive patriarchal models that have proven to be unbeneficial to humanity so that’s where the idea of the project comes in is the we look at these movements as our predecessor this is what we have to build off in to learn from but we need to turn the lens around and we need to turn it on men and we need to really look at how do we Define masculinity because as we open the social acceptance of gender identity as being non-binary we now have to really rethink our traditional stereotypes of the rolls and the boxes that we put mint in and throughout the project. Contributors come in that are pursued that I said hey you’re doing amazing work I want to put it on the good men project and its really, but they will come back and say I don’t know if I can do this I don’t see myself as a good man so we don’t Define what a good man is you’re not going to go into the good men project you’re not going to search for 10 things that will make you a good man because those 10 things don’t exist because it’s for each man to really decide for himself what is his concept of masculinity how does he perform it and why and what effects does it have so we really think of it as this is for the beginnings of the project is that a lot of guys we go along and for everybody nobody wants to think of themselves as a bad person nobody wants to think of themselves as perpetuating oppression as being complicit to oppression but when your entire social doctrination makes you internalized that dominant as part of one of the dominant demographics you internalize that and you act that way and you don’t see it until you get to a point of developing your self-awareness that you can see what did I just do to her to the person of color sheet that to my friend to all wow and you reach a point where you kind of look in the mirror one day in your life wow I thought I was a good man but I’m not and it needs to stop so we really look at it how we can make ourselves better and extend that to the community around us and it’s really in the last few years in particular it’s become a lot more community-driven it always has been but that’s getting a lot stronger now so that’s what we’re looking at is you know how can we how can we address these issues and not attack them but deal with them in in Russian always and give suggestions and give exposure to what is going and this is where we start Ty and where we’re looking now with being in a political climate and a social climate that’s coming where these oppressive attitudes are being placed in the leadership role once again and hopefully it’s like you know what last dying kick of them and they’ll be gone soon but they’re not so we’ve got to build a strong Community around that to be able to deflect absorb and to change because fortunately we came off of you know a good 8-10 years of Allah exclusive progress socially and politically in this country which regardless of whether we like it agree with it or not we can’t deny the fact that the country’s political movements and social movements do influence and reflect globally primarily through pop culture in the media so what we’re putting out there is going out there to the world and if we can get a grip on that and look at these different levels of Oppression that really for me is becoming kind of a core issue it’s like we’ve got we got racism we’ve got all of these things going on but if we have that awareness that inclusiveness and that Community to build around it to work on it against the oppressive models that are hitting everybody each one of these oppressed demographics needs the help and we’ve all got to come together around that and that’s where we’ve been taking the good men project in the last couple of years is trying to give people the tools and the experience under the Community Support to get out there and try to dismantle these institutionalized structures of racism of Oppression of sexism of death of the environment in the culture right on man yeah I was I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently just how unprecedented it is for there to be a core value of non oppression that’s very deep reaching at and really is forcing everybody who is on that path of self-inquiry to indict most of the institutions we’ve taken for granted and it’s quite the rabbit hole in I really applaud it it’s it I applaud the efforts I’ve made some contributions here and in want to be and will be submitting more stuff what time so you’ve obviously learned so much you’re you’re you’re you’re speaking about this shift is happening and facilitating the shift of self-inquiry and defining goodness for oneself with a supportive your peers who are who are also walking the path what are you what would you say what would you say are some of the maybe some of the most challenging most heart-wrenching patterns that you that you’ve noticed for just the purging of all of this negativity and end in reconciling guilt reconciling shame from a lifetime waking up after a lifetime or most of a lifetime of unquestioned you know stuff where it would have some real tearjerker moments you’ve had as you’ve been processing all this stuff like a liver you know it’s not changed and for the individual it’s not going to change unfortunately anytime soon if it does and it’s when I first came into the project I was handed a basically it was a year-long journal primarily prose poetry from Magnum spoon Jackson who in the early 70s was not a good man he was 19 he was married in a crime of passion his wife ended up Dad he got sentenced to life without parole he spent almost two decades Plus in solitary allowed outside for an hour a day if the guards were happy with them but they generally weren’t he so freeform he started by you know going inside of himself cuz that’s all that was there he had outside connection through the window of Nature and the birds and it was a lot of the journal was talking about his connection with these birds and what he was learning and growing from himself then threw in the late eighties dejar de arts and crafts and program in the state of California the artists musicians painters poets writers into the prison system for the people on death row and for the people in life without parole to give the art therapy and in spoon Jackson’s case it was incredibly successful and that was really for him that was kind of like a final key of his is self-referral Nation because of the the details of the legalities of his case he has to serve the term and you know my first what’s my first year every day I was going through that journal and breaking it down and getting a daily post from it and I’ll tell you there were some days where I came came away from doing that Daily Post and it took a few days to Shake it Off. Spend you know the story so many times through but then there’s also just the the ones that they bring tears to your eye but they’re the other kind of tears and that’s where you have somebody that comes in and this has happened so many times that you know we need we get some missions in through our online portal and then those go through the executive team and we decide you know which editor is going to be working with that writer if it’s a writer that’s been with us for a while they already have an editor if it’s a new writer than we decide and for the first two years ago that I was added in I became but the kind of go to editor for the potentially problematic straight white male post and diet have to filter a lot of well if I can just be pretty straightforward about it basically kind of like it’s almost like infiltrators you know they come in with a particular agenda which a lot of the times is promoting the stereotypes that were trying to break or is being thinly-veiled are masked misogyny and they try to get like a foot in the door picture keeps engaging yeah but what else is out there so it’s not that I mean those are kind of rare instances and it’s pretty easy to tell what’s going on especially when you start going into a person’s blog and you just check and see what they pop elsewhere and it’s like oh okay well you know forget about this guy you know he’s got some work to do but these guys come in and it’s the you know the language base that there are coming from in their life experience as straight white men primarily it’s you know in middle-aged run my age they they came up in that really traditional like varmints so the perspective not quite be there but as soon as I go in and say Hey you know you’ve got a really valid point that you’re talking about in this but there’s a lot of problematic language that we need to deal with and just give them the information and explain it to I’m just you know like I would do you know if a friend or family or anybody else and that’s your job cuz you’re the editor and ends up coming out of it is they’re just like oh oh that was not my intention at all but I totally see it now I never thought of it that way and you know I just got to say this is the good men project will have a budget to develop either an app or a or a browser plug-in that translates the patriarch of anchor should I click a button like whoa or something a lot of our contributors come in as people who have a passion for writing or a passion for a topic but they’re not necessarily perfect so that’s another big part of the job is helping these new voice is kind of find their voice and sculpt it and within a way that fits with our editorial guidelines which at the base are really simple and I love our editorial guidelines so much because the basic principle is Do no harm and if you look at it each post as I do it that’s what I’m thinking is if I post this is there anything in it that could do harm and that’s the the principal we go on and we’ve got much clearer guide lines when it comes into the the heavier topics about what we can and cannot post especially around the suicide topic for sure is a big one that we have to be very cautious with because we know that the rate of suicide for 4-man is disproportionately higher and but a lot of it has to do with these high-quality a rosian of privilege and the it’s seen as a Bad Thing by people who are still clinging to it and it’s not it’s a good thing it’s going to be better for everybody once it is gone but yeah that’s kind of some of the that idea but you know we can make a better world we got a tree at the art to make that their world and that we have to have the artist to do it and that nobody is perfect were all very different degrees of a mix of good and bad depending on really sometimes who were with and the environment that we’re in and that we just have to look at how can we make ourselves better you know and learn more and listen more is probably the biggest one I think for with the projects trying to get some of the guys to wrap their heads around is the you really you really got to stop and listen and then what is so fascinating because yeah I’ve known you for so long and we’ve been we’ve kicked pieces I’ve written back and forth and only now is it really daunting on me how multi-faceted your your role is curating this content which is kind of giving a voice to these wounded souls and hearts who are striving to shed light on things and it isn’t just a commercial commercialized cranking out stuff that’s somehow related to be the most profitable you just really yeah really facilitating in a stewardship kind of role of this movement I just can’t thank you enough and it makes me wonder would you ever as it I know you have a background this as a teacher would you ever I don’t know right up my writing a book is so such an Endeavor these days and everything is such a moving Target but even do YouTube videos or best practices even just the most basic I don’t know if you’ve done this or if you would consider doing it but to help people at different stages of literacy different stages of you no experience with creative writing and journalistic writing and just kind of via a technical support in a Way Beyond the editing is that something you thought about her that you’re doing especially since I relocated back to the US where things are more expensive to survive in the next year so I’m going to be branching out and I’m done working with well first I’ve started to work with a couple of riders you are working on social justice topics who are turning their dissertations into books and more kids but looking for clients who are interested in developing a voice and learning about the you know the online publishing and and how to do it but there’s also there’s a lot going on within the good men project at well that keep cycling we’ve got quite a few training and classes that we do one of her most popular is on social change just kind of how to create social change because we’re coming off of what we got six years with the project now actively everyday reading strategies for social change and then we have to have a class on using social media to develop your reach it’s geared towards writers primarily but anybody who is doing any sort of online promotion or sales can definitely benefit from our experience across numerous platforms and how to get the most leveraged out of that then we have there are some writing and editing courses as well we’ve got two levels of that you know check that out and then the cool by the most exciting thing right now for me is our social interest groups and we’ve got those up and running and have for a couple of months now we completed one on men’s mental health there was really amazing we have a 1 on the rebuilding post-election on how to reform and redesigned to go after the issues that people care about we just finished up our first stop racism group and that one will be starting up again in a week or two and that one is amazing because it’s only 4 weeks 1 hour call once a week for 4 weeks and I did the first one with the leader of it Jackie Summers and the way he has it structured you come out of it identifying where you are out within a social change movement what your position is true you need to find and how to create an action plan for directly changing the insurance braces got another really good one coming up as well on the environment it’s going to be James Blakely and Neil Hill and you lied mentioned before is really insightful ecologist the concept of ecology goes even deeper with him for the last not sure how many years now he’s been on and he’s got a mountain with mountain goats and wild cats in the whole deal like full live healthy ecosystem the village is right there and has been there for thousands of years and so that’s one of the big things that we want to look at through this environmental group is all of our social justice all of our social issues come down to environmental if we look at the way that we treat oppressed people and we look at the way we treat the environment yeah there’s a big connection there and they in within that they it’s the indigenous people who hold the key to our survival they have the knowledge of with the environment and what the shifting environment the we have going on now but we’ve done a pretty good job globally of trying to completely suppress and eradicate those those people in those cultures just we recently I’ve seen play out in this country I mean so and then I was talking with me all the other day about these issues and brought up a really really strong point is that you know not only we can’t take people out of the ecology. Doesn’t work but it’s also the getting people to recognize just within your local immediate environment being conscious and aware and being a caretaker and you’re around that we build community and Community protects us against social problems right you know you know you’ve stuck your hands in the dirt a few times starting soon that’s non heteronormative parenting and that is going to be led by a gay father of two straight kids in a straight mother of two gauge hits this is like we’re really excited about this one cuz this is one of those that we can really take progress for gender and sexual identity rights in this country and really get it rooted in parenting you know that’s the best way for change unfortunately all these problems that were facing that we’ve been talking about on this call we want to see him changed for some of us we’ve been working for a long time to get them changed we’ve seen progress we seen it diaper us but the solution we’re not going to really see the problem races in the environmental problems all of these problems are going to take generations for them to really be solved and to go away but we’re at a critical time but if we don’t put out the right information and really actively daily think about and work towards these changes it’s going to go the other direction yeah absolutely this is we’re pushing the boulder uphill right now but at least it says the terrain of just Consciousness and awareness in all of the facilitation of Technology the Internet it’s it’s really given those I would say oh yeah you and I had to be Street punks to make a statement and really suffer and really be at risk of I mean back then in Oregon all kinds of hardcore extreme violent bigotry of all kinds and it’s it’s it’s just it’s beautiful now to look back and see how every generation is pushing pushing the boulder uphill but it’s it’s where shaving we’re sort of hacking at it as we go you know where’s it is and the terrain is changing so it’s there’s no excuse we’ve got all the tools and all of the resources in seeing the next the generations coming up after us have a beam or facilitated and figure things out a lot sooner that’s the thing I’m just like wow I’m so envious of these next Generations because it took me so long to get to some of these fundamental understandings and so it’s just it’s going to accelerate in in but yeah I agree we’re just planning the seeds of a lot of things but it’s glorious don’t be depressed don’t kill yourself stick around as long as you can cuz it’s like so exciting I feel you know seeing all this transformation happen and you know it’s very Stark I do you feel like the and how do you personally feel about this what looks like it’s going to be a big back backlash politically for the next few years at least do you feel do you feel kind of like we’re ready to take it on now as the more conscious not anti-oppressive Progressive community that it’s it’s we’re going to just make it a laughing matter to you know wipe away all of this madness and I’m curious about divorce so depressed but I feel they charge to know charged up at well first off you know I came back after you know I’ve been living out of the country for 14 15 years or so and I came back in October before the election with the idea of pretty much knowing that it was going to be the Republicans that took it and it didn’t really matter who it was that they put up because we’re coming off of a two-year Democratic president and there is yet to be in the history of this country to turn Democrat followed by a Democrat except for FDR but he did it all himself and then they wouldn’t let anybody else do it again and it’s not like that’s not like the conspiracy thing there it’s just the statistics you know so trying to beat the numbers on this election was tough to begin with and yeah everybody got surprised but is it a surprise that a person on a like you know heavy platform of bullying becomes the president of a country that’s bounded on these ideas you know that’s not that’s not a surprise you know it’s like it’s a surprise if you don’t know the history of this country and I think of it in some ways the coming off of The Good the mass of progress that we made over the last 10 years or so that this is almost like a kickback from that it’s almost like hopefully the last death throes of this mindset this oppressive bullying mindset that this country has been a dick to for so long that it’s going away as we see with you know especially with the Millennials yeah there is people poke a lot of fun out on this and that and everything as far as like social Consciousness like you you were saying yourself it’s like whoa they came on board with this stuff like already pre-loaded and it took us a like couple of decades wow this is exciting you know and I don’t think that these these power structures and into the society and we need to do a lot of work today get them out and can’t be complacent about it but I think that we’re seeing it in its Decline and its final days and this is something that we have to deal with now and hopefully it is that. Turn that up turn is his we see more and more awareness we’ve got this amazing communication tool that were using right now called the internet that you know we can have a almost Global impact and we’ve seen what that did with things like Arab Spring and for social and political change regardless of the few know how that plays out of the history books will decide later but the simple fact of using it as a tool for activism and change is unprecedented and we’ve got that experience we’ve also got the experience of the Occupy Movement which for all of its failings also had some pretty positive things to it brought Collective awareness way of fire about social issues we’ve got you know the WTO protests in Seattle where a lot of lessons were learned and even in the recent protests just post-election that I witnessed here in Portland I saw like you know from 23 years ago but there are definitely in a lot more strategical and tactical things going on they are coming from this but moving forward we really need to rethink a lot of these things off of the lessons that we’ve learned from these different movements and figure out how we can use our communication tools and use our knowledge to try to turn it around and the we’ve got it all laid out for us you know the the presidents are there and I think one of the biggest ways that we can do it is we’ve got to look at the big picture financial and economic because that’s really you know if we look oppression and why people are oppressed this goes back through colonialism and colonialism was for Capital and it was all about the money and if we not just follow the money but put pressure on the money that’s not that’s how the civil rights protest is you know if all the sudden you’ve got like 75/85 95% of your writers are no longer writing and buying tickets at bus companies going to go under and they’re going to change their policy right real quick and then and those are the things that we need to look at it like your your Target and go after it unrelentlessly and tell they give up and it went up Financial end of it something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is the if we can convince but the power holders they are in the ultimate privilege to hear the loss of that is number 1 not a problem and is it going to put anybody on the on the slip reverse side of it cuz there is none but also to see that by economically oppressing a large percentage of a population you are stifling the progress and they just Basic Finance if you have more resources to draw from your going to create more from and if we would take the economic oppression out they financially for the entire country it’s going to be much better right that’s something a lot of people I don’t think her aware of it most of the most of the freedoms that we have to well what’s a it was it was the evolution of of Commerce that got some of the most racist backward policies of the so-called old world to actually dissolve because they realized wait we could actually innovate more if we facilitate people having things like bodily Integrity rights and give people confidence that if they were to develop something that would could be intellectual property would just be stolen away from them by the king so yeah The Liberation is is it’s good for its it’s good for the invisible hand if you really want that worship the Invisible Hand Adam slick you know cuz we know money talks and if you if you want to know what’s going on you follow the money if you want to change what’s going on you put pressure on the money and if you really want to like just flip it upside down and make it into something new you encouraged the money to go in that direction so all we have to do is getting rid of Oppression and we’ll be all good to go over and over again so yeah I have I have full faith that mean Packers are doing so much there’s so much so many old oppressive institutions or just monopolies and racquets that are dissolved because it’s because of apps and technology so yeah if we are on the rise and so many people have sacrificed their lives and been bludgeoned an incarcerated who had so so many fewer I just typed from me and it’s really hard to get depressed for more than a few seconds really because there’s so much power and potential that we now have it our fingertips that we just did not have you can’t really have the spare Irwin I mean I don’t think you can really sustain it if you were passionate about change because we have so much opportunity now and it’s just a matter of of trying everything and adapting and being quick on our toes and not just being not just being like I said not only at the mercy or consumers of other people’s technology but you know open source solutions that give us the opportunity to continue to share and we’re not so yeah I just I just want to reaffirm this this up swing of the curfew for empowerment and you’re really leveraging that with the good men project and I’m very excited for your freelance offerings to be made more are you going to do have a website that we can check out for just supporting you and your efforts and keepingyouwell afloat and well but yeah I don’t have set up yet that’s part of the the plan over the next few months is to start getting to work on that but I am on Facebook I’m on the the Masthead of the good men project and you can find me a through email there as well as in social media where I live so when you do get your website together we’ll be sure to just add it to this page because podcast is growing and overtime more people will you know find this episode even if it’s in the archives and so they’ll be a lynx whenever you’re hearing this podcast episode anytime in the future please do go back to this episode number 81 to find the link to wilhelmus website which is forthcoming and yeah well we covered a lot do you have any other thoughts or anything you want to share anything you want to shout out for make sure you stop by and visit good men project and Goodman pretty easy and check out our Facebook pages we’ve got quite a few of them I’m just a little search and you’ll find us right on well thank you so much again it was great reconnecting with you and I promise to be more consistent in my submissions I think yeah it’s it it is you invited me to kind of have a profile and then I’ve contributed poetry and essays and I need to get on it I need to be consistent so I’m going to make that played straight how to until I have tons of money to give I’m going to give tens as well I won’t bug you but I’ll be giving you more words well thank you so much you have a great night and we’ll be in touch soon. Thanks a lot go and take care, and click on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples every bite ecological and play single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email band at Country Park. Com Thomas Day

The Path of a Holistic Porn Star with Felicity Feline TPP80


Felicity Feline PicIn this episode I have the pleasure of speaking with holistic porn star Felicity Feline about her life journey of ecological consciousness, yoga, out door fitness, drumming, music production, motorcycling, plant based health and wellness, and much more. We compare notes about the state of the adult entertainment industry and the benefits of bringing a positive attitude and a purified mind, body, and spirit on set and on screen.

About Felicity:
A little about me – I am 24 years old, a plant-based nutritional consultant, drummer of over 15 years, a music producer, stage-dancer, yoga enthusiast, a blogger, writer and photographer, a promotional model, and actress. I am very easy to get along with and full of positive energy! I live a very pure lifestyle that includes a gluten-free, primarily raw vegan diet with vigorous outdoor exercise!

​​​​​​​​I am an established adult model with a variety of acting and promotional work experience as well. I have worked for a variety of different organic brands and have a multitude of experience in sales, promotional modeling, and demoing. I am extremely comfortable working with the public and standing for hours. I have worked for brands including Plant Fusion, Amazing Grass, Raw Revolution, Garden of Life, Runa, Questbar, Sunwarrior, Amrita, Armor Gel, and more!

I have trademarked my stage name and logo and also have a DBA. My brand is growing every day and I am looking to work with other motivated people.

I also have a background in college sociology and nutrition, journalism, retail, personal assistance, reporting, photography and art experience. I have appeared on an Ink Master television special as well as a Vice documentary. I have worked countless expos, conventions, and festivals and am very comfortable interacting with people at events.

My blog:

Twitter: felicityxfeline

Instagram: felicityxfeline

Facebook: Felicity Feline

Sexual-Spiritual Fitness with Natrishka Love TPP79


Natrishka PicIn this episode I’m joined by Natrishka a yoga instructor, sacred sexuality instructor, personal fitness trainer and much more. I discovered her videos on You Tube and appreciated the down to earth no non-sense approach she has to empowering us to explore, train, and condition our whole beings for better love, sex, and spiritual development. We discuss best practices and she offers guidance and insights to inform some of my work-in-progress templates for sacred love making protocols and procedures.

About Natrishka:

Natrishka is a Spirited Sex guide for singles, couples and those without a label.
Her mission is to create positive sex culture and language one orgasm at a time.

Erotic Literature with a Lesson or Jack off and Learn something is a playful collection
of stories she is composing directed to her male youtube audience.

The re education of Men’s sexuality is the key to the empowerment and safety of women and children. The amount of sexual abuse and trauma that touches us all needs a new approach. Instead of healing what has been done, can we be proactive and make changes so the patterns do not continue? Can we brake down the walls of shame, guilt and suffering when we think of the word sex? Natrishka teaches workshops on spirited sexuality, yoni yoga for optimizing orgasm and private session.

You can find her on NatrishkaTV on YouTube or email her directly for more information oh her audio series launching January 2017
natrishkanatrishka [at] gmail [dot] com

Her work Bio:
Natrishka is a wellness professional providing a full spectrum experience for those seeking impactful change in their daily lives.

She is a superb listener as she takes your core needs to heart.Natrishka has worked with executives, top dog entrepreneurs, yoga enthusiasts, athletes, busy moms and seekers.

Some of her greatest accomplishments are working with the local women of Nosara concerning nutrition, fitness, sex and self love. Also, sharing an aerobic’s dance class with over 50 sex trafficking survivors at sunrise in Cambodia.

NYI Restorative Yoga Teacher
BCRPA Personal Trainer and Aerobic Instructor
Prema Method Indian Crown Massage teacher and practitioner
Advanced Reiki Teacher and practitioner
Spirited Sex Consultant, Tao Tantric arts
Vipassana Lover
Mother of 1
Soul Surfer

AI Generated Transcription:
(Want to help with corrections? Please contact me to learn about rewards for your efforts!)

Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 80 I am doing interview here with Felicity feline who is one of the world’s only perhaps only but one of the world’s foremost holistic pornstars which anybody who’s listen to The Show for a while is going to know that this is a very exciting moment for me because I have been working so tirelessly to bridge these gaps between sacred sexuality XXX and holistic living and ecological Consciousness so when I found Felicity feline on sexy I kind of my jaw just dropped because the list of her accomplishments and what she’s up to is like I want to I want to I want to Crown you as Miss Universe 2016 based on what I’ve read in one paragraph so yeah if there was a pageant where we were really valuing the accomplishments in the types of character that XXX actresses really can and can develop and I am in do have but it’s kind of ignored Austin you really yeah have stepped up and in some big ways so if that’s not too much of a bill that I love for you to talk about your life story how you found this pass and and then we’ll go into some dialogue about what you’re up to and your future and how we can become fan so without further Ado Felicity please take away thank you for having me I appreciate you reaching out just start I mean I really just want to say my journey I can assist early say it’s been the easiest path but it’s my past you know and it’s a very unique for me and it’s been difficult but I ultimately feel really blessed because I’ve been able to basically find a way to do what I want and monetize and just become successful from it but I mean to start I would say I’ll start with just kind of my background I’m originally from Long Island I grew up there spend my childhood there and I had a really great upbringing I have a wonderful family and really close with them I was a really athletic child’s I spend a lot of time Outdoors I live very close to a nature preserve and the beach in the river and I was always outside playing I’m very connected with nature and my dad he especially is also very in tune with nature and he definitely made it a priority and in all of our lives so you know I have that basically that kind of fuel of my childhood and my parents put me into music at an early age so I started playing the drums since elementary school and I’ve always just been a very high-energy person and I need Outlets I kind of go crazy if I can’t get my energy out somehow so Sports drawing that was really my my main thing growing up as I got older I really started getting heavily more into music and art and I continue with sports but I I kind of mentioned to you before I have the mild case of scoliosis so an early age I kind of wanted to strengthen my spine and make it so much straight so I can continue to play certain Sports and do gymnastics and I really got into yoga and I found that it was really censoring for me because like I said I was extremely high-energy so it was one of those things that helped calm me down and just help me focus and in a way it was like meditation from it you know cuz it was hard for me to just sit still you know I always wanted to be doing something so you know I stay like I got into yoga and an element Elementary School more like middle school high school and you know I just kind of stuck with it so that was sort of my introduction with that and I’ve always been somewhat of an exhibitionist you can say you know I’m I’m very outgoing and outspoken and I was pretty comfortable with my sexuality growing up in the beginning I was kind of a tomboy and I was very skinny and gawky as a kid I didn’t really have curves I was very just flat and bony so I wasn’t really like confident in that realm like I didn’t I didn’t really like look at myself as a feminine goddess or anything you know I kind of I looked at myself more as like does nerdy little Band Geek or something I struggle to gain weight when I was younger and I didn’t get my menstrual cycle so I was team so kind of got it pretty late and I’m kind of against artificial hormones are really want to go on birth control but this is isshin recommended that I do cuz my I just for some reason my body and have enough fat to produce hormones and I was really into nutrition to him and I was trying everything to just regulate my hormones but finally I went on birth control kind of like jumpstart my body and got my. I I got boobs you know like I started to even out and my metabolism slow down a little bit I quit Sports 2 in high school I just like it was too much for me I was starting to burn out from from doing so much and I was just focusing more on drumming and music and art so once I got my menstrual cycle and I started to become more of a woman I really was starting to get a lot of attention you know and I was getting more in touch with my sexuality I started experimenting more and I’ve always been more of a monogamous person like I I like to just date someone and and just give them all my love but you know I had my times were when I was single I was definitely you know China just see who was my type and having fun and I was flirtatious you know what I mean but in college then I kind of started settling down a house with one or two people for a while and it was about I was 20 or 19 or 20 when I was working in San Diego and I was what I was working at a car show and this man approached me about doing an amateur film for porn at the time I had been modeling a lot and doing a lot of like risque things and I’m what I say risque I mean like nude modeling and erotic stuff you know what I mean but I had no horn iwebcam to little bit but I was a little shy about it but I was so curious and you know I couldn’t really deny the fact that I wanted to try it and I’ve always been pretty comfortable you know like I said with myself and I thought about it for a few months and I also wanted to buy this new motorcycle so I kind of put two and two together and that is a reason to fucking break your porn virginity to get a motorcycle that is fucking you’re going to laugh when you when you hear what happened with his motorcycle anyway I did it you know why I decided after few months I had a had the card and I contacted them and I’m like you know what I think I want to try this my only regret is that I was kind of stating someone I mean it was really in the early stages of the relationship but I I kind of lied about it and that’s just the one thing I really regret you know if I were to say do I regret anything just wish I would have been honest you know it was stupid for me to not just say the truth but I was kind of nervous about you know just the fact that I was doing what I was doing and I really wasn’t thinking about the consequences I guess well you can write a song about that huh you know why I went and I did my first film in San Diego and it was really easy and the only thing that’s slightly intimidated me was there was so many lights it was so bright you know I can see like every flaw like this like a rotisserie chicken no I felt like I was like in a stadium in these just bright lights were glaring on me but anyway it went fine and I forgot about it you know after I did it for a while and then a few months later it came out and everyone started finding out my small town on Long Island and it just was a shitshow you know I mean everyone was just making comments and this Synod and the person I was seeing obviously was really hurt by it and what not but that was the hardest part you know in when I always tell people that are curious about doing porn I tell them that doing the porn isn’t necessarily the hardest part it’s the aftermath especially in the beginning you know it’s once it’s out just knowing that it’s out forever and anyone can see it you have to be able to deal with that and stomach it you know what I mean you can’t take it back so once I did that essentially my life was kind of changed forever you know it as dramatic as it sounds it’s true it’s the most dramatic thing you can do on Scream so if you went to college for nutrition and I have a pretty good academic background 2 and my parents at first cuz they found out you know I didn’t tell them right away they were a little bit hurt in the beginning they just didn’t understand why I would do that you know they said you have so many so many talents you know why it why would you do that and I just said honestly mom I was curious like I couldn’t help it like I just wanted to see what it was like cuz I’m just the type of person that I really want to try to experience everything right so you’re going to have to try everything once at least is it will kill me you know it will that will be the death of me I just I just enjoy experiencing things whether or not I am truly passionate about it sometimes I just like to try it just to know what it’s like you know what I mean is you’re into a strategy to write so what is your sign if if you will cuz I’m just now I’m like really curious if it’s his astrological determinism and I should be a Leo but my mom got a C-section so I came out a few days early cuz I was born July 21st I was supposed to be like July 27th or something so my rising sign is Aquarius my moon is Aries my Mercury is in Venus my I mean that my Mercury is in Leo my Venus is in Leo my Mars is in Taurus so I have a lot of fire in my chart then I have kind of a mix of all the elements I guess that I’m really into astrology cuz my grandma was an astrologist and I was like the only grandchild that expressed interest in that I would just I swallowed everything she told me you know I was fascinated by it but anyways so after that I bought that motorcycle and I kind of just shifted gears literally in my life you know I was trying to make sense of of the direction I was going and I was trying to make it work with the person I was dating and gain his trust back and I was really unsure about continuing porn after I did it and it was a while before I did another one it was almost an entire year and I had tried to make it work with that person for about a year just didn’t work out and with that motorcycle I bought this is my first spike it was a Ninja 250 I had racked so many speeding tickets like I got in a lot of trouble and then I got to CBR 500 and I kind of got in this like racing incident in New York with one of my friends and he surrendered in and pulled over and I thought there was only one cop so I kept going and I got off at my exit and I get into the service road and there’s three cops waiting their lights go on I just I was fucked. Actors for your next phone when you throw if you produce your own you got to reenact the scene seduce the cop and get off the list of the ticket play helmet off and they were shocked I was a female but I was crying literally this thousands of sexual whip beg them not to take my yeah so I got my license suspended for about two and a half years and I was really kind of in a hole after that I was doing a lot of sales jobs for these nutritional companies and I was making good money doing that and I used to drive everywhere you know I was driving was so important to me and I suddenly got everything taken away so I sold my bike so I sold my truck I sold my dirt bike I sold my surfboard I sold so much shit just packed up I went to Arizona for a while and I was just doing a lot of contemplating out there in the desert trying to Center myself and figure out what I wanted to do and you know I also was playing the drums still and I want to do something with music and anyway when I was out there I had another opportunity to do another amateur film so I did that helps me a little bit with the bills I had to pay then when I was out there I had opportunity to be on Ink Master so I flew back to New York I went on that show and oh actually excuse me the timeline is fuzzy that company II company I worked with they they liked me so much that they actually paid for my trip to the AVN Awards and I went there and you know I was kind of a nobody at that point but this is really important because at that time when I went to the AVN Awards and granted like I was still pretty new to the industry that really changed my perspective towards porn because I had never really been that much into form to be honest like I never really watched it that much and like I’m a sexual person but I’m very like I guess you could say I’m kind of like a hopeless romantic you know I like to be in love and I really enjoy building a connection with someone but I don’t know I was very just on the fence about whether or not I wanted to really be in the adult industry but when I went to the AVN Awards I was surrounded by all these pornstars and everyone was just so exuberant they were they were so like audacious and full of life and happy and I started to realize that why am I questioning my identity like I made the decision to do porn and I’m surrounded by all these people who are embracing who they are and I need to do this like I need to embrace myself and stop being insecure about what I did because I was getting harassed pretty badly to buy it by people and you know people were linking my real name to my stage name and my reputation essentially was tainted ever you know I could never get rid of that decision I made so I realized at that point like I should just embrace it so when I was at the AVN Awards Ink Master called me asked if I want to be on the show and I’m like okay yeah so they be in top and then I went on Ink Master and what I was filming I’m at my ex on that show and he had won season 3 of Ink Master and we started seeing each other after the show we were working tattoo Expos together and I told him that what I had done you know that I had done foreign and he said that if I wanted to be with him he couldn’t he would want me to stop so I said okay I will you know so I stopped for a while and I actually had done one more film before I went on the show and I shot for I don’t want to say regrettably but I shot for facial abuse and that was probably the most questionable decision I ever made in porn cuz it kind of pigeon-holed me a little bit you know like it was fine working with them you know in during the scene everything was fine they were really respectful and treated me well despite how brutal it looks but if it’s just the aftermath owners of that company don’t really care about the girls and they just kind of want to latch onto their career and anyway so I told him I had done one more Scene that hadn’t come out yet so it will come out eventually and I just hope that you can deal with it so he said oh yeah that’s fine you know blah blah and about you know for five months later we were dating and things are going well I did kind of discover he had some alcohol issues and it was progressively getting a little bit worse but the scene came out and he did not cope with it well you know it was really difficult cuz I had warned him about it and this was before I even knew him so feeling nothing’s going to prepare you for that you just kept saying I can’t believe you did this you know you have no respect for yourself this and that and that was really hard to deal with and then a relationship and like I kind of realized that it was probably always going to be an issue so we tried to make it work for about another four five six months but it just stop it just was going downhill and his drinking was getting worse and so the week of my birthday he was like in these binges and of alcohol and drugs and I don’t even drink alcohol and I live like a really pretty much sober life except for cannabis so I had to leave you know why I realized it was so unhealthy and he was always going to make me try to regret what I did and I can’t live like that so I left and when I got out of that relationship it was kind of like the final straw for me I realized that I need to stop just dealing with this bullshit you know questioning myself I I was going to this late identity crisis I realized I needed to just take advantage of the fact that I did porn and use it to my advantage use it as a promotional tool you know help me build a brand so I asked her like going back and forth to Los Angeles and San Diego for about a year I just moved out to LA permanently and before I did that I worked for some couple of other companies and I got out to LA and I started working for bigger companies and I had an agent and I was starting to take porn seriously going with Fox models but yeah so I just I decided to fully embrace it you know and in the past years I like I said I was kind of getting harassed about it and people are trying to make me feel bad and talk shit about me and that people are posting threads all over the Internet about me and it’s just that one side completely embraced it and came out with it and just said yeah I do porn and you know what I’m a musician I’m a Rockstar if you have a problem with how I fucking live like go fuck yourself you know what I mean I just stopped caring at all and I realized I need to just fall Embrace who I am and everything stops the harassment stops you know I I started to get a lot of support and attention and end my brand trademarked my stage name I made a logo I just started taking advantage of everything and I’m building you know I wonder if that you know we’ll talk more in a bit about the spirituality aspect but it’s I was just having a flashback from the secret where it’s like some of the negativity that you may have been attracting could have been sort of coming through a dress like a like a draft of cold wind in it and with it with his a hole in the wall where your self-doubt was actually partially generating some of that negative energy but then when you Rose to total confidence in ownership then that draft got shut off and babe fucked off right like you stood up to the bullies or something is that is that sound accurate absolutely you know I I realized to anyone that was attacking me these are people that are just insecure with their own lives and their need to attack others and you know I’ve always known this but it’s just I of course I like to be liked you know who doesn’t like I’ve always been somewhat of a loner and an outcast but at the same time like I I feel better when people support me and like me you know but I’ve always kind of felt like an underdog and I just told myself yeah laugh now I was like but you guys just wait just wait and I used all that negative energy as fuel to just push myself as an incentive as an impetus to prove everyone wrong including myself you know I wanted to prove to myself that I can work with these big companies I can do anything I want if I set my mind to it and that’s what I really started doing I mean I I set some goals for myself and I told myself you know and however long I’m going to have my own place in La I’m going to get my driver’s license back I’m going to have my medical card I’m going to do all these things and I fucking did you know and I just literally I manifested My Reality by just focusing my energy enough you know and I sometimes like I Amaze even myself you know like I’ll I’ll dream of things are all Focus so much on certain things that I want and I will get it you know and absolutely well yeah do you have any more to add to the timeliners or can we start to explore a bit some of these dimensions of your your lifestyle I mean to go on a ramp ramp in about a the my background I just know please that was perfect that was you know you could write a book seriously you know start start writing chapters outlining the chapters this is very interesting unique story and you know yes please it was a blessing in and I’ll say that what what I’m so excited about is that you are standing in some ways probably very I don’t to see you standing alone but you know there’s a lot of stereotypes about how all porn actresses were sexually abused as children and their damaged goods and they’re on drugs and they’re just totally broken and it’s just their being chewed up and spit out by the industry and then they have no future and that’s a stereotype and it’s people like you who are standing out as examples of really empowered healthy balance and even spiritually aware even Yogi so you can’t use the argument against poor and that it’s exploiting disempowered performers if there’s a narrative about how you found this is a way to quit your day job and get your life moving in a direction you wanted and also shed a lot of haters and shaved you know jealousy and other inhibitions to your total sexual freedom and Liberation and empowerment so that’s my new no overview of of what I’m hearing and so too kind of I have some very specific questions one would be since you have a background in holistic health and plant-based diet and all these things there’s there’s a number of issues that affect specifically female adult performers and one is let’s say a very Unholy stick habit of excessive douching that leads to Chronic you know problems with the onias is is one thing do you have any practice or have any advice for performers about proper holistic care of their pelvic region for all of this activity that becomes your are you at your at your body is your your sort of vehicle for your career so I got to take care of it the body Temple before I live a really pure lifestyle and you know I don’t do drugs I don’t drink alcohol except cannabis but I eat a manly raw food diet you know I don’t like to label myself I’m not a complete vegan cuz I take a lot of supplements that aren’t vegan like krill oil and fish oil but having like a high alkaline diet will automatically balance your pH just set you up for overall a healthier Foundation but there are certain things that I do I mean like I take a lot of supplements when I know I’m shooting a lot of Zane can just turn herbs like oregano oil and to strengthen my immune system you know because I’m kind of a germophobe and because porn you are essentially exposed to more germs especially in certain situations so you know I do like to kind of make sure my body is is strengthened in that way but as far as keeping my vaginal area safe I immediately like I do take probiotics and I’ll take some things to prevent any UTIs like cranberry extract and mannose powder things like that but also I do a douche lmtv the contents out and I’ll put half apple cider vinegar raw apple cider vinegar jobs apply clove Bud oil and whatever essential oils I have you know and the oregano oil is great just you know I don’t overdo it cuz then I can burn myself but yeah so I make a really powerful do she know and I use that after I make sure that if I’m using any lube that it’s it’s good it’s it’s not like I like coconut oil but sometimes it does get kind of messy onset so I have this like organic Lube that I got its me Liam it’s mainly just aloe and it has a lavender oil in it and vanilla oils whatever two different things in it but make sure I have kind of a really really good smoothie with different green powders in there and like spirulina and chlorella and I just really make sure I cleanse myself you know when I do shoot a lot of anal so that’s kind of another thing cuz I don’t really do anal in my private life that much why don’t really have a sex life out of horn right now but I’m not really into anal put it that way but when I do shoot it I prepped really well you know what I’ll I’ll fast for a day so there’s nothing in my tubes or I’ll just have all liquids you know and then the same as with the douches I make sort of my own concoctions I’ll make enemas with concoctions to like I put activated charcoal in a lot of my enemas and that actually kind of soaks up any excess liquid or or diarrhea or anything like that and yeah so I don’t really have any problems on Sat as far as that goes and I’ve never gotten add STD or infection porn yet knock on wood you know I just did not realm it’s all about prepping you know what I mean and just making sure you clean yourself while after and you know definitely taking supplements right on ya I have some that I mean this is music to my ear is because I am feeling like I’m sort of applying these principles to my own Sexual Health as a performer and and I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve consulted with people and really are so many of the infections that we take for granted all of viral and bacterial infections really are just facilitated by poor diet and poor overall health and wellness and we could really actually be exposed to so many things including STIs on a routine basis and just have the robot the robot stay city of of immune system to fight them off and it’s like candida is a huge factor that I’ve if there’s if there’s excessive candida systemic candida of all things than really your immune system is compromised chronically at the week or points of scan the mucous membrane so I can just imagine you really packaging your system as a training program as a consultancy have you experienced other actresses on set who have been asking you what your secrets are if you’ve sort of coach started coaching anyone I just see you as being so such a beam of light for so many people who are just being really obviously in a mini ways abused and for their ignorance and naivety and just the STIs that are for a lot of people taking as a given his occupational hazard that they’re not about to wear condoms and put goggles on to try to prevent with rubber and plastic but if you prevent it with what you’re talking about it’s a whole new story so any experience with just with that with being kind of taking on a leadership role there I really try you know I’m not a pushy person like I don’t like to push things on people unless they’re genuinely interested I definitely give as much advice as possible you know two other performers like I’ve a lot of performers have asked me things and I’ll recommend supplements to them especially things because herpes is definitely an issue in I don’t want to say an issue but it is a common thing that some performers deal with and certain supplements like lysine and which is the amino acid and caprylic acid which is in from coconut. Those two supplements alone are known to cure or prevent herpes stronger than prescription medicine so you know I tell performers to get these supplements you know oregano oil this that and to douche with apple cider vinegar and they usually follow my instructions you know where they are I’ll help them make something or or give them some of my stuff you know but it just depends someone’s willingness you know I’d I know some people like think it’s weird what I do and I know I I I don’t want to say you’re ignorant but like I said I don’t like to push something on someone unless they’re they’re open-minded about let you know but I’ve definitely thought about incorporating my nutritional background into the adult world I I really would like to make my own line of enemas are douches douches and supplements Tucanos specifically Target performers are people working in the adult industry now kind of my next move right on yeah dude I think they’re called let me see if I can find this I’m looking at this company called fine ass marketing and here we go offering comfortable rates and incomparable Services Finance marketing caters to an array of clients in the sexual health wellness and entertainment Fields providing marketing branding and public relations expertise in addition to talent management the company also provides a lucrative platform for industry networking creative synergistic relationships between new and established businesses yeah it goes on I’ll say I spoke with these folks and they were very positive about my sort of thumb conceived trajectory as a holistic adult performer and I think that I’m not connected with them through any affiliate marketing but I just feel like wow there needs to be a team wrapped around you yesterday because you could be preventing so much suffering with the wisdom and knowledge you have so I’m just going to like sit here with my Goosebumps right now and just yeah I hope you pull in that Vision I don’t know if this is the right Lisa this is just what’s out there mean yeah I just can’t I thought about them immediately you do have a publicist or you don’t besides just to you know booking agent but do you have a publicist that is going to help you developed all this potential branding you know in product development stuff I’ve been looking for someone to really help me with PR you know and I almost worked with this management team or for music but the thing that’s difficult is that I need I need someone in NPR that is able to work with me and all my directions you know because it’s like I the pouring is one thing the music’s one thing and then the nutritional stuff is is one thing too and I just need someone I can kind of fit in exactly you don’t I mean that’s flexible I’m just you know so I’ll figure it out eventually you know but as far as your own all the things that you can do yourself DIY style do you have a have you or would you consider putting out YouTube videos that are kind of what you can actually I don’t want to say get away with but if you have the option to check a box on YouTube it says this is adult you know we’re mature content so it filters out users who are underage and if they don’t have if they’re not login they can’t watch it and what being logged in as their certification that they are of legal age so given that I think a lot of people don’t know that if you’re not doing things that are extremely a gratuitous on YouTube and they have a ranking system where they have a way where if you get flagged and you stuff to get taken down you get I think three strikes within a. Of time so you can kind of you know filled out the right Zone but I mean if you were to make your it’s just some free advice and I guess but I would love to see you become a YouTube star with your Mystic everything including the adult stuff is not just born stars in the everybody’s having sex everybody’s having sex most of it is really unsafe and you could be even before you have your your products if you did something like put out a YouTube video and put links to Amazon products that you know be able to buy seafood if people watch your video they want the ingredients for your concoction and they go to Amazon and buy it you can get kick back to affiliate marketing revenue from from that it can be big so I say don’t wait for someone to you know if you if you are if you don’t keep what are keep waiting and do as much as you can but anything I can do to get you to help facilitate this consciousness-raising and what video blogging and what not it would just be fabulous and or maybe I’ll wait till you have a really amazing like production team to do to put out a series or or training but I think there’s people be on the adult industry who were who would really appreciate the wisdom that you have from the the miles that you’re you’re putting on your your body so to speak no I mean I agree with you but I do have a YouTube account and I upload a lot of videos not so much I’m a dumb like a cop and a couple of Health Focus things I guess I could sort of focus more on doing that I mean I have a Blog I have multiple blogs actually I started writing actually a book that’s kind of each chapter is on kind of like a chute and I go into details of the background and everything’s in the process he know I have a lot of projects that I’m always working on and my issue are no issue my qualms might my one struggle that I always have to deal with his focus and time management that’s really my Strife cuz it’s just I do a lot of different things and I have to just make sure I balance everything you know and AT-AT that’s why I spend so much time alone because I’m able to just get all my creative projects done and you know it’s also just hard to find the right partner that kind of balance is out of my life that’s kind of a whole different top it’s definitely it being a creative person who’s it’s the one we’re looking at a thing I’ve heard is Yuri captivating people with your art or you’re being captivated by other people’s art and so if you are content producer and not so much a consumer then you’re going to be yeah you’re going to be in the zone cranking out material that you love and you know people who aren’t sort of on that path of manifesting and creating they can become you know a distraction if they’re not up to speed with their own outlets and I feel like it’s kind of in the pre-show discussion was about whether how if you have how and in what ways you have encountered Tantra and sacred sexuality in as a yogi and as it adult film actress have you encountered any of the Sexual Healing Arts the sacred sexuality are either through Contra or Taoist sexual Kung Fu or all of the international sacred sexuality Traditions anything like that I’d be curious if you’ve encountered any of that in your journey send to me and I haven’t study per se Tantra very specifically but just having donporn now to this point I’ve really gotten so comfortable with my sexuality to the point where I’m not essentially even attracted to the Physical Realm like of course people’s bodies that that plays a role in my attraction to them but it’s gotten so much I don’t want to say I’ve become desensitized but I’ve become so much more focused on on the energy that I’m giving out and I’m giving to people and what I’m seeing and I’ve always been more of a giver I like to please that’s what really gets me off like I don’t even care half the time if I orgasm mean it’s great when I get to share one with someone but I just find pleasure when I’m able to make people feel good and with porn you know being that I’ve been single for over a year-and-a-half almost 2 years now it’s a good way for me to just share my body and my sexuality with not only the world I mean cuz they can watch me but just the fact that you know these other performers I’m I’m making them feel good like I’m bringing them to a point of ecstasy of pleasure and they Climax and you know I’m so just comfortable with who I am there’s no awkwardness like when I eat when I do a shoot I get on Sat you know I’m I’m really respectful and nice to everyone I have positive energy we do a good shoot it’s just performing it’s just a rata cart you know and that’s it you know we get paid and then leaving within the actual Act of Performing I get almost lost not lost but I’m I get into almost this like tramps you know I’ve just become so into the moment I’m not thinking about you know what what my my hair looks like or if I have a pimple on my butt or something back and forth and the only thing that I do crave intimacy you know and I I kind of touch base on this before but like I’m actually a very monogamous person in a sense where like I do love to fall in love with someone in and build a connection and you know how that intimacy with a person and you know I haven’t had that in a long time but porn still allows me to give an it’s a release so I’m happy that I’m able to do that you know so while I’m single it’s a good way to have somewhat of a sex safe life a safe sex life of a lot of people don’t realize that adult performers Austin have a safe for sex protocol that’s very strict because it’s their job they have to take care of their things that they have to take care of their bodies and not be Reckless because if they are Reckless they will lose their job and put people in Harm’s so yeah that was you know he pointed that out it’s it’s a it’s not often presumed or breaks The Stereotype but I’m it’s beautiful to hear you talk about your blossoming and transformation house sexuality has become a spiritual practice of transcendence ecstasy and Bliss through being fully financially empowered and totally honored and facilitated to reach those places and the people who are ironically the people who are not adult performers who are tantric practitioners who are struggling through a lot of neurosis and baggage and relationship issues and all of these there’s all these obstacles in the non-adult world let’s say for people to get to the point that you’re at and people could be doing meditation Zen mantras and pooches and all of these ritualised activities that are supposed to give us these experiences with or without our clothes on with or without touching ourselves or touching others are having intercourse I hope whatever crying but I feel like a lot of the adult performers are light years ahead of a lot of the spiritual sexual practitioners just because you shed a lot of the shame and baggage and guilt around your body and you’re just able to just show up energetically in the now in a way that most people who are trying to be spiritual or still fighting a million demons trying to get to the Residence Inn so if you can just plug in energetically with anybody and run the energy you’re obviously having a positive impact on them have you felt that male performers have felt like a major just your vibration is is is really transformative for them or very much a difference compared to if they’re having sex with women who have poor diets and poor health and mental issues that aren’t being resolved in or just sort of you know funky inside and out really are you standing out to your with your performance is being more ballistica option they I don’t want to sound them up trying to toot my own horn but I know I stand out you know if everyone that I work with is they always say I love your energy and all they they feel good around me that cuz I’m just kind of trying to radiate this positivity and not even that I’m doing it purposely it just happens you know when you take care of yourself from the inside out and I’m a very level-headed person you know I don’t really let my emotions get the best of me ever and I just I want to say that I’m very sorry rule too and I’m very just confident and comfortable with who I am and my skin and and that shows so I definitely noticed that people fate kind of absorb everything that I’m putting out and that sometimes though not I don’t want to say it poses an issue but a lot of times people are so attracted to my energy that they they want it and to be honest I could never date a male performer so a lot of the times you know when I’m done shooting not all the time but sometimes you know the male performer are they want to continue talking and they want to hang out but I have friends in the industry you know I have a few close friends but I’m pretty selective you know of who I am I get close to you and it’s not often that I continue my relationship you know her for friendship with someone outside of shooting you know I have to really Vibe with them you know I like to keep my work life pretty separate but yeah I mean I would definitely stay stand out because I look I mean porn music industry any entertainment industry you’re going to have all different types of people but there are a lot of low I don’t want to say I don’t like low-frequency people that. in the porn industry just because they a lot of people that if they don’t have that much depth to them you know like they if they don’t have that much going on it’s kind of just say they fuck for money and then like they they like it because it’s quick money and it’s kind of easy for them and they’re they they kind of live on a superficial realm you know what I mean and so when I work with people they sense that I have so much other things going on and you know I’m I’m very strong and and just this like you said kind of a beam of light so I can curse and a blessing sometime you don’t mean you got to bring that candle into the darkness you know that’s that’s the hope that’s the whole point right so part of my journey and you know I’m I’m very comfortable being in the dark I guess you could say I I have no demons because I have embraced them all you know and in a sentence with me and my demons work together you know what I mean like they’re they’re my comrades and the demon Whisperer yeah you know that cuz it it’s pretty apparent when someone has demons that they haven’t worked out yet and a lot of girls in porn you know seriously the younger girls that come in there lost you know what I mean like they don’t really know where they’re going and I love when I see women that are empowered and and sure of themselves and there are women in porn that are like that but it’s just not as common you know what I mean sense that absolutely yeah well so a couple just a few more questions here and then we’ll get into how how you prefer people find you how can they support you and not be supporting pirated whatever is out there but before that I just want to say yeah thanks for that section there it was great and something I saw also on your list of qualifications here in in New York certified resume CV list that you are an advocate of outdoor Fitness which is awesome cuz I’m a gardener and I want people to get fit and get healthy and get medicine from their own backyard garden and the you know shortening the the footprint or shortening that the food distance for their food from Farm to Plate if it can be from the backyard and get Fitness being outdoors gardening and stuff so please tell me more about you know how you stay fit in and out on your advocacy for outdoor non gym fitness spend a lot of time in the gym at times when I was younger and it just I never really liked it like I don’t like the gym it’s very artificial to me and I don’t really like being around all these people that it’s just like I don’t like the vibe there you know I’m very very seldom go to the gym like maybe if I’m in a hotel or somewhere where it’s not as packed but anyway I just like to be outdoors cuz then I got to be in nature and and then I’m I’m working out and I don’t like Fitness to feel like a chore you know what I mean I like to utilize my body naturally and I’m not even thinking about working out I don’t count calories I don’t I don’t like to think like that you know so I like to just walk everywhere I can I mean I walk probably four to five miles a day running errands and doing things like that try to walk everywhere if I can I go hiking a lot you know I might live like a mile from the mountain so I go there all the time that’s a very just very centering thing for me to do I get to the top of the mountain and it’s just super might like meditative you know I very peaceful for me I do a lot of yoga I love to dance and I Stage dance to I like when I go out and when I work at Club sometimes doing that and you know I used to dirt bike and ride motorcycles lot I don’t I don’t do that as much anymore just because I can’t risk getting hurt as much but you know anything outdoors like I like to snowboard when I can I used to Surf lot volleyball so it went at the beginning of this episode when I said I before we even got to this point it was bass and just you know the profile that you we are going to hear from Miss Universe 2016 I mean I hope that this is that you’re going to be just really facilitating a revolution in Consciousness and definitely I think your lifestyle is something people would be glued to no pun intended to understanding I mean of all the people that have all the like you said kind of shallow people that that are being followed through social media that are really not putting out anything of value as far as okay here’s me twerking I mean how many times can I see a twerking video of the same person before I get bored and maybe there’s people out there who just don’t get bored as far as I’m concerned I would love to see the women that I worship sexually and put all of my literally I mean one of the things that you would discover if Tantra enters your life more would be that the responsibilities as a conductor of male sexual energy there is if you were to measure the kilocalories of energy that are expended through masturbation to porn goddesses this is a form of goddess worship it’s a form of devotion a form of of surrender and a form of sacrifice so when a man jerks off to a porn actress he’s actually breaking off a piece of his soul and sending a chunk of light energy into this this into her sort of domain of power and if that domain and power is not purposeful and ecological and design consciously than it can just be in Abyss that feeds demons and grows hell on Earth and is just part of the problem not the solution but if people like yourself understand and work with these principles you could really be an architect and engineer and conductor of a symphony of appropriate energy use so please I’m going to be working on grant funding or or private funding I don’t know about getting grabbed but I would love to get a production team wrapped around you that really eroticize has all of these ecological values that you have and all of these empowering wisdoms that you’ve cultivated so that’s my prayer and I promise you that if I relieve myself I sexually to your likeness it will be for a beautiful cuz so if you want to in this day with the giving your links and then how about a prayer what would you ask your fans to help you manifest as if it was your a verbal vision boards of sorts you know so that we can all contribute to your best and highest purposes for the benefit of all life will you say it’s hard for me to say to ask one thing for my uniform every one night I am really thankful for my fan just because essentially I couldn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today without them you know and I just would like my fans to keep supporting my my true passions which is beyond porn you know I’m I’m doing porn and giving my body for others to enjoy and you know I I I look at it as an expression it’s just another form of art but you know that the music the nutritional goals that I’m I’m trying to do just might my brand and general that I’m building I just would love for people to continue to support that you know when I when I have shows come come out and see me when I try to do different events you know things like that and just keep spreading positivity that’s that’s really all I want just stopped for everyone to feel good you know and kind of wake up to open their eyes and open your eyes and just to see that there’s so much more to life than your TV and what’s going on in social media and crap like that you know what I mean absolutely absolutely well I’m sure that if she wants if you want to give linkston and whatnot will all be your following your lead here and definitely keeping in touch with all of your work so what’s the what are the best ways for people to to find you now you know expecially porn related in things like that just full of cityx feline my Twitter my Instagram is full of CDX feline to I do a lot of more photography like stuff on Instagram it’s not really that much porn related things on there and my Facebook is just full of City feline I have a couple of blogs Felicity feline I have full City feline and then I’m starting another one which is Felicity feline which is going to be more like interviews of people and I was actually thinking of starting a podcast myself and please do you know just connect with people and bring other people to light you know what I mean feel free to drop a line just be respectful that’s all I ask cool will thank you so much again for your time we covered a lot and I’m really invigorated and motivated and feel like this is a great very helpful because it’s it’s taken a lot of hard work for me to get into this moment of this conversation because very I’ve I’ve been dealing with a lot of performers who are not all there in a lot of ways and I really have compassion for them and I feel like we one of the things I do in order to train actresses to be in my energy field I have to put them through training I have to pay for them to you know study materials and from now on the first thing they’re going to have haven’t you know it’s not punitive it but you know I’m not being a drill sergeant but the first thing that I would love and be so happy and so thankful to share with them is this interview that we just accomplished right now. So thank you for that you’re going to have an instant effect on a lot of people’s lives because and then you’re going to have customers so please roll the stuff out like yesterday help me oh keep me safe all right cool then and then we’ll call tonight what really enjoy talking to you and everyone out there listening thanks for listening and just continue to follow on your own path and don’t ever be disheartened you know your path to live no one else can walk your footsteps but you so make the most of your life all right then you have a great night we’ll talk soon please go to www. and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provides ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com, CA

The Modern Day Sexual Man with Hypnotica TPP78


Hypnotica Pic In this episode I’m proud to explore the raw depths of modern masculinity with mind scientist and men’s lifestyle guru Eric Von Sydow, a.k.a. Hypnotica.

He shares his experience navigating the sexual politics of polyamory in the sexually charged environment of gentlemen’s clubs and beyond. He’s lived the life that most men dream of and fantasize about and he’s developed training programs and resources to help others along in their paths towards sexual mastery.

About Hypnotica:
For 23 years now, mind scientist / men’s lifestyle guru, Eric Von Sydow, aka Hypnotica, has been inciting men to enhance their sexual well being. Recognized as the “Inner Game Guru” he has pioneered the field of male sexuality. As one of the “founding fathers” of the men’s movement in masculinity and lifestyle, he was an early mentor to now-famous figures like Neil Strauss (“The Game”) and David DeAngelo (“Double Your Dating”). Thousands of men boast success not only in their personal love relationships but also in their overall lives under his tutelage.

Hypnotica has recently released, “Modern Day Sexual Man,” a new mastery program for men. With ““Modern Day Sexual Man,” Hypnotica is laying claim to unleashing “the most advanced sexual techniques for men that the world has ever seen.” The components of the project are a culmination of decades of scientific research, relationship coaching, intuition and personal experience, designed to upgrade the modern man into a genuine “superbeing.”

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Com and our journey together will begin hello their beloveds welcome to Tantra Punk podcast episode number 78 I’m doing an interview with Eric Von Saito and we’re going to be talking about the modern-day Sexual Man program he also is known as hypnotika and has a very amazing and very rich background and in many different modalities involving healing sexuality in the arch of the mind so I can’t wait to have you Eric tell us as much as you can about your background and we’ll talk about the modern-day Sexual Man program cool well I hope that we have a great conversation we’ve already talked a great deal already so there’s some really cool things to talk about my story is I was a young kid, growing up fast but we just get them back in the day before the internet it was just kind of maybe play boys here and there and I was always interested in sex and we’re looking at it at least and I was not the best looking kid in the world I didn’t have a lot of social skills and I remember consciously just making a decision that this is something that I want to master that I want to really get good with and it was kind of my own journey and I Journey took me into various experiences in my lifetime that where I force myself to be in the presence of women in the feminine energy and twos to absorb it to be around all the time to really understand what it’s about and then bring it even to a deeper level of connecting more intimately with women and that goes all the way back to you know in high school started join the choir Kokosing my understanding is 80 girls and there was no that’s a good place to start and then I went to a show choir and then after that physical guy and after that I went up to Santa Barbara junior college and studied a little bit and I remember there was a girl who was a dancer and she used to ask if I could come along and just protect her and parties and stuff like this and that became one thing and that’s when you know I had some experience with the dancers I got into a strip club and for the last 23 years have been running strip clubs security as far as general manager of a little bit more extreme sexual nature and in that environment I was absolutely just to have so many different varieties of women and mindsets and sexuality and their energies and mindsets just to learn about and fireman you can’t not be sexually for tacious and I think sign 8 or so I was given a very cool or a created to agree a very cool half way to learn about what most guys don’t understand or get to experience so by me taking all this experience I was giving back and that’s where the hypnotika name come from his back with the internet was just the game it was a lot of places to learn about this and there was a couple group two that were there in that tire place near it my super name was subnautica if you wanted to teach guys or help guys learn what I was learning because I was learning in a rapid Pace that most guys don’t do when you have 3250 dancers exotic dancers if you please send you got testosterone you got different menstrual periods going on with women it’s a very intense learning situation and from that with what I was arrested in because you don’t back that I was a member I had a tantra book and I was going through it in high school and and learning about it this whole thing was to discover more of who I was at the time it’s been a very cool process that way because when I first started I have no sexual experience and I was plagued up until I was by I don’t know him in twenty one years old with premature ejaculation and it was just as frustrating as a man so the more I learn the more that I was able to give back into really going to go into these extreme areas to help man in and say hey you know I’ve walked into pathway I can understand it a little bit so that you can understand the territory or I can help bring out what I’ve learned to give to you so that’s been the path that I’m on and have it on and now I’m at the phase where I pretty much seen it done it all and it’s now it’s more of a time of reflection way I feel like I’ve kind of pass the Baton a little bit until I can more of the Elder stage and kind of looking back it’s like this is what my testosterone is like right now and just the ability as kind of an elder to give back and not be so inundated and just that raw testosterone while you’re not seeing the bigger picture now I can like look back in and really kind of key from my Amor experiential we’re being so it’s a very cool thing that I’m doing so that’s pretty much where I’m at and I’ve developed a lot of programs really specialize in men’s confidence and sexual confidence and giving them techniques and idealistic ways to think of how to be with a woman and new ways to think about how intimate and also just how to be more masculine I’m more conscious masculine man and step out of the old Paradigm and really brings the picture of more well-rounded Renaissance type of man which I think is very needed at the time especially where we’re at in this phase of evolution on our planet wow that is so I said I just D Palace to hear this really really deep I feel like the first thing that comes to mind is it pure spiritual person you’re supposed to be acetic in a lot of I don’t even call and traditions but a lot of authoritarian kind of anti pleasure anti-flash spiritual paths that there’s this taboo around being fully embodied in so that you have this throughout recent history this extreme segregation knows very sexually successful men and very special called spiritually evolved during night and then and so whenever there is a man walking the Earth today who can speak from having experienced abundant sexual adoration and worship and make an art form out of it and also keep his balls and be able to function on the physical material playing in and actually get shit done and it’s a beautiful alchemy that really hard to achieve so if if can I can we go back a bit into some of the chapters of your story so I can kind of get a better sense yeah I like I said I’m I’m just so interesting to me to know that this is possible cuz I don’t want to feel like that there’s like a Chasm between the exploitation of women in the adult entertainment industry and Tantra or sacred sexuality but that there’s there can be an Alchemy of honoring the feminine so it’s a very complex get simple idealistic way of thinking about that and a lot of people and maybe this is a gift that I was given to be in that environment of the gentlemen’s clubs in things like this I really got to be it was just that like intimate where there is a certain trust level annual bringing girls on no private parties in and looking after like I really had to be there bodyguard very intimate Avalon and the conversations that I was able to get into with women and and I’ve always have to build women up in that because there’s a lot of guys that are just ignorant and you walk around your tits are too small to Razor’s Edge easily overstep your bounds and a lot of guys once they learn a little bit of power of influence can become manipulative but it it’s walking that bounce where you’re coming across get your being open enough where they can do what they want to do and you’re not trying to hook up and what I mean by that is you’re not trying to get them submitting to you on that level where it’s lot of guys are with jealousy and things like this they want to control the woman and very interesting to have gone through that and to be in intimate places where you harbor freight shipping be intimate and what you were talking about earlier and about the sexuality and the purity of it believer absolutely made from pleasure and we were made for pleasure I mean that’s it that’s it’s built Within walkthrough The Root chakra and the solar plexus chakra you can’t avoid that at the most powerful ones that connect us to the Earth and to our nature and to be able to find that balance of giving love and any guy who goes through this and explores this is going to get beat up a little bit that’s the crazy thing like you think about cakes that is important you guys are supposed to talk about this is that I’m a man beautiful and tan trick dog in the world like that so if that full balance and it’s not going too much to the laughter too much to the right because I know there’s guys that are very on trick and they’re very feminine stick and agree but you know it’s like they don’t have that flexibility to go into the fiery masculine and so you know they stay there because there’s no polarity polarity and there’s no flexibility self the ability to keep a woman guessing as far as your own Sexual Energy on one level of the great that you could do that but you’re just in the tundra you’re doing the southside of that if you don’t have that Rod western-style to you don’t have that balance so it’s very complex that has kind of come through and it’s it’s been the last 20 years about this machine that a lot of guys you really step into the sexual well there’s maybe I don’t maybe 5-6 that I’ve studied personally rajneesh back in the day or show that was kind of the first start of it but it’s something that’s just so needed and especially the balance now because so many people watch no PornHub reporting so in their minds so that we don’t just think that it’s too far east side and that Rod dominant we’re being if you know you have the ability to be sexual you have the ability to be loving you have the ability to be dominant you have the ability to Be Frisky whatever it is hopefully this new man coming through is able to be okay with it in and not be shameful about it and we’re at about right now to degree because if you’ve seen a lot of what’s going on a man have to be the guy who goes out there and says you know hey how you doing that’s just the way it is a nature and be proud of it and we got to figure out a balance with the women that are like okay I don’t want to be bothered with every guy just stopped doing and and you guys got what you wanted you to be bothered you guys to get bored very quickly so where does very weird stage in and I’m kind of past that phase I’m going to marry still sexual but I’m not like in the face would like 21 or that’s just brought these younger kids if they can get this information and intent to figure it out because it’s with apps like Tinder and all these things there’s a lot of stuff moving on and even though the development of power a kid proceed like when I was growing up I had play boys I was okay how to play Boyce okay now you got a six-year-old kid on the computer going to the mines that so the best that I could do with my stuff is just lay down a super strong basic Foundation that I think it’s healthy and so they have a at least a century point to get to so these are kind of some of the things that I hope to help develop and pass on so that they have stuff to go from because we did it I’m so glad to hear you say that I feel like my heart is just a swelling because it’s unimaginable High terrific what’s happening to the neural physiology of with porn addiction note prepubescent humans on this planet I mean if it’s mortifying and I feel like if I were a parent which I’ve in this life I’ve chosen very young like I got a vasectomy and I don’t have any progeny and I’m not planning on it because I feel like some of us have got to dedicate Our Lives to do in the cultural healing so that the world is suitable to innocence again in developing sexual Rites of Passage and having like you’re saying and I healthy template for development that integrates 6 Rowdy spirituality and The Feminine principles and masculine fiery principles but we’re so lost and really but so many people are in denial about exactly what you just said so I just got to thank you for saying that I mean it’s a crisis and I feel like we’re in a science fiction John Carpenter film right now with was coming through with pouring and everything fake who’s going to stop the thing that we got to stop this from spreading and I don’t like the guy part of torn because the women have been brainwashed to believe that women in their photos like that’s their Worth or worse comes in their external looks and and it’s all about you no sex and you know what can I get an end and that is a scary thing in itself so hopefully you like said that we can live there can be some kind of balance because I’d say right now a lot of the women are out of balance to where it’s at in the middle out of bounds to 2 degree it’s weird to say this because I’ve been doing it for like 23 years it’s still in the infancy stage and hopefully the young women of this day can’t understand like they’re not just subjected to being a a sex object even though the sex is wonderful and and then no matter what are going to visually you look at a woman and she’s mathematically proportional and be attracted to that it’s just a very strange thing in Warren this is just kind of my mind Toronto is actually use it sometimes when I’m going out and I’ll put on PornHub for 5 minutes before I’m going out because I want my sexual pheromones to be activated so this is just a tip that I do is y’all watch 5 minutes as soon as I feel my body become activated like it’s like I feel like my energy are activated in and then I go out and do my thing and I feel like I have that energy so there’s good parts of it and there’s no unusual parts of it so it’s just a matter of I guess how you utilize it as long as you don’t deplete your energy is sit there and jerk off five times a day should a state that also for the record that I think erotica conscious erotica and pornography really even like the sound of the word it did I don’t know if it’s because what it’s been through but I think erotic Cinema and being aroused by it using it to expand your horizons and I can say is in a couple relationship again here are reinforcing if one person has a desire that they like to have met that could involve you know one or more additional people doing you know or it could just be I’d like to explore something will here is a visual reference to something and there’s there’s it’s a fraction of the total amount of points out there but there is at a holy see if you will like a light there is a light at the end of the tunnel which is not just educational boring you know instructional doesn’t have to be boring but it can be a way to Blossom Consciousness and to give people access and certainly for people who have non mainstream sexual preferences in orientation and gender identities than to be able to identify with role models who are doing something beautiful with a wholesome and loving and at least consensual you know and hopefully real then there is a beautiful I guess post porn opportunity for now that the it’s easy to produce something relatively compared to the 70s when it was more expensive sake then there will be a Consciousness revolution in pornography and hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of the stuff that you’re teaching about so on that more hopeful note I have just a couple more questions about to gentlemen’s club chapters and then we can talk more about specifically what it is that you’re helping men do with your program so I was just living in Vegas for a while and I got kind of an inside scoop on a lot of into workings of that world and it’s been really fascinating to me and I’m really excited to get some insight also from you about how the politics and personalities and even astrology and like you said the menstrual cycles it’s such as an ecosystem of Egos and Flash and drooling men who don’t know what they’re missing out on having a really reduced flattened perception of what a woman is potential is was just shaking her ass or whatever it’s like you were being in that world I’m curious what some maybe some stories you know what were some stories they were really touching to your heart when you saw Andy women instead of a cat fighting competing they actually were building alliances and supporting each other or you know doing something positive and create or just some success stories or anything that can kind of give us some Redemptive juice from that world cuz I think it’s about to pour or repulsed by at 7 ish to Repose quite a lot of ways are they feel like they’ve got a really fight tooth-and-nail to carve out some piece of it to be empowered but maybe you have some insights it sounds like you’ve had the right mentality I don’t know you know for how deep you have these philosophies going back to that time but I love to hear some Redemptive stories or anything interesting she’s got her own opinion about what I do bring it down back of the women coming to how can it be a misogynistic Factor perverted they were called Temple dancers thank you you okay they end up becoming strippers through the the Puritans in the end the people that we were afraid of that Sexual Energy that women have it the beauty that they have that only I really can put out on that level so with the women so I have always noticed over the years and it’s one of these things that he personally notice at first is there’s not a lot of women in my 23 years of working strip clubs I’ve only really come across seven women that were just fire just pure fire that had that raw sensual Marilyn Monroe which type of energy of Seduction that were just able to ever full-bodied able to just to get into it and to spread that bit a lot of women that I was with intimately take them down in the bedroom and get them okay with a lot of their own sexuality and to break out of a box of what they were used to sexually as far as for the way that they are the way that are able to be vulnerable the way that they’re able to express themselves if they’re doing oral or physical or speaking up so a lot of it it has to be to the man being so confident in his masculine nature that he can direct God and really help a woman Express who she is in a very safe environment so that she can expressive and not feel shame about doing whatever she’s doing and at the same time be okay to have a intimate sex partner that you can come over when you want twice three times a week and everything’s okay there’s no limit to the interaction and the the more you can do that in the more that you can be open about it and that was one thing that’s challenge me over the years you have a wife but I also have a few women that were intimate that lives with me and I even lived across the street I have like a Airbnb house and I had some of the girlfriends that were there so finding that balance and how that works and it always goes smooth guaranteed but finding out how women interact with door the women and their own trust issues sometimes they have at their selves or steam at maybe I get along with one girl and maybe she doesn’t know she’s been very sabotage in all that so big you able to overcome that in or to somehow facilitating hold space and kind of manage personality conflicts and politics I’m very curious education that needs to take place with a lot of communicating that needs to take place there is a lot of really understanding that has to happen because when you’re in environments like this there’s a lot of old school or factors that can come up where it’s person feels like she’s not being loved enough or makes you feeling jealous over here and my belief is that love is only additive love is finite in nature like if a person says they love one person has a son and then a dog does only that amount of love that you had also to have to be taken call Matt so now instead of a percent that person was loved you have to give y’all 25% to the to the child and another 10% to the dog and so now he’s only being loved 75% to give players that were involved in the people that were my life it wasn’t easy for them as well but you know was one of these things that you have a free place to explore it and sometimes it can get Fiery and sometimes it’s beautiful and you find out what your balance is for the first you know there was a point where was like five women and I was lucky enough to be in my mind you know being a young kid that’s like all this is what I want you don’t realize what am I doing I found out in as any man to find out what my personal balance for what very close ones that I can be trusted with an intimate with if I go to one I feel a little claustrophobic and so it really comes down to knowing yourself and being okay to explore it and you have to be open enough I’m going to partake in this if they want to do whatever they want to do to I have to I can’t be a hypocrite so I have to because if you’re going to play the game what a lot of people say it’s a sting on a person you got to be able to take that sting back and be able to say okay you know if I have to experience what they’re experiencing and so he learned a lot and you think you learned a lot of a lot of different levels put the nice thing is is once you go through any kind of figure out and you get through the crashing waves I stay up on the sand you know when you get a little bit deeper you understand who you are and you got to find your own balance and from there. A very peaceful way of being because it just comes down to this is what who I am this is what I like and it’s become very clear and definiteness of purpose comes to mind and then if you find people that are on the same team it becomes even cooler like when they’re really cool things that I enjoyed about living, polyamorous and I like so you know I grow my own food. I’m extremely healthy green drinks well I like to do three green drinks a day if I can. I’m usually not you know I’m usually may be good for one but the drink three times a day is a pain in the ass but you know when you got to clean it got to put away it takes a lot of time but if I wake up and I’m committed to everyone and I want everyone to be happy your I easily can make one green drink okay so the middle person the most days I can make one and the last person didn’t take the entire blunt if you know you’re living together and something goes wrong with something hey you know what had you tip in and get the person’s car fixed or whatever or if a person needs a little bit of love or their feelings I’m very big in the community and exploring that is what my house is kind of crazy cuz I have a woman’s had girls dad trying to get away from crazy boyfriends and biker boyfriend and I believe you know women trying to get them off meth and drugs and then come here and right now I have a woman who is here with trying to get away from her husband and it’s a very big community of women and I’m kind of like that guy in the middle who’s that stability for them and it’s very empowering to which also use healing for them is I’m not hitting on you a lot of these women aren’t you I believe at this point if it’s there and it mixes cool if not you don’t have to force anything yet I just I guess that I’m at and so it’s just very refreshing to see how women can also be healed by being in a situation where a guy is just letting them be safe and it’s part of my past is to explore this in to see how it works but you got to put yourself in the fire and you got you got to be willing to get bumped and bruised and people questioning you who you are and and having a lot of bad. Talk about how people sometimes my neighbors and they think that they like that’s the dumbest thing like I’ma throw parties and I’m up here but I’m like 3 minutes so they’re like they have to put what they think is on it because they can’t imagine one guy having four five six girls living with him and not knowing what to call it because they’ve never experienced it so they can think by releasing questions like I get phone calls from everyone thank you a lot of it has to do with their own wanting to explore that and they don’t have anyone to go by so if you put yourself in there probably what you’re going to run into and just start the map is rudimentary as a map is so that the generations coming up have something to start with instead of having to revamp and reset the tire you know what I hear it’s beautiful or you’re not hitting on it because it’s coming abundantly and flowing to the conversation I guess is really looking at I-5 had a similar experience if when you stop running a predator energy of need and Des creation and unfulfilled desire and and you exude confidence and you make your intentions clear from the beginning you allow women or whoever you prefer to feel that it’s the ball’s in their court if they want to pursue you know they don’t have to bear them to be a big game of chasing around and being dishonest or just put it out there and you’ll be surprised I can speak from experience that it’s not like you’re being passive in you’re not I mean if your intentions are set very clear and salt from the beginning and you don’t manipulate like you’re saying you don’t play games you don’t play people against each other or like most people would be in some Jerry Springer nightmare under these conditions but if you trashed I feel like that’s is that for you while you’re filming comes from just in abundance and trust me and creating a safe space and you don’t have to be using all these tactics to mine fukin control people because you letting them just be free really is what it comes down to is that it is a very weak point of view and it’s not going to last it just built on Sand is what that is it takes a lot more diligence it takes a lot more come for who you are to be able to be in that environment and it because you know it could go left and right you could come back and grab the girls at all yet on which I’ve experienced a few times has a lot of women were interested in exploring the polyamorous relationship but as they go on which is good to explore because they’re like you know what I prefer one-on-one so one of the things that you have to experience and you can get hurt along the way but you know hurting something that is like a bruise it’s just a bruise that’s all it is it doesn’t break and you may even say you love her someone this isn’t really for me which is okay but then when a person leaves you know you’re so you have to be masculine and vulnerable to be able to take that hit to a degree and not cower away from it and not closed down but be more open and understanding that softness and that vulnerability what we talked about because a lot of people think it’s a little bit too feminist chords to fluffy there’s nothing fluffy about being able to deal with a person you know maybe leaving your life if you’re interested or you have feelings for him it says it’s just raw experiential and in being ballsy enough and brave enough to experience at and to know that hit a person could leave this is very brave so it’s a very very masculine thing and I don’t want to do it like all we have is you know that’s raw intimate loving really knows it’s just it’s wrong it’s just no bulshit by Fitz really rise it get so there’s only like I said there’s only Dynamics what a person is going to be a master there’s so many years is 24 and I noticed okay I’m still kind of very attracted to die still very much wanted it but it’s a little bit different and that 20 is a 28 finger a little bit more settled down you’re going to tell you if you’re still going to nightclubs whatever you look at the younger girls he was like top hits just so you know it’s a little strange or or or that maybe you can tell the difference between a younger woman who’s still into her adolescent mindset or younger woman who is very sexual and then 28 + 29 + 24 + every once in awhile like a younger one comes in and so the interesting whole thing about this is life cycle stuff is killing my orgasm in and work through your semen retention and do this and a lot of times I could just stop and get free. If I do decide to come others that I got to work with an immature so it’s not like we were before you got to choose your battles wisely analogies to the World of Sports and other areas that we have these archetypes for masculine power and power is sin it’s interesting because I don’t remember there was a top adult performer male performer with got in trouble for breaking the condom laws and record-keeping laws and got slapped with tens of thousands of dollars of fines bike out I think it’s cal-osha for producing foreign in violation of regulations and his kind of response to his kind of political statement was filing a complaint against one of the the MMA outfits to make the point that we condoning all this violence and all of these pathogen transfer events in contact Sports in in obviously box in MMA there’s they’re not hyper regulating and they’re trying to put the point in if you had a business using this tactic I meant I’m not saying hello ship but it’s like the political commentary of that whole situation is it it strikes to a deeper truth I think we’re at we’re training are athletes and conditioning are athletes in creating a culture of celebrating violence and making professional violence practitioners but the practice of the Living Arts have been driven underground so far and where it’s happening in pouring its being hyper regulated and it’s it’s so weird today if you’re watching traditional TV or something like this very interesting I’d say in the next 10 years especially since you know what these younger kids were grew up on we’re going to see the effects of gangbangs that you know when you’re watching them at 7 years old on your tits it’s going to be fascinating and women you know that I was involved with any dancers so I’ve seen many dancers absolutely ruin their the beautiful feminine that they had was in the came in they were just very soft and loving and and beautiful and after you know a couple months of people to give you the money or just dubbed that coldness when I get where they and very beautiful and I’m just turned dark and cold and ugly and so you don’t have to deal with that too because that’s that darker side of the feminine nature if they start thinking that it’s and that their sexual nature or that part of them is meant to do that they’ll never tap into the true essence of their own 782 and they’re going to be a big part of who they are never a team that beautiful status which is glowing compared to that kind of just that raw cold-hearted maybe sexy looking chick with close friends who I knew and they’re very beautiful blossoming into Womanhood in but still very innocent and then getting into the adult world and just becoming the most bitter really almost like a shell of a person you look in their eyes and they’re just gone this is so sad I mean everything in this that were talking about reveals a person you know you liked was that person really that person that beautiful who they were I have a firm belief that no matter what if your key or solid on the inside and you know who you are then that’s who you really are and you may have a little bumps and bruises along the way if your sit on that that’s all it’s going to release psycho so when I see these girls like Ben and like both who was the real you you know it was this or is that so it may have been hollowed out and child could be a very strange very strange talk about to see in jaculation and being able to cultivate the Sexual Energy so I’m curious since you are probably one of the few men alive who has been in the shed in the adult World in that way but also develop to the semen retention practices and the awareness of the chakras and in all this I imagine that you have been really opening the hearts and really healing and really expanding consciousness of your lovers and giving them experiences that they wouldn’t be getting as escorts or dominatrixes necessarily or any other type of sex worker or with what I don’t know how you and your Club so you know but I know that there’s a lot of lap dancing and then whatever else happens in the booth that doesn’t get asked about it told about it man it’s your duty to bring more love and light to whoever is your consort in the moment and so I just imagine that it’s just that was natural for you to have that effect on women and can you talk about any of those Glory of transformation and healing to those practices in love making you have to take the teacher at what I found is you have to take the just a teacher position where I consider like I’m a tour guide you know I’m here as you’re going to get to go somewhere going to take a ride you’re going to have fun you’re probably going to get wet and then you going to be able to go back to your normal life that’s kind of how you have to position in there because you’re dealing with people on that level you have to give them the out like you can’t let them completely commit to loving you on some level and and I and I don’t mean this in a bad way it’s a very positive but you don’t let them get attached and do you know where you’re supposed to just laying there and there are you know what after sex or even before sex with his laying on your chest is a masculine man you’re letting them know that it’s okay I’ve had women want to be around me is because I really hope ground them to the Greek intimate experience with them it’s a wonderful and then they got to go so you don’t let them get too attached and so they know that they have a spot where they can do this and I’m going to take care about it someone that they tend to fall in love with on unlevel but they protect themselves a lot of them what they want to hear let that happen. I am very upfront about it I’ll sleep know where they standing so they can go as deep as they want to go or give as much as they want to go and the nice thing about being like that is as you can develop relationships I have some women that I’ve been like this for almost 15 years and then setup without trying to hook him in and get them dependent on them like a like a lot of guys want to get that girl dick down so to speak to men need that because that’s their own security of of your hands like I don’t want that not a big deal as well either way it’s going to be a positive thing and that person don’t have to worry and I don’t have to worry about them either you know I’m a care about them but I know that there are a big girl making you know do whatever they want to do how do you know that something is just I’m getting chills right now just thinking about how like you said it’s complex and yet it simple mean this Simplicity and I’m singing all this is that it’s like the words monogamy non monogamy polyamory whatever it’s there all tongue twisters and they don’t they’re all inadequate in some way or shape or another but really what it comes down to is these words of control and freedom and what and are you a controlling lover or you a free lover and do you give freedom and you demand freedom and that this is kind of really the binary if if there had to be your talk about transparency thing about it the peaceful harmonious thing about it is when you’re open and you’re not running off of fear or worried about the other person there’s a certain contentment in life than just a man you’re here you’ve you’ve made it and these people choose to be in your life because they want to not because they’re forced to or they need to or they have some here the motion it’s cuz they genuinely truly want you and that’s a beautiful thing when you have that level of commitment of knowledge of knowing this that ever get to experience what that feeling is and to have attained that level and the nice thing about this whole thing of understanding this is what I love intimacy I love sex and I have also felt to the point where I can talk about all this when I put this kind of weird for me as if I’m even need to be physical anymore because I’ve explored it all throughout my body that it’s a component of it but I’ve reached this level of an elevation of okay yeah I don’t even need to be sexually morayfield like to be sexual but there’s a different energy so you has a more mature man it’s very interesting to you get to this point because you feel like you kind of mastered it and you understand the physical pleasures and you’ve explored the physical pleasures and in that and never developed that in my own Neurology in my own body and so it’s just another layer of wow that’s beautiful and deeply I used to say to myself I want to know myself after I have some Peak erotic experiences that I desire and feel frustrated about not having experienced and they are all very healthy and very empowering mutually empowering and just creative and wild as it should be but living in that state of it takes more than one person to achieve these goals or the person or the people that I’ve had opportunities with her only on board for a part of this shit at its really being a sexual Explorer adventure with ethics and a big heart and a big creative mind if it’s nice to start to feel that you get to that point and you feel like a man see for myself I value intimacy like a woman like I want from a woman what a woman wants from a man and it is a congruence there’s a congruent agenda of deep intimacy finally I didn’t have that vocabulary or that energy and I feel like that comes from really shipping on the nectar of the goddess and really knowing feeding yourself not like Jackhammer porn but feeding yourself dance meditation tantric energy work massage nature gardening let’s talk about it that the modern Sexual Man program like this new sexual Playboy Spirit you know conscious evolved kind of spiritual template for being a modern Sexual Man three you know Neil Strauss came in with the book the game but it helped mainstream everything of what we did but the unfortunate thing about what they did is they labeled it like Pick Up Artist and this is always been to me about men reconnecting with their own nature and exploring that and you know a lot of people that you don’t got thrown off by they want to be a pick-up artists and put a label on it into that this is something that is cool when it’s not cool it’s just natural and a lot of Industry educating guys on this so I did a lot of teaching with guys at on early level stuff and what I noticed that cat is you know I would take a lot of time in study something that put it out there and let you know other people would be using it and I have a lot of material you know I don’t think about you no respect given about her this is what we’ve developed in a thing like yourself for 20 years I just kind of sat on the sexual stuff and a lot of people didn’t even know that I was but to me this is really about opening up your mind maps cuz I studied in the road and doing good for programming hypnosis General semantics psychology I study all kinds of stuff you know I really try to figure out how I could utilize all this knowledge and put it into a program that got men educated on certain levels and so there’s about twenty three techniques that I developed that you’re not going anywhere else that I think she brought to the table and I just laid down this very strong very positive psychology where I thought a person could start from when I came out of the sexual man’s because this is a person who is like I said we were talking about being spiritual as much but I can go to a bar tonight and have a conversation with a girl let’s go fuck out by the garbage can about how woman’s body work how to help women that he would never have orgasms through hypnosis or what they call anchor language patterns and how to get them open and and just how to work with a woman’s body so you’re more like a teacher and you can have a woman Explorer like one here’s one technique that a lot of people interested in it was like anal sex a lot of women are very skeptical of anal sex cause a lot of guys don’t know what they’re talking about how things work so I was thinking through being a trainer your push your leg back if you resist for seven seconds because it’s further so what are the techniques that I thought about the stinkers basically a muscle so you know what I did is I was like and so I should have to look so if you’re in your starting now that you say you going to put your two fingers crossed over a little bit and put it into the point where you ask a girl can’t tell me when it’s uncomfortably never say painful or break if you say the word uncomfortable in a little bit uncomfortable and so he slept in a little bit and she’s pushing for seven seconds and then what you do is say okay and I’ll relax when the relax the muscle relaxants little bit more you can slightly push it in all said and she’s like okay if it’s uncomfortable so you say squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze again for relaxing stop to think how do you say basic sound like this is your toolbox like if you have these toolbox down lights going to be good for you because it takes you from one bad sexual experience, for everyone to be with you again and so it’s kind of utilizing that talk about stacking orgasms like there’s a great technique that I also talked about is your performing oral on a woman you have on your bed you have her head off the side of the bed you can you have a pillow Stack Up underneath her ass so the blood is actually going downward into her brain so in her head hanging off so it’s really pulling the blood there so when you stack an orgasm different ways of talked about it and you and you were to feel like a good orgasm stop and you can’t breathe through their bodies they’re packing all that Sexual Energy in there and then on what you say 345 or whatever you choose to pick as your stats they decide to have a orgasm as soon as I start that orgasm you grab their hand and the pull them up so they’re having an orgasm at the same time at the blood is Flushing out of their head in a lot of women can go unconscious with that which is perfect timing so if they do go unconscious and they’re absolutely in this unconscious phase and they’re they’re having orgasm they’re fighting compulsing it’s a beautiful time to be able to program things in their their head work you know they’re flopping around or they’re laying there and they’re just like that to your so sexy and so you can do the programming part of beautiful you know you’re an amazing lover your if you can really really cool things when they’re at that level of depth and when they come through there just get a lot of them cry because they do you know you can tap into something extremely extremely safe place to do and they are and you actually gave him a directions so it’s a lot of cool techniques like that to really get to know who you are lover and your inexperience lover so when you do come to the table she knows that hey you know what you’re talking about cuz you can be the greatest guy in the world but if you suck in bed or if you don’t have any gas or you may not get that second date and so why not you don’t be an experience or at least educated lover I think every man should be educated lover because women talk as well yeah it’s just really I think comes down to there’s no excuse if you have a skill doing anything you should be skilled at the most pleasurable aspects of life you know you can only eat so many times today you put the desire to be intimate and to have sexual contact is is pretty infinite so I this is great this is beautiful and I know there’s a lot of stuff out there but I really like the way you’re presenting it because it’s kind of a I can feel in your voice that real man up coach energy that if only young men as they were becoming only there was sexual initiation rites in the modern world that acknowledge that people are going to explore the birds and the bees when the energy comes when the hormones flowing all the stuff is happening and then to have this form of a resource out there for guidance I think it really will be that you know this will be one of many beautiful antidotes to the the negative conditioning and do you want to be a Jedi do you want to be a hero do you want to be a Toyota Zone and just live that way and I’m really kind of like moving into this just text level of the day like helping people with their you know what their health and I think I’m going to move into another area as far as I go I don’t want to be there at the guru and I never did really want to be the guru I just want to be a guy who’s going to give unique perspective on things and it kind of gives like that like even when it was big in the pool or phase night I never really put myself out there too much cuz I don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of guys in reality I prefer the company of women and so I was just like you don’t take what I am going to offer I’m going to run over here and I’m going to be transparent about this and I hope you will learn to some degree in and really and in at the same time though help men not get caught into the misogynistic aspect of it because that coldness so can men wear maybe they’ve been the nice guy of the good guy and they’ve been taking advantage of it all time to get this like fuck you bitch where you like it and that’s a negative aspect of it to sew Vengeance in baggage in LA Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes more mainstream and who knows maybe I’ll become even more popular more mainstream but I’ve always been pretty cool with you being on in the underground I hear you and I will you know what’s what I feel like that would be so redeeming for me is during the way you speak in hearing this very fully develop masculine I feel like you if you are like a sports coach that you could be the sports coach of male Talent pornstars you could be directing porn or at least transforming and doing makeovers on the male performers and giving them cuz obviously I mean I went to the the AVN Expo for the first time this year early this year and I went to the male performers panel because I’ve been doing some of my own performing and some kind of avant-garde start recording project and what’s not topping the charts yet but I hope to build alliances with people men and women & Beyond who want to bring these techniques and Technologies into erotic Cinema in and I feel like I don’t think a lot of them even know I think I asked the panel I said do any of you guys consciously practice tantric breathing techniques to be able to last as long as you have to be on set all day they didn’t really have an awareness of the technology of time for like it wasn’t the delegation from the contract movement has not into the mainstream for him to be so we can’t blame that originally like when I was growing up I wanted to be a pornstar and the only reason I didn’t really become a pornstar in my way was because at that point I was like you know my dad’s a Navy captain of my mom said nurse I don’t think that they’re going to really appreciate that at the young age not shameful about it like yeah I think fucking is is great I got to get some normal I guess I don’t look at it as poor another cat it’s like you know this is me being vulnerable in and that’s a cool thing so it’s funny when you said that you were taking that because I thought about partaking in things like that to just agree to us. But it’s supposed to be scheduled for next month where I’m in a very unique position was like okay that’s weird cuz people think a motivational speaker porn fuck yeah let’s do it right now and I don’t know where the line is any more like is this normal cuz I don’t care but at the same time dick in her mouth shut so it’s it’s definitely a fine line to figure out where you’re at on it because it’s weird this going to be a post porn reality very soon I think people it’s like this sort of feeding frenzy on the visual depiction of naked flesh and of all these different types of fucking it’s it’s kind of a Fascination the obsession with everything and all of the really I would say harmful and grotesque transgression stuff it’s kind of like it’s I think it’s going to burn itself out part of me is like I got to go in there and I’ve got to save everybody soul and I’ve got to bring him the light and also I think that just the more ubiquitous erotic entertainment becomes the more sophisticated and people are going to develop taste you know it’s like they just have no taste because there they’ve been so deprived if you’ve been starving someone don’t eat shit if you put in front of them if they get to sort of eat that shit for a while and they somehow survived it they’re going to develop a taste for gourmet meals and they’re going to want to put in the effort and put their money behind it and support the people who are doing more interesting and sophisticated stuff so mean ideas of live sex education performance and art and that being a mean at what if there was a big show in Vegas that was the tantric opera or the tantric Musical and it was live sex with all your favorite adult performers and they’re actually doing something sophisticated artistically and with energy movement and soul and the Shiva Shakti that could light up the whole Coliseum Detroit whatever I mean that would be the future you know where they wanted to develop how they want to do it that’s that’s very interesting Pioneers just bringing it so that they have this pool of knowledge to go from him and that can be a blessing and one way but it’s also because of a curse on another one because they know people tend to sometimes get lazy when it’s just presented Aaron the explorations gone so maybe we’re just all the performers in the Pioneers they’re doing this what it was that I read in your email is ground-and-pound like an MMA fighter on your own you know Langham as is the typical very aggressive non loving knots in the future where the sexual Arts are celebrated at least as much as the combative arts and the sportive Arts of say and imagine that the the sport would be if they keep okay we’re going to put him out of going to ring with these Stuckey country code your guinea women and they’re all going to try to make him come and steal is a jackulate like the white tigers are going to come in there as well as a jackulate he’s always make you know he’s holding on he’s absolutely blacks out I had to discover that with a lover when she would wake up and go and be mad that we didn’t have sex in like yeah we did well control IR that over your own ability I’ve been I’ve been pretty funny with a lot of the other forensic scientist and hamburger McIntosh broke like that I will give you a ride so it kind of got her motivated to the point where I am coming over all right so I was like you know who won 0 and then one second layer on your loss and I would just because you had that control to be able to do that right after it’s accepted in 5 minutes into seconds. The bet you if you don’t get the computer so we had but it’s not sexual ability to have fun like that where we know they’re trying to get your she’s really trying here what’s going on I keep going straight so you know it’s got to have that. Even if it was pouring skit of some kind that just might a picture of as if the poor and actresses doing the Macho Man Randy Savage all that drama because it kind of you know it’s like there is something Charming about the the masculine the urge for conquest and you know but it if it could be in a playful loving a healing mass you know I mean I I have fantasies of women conspiring to just spoil me with sexual love and making you know entry out of how they’re going to surprise me by pulling pranks on me or something to keep it exciting and fun and interesting and dynamic and I like the idea of contest in this whole sport of thing we were just Shuckers for gaming we’re suckers for keeping score and points I mean like if you look at a karate match they look at all the different point they issue they they give you all these points to give you the rating so imagine a sort of I mean they already call it sexual come true in there the Chinese Dallas tradition but imagine matches you don’t like porn matches that are not just like a stick of the Thompson Twins or whoever they do whatever they want to be I think it’s I think that’s a classic hilarious idea. And fun the secret is it is you can’t touch anything to it and they’re both okay I do feel like this begs the question or makes me feel want to explore this a little bit of this kind of the darker side of this obsession with this conversation sheds light on from a country perspective or sacred sexuality kind of perspective or Taoist sexual Kung Fu perspective is that there is this really compulsive ejaculation skewing of section and just about guys getting off but I think there’s if the coolest toughest hard disk or baddest ass man you could be with a man who didn’t come in that way and wasn’t spilling the seed then a whole new machismo cuz there’s always going to be with us about what is the thing that people are competing over in fighting to be the best at it’s going to always be that way and if it’s to be the longest lasting least seeds building Tantra master the porn ring or whatever it is immediately I think that’s really one of the antidotes for for the rape culture is it if it’s been really understand it my heart turned on I want you to really like I want to last long enough so that my heart explodes you know that is unconditional love and Shakti and goddess and God Shiva is flowing through me they’ve never experienced that if they’re just hunched over like an imbecile spilling out load after load on the keyboard on a Polaris I’m glad that you’re leaving with with that, it just needs to be a family value save your seed as you age you with Grace and it took a long time for me like it go to the bathroom three four five six times a day that a duck into bill. You know breathing and even have the self-confidence to the muscle that’s weird I like it a lot of experimenting I mean I would go and I’m very extreme and and nature so I’m on one month I would go okay you know what I’m going to do is I’m going to just you know I’m going to party I’m going to drink smoke drugs experiment for this kind of Dark Realm in the next month I would say okay buy food completely healthy because I really want to see the Dynamics of the energy back and forth back and forth I want to explore this and get to the point where I can have a full understanding that this lifestyle leads to this this lifestyle leads to that and what are the real interesting things about doing this whole process was that exploring that you really get to find with your own Sexual Energy that you have to be able to save it for yourself to a degree and any time that I felt Beatdown a rundown of things like this is like I have a whole little ritual in one would be to channel to Sexual Energy and save and heal my own body up so I know when I want to get back on point if I was off center from 3 Day green juice fast it’ll couple sessions of channeling that Sexual Energy to myself with a massage in and at least one acupuncture thing and I’m back on point so if you can utilize that Sexual Energy and healing way as well so you know that’s a really cool thing to be able to explore in okay been there done that it I got it I get it right I think we have definitely given listeners a lot to want to dig into Explorer so do you want to talk a bit more about how people can connect with your work and get to sign up for everything that you talked about that goes out and there and if you want to go on YouTube I have a channel called hypnotika and phenotype and ask if not a lot of guys send me questions on I respond very well to question so am I send me questions and there is a way to get ahold of it I think it’s a scam Nautica send me a question and I get you to help people through the internet on YouTube so don’t like too many places or I think modern-day Sexual Man. Com is another place but I think hypnotic has is a very good generalized Center to meet there I do have a lot of stuff on YouTube in a lot of seminars that I’ve done over the years and that’s that’s a good place well thank God for you to do what I want to see is this Alchemy of the Sacred bad boy nurture master of himself and his love and his hard and every part of his being in this is I think people should definitely watch your videos and get a sense of the intensity flowing through and he wanted to give people a gift for mentioning the show if they contact you anyway would be cool in a group on Facebook if they want do it there it’s it’s called The Master Circle there’s almost like 800 guys there and it’s such a strong powerful group of guys that really helped it’s it’s no spamming should it snow in a misogynist of these are really really good guys that I filtered through and so if you go there and you just stopped me to join to say hey I heard your lecture I’ll just release it to the whole group that one free thing from the 7-Day sexual Mastery that’s all I got it took a trance hypnotic program that helps reprogram and help design a sexual States within a dream state so you can eat a lot of guys can work out their stuffing in a dream state so when they wake up they’ve been able to rehearse sexual States and Central mindset listen to it on your show group in wall to put the link in the show notes that people can go there and find the master Circle the words you want to share your doing as well and it is very interesting because you said you earlier I was listening to some of your stuff you know very Jim Morrison type of spoken word and you don’t I appreciate that self into the Zone Creative Energy Tucson love of life is on passion for life are the ones that are better lovers because of the fact that they’re transmuting it into creativity and two aren’t into creative exploration and expressions and so I found it interesting that because we both kind of do the same thing that we’re both in the spoken word were bolted audio and I appreciate what you do to cuz it’s not just me and it’s not just you it’s it’s just we’re leaving a legacy for for the men that will be up and coming that’s healthy and hopefully by then they can say hey if you really want to study. The guys that are ethical that you’re both sides to degree can understand go yeah that’s this is quality control over the web and trying to figure out who’s who you know by then it’s well-established these are the the longevity to coaches that have the reputation that are are balanced in their thinking and they’re very just raw and manly absolutely you can’t you can’t sell it it doesn’t work if you’re too being out and you know your lover will be cheating on you with the biker or the football player or whatever they get need to get that flirty from so it’s really powerful potent reconciliation of this sort of the splitting and so yeah we we’ve come very much for Circle in the last thing I want to say is just said that I just cannot wait for your values and ethics and techniques and training strategies to kind of percolate through the pants and the porn directors and all the guys who are high-fiving telling lies about girls at ball games and barbecues and jerking themselves into imbecility over pouring eventually it’ll get to critical mass and and I feel like the greatest gift of mixing the tantric wisdom is that if you become a Yoni worshiper good things are going to happen really good things are going to happen and miracles are going to happen and you never know which Yoni you’re going to come through in the next life so treat them all like it’s going to be the one you might be coming through UNIF hoping you might get excused from this body in some way and so it’s I feel that from you man I can tell the difference you know you can tell if a man really really ships the Divine nectar of the Goddess through the Earth through the cosmos in through his beloved and I think I feel that has John residents with you on that level so keep being a blessing and we’ll start busting his curses and raise the vibration and I appreciate you for what you do and much more right on that all right with you have a wonderful night will be entitled thank you. 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Cultural Sexology with Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke TPP77


Zelaika Pic in this episode an unfolding process of synchronicity results in my prayers being answered to find a scholar of cultural sexology to be on the show. Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke breaks it all the way down, flips the script, and helps us start to know how to know what we don’t know using a radical approach to cultural narratives of sexuality she calls “multi-epistemic literacy”. Sex geeks, sacred sexuality practitioners, sapiosexuals, and sexual revolutionaries will be having multiple eargasms during this episode!

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 77 I have a very synchronistic situation here which is that I sort of setting intention in one of the recent episodes to kind of reach out to researchers in social sciences particularly in the throat and throw type fields to get a sense of more of a pre-colonial pre-industrial maybe even X pre-agricultural and I sort of Baseline for what how long love making last the frequency of it and if there’s any sort of General data I mean we have data about the dental data from archaeology we had we know a lot about with what types if any violence were happening organized violence or so much data that has been generalized and it’s been really enlightening for people who want to have Hope and Faith in humanity in so I have this I’ve had this I guess kind of Armature hypothesis that a lot of what time should a practicing in training is is is grasping for is a Renaissance of a more Primal modality of lovemaking that was far more ritualised initiated into supported and endorsed in facilitated by community and really woven into spiritual and ecological psychology and I am so excited to be speaking with doctors at Lake that help with Clark now because she’s going to tell us all about her Research into sexual pissed emology and and cultural sexology which I’m just very excited to hear about and I have some some very interesting questions that I’ll get to you after we hear all about your background and you’re at your Life Path and then your your use of these terms to describe what you do and what you study and then insights you have to share and we can go from there and thank you for having me I am doctor zuleyka Hepworth Clark also known as the jamerican sex ossifer so I really am interested in studying the philosophy of sexuality and in particular I’m really interested in no African philosophy and epistemology so you piss mileage he’s kind of like the way we understand and know that the knowledge and I consider myself a sexually pissed them ologist so I studied the way sexual knowledge is transmitted understood and interpreted in different societies as well as I am a cultural sexologist so I like to study the way cultural influences sexuality in the way we understand love desire and relationships as well as a sex therapist and counselor like your sexuality education and I have a lot of academic background training and in human sexuality I my bachelor’s and sexuality culture on depression and have my Master’s in education of human sexuality and social work and then I got my PhD in human sexuality from Widener University so I’m really excited that there are we’re beginning to have this really important conversation and looking at alternative narratives in terms of how we understand sexuality and sex and love and pleasure that can move Beyond how certain populations May view it in other words there are multiple ways that we can understand sexuality and sex and I think that when we are exposed to more ways of knowing we can we can better decide what is truthful to us and what makes sense for us but to limit our self with only one way of knowing Are No Mono epistemic ways of understanding that is very much tied to patriarchal Christian capitalistic Colonial mentality that we will have alternative approaches to our issues that may come up or or expanding the way we can experience and understand pleasure as well so that’s a little bit about me yeah I was really interested in my researches I was trying to understand what How pre-colonial African societies conceptualize gender and sexuality and I came across ocean ality that is I guess it’s simplified definition is African eroticism that affirms the normality of of sexual pleasure and it’s stems from Ocean sexuality and ocean is a orisha or force of nature associated with fresh water and she has worshippers around the world that have roots in Yoruba of modern-day Nigeria and also spread throughout the new world so and then condom blay in Brazil what’s in Santeria it’s in 00 different religions after african-based a spiritual systems and so yeah I think there’s so much that I learned through ocean ality and and kind of learning about an alternative spiritual systems that was able to incorporate sensuality and spirituality and sexuality and and while respecting nature it really allowed me to rethink and questioned a lot of the things that I’ve kind of Taken these constructs that we take for granted like like sexual orientation or even what it means to have sex and because I was really interested in freeing my mind off of you know for emancipating myself from limited view points that are not conducive to collaboration and you know me support my internal oppression from various spices that are found in societies and so I I my thesis was a 10 or my question was 10 ocean ality emancipate me from I know White’s is heteronormative patriarchal mentalities that may limit my understanding of of an unlocking the potential that I have and so I am super excited to begin the conversation with you and discuss some some some cool things that that are missing from normative discourse you know what is it brings me back to a it was a course I took when I was studying anthro at University of Oregon and there was it was called comparative tribalism and it was very interesting and I was coming that was the first time I encountered the idea of tribalism as a as a negative and I was very sparkly starry-eyed and go primitive S10 was so stoked on all of the feminist anthropology I could find that was really smashing and subverting the dominant Paradigm of anthropology and so the it when I went to that class and it was it was a negative view of tribalism like oh it it’s the idea that people are identified in these very combative for antagonistic groups and it was like the source of conflict and there’s one thing that he the really stuck with me when he had this really this tongue twister academic kind of postmodern Mystic phrase that was he caught he said denaturalization true historic ization and you’re probably the only person that I’ve talked to who would who would like instantly see the utility of that because of your multi pistol at epistemic lens and approach to things and so I’m going to pack in a little bit and then and then ask you some questions be kind of based on where we where we are in alignment about this idea so when we this is my sort of paraphrasing of how what he died and it was just like the gem of the course I really felt like is he saying everything you think you know about a culture’s way of presenting a religion or their way of presenting their differences of the monks neighboring peoples or their relationship to their language all of these things are sort of they become crystallized or naturalized in in a snapshot of history but if you zoom out and you whether you’re a researcher or a member of of of a population if you zoom out and you look at the actual a Cultural Center ticket fee if you will as their cultural layers of transformation over time you’ll find that what we take for granted is usually bullshit in it in the more Colonial Things become the more bullshit you can expect to to find and and it did bewilderment and confusion and just oldies terms even and identity names like on Tire regions named by oppressors that shapes the destiny of the people who were before that of this multi epistemic assemblage of kosher and before I go any further geeking out on on how how I feel about that term it just said I want to say you know this is the life think part of the life mission of a lot of people in the sacred sexuality and holistic sexual health education and you know the practitioners and instructors it’s it’s it’s it’s a new sexual narrative that is all-encompassing and really honoring what was lost and really understanding that there’s been a systematic persecution of all other sexual narratives but the but the one that I think you and I are pretty you know we don’t have to name it but it’s the dominant Paradigm of sexuality which is problematic in a lot of ways so would you be so kind as to give some of your research about how we can we can feel much better about our our pre-colonial sexual cultural ways and where we can look for inspiration to kind of reweave a better fabric of sexuality and spirituality in ecology and I’ll get stuff that you know becoming a sex pervert so the so-called I what I learned is that the more I know the more I realize how much I don’t know and that there are there is so much history that has been silenced because history has been written by the so-called winners and it’s very androcentric or just kind of you know the the male perspective you know all this is what war happened and you don’t you don’t there’s certain really important pieces that have been missing and some really interested really what what that looked like and think about so far so I think about Sankofa which is a a communicator at the symbol it’s a philosophy it’s a spirituality found in of the akan of Ghana and its I apply its means kind of the importance of looking into our history to learn from and to kind of be able to move forward in a in a positive way I think one of the sayings is it’s not taboo to remember that which has been forgotten and I am so I applied this term to sexualities and I call this is like this is one of my theory so I’mma sexual theoretician as well and so I can get this Sankofa sexualities to two kind of stem a field of study that looks into you know prehistoric are pre-colonial ways of viewing sexualities and genders and allow men and sex and relationships and what that can teach us today and how we understand what we know and how we know it now and also a new way to shape the future and so am example of Sankofa sexualities would be ocean alley which is a concept that I discuss are found in African sexualities a reader by Sylvia tamale and there’s a chapter on sex positivity and it talks about it explores kind of what eroticism and sexuality and sensuality look like without having to depend on you know patriarchal religions and capitalistic ideology to guide our understanding of that and so we have very different ways of understanding sexuality and pleasure and fulfillment and different narrative so I want to give an example and I hope it’s not too off topic but want to please go to want to talk about one of the Core Concepts in ocean ality that is called the devouring vagina in the west we have a narrative of sex that’s like you know the penis is going to conquer the vagina kind of thing going on this narrative where you know even when you look at the The Originals of the word vagina it’s like sword holder or sheath which has violent connotations and you even look at the euphemisms in the colloquialisms in in our language it’s like you know hit it and beat it and smash it and you know all these kind of violent confrontation. Anyway ocean alley in this kind of perhaps pre-colonial understanding of sex talks about the Divine vagina which is really bass up the aesthetic of Lima talking head oral sex kind of help anyways so when the instead of the aesthetic that the penis disappears during sex and it’s in golfed and surrounded and there’s eight the agency is assigned to the vagina and that is the you know the owner is going to decide whether or not it will allow it will be it will engulf the penis and envelope or swallow or made to disappear so we talked about like pulling out a scene as an act of resistance and I just bought that narrative was really interesting because it was just definitely a different kind way of understanding sex that did that was not phallocentric it didn’t it wasn’t all about the penis and in a way and it kind of talked about how you know the the vagina and the vulva are very powerful and and so I was very fascinated with with this narrative and looking at kind of different perceptions of sex and in my research I was talking to some priests about kind of condom blay about this concept and they said yeah I mean sex doesn’t have to be phallocentric or or or and then I told them about this Sino devouring vagina and me or like you know it doesn’t have to be gynocentric either they didn’t say those words but I’ve been getting a lot of pushback talkin about it being called you know it’s sex it sounds like are they reverse sexism here and people being very worried about you know how men are going to take this narrative but I think that I think that it’s an important concept that there are different narratives available and also looking at Opening Our our way of having sex the one of the priests said you know it doesn’t have to sex doesn’t even have to revolve around genitals it can you know it can be and then the one said you make sex with the wind it will be truly powerful and I first I was like how its way to think outside the box here I was thinking about you know sex something to revolve around to humans I thought you know my definition was pretty open but man and then I thought about ecosexuals and those who are able to make love with nature and you know and are different aspects of Nature and really finding fulfillment through their senses and different parts of you know erotic nature even through sounds and music can be very arousing and and pleasurable and fulfilling and can change your mood and decrease your stress and all these all a lot of similarities or benefits that people have sex to do there’s pleasure and fulfillment that can happen you know your your ears can be a sex organ there’s this new trend you know hashtag eargasm in those who are able to experience pleasure through Sounder in the ER and I’m looking at different parts of the body and how they can experience pleasure and it not having to revolve around certain genitalia I think that’s a very obvious way that we can receive pleasure and connect with people in a very deep and sexual way but I think you know opening it up to experiencing different forms of energy and the way that the way our body can receive the energy and and trusting our body to interpret pleasure in different ways is there’s just so much available to us when we begin to kind of open our mind and how we can experience connection and eroticism in pleasure without having to feel shame or I know no Stigma around the pleasure with that we feel I have to caution that I’m not talkin about you know I’m consensual acts that I’m not talkin about pleasure in others there specific cases that could distort my words but I am talking about matin reimagining kind of what our sexuality and who we are sexual beings can look like when we affirm pleasure in our body so yeah. That’s a little bit of kind of reimagining and so I go in my research I go into I was using mindfulness as a way of kind of undoing negative effects of colonialism and just kind of being really present and I’m so is doing different body scanning and tuning into what I smell and what I hear and what I taste I was thinking about sexuality and sensuality or sense Raleigh being a part of sexuality and that these that the pleasure that I received from tasting delicious foods that are so good that it makes my water makes my mouth water and I like the sound that I make on taste so good you know it’s it’s a very sensual experience that I can have with with eating certain foods and tasting certain things that aren’t that bring pleasure to to myself and I thought about you not pathologize anything they think that there’s parafilias or those that have no abnormal desires for certain non-human things and it ends up people may feel shame when they experience pleasure in in different ways but only open ourselves up to all the pleasures of of life and and different kind of aspects of Being Human and living on the planet with many different things to experience I think it can really open us up to exploring what Joys and Pleasures that we can receive so yeah I mean that’s kind of like going to using language to describe my experiences of connecting with nature or with you know my my experiencing Pleasures do my senses and kind of putting academic language Johnny two kind of you know substantiate what some of these experiences are that do not Revolt that that we can experience pleasure that’s not revolving around a penis or a vagina is so much to it write thank you for sharing that yeah I totally agree and I have this this kind of thesis about 50 shades of green and how I don’t know if you actually well this is probably a good time to mention this above all things you’re aware of the I’m not going to try it I’m not going to butcher the the pronunciation with the click sound but there comes and the Kalahari one of the quintessential will one of the last true foraging Societies in transition to you know modern modernization all that but you’re you probably encountered quite a bit of literature on them I suppose over the years yeah means my my studies and you know looking at 6 realities and and you know the anthropology of gender and sexuality courses that I’ve taken there’s so many there’s so many different you know cultural groups that have a supportive system that thinks of sex in a more natural way when I mean by that is it being a use is a way to create Harmony in different societies and thinking about you know these sexuality schools that existed in pre-colonial African societies that kind of look at pleasure and different techniques that could be used to create a essential environment all the above but I don’t know that particular one do you want to talk a little bit about it to me just because I got really fascinated with the actual distinction between tribal societies and band level societies most people lump everything that’s not what’s a well it’s kind of an orientalist turn right to say that it’s Tribal because it really it’s it doesn’t really accurately like the new wageview of tribalism is isn’t really based on that political designation of band level you know what is it lineage chiefdom you know tribal agricultural state I’m probably missing a few in between there but there’s kind of dislike hierarchy pyramid in anthropology that starts with the egalitarian band level societies of 25 to 50 people foraging nomatic maybe doing gardening and fishing and some forms of will probably a lot of actual unseen forms of horticulture over larger cycles of time that don’t look like Gardens with their kind of gardening the whole reality really but anyway that’s a side note but the kind of sin have always fascinated me and one of the things that I discovered recently in my shamanic studies is that they have their own perhaps the oldest technology of accessing what in Hindu Tantra is called the Kundalini activation experience so they have a group ecstatic trance dance that lathers them up and like spiritually Cooks them to the point where physical mental emotional illnesses are like purged and and in and expelled by the very visceral medical immeasurable phenomenon physiological and phenomenological phenomenon of this Rising heat from the base of the spine and they have a different narrative about it I believe they they believe it it’s it’s it’s a downward inner systems but I’m not as much of an expert as I probably will become overtime but now this is kind of a fresh thing that I’ve discovered not too long ago and talked about the thinking out of the box and understanding that the power to be in the second the Ecstasy is healing right so if we achieve that through dance we see that through psychedelic Shamanism through sacred sexuality then we achieve that orgasmic Zone Bliss state of fuel to ssf Healing potential magical potential and that’s something that we’ve been absolutely like it is been you know the valve to that power has been systematically shut off by the monotheistic religions and so we’re definitely on the same page about wanting to ReDiscover and I feel like I want to be a publicist for these things like I want to be a PR firm it says did you know press releases yeah there’s a tribe called I believe they’re called the Arca and they don’t even know what masturbation is because they have sex so much that they would never think of wasting a drop of potential you know baby better because they’re actually in a human be called a logical sense that the explanation you know is that the Western explanation is that I don’t and I don’t know what narrative stay I can’t quote you the translator narratives but there were there were studies of them asking him why don’t we know do you know masturbation is apparently according to study which is probably somewhat obviously it’s Sensational to say that they had no idea what masturbation was but the the the more the more down-to-earth truth which is verifiable is that ostensibly verifiable is that they they have a unique sort of Niche where there is a high infant mortality rate so they have a higher pressure to be more productive more reproductive because of their human ecology in that makes them this I don’t know somewhat anomalous case of being kosher that that is they call it a night work so yeah so that to me that stood out is one example that there comes in and then I believe they’re called AQHA I’m becoming a nerd scholar of these really invigorating and just and healing examples of of how beautiful the cultures that were intrinsically sacred in their sexuality how how beautiful is it to discover that you so you are given some some beautiful examples yeah you were about just please enlighten us cuz I think this is such potent medicine to have hope securing About You Beautiful story so far how many different cultures and different ways of knowing about how to you know I just I think of you know and I can’t remember the exact ethnicity where it’s it’s not a shame you know parents are proud of their daughters to have multiple boyfriends and that at least it’s power how do you know that the girls are encouraged to seek sexual pleasure and the boys are kind of not initiated but trained by older women to to please the women to please their future partners and it seemed as just kind of this I just had seen in a different way obviously went when they have these narratives where you know younger you know all teenagers are encouraged to have sexual activity then no no of cultures that their average time to have sex at night is 8 times per night every day you know I think about how that must be a different you know mentality going into it when that when the frequency is so much and they’re just even how we understand you know human development and I am fascinated by societies that were unaware of the importance of sperm and reproduction and thinking about enough a paternity yeah just yeah yeah that where you know parenting is act on the you know it takes a village to raise a child kind of mentality and develop a fetus to According to some lucky different different cultures I just Mmm fortunately I do think that these kind of narratives are going to be harder to find and they are being oppressed and I think it’s really important for these kind of ancestral memories to be for us to be reminded of and for us to learn different ways of viewing what what sex is and how how we can experience it and you know what it is what it is in means for us mere humans are meaning making machines and so very interesting kind of I think oh we’re so objective are you know this is the truth but there are many narratives available and I think the more narratives that I’m exposed to the more I’m able to see the Beauty and the diversity and even my ability to shift my narratives away from victim or oppressive narratives to more of narrative associated with Liberation and empowerment and joy you know and so there’s there’s yeah I mean oh my goodness I think one of the young just bring it back to eat Pista mology I was thinking about epistemic violence or kind of the way that knowledge is been as of all knowledge production the way we understand facts are very much controlled by those that are in power and it marginalize in a in a presses other ways that we can know and other indigenous ways of coming to understand having a deeper understanding and so really just listening to different perspectives can really be healing and transformative and so I think that Tantra and ocean ality and kind of learning about you know are pre prehistoric which is problematic to even say prehistoric prehistory in a western wanted to date their understanding of history or her story her her story and our story and their story there’s so many stories that are missing words that are coming up that speaks to alternate perspectives but I’m getting on the herstory bandwagon and it kind of remembering what did the narratives have been marginalized and Reviving what that can look like and yeah just there’s just so much yeah you are also mentioned that there was a practice of herbs for Yoni and Alia look at sexuality schools in different parts of of of sub-Saharan Africa that that goes that part of their sexuality training is to be able to use nature to enhance eroticism so finding going and learning the herbs and even different tree bark or elements that are found in nature to either tighten or moisten the vagina or use ingredients in foods to cook Afrodisiac you certain scents in kind of create that romantic kind of vibe and set the tone for the intentions of lovemaking and I’m thinking about different techniques I know that even dancing and certain gyrations and you’re moving her body and a way to to kind of train or be aware of different erogenous zones the way we move the way we look the way we dance looking at how just yeah thank you thinking about different kind of things that can be done to enhance our sexual encounters was definitely something that was in incorporated in to traditional Creek elem of learning about sexuality but that is definitely not in our repertoire right now in terms of you know what we learn we have to learn about how sex is dangerous and how you can get STIs and how it can lead to pregnancy which you know it’s very important to have that awareness but it’s going off of the feeder baits rather than a pleasure centered kind of focus and drums of what what what can be experienced and three I mean they talk about sexual pharmacology that are found in herbal stimulate stimulants and mood enhancing effects and things that can sustain erection or you know encourage training to make love making noises or you know even the the importance of breathing in the way we breathe be very important in and how we are connecting with with our bodies and with the air and with our community as well so yeah well he is something that is so interesting to hear these words I think you so much that I really feel like you were sent from someone helping a Divine answer to my prayers to have this conversation because it’s really it’s really disturbing I had to feel like an outsider wanting to celebrate sexuality and return it to the rightful place in nature and sacred ceremonial rituals with proper guidance and facilitation in the the the things you want two things that comes to mind is is is it’s just that when people kind of wake up from this dark sexual Dark Ages and the sexual Enlightenment and Renaissance continues to to expand and Blossom I think it will be very I hope the people will think about it or maybe look back and say while we were so we were so far from our most complex most intricate most obviously pleasurable but just the the technology of the human sexual physiology and its connection and wiring to all these Divine potential forms of ecstasy that you can write you know you can sing songs write poetry make aren’t you you what your culture will be occupied busy for four generations trying to grope at the mystery of what lies beyond our normal sense is when we achieve that through sexual ecstasy and so it’s like we’re we’re obsessed with all this gadgetry and all this technology and we’re really destroying the planet in this this narcissism of gadgets and you know external forms of entertainment and we’re just overlooking the most fun regenerative sustainable hopefully affordable access to this experience that should keep us very so intoxicated on the nectar of the Divine and in in just the Glory of Love Making in the Continuum of orgasm that we would just lose all interest in chopping down trees and stabbing and shooting each other especially for the men you know that if they were given this instructions in training in and then then all of the values in all of all the patriarchal and societies would change so you know I think about the importance of self-knowledge and knowing who we are and outside of the narratives that we that we’ve been trained they looked at you know african-centered ways of understanding self or how to study self on that’s one of my my methods that I created my research as decolonizing Auto ethnography so I studied the well so if not if he is kind of the traditional anthropological way of looking at you know different cultures but it’s kind of speaking for the culture they auto part is the self I am going to be talking about myself as I I’m analyzing the culture and I did that all while decolonizing my mind and really thinking critical about the history of colonialism and slavery in and I’m really focusing on healing and I think that I’m I used that to kind of help me better understand myself and my relation to my culture and other cultures as well but I also have been exposed to this idea no self-knowledge as a means of social justice as a way of knowing who we are really important looking at you know how can we study self we can look we can find Clues and nature in history and then also they say that some of the literature says study God that’s interesting you know what that can look like and different and do spiritual settings and I think about you know the importance of that God should be decolonize because that’s like you know I look at what you’re above spiritual system taught me they have the there their language do Yoruba language is genderless there’s no pronouns and there’s no need in our in their language to differentiate in a female from male in and so God all oduamadi is known to have both feminine and masculine entities and when we were when they were forced to speak English by default God has been assigned the male gender and so we have the force patriarchal ization that occurs in the language just to kind of translate genderless concept into a very sexist kind of language English it is that is very kind of the Privileges the mail it privileges you know binaries and very biological understanding of what sex is in there in the specific time that we’re talking about because course when you start studying biology and the sex of biology we see biologically there’s over five genders on a chromosomal level we have a range of different combinations with x Y chromosomes being found in women and xx chromosomes being found in men and let alone intersex people that have maybe blessed to have both genitalia has or maybe an ovary and at-st or you know who knows there’s so many different combinations but unfortunately you know they’re seen as abnormalities even though they might be 1% of the population and and yeah anyway so I’m going into all this but just you know we have to have to start opening up to other ways of knowing things and and having that just kind of inform how we want to make our own meaning of of what it means to BB sexual and just another part of sexuality and learning about self is exploring where your erogenous zones are knowing knowing for yourself so you can help guide your partner and also explain what it with your partner as well and and this can bring up trauma for people because our body has memories can hold memories and being really respect in terms of where which which position are which part of the body may may be triggering and to deal with you know the effects but healing and using pleasure as a way of healing is very powerful and knowing our sexual or spiritual sexual self or emotional sexual self are physical sexual self are psychosexual self there’s many aspects of our sexuality that there’s how old is another concept that I think about is the interverse or your inner Universe to be explored there’s so much inside of us awareness of ourselves that can be explored at first I thought know if there’s one thing that I know it’s myself and I Know It kind of was in the area in terms of what I know me and they have access to my everything but then because I was exposed to different ways of understanding self and different histories and different cultures than I was able to kind of think differently and then and again having the experience of thinking that I knew something but then the more I knew it in the more I learned that I didn’t know it and kind of using a beginner mind to explore myself not having to be held hostage in terms of being a victim are being consistent with my past but kind of having being open to creating new possibilities for who I want to be as a person and how I want to live my life and that not being restricted by how I was conditioned or the culture that I grew up in or you know environmental restrictions but really I have been blessed to have the privilege to be able to think about an imagine what does a sexual Utopia look like what does sexual Euphoria you know how can we kind of Imagine these these these this next kind of paradigm shift in terms of where we can move into a more what lip what does liberation look like for my for our sexuality these are questions that I the privilege to explore the way I don’t get very far because I have my people that are being killed and I have you know people that are hungry and there’s there’s people that are going through really we have people fighting for clean water and you know there’s issues that kind of you know we got to take care of our basic needs to begin to kind of explore these more fun kind of topics but I do not have to acknowledge that if we don’t have our basic needs met then you know these these conversations are fun to have but not practical I hear you you know as you’re speaking it’s I’m feeling this the the pain and the does just the madness that is all of the Declaration that you’re talking about is you can really I think very very accurately in diet and blame the sexual dysfunction of the western world as the absolute root cause of the materialism that’s robbing the so-called less developed or third and fourth worlds which I will let you know where are horrible evening either again the English language totally putting his hierarchy on things but yeah I think about Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs in it’s just so yeah I really I would love to see you have $1000000 to make a National Geographic program out of bringing bringing the eyes of modern people into these places so they can see this glorious alternative more Primal holistic ways of being in the net judges I think we have so much fun thank you for that I want to talk a little bit about abundance Consciousness vs. scarcity I think that I think there’s that it’s important to kind of have a mindset that looks at you know love and in a way that is abundant versus something that’s a nose and scarcity model where it needs to be hoarded and where we have to possess something and it’s very kind of you know I don’t know it’s just kind of limiting but when you’re in another kind of using the abundance model to think of Love is there so much of it right there so many different types and so many ways to love and experience love and so many types of love and there was that part but I also want to talk to you you had mentioned pain and I have been on this kind of Journey of decolonizing pain does I think that pain in the west is very much a terrible thing that we have to try to avoid and it’s just bad right but I think that I looked at these other narratives that you know you know Rites of Passage that have people that you know have Traditions that have been deemed that horrible because pain is involved but I looked at their narratives and how they interpreted their experience and and pain is looked at as a type of wisdom as a form of knowledge as a way of being aware of a certain reality that those who have not experienced the type of pain are not privy to I think about how kind of Shifting that and with with the connotation of paying being associated with knowledge versus Pain being associated with something terrible that you can have instead of feeling bad about feeling bad and being in pain you can maybe feel good about feeling bad being in pain and so that the negative spiral doesn’t have to know what I think about no just kind of rethinking about paying in a way that it can be empowering in that you know those to get to experience pain may also be able to have a deeper appreciation of painless States versus those who have never experienced pain may not be able to enjoy not being in pain and just kind of the lessons that we can learn from our hardships and it is very often the young terrible experiences that can shed light on what’s important to us get focus on you know what we’re doing here on Earth what is our purpose and you know people who are on their deathbed often come to start an epiphany and often are kind of aware of a certain kind of appreciation that they were not privy to before so I think that I just am starting to meet up with radical self-acceptance of what of my emotions and my and all of life is is not just perfect in the way that it’s only good but there’s good and bad orders ups and downs and it fluctuates and it moves and I think that you know we’ve been sold on the specific idea of that it has to be lookin a certain way and so when we’re not in a constant state of Happiness over me when we get side of the press it’s like oh my it’s at 8 almost feels double bad but to kind of just kind of accept these alternative spaces and okay I guess I’m veering off a little bit and bring it back to sexuality but I think that it’s important to know that there are different ways and different moods that can be moved through and that can create you know conducive environments for sexual pleasure in connection and that may look different than what we what we have been trained to believe but there are many different ways of of interpreting our experiences and learning from other people’s ways of knowing think of you know even childbirth that it didn’t know it it’s supposed to be very painful but doesn’t have to be associated with suffering if you’re in a supportive environment and you know there’s other childbirth ring techniques with a used gravity to know there’s different models available that are not that are not MediCal eyes that are not westernized but are still just as valid that are still we should have be exposed to different ways of looking at things so that we can choose for ourselves that’s where I’m at I’m about having a choice and being aware to to decide what are truth is better for only exposed to a certain truth and not all the truth then then we limit our way of understanding yeah you know I’m seeing as your as your drawing these connections it really to me I see it is a very very intelligently not wouldn’t would not with wisdom of course but if you’re a very very meticulous engineered mechanism of fear and pathology of everything natural and in Primal from we’re talking about the fear of pleasure and the refreshing pleasure never talk about the fear and oppression of pain this year in repression of of death rites end of honoring that part of the life cycle so there’s so many in the medicalization so you can see the Machinery of capitalism is creating these false pathologies so they can create fear and anxiety and then medical and pharmaceutical eyes these conditions that come from a different from the being cut off from healthy sex healthy pain healthy death healthy childbirth and everything in it it’s so ripe for revolution I I think this is a good time for your insights to really be broadcast and and I definitely feel I want to help in any way I can to support your efforts do you want to talk about what what kind of public Persona you may have our ways that people can keep informed with what you’re doing and most importantly I think I really would love to see people who have means and who have collaboration potential or or you know I mean I know some really amazing videographers documentary filmmakers and maybe all it would take is a crowd Source funding campaign with the right Connections in the right marketing and you could be doing something even for vice or another you know I mean Nat Geo might be like the the the highest possible prayer but but in between others other more independent or more edgy media Outlets that would they wouldn’t just be publishing and an answer or Journal you know I don’t alot of beautiful work is stuck in academe because it doesn’t get the right publicist behind it and this is the stuff we need to hear about I think this is my struggle to I mean I’m I’m also you know I want to substantiate myself and I could I could Damion Lee know do those official publication so that I can land a job and pay back on my loans and all this but you know I think about the importance of that’s great but people outside of Vicki Academia are not accessing my work and I really my next up since I’ve used all the fancy language to you know expose how this kind of limited way of knowledge production is is not enough is that the only way I would love to have a create first of all just my next project is trade my YouTube Channel videos just so that people can I can start by up and want to really start at Basics and build up because the work that I’m doing now is really Advanced exhausted fee for you know sex Geeks and you know people who don’t have to talk about I’m not talking about the basics of white privilege and you know sex negativity and there’s certain I can just jump into these really Advanced conversations and I think you know it’s cool even studying Tantra now we can have this certain we’re jumping into these really important conversations which still needs to happen right but I also want to start bringing it to the general population that does not have the privilege of thinking about sexuality for long periods of time like I have and to kind of Translate what we’re talking about into really and I think that video making videos are really cool you know where visual people but also you know having subtitles for no visual or audio impaired individuals and kind of just bringing it to I like videos because I think of how can I reach illiterate populations how can I reach you know just thinking about moving out of course I want to write a book and I want but I think that yeah you’re definitely on to something right now I’m on Instagram I’m on I do very little tweeting but I also know Facebook is my kind of and I’m on LinkedIn to my name is spelled z e l a i pee and I have zuleika. Com and yeah I’m just starting to get my work out there and hopefully this people will start to see the importance of of why this work is really important and why why we should kind of be able to think about things in a way that will gain that will allow us to gain knowledge of of the world and ourselves I think about I talked about the interverse but I’m also really love this concept called the pluriverse which is the idea that there are multiple worlds that can exist simultaneously without hierarchy without you know you know they’re being a right and wrong one but just kind of respecting that there are multiple ways of understanding the the world and kind of beginning to tune into different perspectives to shed light on what holistic kind of you could look like this if you’re only exposed to the Western narrative your your there’s a parts that are that are missing there’s missing things that can really contribute to a deeper understanding of these really important Concepts associated with sexuality and and sex and love and relationships and connection nature and and and all these things so yeah I’m looking at your website now and I’m just floored I mean this is amazing well it’s basic girl you know yeah I mean so even just participate in this Facebook concept contest at the national sexuality education conference where I will present a project that I’m working on bringing awareness 2D Colonial sexualities or non hegemonic ways of understanding sexuality different cultural perspectives that can allow us to know that there are multiple ways of understanding sexuality and next week I’ll trying to see if there’s a possibility of winning funding if I win that I won the Facebook contest and so now Wings over I want to thank you and so I am going into the second round and you know hopefully I will anyway just getting getting his information out of course receiving support in terms of funding to allow me to bring my message to larger larger communities to just spread the love the d d Colonial love new not new it’s it’s new and old you know it’s it’s it’s deconstructing and then reconstructing it’s it’s really having developing our ability to think critically about things that we could easily take for granted but we’re also constructed and and created but who’s benefiting from the these Concepts and what concepts can we all benefit from and and grow and pursue Enlightenment and Injustice epistemic Justice and or these these facts are these so-called knowledge systems that really undermine oppress marginalize in silence alternative ways of knowing and at the at the expense of of us not knowing other ways of knowing and some really on a mission to increase sexual multi-cat the stomach literacy or basically what is fancy academic language but what I’m saying is that I’d like people to be aware that there are multiple ways of knowing about sexualities and genders and love and different ways of experiencing it in understanding it that does not have to be hierarchical it doesn’t have to say that this lifestyle is better than that lifestyle what is your truth and what is you know what is your authenticity and self-expression and begin to imagine what a safe haven for a sexual Utopia could could look like and I think that I think I think we’ll be exposed to Tantra I think we’ll be exposed to Ocean ality I think we’ll be exposed to our history and our you know these different cultures that precede things in a different way that can really shed light in terms of how we want to model our life and how we can heal from either you know historical rooms or or even just watching the news and music videos you know Reviving matriarchal society philosophy and kind of learning from I don’t want to romanticize everything but I think there’s a lot that can be learned and I think that we can take the best parts of different practices and philosophy being careful not to do columbusing and or you know what kind of stealing of ideas and misappropriating but I think that we should be called you know information you think that with the internet that or you know information is being spread that we would be so cold what are more aware but actually it’s really almost confining our way of knowing because you were very specific but again there’s still a lot of potential and I would love to utilize the technology available from me and really thinking about what a time to be alive right now and in the history of humankind that we have been privileged to have this this connection you know how would we do without the internet and I would have met you and I think that it’s just beautiful that that this kind of thing can can can happen in so really supporting this kind of technology so that we can share the love Aleutian yeah I’m really I will be so excited if you were to take some of these lectures that you’ve done and actually make them into YouTube video yeah yeah I would love to do that thing at first sight I had to overcome my you know according of intellectual property you know these are you know this is my my intellectual babies that I worked years on creating could you know go in the hands of the wrong people I have my mom helped me get over that a long time I just got to spread the love but I was kind of bringing it to the audience I don’t really like to meet people where they’re at and kind of access where they’re at so I can start from where I need to start so you know my lectures are really geared towards homosexuality Educators and other sex Geeks and it moves into this Advanced conversation but I think that it’s I’ve got to get it ready to go everywhere to do you have it accessible and that’s definitely my next mission I’m going to be working on this next year so I appreciate you inviting me on on this awesome podcast to kind of just briefly kind of touch on some of the things that we have available to us yeah thank you it’s been such a gift and something that I recommend if you haven’t done it already is have you heard of it’s a it’s it’s sort of the ongoing crowd Source funding platform where you basically your fans your friends your fans your family your investors if anybody can subscribe can makes it a subscription payments minutes it’s more of like a tip jar or in the classic sense of being a patron of the Arts so if people are excited about the work you’re doing they can support you to produce content on the platforms you know if you’re if you’re blogging or making videos video blogging or podcasting or making music or whatever it is creative people who are publishing content into the cloud basically where people get to stream it and you know there’s not a things are just anything you can digitize basically and make it available to people any media that you can digitize and produce it’s a beautiful way to not have to always be competing with sales and marketing of lyrics that are exclusive you know so you could still have all that like a like if you had a missed a bit of advice but just I’m in the same boat am I why I have a passion I want to get my content recognize I also want to quit my day job and do my passion and just do research and produce content and have people who Biggby patrons of my work is what you’re doing is important I understand there’s not a lot of funding for what you’re doing or at least it’s the trying to get funding is a distraction from your passion and if you could just have people support you and you’re basically a magazine with his subscribers doing subscribing to it and paying your bills to be able to produce more content and you know it’s so I would I would definitely yeah I’m just kind of getting started with with that but I I believe it’s it’s kind of the new model and Paradigm so that all of this material that you’ve been working on you can get some some real Financial nourishment for it and you can continue and just keep cranking it out and not and not worrying about whether or not it gets made into a book right away or who owns the licensing there’s this here’s the next thing is the next thing and then people you know it’s really invigorating and so far I’ve heard great success stories on it so I’m really hopeful and I feel like yeah I mean there’s ways to monetize revenue from YouTube and stuff like that but people can be really generous on that and I feel like yeah II a Mia is so rich with this kind of stuff but unless you’re a real geek you’re not even going to notice is you know in the world yet so yeah and you know what there’s one more thing I want to say is which is this this is epistemological I’m like how how come people grok are grasping kind of get a more visceral understanding of how important it is it’s so to me it’s it’s such an important intellectual tool is so because it can literally liberate you like if you want to be liberated you can seriously take apart your belief system with the system epistemological tool kit says you know you can see and then you can take stuff out and you can hack your own epistemology and you can hack epistemology and that’s what revolutions are trying to do in call the autosexual decolonization process that really kind of describes what happened to me when I began to deconstruct Western epistemology and look at African epistemology to kind of unlearn these oppressive Notions and right uncomfortable unlearning oppression and your deconstructing and reconstructing and and you know what Liberation looks like in and looking at alternative models and empowerment and kind of the Praxis of it or the actual turning the theory we have all these great theories lovely I can describe so many amazing theories but then what how does that look like in Practical real life turn and and and using that and and incorporating spiritualities are things that may not be seen physically but can be felt and rebirth like just going through a transformative way when your mind is expanded to New Dimensions hard to go back to the old ways and out of acknowledging that I’m a new person and and maintaining the transfer transformative you know when when I found the moment of Liberation when you’re able to let go of something that’s very powerful but it doesn’t necessarily maintain itself it’s it’s it’s a moment that has to be kind of nurtured and we have to grow through our muscles to be able to even identify and be aware of of of of things that are are you know these this episode of violence it’s the most subtle form of violence that most people are very not even aware of and but we have to train our brain Raptor you know meditate and and and tune into our and bodied knowledge are visceral knowledge and and pick another so many different things to do in and I’m not saying that I know the way I’m exploring what you meant to Patient looks like for me I’m exploring what my sexuality is look like for me so I can begin to articulate if you relate to it cool if you don’t cool you know it’s just a part of the pleura vs. just an aspect microcosm of what of an example and I’m not trying to undermine anyone or invalidate anyone experienced different than me by just I’m just trying to lead by example I’m trying I’m trying to you know I’m I’m so concerned I was so obsessed with liberating other people and then I just got to the point where I need to liberate myself and you know I want to hear other people will actually I need to heal myself before I go out and do all these things so just take responsibility for for creating and manifesting their dreams and really trying to keep keep positive and watch listen to you know what you’re saying to yourself and think it’s very easy to get into these really negative kind of mentality is when you know what’s going on what’s going on but I really try to keep positive and and and manifesting for transformant transformation in the paradigm shift that can really nourish diversity and and respect different viewpoints and and pluralism and and sexual expression and health and wellness and liberation finding a way to Anchor this concept for so-called the layperson or if we want to stay in in folk or colloquial terms I think the way that people already have a sort of a notion of epistemology is in is in the expression breaking something down and that I heard someone say recently I was like I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life it was so it was so such an appropriate expansion of the term of someone just said talk to this person or call them or something cuz they’re going they’re going to break it all the way down and and I just want to say sofa and passion about how they were certain that it was going to be broken not just broken down and they’ll break it down for you if they’re going to break it all the way down that until you know epistemology is the theory of knowledge or the study of knowledge or the branch of philosophy about theory of knowledge or rational belief and justification I think about just yeah I mean when you are able to deconstruct and break things down you get to a point you know I deconstructed sex and sexuality and gender down to the point where I had no idea what it was because everything I Learned was question and then I got to go to space where I could create meaning for myself and if I can reconstruct it for myself and this is where we can begin to imagine what Liberation looks like and why what an empowered Viewpoint looks like and to let go of oppressive ways of knowing that are not conducive to our Liberation and happiness and yeah I did I do I think that understanding the way we know things and the way you know how we were conditioned how we are sexualization or how we come to know our our sexuality what are you know where we get our information what information we we have and know that there’s so much there’s there’s a lot that we know there’s so much more to learn there’s a lot that we don’t know there’s what we know we know and that we and then there’s a part that we know we don’t know but there’s a part that we don’t know that we don’t know that that is so much and when you know epistemology help reminded me of the parts of knowledge and sexuality that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know until we yeah I think this is I can’t I mean for the last what was it it’s only been it’s only been a couple or a few days since we happened upon each other on Twitter and and I read I take careful note of people’s Twitter descriptions because this is how some of the best conversations it happen is just what people are doing that someone is doing this I can’t believe it in and where what we’ve arrived at since just I mean the way that we’ve you had you have done packed these terms and I have been able to get some deep nourishing validation for stuff that I can’t really talk to other people about because they look at me like I have another head growing out of my neck when I say the word epistemology yeah it’s it’s overlooked in so I’m just early nourished and oh yeah that I guess it does remind me now you were you have an interesting you’re flipping the script on the term orgasm correct so I was looking at sexual response models and looking at the history of the creation of it with Masters and Johnson and Kaplan and you know all my sex geeking out and how we’re trained in terms of how we understand sexual response but it actually is the foundation of the DSM and you know when you do not hit these sexual responses In This Very linear way also the Reed model is also a non-linear model available to us I was thinking about how they’re mostly westernize and then, I came across ocean ality that talks about it as a flow as an energy and that really looking at so I went into the literature of emotionality and I found that it talks about being again as a flow and so I made a model I could share with you sometime where I kind of visualize it but it’s I called the flow of ocean alley and basically talks about a force that the the Paradigm the Creative Energy between sexuality and fertility that losing energy flow From Desire arousal copulation pleasure the filament conception birth and growth and it’s very important to say that you know it’s very pleasure the Pleasure Principle is at the heart of this creative energy that is referred to as oceans honey so it definitely has is his stemming from Yoruba cosmology and he or bypass tomorrow and metaphysics and all this but it but really talking about that actually it doesn’t have to be instead of organ what I noted is that an incentive orgasm they said fulfillment and I thought was really important when looking at using you as an expert to subjectively decide what is the feeling to you rather than did I did I meet the standard you know orgasmic you know this big euphoric when it’s so Define and you know your your engorged you know the physiological responses they can be there or they may not be or we can look at I think about model for sapiosexual Zar though those that are lovers of intelligence and can find a Radisson through the mind and I applied at plaid I like to apply the model to thinking about it in terms of China on a in a sapiosexual way in terms of like you know I may have a desire to have a conversation and then be aroused through the conversation and then the copulation maybe just having this thought you know penetrate that have a conversation penetrate my mind so that it’s expanded in a way that I’m thinking about things in a different way which is to cause an epiphany which is for me and put me zove are you for having thinking about things in a way and having now a new lands in which to be the world is very empowering and pleasurable for me and and 2 to have the filament in okay that’s fulfilling for me to have an eye deer that manifest and you know having the conception of it which would be maybe to explain explain it articulator share it with someone and have it grow into something where other people can understand and then in a way that it that it may apply I apply it to how maybe a sapiosexual might experience pleasure and how that may not be literal literally you know conception doesn’t have to be literally penis and vagina but it can be interpreted and turn I had a a mindgasm you know I had a pleasurable experience that decrease my stress and increase my connection and you know all these things that we may be benefited we can benefit from from the sex can also are many ways in which we can experience this kind of energy that doesn’t have to be literal and it doesn’t have to be linear and it doesn’t have to be every single step in if you don’t if you are not you know what if you don’t have desire before arousal then you know you can be diagnosed with all these disorder yeah it’s the mechanical if it’s causing distress then it doesn’t have to be pathologize it one of the categories of having it being an official diagnosis is it has to cause distress sounds interesting or you have there’s premature ejaculation in in gay males virtually unheard-of because that’s not what’s important to an end it may not cause the stress because if the goal was to come and they came then it’s okay you know it doesn’t have to be pathologize in a way or and I think that’s that’s probably a bad example but I’m just thinking about how there are it would be nice if we if we didn’t have to have something wrong with us and that what it is and I think about how my parents aren’t married and in America it was like oh you poor child you must be so like they were they made me feel bad about my situation I go to Jamaica and they’re like do you have parents will then you’re lucky you’re good your parents talk that’s amazing you know and then I was felt good and then I just thought about wow okay there’s definitely different ways of knowing what a problem is and a lot of how we understand problems are located in the mine and so you know typical you know therapeutic intervention is cognitive restructuring and and and reframing of our ideas to not be catastrophic to kind of begin to think of things in a way that we can feel empowered and move on with our lives in a positive manner and not have it stifle us not have problems be terrible but again it’s a lot at the importance of of being open-minded and receptive to transformation and and positive growth can really be beneficial to 22 Harmony in humanity before you said the word therapeutic I believe I was I was thinking I’m hearing you I’m hearing you develop this modality a healing modality of therapeutic epistemology you know how to develop and I think of about the you know we had to Define what is the problem you know I’m like well the problem is he was sick white Mana weapon model epistemology one way of thinking and so my solution is multi epistemic literacies thinking about things in the you know that there are multiple epistemology is available for us to kind of deal with it will and I thought about how internalized oppression in the present forces of society that I associated with stemming from colonialism and kind of that all those mentalities that create that kind of mentality can we need to heal from it we have historical trauma and we have the effects lingering in today’s society I think that racism should be a mental disorder that’s not in that’s not considered an issue a mental challenge but I think that if we begin to kind of reframe what are What are problems are then we can move into you know different solutions and I I am offering online therapy to those in Pennsylvania see a New York I’m on as well as you know I am based in New York so I do Sex Therapy but it will be great if I was able to create a healing modality and really develop nourish might might my experience and you know kind of my privilege of having been able to think about these things in it and applying it to a way that we can begin to heal and liberate people so yes absolutely yeah I hope that I hope you’ll be blessing us with a free introductory book that we can sign up to get on your mailing list and then we’ll get future updates for everything so and no more internet marketing geek stuff but yeah it’s it’s of all the people who I know are out there really a building empires of marketing their branded and trademarked healing modalities and versions of sacred sexuality instruction all these things I really would would so love to see your work be exalted in yeah TED talks and the works I think that would be great and so yeah I am definitely going to be praying for your total all these things coming to fruition and and hopefully I’m kind of seating a little bit more and support for for all that and we’ll be looking for you we can talk again and and explore maybe these specific topics and I’m hoping to get to a point with this podcast where I have a budget where I can literally assemble panels and pay people to do the panel so there’s so many things that we touch down in his conversation where I felt like if I could just call in if I had a few of my friends and colleagues and former guest on retainer somehow right now I’m that exact keyword or something and that would be super fun because the connections that I can already see between my world and your world to help facilitate this or are really giving me chills so I think this is sex such a powerful new important work and it’s a part of my calling and my purpose so I thank you for for you know having your podcast to you know I can’t have these conversations we can’t have these conversations right it’s very specific what we’re talking about and so I really appreciate any kind of opportunity to to share my specialty with good people who are who are open-minded to to it you know that’s my that’s my main audience so far that I that I like to that I that I get to be more self-expression authentic is when you know they’re there open towards empowerment and and listening to alternate perspectives so thank you so much for your time and have a wonderful night and thank you for making the time for this and looking forward to talking to you yes thank you all right have a good night sleep. Concho Park. Calm and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition is to see me and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess temples of ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email bad at Tantra Punk. Com Thomas gay

Adapting Ancient Tantra to Modern Lifestyles with Elise Carr TPP76


Elise Carr Pic In this episode I have the exquisite joy of exploring the path of fashion model turned tantra coach Elise Carr. She shares her story of personal transformation through tantra and helps provide a framework for adapting tantra to modern lifestyles.

She was gracious enough to share some deep insights about the mainstream fashion modeling machine and provide guidance to my efforts to build alliances in the industry.

About Elise:

Elise Carr, M.A. is the Trailblazing Woman behind StellaMuse.

Known as the ‘Pioneer of Yoni Power’ & ‘The Divinely Empowered Woman’ she is a Sacred Spirituality and Sexuality Director, Life Empowerment Mentor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Writer, Speaker, Tantra practitioner, Reiki Master, Model, Artist and Trailblazer!

With unwavering enthusiasm, fierce dedication and spirited insight, she guides inspirational souls on a purpose driven passion filled mission, away from fear and dissatisfaction, and into courageous love and divine power; living life as their most authentic, nourished, empowered selves.

Please visit her website at:

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved welcome to Township Park podcast episode number 76 on Skype with Elise car of Stellar Muse who is the sacred sexuality educator in a lease if you just tell us about your background how you got on this life path and then we can talk about your offerings and then kind of freestyle a bit after that expectational thought side and that working is kind of feel that it’s the first time that my soul gravetide of toys so I had to listen to that after you know it’s a corporate background and being jealous and pay our and it wasn’t charging my soul sorry it’s time to listen to North my soul and and be really drawn to explain what they detect profit is always a party from a very young age but I started realizing being a woman in my early to mid-twenties that I wasn’t really connecting that we with who I was and it was staying more is a teraquad medical intuitive work in my right keymasters expanding more by my healing modalities and becoming practitioner in that as well as an impoundment karch shifting well out of a hotel and pay off that I still felt there was something missing and that was when I started my study and become a certified as a tantra practitioner and when they are exploring and expanding that to Psycho sexuality and Stewart drive because as a practitioner who follows a very conscious path to me that’s not a mess and that’s definitely a part of what I offer as well I don’t believe we can just deal with sex when we want to type of Maseca perspective we have to bring in spirit and that’s how I work when I when I do what I want with clients but at that men or women or couples and if they’re a size and sacrifice everything it was fully clothed dining table to awaken Uptown that is within them giving them the tools in the techniques but then they can you not go off in an onion sack of Spades only are in a with that beloved and Elvis by Dave and Ava law that in in no time frame whatsoever which can be really do some exciting and then you know I come back when they’re ready to take that next step and enrich their paws and I’m just about to do some more training with a couple of days at air masses I’m real excited to David my personal and professional offering so I can share swirlix slicing JC compliance with my clients and a new clients next year wow that’s awesome I’m glad to hear it seems like a lot of people kind of wake up in the cubicle and really desire a deeper and deeper more Soulful connection and practice so it’s amazing so how would you say that you were life before that kind of informed your pass on this journey everyone has kind of a different skill-set and that gets transmitted or the higher self in the higher purposes get get ahold of your your background and in life and I’m just curious if you feel like you have been able to allocate resources from your skill sets to facilitate your blossoming into this path open at 7 and I’m in my late thirties now sorry for being caught has the machine that is this glamorous pussay to be glamorous modeling industry also where I came in already Incorporated Incorporated it’s like pajamas or mental calculations authorities gave me a really great perspective on cultural politics and how we’re going to proceed how we have a lack of hominy and equality and yes this is within the Sexes but that is only look at it from like a topic perspective on an antibiotic level is somehow we all wear whatever a man over there because they would actually honoring a salmon and night show that was a huge huge lesson that I would have bring in and and that’s definitely waived into my work right leg and the other one is is ordering the truth and integrity and coming from that’s allspice instead of coming from a guard which is date play it all worth it into its letting a toddler cause swelling and working in the fields that I was previously I realized how I boundaries her Integrity how I truth is often suppressed or with the author of The Prostitute house so we think is shining and pretty and is going to come play tossin and sound of that. Sorry it was a it was a great pass that I want to give me some real substance in real life experience along with what the practical skills that I get to use now as well that inspired me to want to walk a stifen and to share it as a as a practitioner and that’s a a teacher and God well that’s so amazing and synchronistic because I’m just yeah I want I want to definitely is such a blessing and a hundred sixty here you have that story of transportation from that industry because I’m actually in myself at this point feeling very guided to bring do a tantra makeover of of the modeling and adult entertainment industry in and really be Consulting to the people who are still in that very mainstream space and also to be creating an alternative that sort of acknowledges that people are are sort of stuck there in that that artifice in that time sort of spectacle of beauty the beauty pageant and this very Hollow kind of yeah this very Hollow industry and so that the fact that you have that inside and you come through that I don’t want to take too much time having you go back into the past but I think you know I’m going to just put that on the shelf for a minute in a minute this time we’ll get back to it cuz I’m really curious some some of your inside or inside there and saw that you’re the journalism in public relations how does that is that giving you it’s a song He’s not very articulate and very well spoken so I’m sure you were able to communicate and educate very well with those Pathways kind of laid down and studies in and having that extra I guess depth in an academic Road and Men coming from this place of of doing the race at him doing that conventional path also I made it so I can I can relate to people in different fields sorry I guess it’s the different hats that I wore different side of my life has made me much malt multi-dimensional in a sense of being able to adapt how I need to defeat the person who sitting in front of me because I know all the same and I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all method when you working with an individual soul is never a connect to the consciousness of course sorry right before. Even though it’s not who I choose to be I didn’t choose to stay in an academic Road all you know Justin all the industry or just working in the corporate world it’s giving me some some some chill some quiet facets yeah that’s great so have you was coming to mind is your sharing this is just that there is a real a lot of people I hear talk about the shadow of Neo Tantra that it’s diverging from the the strict lineage based crew based tantric Temple past and kind of degenerated into a a male-dominated space of debauchery and creepiness and all these things and that’s really sad to hear but then when I hear stories like what you’re saying there’s actually a a very important bright side of modernizing Tantra so that it can be communicated to people where they’re at with out what we don’t have access most people in the world don’t have access to a traditional Hindu Tantra with I’ve heard in some some people say it’s not doesn’t exist in it in the original form since Muslim and Christian colonization in India and her there’s very few vestiges of it so thank you for being bringing the teachings to the modern world in a way that’s really accessible in an understandable so would you do you want to talk a bit about how you translate the teachings of the trainings that you’ve experienced and how you going to make them practical for people who don’t know a bunch of sense greater sure that’s really fast because we don’t always realize you know the routes of this incredible way of life and I’m not trying to put it to meet Andre is a way of life a site that I I live as you know my post no way of being as much as my professional life thing and it is possible people think you have to go off and live in an ashram to do this and that you evolve to a point where you are not having any sexual contact with a now that doesn’t have to pay that way so while I come from a very traditional training and a very strong lineage in that sense to me the fundamentals up that I’ve got from this and that my mouth and taste of every Friday as well as that it’s about you l a t e means how many so it’s a constant returning to to a reference of on write the masculine feminine so while we have to be doing things we also have to be banging so we have to balance perhaps yes you are taking this in our form a sexual way learning different techniques to help me write a prolonged to explore to experience the pleasure in the joy next to safe but also the being side of things so just being present with your beloved just being played with yourself I like to move it and makes both on it next to me how we get to have it beautiful concoction up the second section spiritual coming together to create a full experience and I do this by God my clients through practical steps Foundation looks like the breast which which hardly underestimate but this is the foundation said that guiding force and if you do not have an understanding to the power of your breath that is within you that you’re not going to be transmuted anything involving to where you really want to go with your waist size is a bald in Consciousness sorry dealing with that one has a very simple may not even seen sexual topics people but it can be deeply, trick once you have an understanding how that works and I’ve got some great videos on how to share with you and your listeners to God people how to do the complete breast and how to move Seco energy with their breath while also incorporating visualization techniques and intention and simple things Doterra call Mystical all different kind of spiritual walks of life that very much grounded in in Tartarus well so yeah I saved the simple like saying the attic store in the ordinary I like to think of it so we can tape it really nice again obviously wherever the personal client is long apart I make them there. They’re quite a McDonald’s of training and I just want to date them that next scheduled at the house with a new partner then that’s something that I I can help him with his well it’s really individual depends where that person is on their part as to how I’m going to Tyler sessions full then that’s when he’s really important meeting them where they’re at I’m very interested in the academics of studying Tantra and the history and the geography and how it changed in encountering Buddhism and they’re going north in evolving further into bed and the different colors of Tantra are the different the left and right hand path there’s all these different very rich but also sometimes conflicting stories and DVDs and there’s so much as it gets its really confusing and it’s hard to find a simple narrative that fits with the modern need to just get something you know understand it like a you know I care instructions for a new device that you buy is it’s it’s it’s very squarely that that whole history in NE bana prehistory going back to the most primordial goddess worship traditions and shaktism and things and I kind of feel like a yoga his is risen to such Global popularity and it’s under it’s just the word yoga is kind of out of context it doesn’t really it’s like a there’s there’s other qualifiers that you kind of need to put on it for it to really you know makes sense and and be practical but it’s kind of just sort of become this model is the concept and it has lost a lot of it’s rooted connection to the the tantric practices and it’s sort of nested it’s being nested within different township training center and whatnot so I’m curious when I speak to people like you who are you know again on this this beautiful Frontier of of bringing the ancient teachings to the modern world do you find that people passing come in with some Hatha Yoga type of experience and then it flows very well because or Kundalini Yoga they’ve got it the chakra system blueprint already laid out and so they can just started play with that weird is that where does yoga fit into your or what would you call a meal yoga to your work that’s a really cool question I love these questions band thank you find your keys and to me it’s pretty soon as the time passed and I acted like it on the mats to a son out the moon and goes out that played out six times a week and I have clients who is who is he part of themselves and they often have I guess it’s a reverence for that the how many of pulling back and bang as opposed to doing that sell to make him be very powerful to someone who wants it then evolve into taking this this Township y of banging on on board as well enough when he talked about the lady I guess I come from a belief that that everyone has a chakra blueprint that we just need to awaken when I saw his ready and sometimes people who have been heavily practicing the Coeur d’Alene sometimes it actually are vestibulitis sudden pop that body and ever my Stunna at the service of themselves because that normally is a honga or is pursuit of wanting to activate Sexual Energy and coffee filters charge until turned on and juicy magnetic and all this kind of thing when really that ate a plating that a second chakra you know which connects of the sex organs or so I can accept money and power relationships and creativity sorry I find sometimes people who come from from that kind of School and practice have it have a different paths hike and need to do some healing and clearing an end sumbry harmonizing sorry for the times I think they’re going to be ahead of the game but really like what I see on loading today’s and railings sorry to me that that’s one of the my Sidelines practices when it comes to wanting to sink that out with Thomas. I mean this is very personal this is just what I’ve seen from from Mike’s. The practitioner in and my pass thing is possible so it’s still important I’m not saying don’t practice it install together by any means it’s just we got to keep in mind here and not stink but just because they live a certain way that Tantra is necessarily going to become a CEO it’s going to get a Siri having multiple orgasms some kind of answer your question I feel like you’re getting itself how it is in the western world has become very much focused on that doing so get used to practice you have to come back once again so you know the Shakti shaver hominy the masculine feminine knowing that this dance is going on inside you and if you was fading or refueling one of those how to do too much you’re not going to be in Harmony and his absolutely going to extend to not to tell you out on the mat in the board room or in you know you’re next in the bedroom and and absolutely you’re in Haughton mind and soul so no matter what it is that you’re exploring here along with the rest of the time to process it’s definitely keeping an eye on your balance and you know how many in and checking with your cell phone I am I shocked again and that to me is sorry que no matter which school of Tantra yoga you’re choosing set it to follow up with a few mice that’s that’s a great way of putting it I feel like the that a lot of people would ask this question there pretty much saying that there was a a feminist a very in an endemic intrinsic feminist political philosophy behind the earliest teachings of Tantra that it was made by women not necessarily just for women but certainly in anticipation of the coming World age where it was going to be a lot more difficult for the feminine to be expressed because there is going to be in the words of the scriptures are really dark age you know descending upon the Earth and so it was kind of a even a a collapsing and condensing of a more of a richer more diverse tradition of spiritual practices involving yoga and all the sacred sexuality forms but really though it is just it’s interesting that it was kind of this last gasp for this cry to the Future Generations please remember these mantras remember the Davies because we’re going to start forgetting and then there’s going to be war and patriarchy and and just evil armies to sit like a bat like a horror movie it’s going to be hell on Earth in and you know that’s getting deeper into the Hindu scripture tantric meaning prophecies if you will but it seems like they were right and even now with yoga and the Bikram Scandal it’s it’s kind of like well there was this hyper masculine kind of phone providers pervasive Corruption of the the deeper shot their teachings and and now you have that live in that what’s wrong with this picture if there’s not the shocked he’s not being evoked into whatever you’re doing and you know at all times that’s hopefully the the greatest gift that’s does that have you encountered any of that kind of from that kind of cultural critique or that kind of that kind of way of seeing the the doing versus the being is being that sort of masculine and balancer or something like that and I love the flow of life it is he who doesn’t matter who you want to listen to this right now I’m sure run something past you can actually relate to the Des balance of masculine feminine to the lack of reference for the divine feminine and as you said the remember to do right now to reconnect with ashtrays and reconstruct Ruthie’s about worshiping the salmon and then and yes I’m a mess but that does not matter to have a preference for men and a masculine it just means that we swallow a pendulum sorry Fallout 2 patreon hockey announcer the masculine domination in every guy’s in every guys that it has to come back the complete opposite way to go to isokinetic strength 7mm place before I can come and Center itself this is just how it was sweet we have to go in with one extreme to the other to find out Santa so I feel we’re kind of inching towards what some people feel is quite extreme because I eat I feel like it’s all about the women it’s not about women to say we just had to speak up and shout and be loud and create a thumping noise let’s play the 70s for that to now becoming a place where when we say feminism it’s actually sit on a mess with a quality for those who are starting to really say from from the house and this is what’s called for now so whether you believe that you know you you connect to stay a man or woman is understand that what we need now is is hominy and reverence for the divine feminine which is the slowing down at the creativity of the personalization it’s going to be emotional shifts to clear that we’re in a better place to create and manifest and both whatever that is with the help of divine us when we want to have the sacred Harmony play codeine in like a marriage of these two elements within ass just I want to have that and made all of us is as the collective human Fabric and ideally for the Earth because we’re going to destroy ourselves if we don’t get ourselves back into out remembering site about truth yes absolutely yeah I come from a long background is environmental activist and unfortunately I guess sort of living in the baggage of a marxian very secular materialistic skeptical of religion skeptical of for good reason of course but really missing out on the spiritual ecological it took a while for like feels like ecopsychology to catch up in the environmental movement and I feel very blessed to come full circle and finding that within Tantra is this deeper ecological agenda obviously you’re worshipping the regenerative divine force of Shakti the primordial Shakti the expressions of the god is so I was already worshiping Gaia by that by the name you don’t win the contest in the archetype of the mother earth system so it was a it was easy for me to open up to a cosmic Supreme goddess or multiple archetypes of the personalities of the feminine godhead and all these rich Traditions that is that involves them in the sort of crime was at the medieval Heyday of the country practices so yeah I’m glad you mentioned that in DUI is part of your work do you try to drag people out into the into the woods or in the garden and try to get them you know in the breeze and doing their practices Outdoors integrity and truth and you’re communicating Mason and I feel it cuz I see you and may let’s I’m leaving this and and how we’re approaching life and how we are grounded and yet approachable yet all your pain and Ashley connected people want that you know that’s attractive and this is what you don’t fall in love with someone Sully the falling in love with with you know the lifestyle not just the external of that beautiful face so that ripped up buddy sorry when you come to a place I feel if of offering an invitation then yeah pay pullara ammo Desiring to 2105 to talk with you but you’re not in control spake practicing outside and in reference to the divine feminine and connecting with the elements I find is is Dave lien are shaking and very powerful and I like doing cars by class that especially at the morning practice especially Daly and Son capacity wherever they live like even if they even just be best for outside on your balcony and I understand in the sunshine or if it’s a little bit you’re so be outside the window and drinking the sunlight at least and just be there for him your Harmon spice if you have the ability to to get in the car and and or any form of Transport we can work even better and get to the forest to the bush to the to the ocean to the river whatever it is an end because this is part of you slowing down and he’s slowing down and being you’re creating space for what you know the Reverend here we go again you’re nice to come back to come back and you’re doing yourself a huge fight with his pot of investing in the relationship with self so important so important to have a beautiful profound effect on Humanity because I’m actually a certified permaculture designer and there’s a lot of permaculture in Australia it’s kind of the phone Houston everything I’m aware of and I just I’m a sucker for y’alls accent and the way that you put this very passionate emphasis that’s just so inviting and engaging in an enthralling and see if you just want to get on board you want to you feel the the passion and the sincerity and I just said I’m glad to hear it is tantric wisdom pieces coming through that passion in Boise and also knowing that I’m probably going to have to visit there someday you know because of all the the permaculture stuff going on and I can definitely see have you seen any sort of Hawaii there’s there’s a I hear there’s a lot of really well-designed tantric kind of Temple holistic healing spaces that are very from a culture based in I I’d imagine that there’s commingling of ecological. 9 + in Temple design and and whatnot now in Australia are you are you aware of any sites like that in Melbourne Australia mini size I mean they’re even going to kill themselves that the same group but like steres learning Santa Ceres and beat the elements and working with them and taking that sustainable this is happening more and more and I can even if someone is what we talk about here you could actually go to Patsy or farmers markets and connect with the people who grow food and you can stop by and apologize I do this every week I become friends with the couple who grew the organic food that I ate into me not in my body like that it’s going to make me show up as a clear brush I’m a grounded more healthy cheap food practitioner so the stars come back to oversee the food we ate and do what I think that’s the last I’ll bet he’s the air we breathe we talked them with breast sunlight you know just as much as as the foods that we ate is so important and you yourself would notice picking up your opponent culture expert sorry let me start wiping off how my dad a hot and I saw we realize that this is all part of the human fabric of life and this is why Tantra and rigatoni glass tile is so most eventful in itself because this is deeply ingrained within us and we can we come by Carl Rhodes nursing a body connecting with the Earth making I just like all the choices every choice you have to be conscious so yeah that is definitely increasing in Australia of the concept of going on sweetie even and I’m sure that’s hard and in the states as well we have a hot tub to rayconnect we have a hunger to go that’s what we always knew because it comes sorry for the other way with them sorry stopped about truth that now that we can’t we can’t hold off any longer on this is why people like yourself and I’m sure have client come to you because this time for real connection for real intimacy for real love to being saved big hugs being held and this absolutely includes the way we connect with with old people noticed a but love is not just that into a, shapes that with ourselves and with that communicates to this to me also I connect but having a cold like an eco-village Community uses this is what we have is calling for an end and I like having a shared Gardens and I’m taking a shield and how to how to plant seedlings and take care of the other than ours that bodies and have reverence and gratitude for the food they ate at notches them and connect with body of the Divine Temple Run an external like you need to be this kind of power steering it. Kind of head call you need to be this side of me and none of that idea deep reverence for for the body as as a House Of Your Divine so sorry it’s a connected to connect to sign into connected kind of philosophical phrases like being just becoming love being loved making love to your food you’re making love to your breathing and just being in love all the time with everything in it says yeah the connecting the food element also it’s beautiful that a lot of a lot of Township ritual practice involves feeding the goddess chocolate food and yeah it’s going to be able to incorporate in a tantric date night you know harvesting from the garden or going to the farmers market in home making a meal that’s so intimate and so Exquisite in the passion of food is a huge thing to indicate Amigo compared to get to go in NJ my organic shop heavyweight and stuck at a fridge and pantry and in 11 and prepared a food that is part of a ritual know we look at 2nd and sharing that the intimacy with your beloved or disown you care that you’re not going to be sexual it can be sacred it can be spiritual we don’t have to ignore Nestle make everything become a sexual act that just that a preference and as he said the the the making love with that process will being in that loving state to me when we have been damaged within ourselves just come naturally we are lost car from like sex to making love to be in love yeah you know what that that just reminds me that recently I was kind of who actually one of the one of the women who I’m working with professionally in the permaculture design world is is is signing up to be a role model or a spokesmodel but in the context of not in a sleazy Manner and not in the westward hyper-sexualized manner but in the matter where it’s like we’re going to do your very beautiful sensual Eco photo shoots of her doing useful ecological tasks in and educating peoples that go you want it if you want it be in the Muse of an in in in in in joy and gaze upon the you know the skin of the goddess then we’re going to teach you how to do it in proper prostration and you’re going to learn something from it and you’re b as in chanted by the active for grace in nature As You Are by whatever the curves of her body or that you were transfixed pie and how is it you’re beautiful I love that I’m going to coming from the ministry that I have paintings many as well. Sameh is how you can use essentially in a beautiful way the temple that is the body to educate on the phone while so entertaining to make it beautiful because that’s what we all are text to beauty Beauty truth love it was all about so if you can use you know the body as a canvas in as a tool to communicate that to me that is empowering that is empowering and I really don’t know that I have a preference for you know the naked female form I think you couldn’t have so much potential you know exploring that I’m sure you’ll be creating great photos, I say them yeah I think so it’s it’s it’s really the training of the permaculture design system has given me there’s a number of of tool sets like just weighs us a checklist and processes and procedures in design and just looking at nature is such a vast understanding nature such a vast infinite generator of creative possibilities for not only food but shelter and energy and security and medicine and just infinite possibilities when we actually become a beneficial member of the community of life there’s plenty for everybody and you know there’s such abundance there and and I realized it the sensuousness of the visual impact of seeing a human form it’s like you said we’re all very much attracted to beauty and it’s such a sustainable and perennial down-to-earth thing so if only we were directing people into meaningful activities would not just runways and not just you know reality TV shows in the glitz and Glamour and obviously it’s like it’s like using this bastardization of the temple Priestess arts in and making it sell commercial products in materialistic values and this is something now if if you’re if you’re feeling good about it I’d love to talk a bit more about what what your experience has been in that world and and what you might have to offer people as is in sight cuz I’m actually hoping I’m going to this is now becoming the podcast that I want to share with the women who are kind of in the Tantra and permaculture movements who are who are going to go and infiltrate the modeling an adult worlds and then because I’m hiring on both ends and I’m you know wanting to 1/8 literally initiate not not in the sense of me being there Guru button too sensitive connecting women in Sisterhood and increased sort of initiation rites that really put me out of business and put me out of work I just want to be out in the garden you know I’ll be the farmer you know you will be the dancers and then you know I’ll just bow down and and be blessed or work soft play soft as well as a nice balance photo yeah so I’m curious I guess what would it seems like is the way that people in the main street was called the mainstream modeling adult entertainment kind of world they they were some of them have a sense that they should give back and donate to charity or occasionally do fundraiser balls or food drives and there’s a sort of them I don’t want to say is tokenistic cuz I know there’s really serious like philanthropists all throughout some of the most successful people and in mainstream entertainment or are giving not just getting back money but also give him extra time in and doing Public Service Announcement so I can stuff so I’m just I’m curious from your perspective and having that back on that world were you kind of privy to too much of that or were you on that pass through if you were you have memories of the Avenues for people to give back and maybe grow spiritually in and be in community service in and whatnot or was it mostly just really go to testicle narcissism and materialism you take me back I guess that’s nothing about Strahan in the fashion industry and I’m being a part of that what’s really popular is you know that the benefit both a benefit function where you will have a whole stream a whole gaggle of funerary Grandma’s old is who on the runway apps just you know I add a beautiful event plenty of amazing food everything there is going to put on everything to join Isis and then you going to be having auctioning off of everything they just know if a charity is charity is it might be for a certain disease or something I want to invest in but when it comes to something as spiritual and holistic is nothing. Nowhere all that really made it big I I was the face of a libel and a car because she was liable for some for some time and I I did some shirts and some Good at Drinkin a special of the day was one of the most awesome experiences in in this regard during my career and full-time thing I will Cherry be part of a sign that was using materials from the witch is going to be sold to people all around the world war two things shark I stood in a really big well knowing traditional venues an event such as Paris fashion week that was awesome to be part of that and just say that these things can happen this can work at me now we have amazing designers who kind of creating swimwear and shoes from off katsev of rubbish and United debit come from the say this is cool being a part of that is cool and that’s why I’m more passionate now cuz I’m still in this industry but I think it’s you that I want to support a car ethical environment friendly animal friendly Brands sorry I don’t have a great lot of memory of that and any suspending a couple of decades that I’ve been a pain because it’s it’s not inclined in that machine it snow in grind Instagram machine I actually struggled with this when I was doing my Master’s in Communications because I wanted to create at least I was real choice because I was kind of unrealistic and instead of just doing a massive kind of rice hop and presenting this very heavily racist document that would probably collect dust at the end of my degree I asked if I could yes table that raises its but kind of package of animal more than Wine I wanted to passenger occasions and I kind of like the Eco ethical environmentally friendly version of fog I was kind of like start off as this prototype for a magazine and two mops on the day the height of 6 which is the highest Mach I could possibly received and I was told it was because I was being unrealistic because what I what I wanted what I was pitching is that having incredibly research articles let’s say we just type of cutting more, now that this is going back probably a bad idea by now that writing articles about you know where your clothes are made how the guy that you love that seen this certain brands clothing is actually destroying the waterways and thoughts the crops in those communities in this certain countries and that the United States 6 year old children who have pain in my left it harm with United night BBQ is that motherhood Holy Spirit chain or so I can do whatever has to go off of work and she’s waking a sweat shorts and just bring some reality is that with you know not adverse but more like informative Paces I suppose that that win against the grain of everything that they special magazines believe which is actually putting an article that it’s going to make you want to buy something that you don’t need next to it and next to it you know an adverb that’s promoting a cream for wrinkles on your face that you don’t have cuz you’re only eighteen sorry coming in very very deep shark infested water and I survived unfortunately it didn’t quite come out as beautiful as head but what a great experience for me to stop saying this machine that I was a pain through different eyes and another stand Wattpad I was willing to be a part of what part I really wasn’t and I always struggle with this as someone who’s always lived very holistic lost to the sex drugs rock-and-roll the spot things you don’t understand that kind of suck and I suppose I I did struggle with with straddling Both Worlds and now now people like yourself who is doing the same should use this kind of a concept this is what’s going to help this is what’s going to give you know that young women and men who are very much a most in this world a different perspective advocating animal rights who are advocating whatever it is I had a passion about even something as simple as you know maybe the rights of Mortals instead of card hands of them being forced to be undernourished to get on the runways so we are noticing is a prize more and more it’s just like that that hasn’t been very strong in the last few decades but now as waste out remembering waking outbreak at YouTube on sanon we getting this for more so that’s my memory of it at least and I love what you’re doing and we need we need this is just not that way know that we also need to be led by example sometimes but the people like yourself who are actively creating something else I let someone like myself one thing I do remember vividly is backstage Shari’s I kind of created these little priest icicle was where I’d be like the spot in my twenties and sharing some wisdom absolutely at stake about you know their sexuality had we even have like get a little things like what’s the name for Yanni Yanni bank so I quit. Realized the name of the enticing Office on Fort Lee said be a pagina but you can’t say that to the Volvo sorry we say you know if you was with me to call it says wow I don’t talk about these kind of things before I knew it I’d be spending my lunch breaks or brakes train shows sitting with a group of them all Trina questions and I wasn’t trying to be someone’s Gerber I’m all about avocado you ain’t gotta show you on God but just to give them some inside share the wisdom is what we need to do and Titus was going to different why so we wouldn’t like it and that the whole point and I feel that’s what you’re talking about is going into places infiltrating let us in let the Fashion World of them welding welding and offering them so I’ve never seen before because this is how we get to shake people up like a smoke and give them some car to get him some perspective and and some of these young women who won now in much healthier relationships with themselves have a relationship with food healthier believe that Korea healthy relationship with a new partner having children sorry just having a conversation so you know I don’t need some song goes like I was doing shows with him with me for a few years right sorry they had to leave and we create a basin and now there was so they fall in my way could I join now even though I’m not back side if I start as much as I used to be a I’m normally the one that’s you’re comparing me of it now because I prefer to be divided my work sets Outlets X Hot Topic but that’s none of thy Saints and created a shift in them and the beautiful thing is that they now get to be out of share that with whoever they’re involved with and that to me is how we get to empower each other and in a cycled way so yeah it’s for the whole process concept II down in a little bit of that with with us because I was especially when they would you know you only came up and I was not everyone’s there yet and this is why we want to be inclusive start in order to increase if we have to get a speaker ones language and I guess the fact that I was driving us to Wells I was I was speak that language and and I got it and I run with that sorry I’m On Top stand I’m on it to a shed a bit a lot in that way in an industry that has different lots lots yeah well I’m so glad that that we got to explore the territory because I’m just sitting here grinning like ramakrishna I just can’t I can’t sell again Deep Cover work that’s fun engaging in in you know it’s it’s like I said we don’t have to I’ll have to be hippies and we also don’t all have to be giving ourselves swamy names and dressing and putting on the Mala beads in be just out of context so to be able to I think it really speaks for itself just the energy of being a fully embodied well-integrated. Chakras activated being it’s a nice day when you’re speaking of people and you know there’s just the radiance in the presence of that I’m sure you were able to be a A+ from a radiant magnetic Powerhouse since I’ve got a kind of interesting couple of questions to to build on what we what we’ve already accomplished in exploring his territory I think it it comes it really comes down to what I feel more and more in this age of kind of the allusion to sort of Wizard of Oz illusion of patriarchy where it’s really the small sometimes relieved she brained male egos who just got their hands on the military power to be able to impress people until limit people’s access to knowledge into skew and distort the truth that’s ever ever been to us as the Earth continues to abundantly produce and we continue to create these artificial desert sand city is in prison grid Roman based City designs and we’re just basically very systematically kind of blindfolded to the truth that that the divine feminine Essence has always flowing always abundant always nurturing always wanting seeking our connection and wanting to provide us love and their transcend and in fact really despite all of this illusion of patriarchal power it’s still even to this moment the women who exude that feminine Essence that have the most power because you know I don’t know about the models and the you know that the women who are the diva of the the entertainment Industries know there’s many of them are strippers there’s pornstars there’s models or actresses or singers you know there’s fashionistas there’s all of these Divas are still men are still dying to worship them even if their pimps and Warlords and gangsters and you know corporate CEO men there still paying somebody or you know being a patron of the feminine desexualized feminine at some level to every single one of them pretty much the most powerful crabman so the this power to bring more Consciousness to everyone through having something to say and something to teach in that world you could becoming a model Priestess or Priestess modeler you know bringing the stuff it’s really it’s just exciting to me in and there’s another dimension that I want to speak to you about the way that I can it’s it’s hard you you probably have the perfect background to be able to really deeply Siri on this it in and really be able to to kind of some help me hold this Vision which is that in time she obviously I’m sure you do a lot of eye gazing instruction for your clients and you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time in your own life even just it could be corporate business memes of when you have that self-esteem and you have that practice you’re more comfortable peering through the window to the soul and doing the eye gazing as a as a practice in all of your relations in is that is that true for you you feel like that I gave him as a powerful Tantra practice since you incorporate anti Haven does the eye contact because gazing for some people to be very intimate and yes with with a clot I will actually gone through that and teach them that but just making contact with someone like I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this I’m pretty sure you going to sell your house but you’re being on the straight with someone and touching their eyes I like to hold that spice and I’ll see if they send them love I don’t need to know them they can be any age shape size color whatever I’m just going to send some love and light and that’s not making my device that I’m at say this is just being a channel. Just to remind I died and it’s interesting that people that could hold that guy’s and could even say Hey or morning and people who will look away at the corner of their eye stuff like that for real is that they are you saying anyone can type that clothes off and get naked with mores at least it’s really being seen and yet that’s what they cries of iced Waverly cry face pain and hurt and held and and worships matter whether we recognize begum out a woman so tell me the eye guys is is a way of expressing so many things and you can actually come on Joe space and and come on Joe iron power through the eye guys as well and it can easily be used for your house, and it can be easily Miss used as a form of manipulation of understanding of how powerful it is absolutely love love love love being able to connect with someone and just having a conversation with a client when you can really hold a spice of them purely with your eyes and from there the rest of the second spice can on fall out while having a conversation with someone who’s trying to manipulate you and I might be able to I guess she would I want to say but you’re not going to let them penetrate your mind and Han Solo because you can hold that you know so we can use the eye guys in and out ability to create or holes like a spice very much not honestly I believe sorry I I love it it’s a beautiful gift and once we start having it that we stopped to I believe I can more about in town of from within sorry if you haven’t attempted guys in before and it’s most simple form sitting in front as it can be a friend or I can be able Auto Parts in front of the mirror and just looking into another one eye and just for the saying and I’m president not letting Lothrop Migos takeoff verse that comes out just let it go and it stays of sadness come let it come let it go and just hold that spice but even if you can for a couple of minutes the first United before we even go down the path of the hot spot in the eye guys the entire time I’ve ever love making session becomes a really simple and and break it down and make it. So I thought you could at least experienced it on some level and things that I’ve done this many times then try doing it a different way than you’ve done before challenge yourself and and David yourself enjoy that nothing’s ever the same you might have been like all done that before the next time it’s going to be different and you might find if you are not willing to surrender to the process that different parts of you to feel as if you consulted them peel back and and you might be out at connect even date with your pie not even taper with yourself or even just a friend that moment which is all that matters is cuz all we have wow every everything you say is is Success if it’s like it’s been scripted by somewhere on high I just feel like I probably make the mistake of speaking kind of assuming that some of the key words and vocabulary or already understood but you’re really expanding and opening up this glasserie so this is really helps cuz this is what I hope to to be kind of stand-alone experience to open people’s Consciousness so you just like really that was great you were able to lay out the mechanics of it in the end the why and the how and with that with that sort of concept very well develop now I want to bring into the concept to concept of vision boards is everybody since the secret became a very successful me and you know throughout the culture that was part of it understanding that with Law of Attraction you want to have a vision board and I’m curious do you that isn’t necessarily I’d say It’s Time trick in the sense that everything is Tantra but not everything can be in the practice of Tantra but it’s not necessarily from making a vision board isn’t necessarily something you read in the ancient scriptures but it is if you look at the the yantras then that kind of was the time tradition for it and you kind of put your attention on to that but same kind of magical technology but just so I know that we’re talking about the same thing to you have a vision board practice or do you you’re pretty well aware of what that what that practice is more words and experience has not been stuff like that there was a it was a diamond earrings is it within my mind so every day I do have a practice wear after I’ve I’ve done my whole you know a series of of of my morning ritual before I get to the yoga mat I finished it off with a meditation and then I I bring to me a visualization and and some a part of that is once I stood up myself so I still filled of of love and lot already at that right at that out to my spice into my loved ones with everybody around the country already that ride like that out then a guy into my business to my clients to whatever it is I’m going to hang on to that meet him going to have today to that first client session and then I finally make my way out in or around the Worlds 2 coming out to ready and I love to mother and I just I just hold that spice mites on if it needs a parrot but I didn’t connect with my gods and whatever information or whatever it is but I meant to be aware of and and I almost like A Course in Miracles what do you need me to know the right now wait on a cigar by all those kind of kind of probing questions of really how I can be the greatest Otis for myself so that I can shine as the greatest service possible and I do everything was all of that and whatever comes to become so in that I gently bring myself back till I’m back in my body or my bed in my meditation cushion are yoga mat aware of it is that I’ve done. Visualization to me that’s more powerful then sing in front of that vision board that I created them in that spice exactly anymore I’m outside if you want to talk to me I feel you need to try an experiment see what works for you and then sometimes you know looking at an ancient symbol or I can what is that you want to manifest however that looks whatever it is and I’m creating a symbol that represents it and it can’t be a squiggle it might be a musical note G of flour anything if you can draw that. Some ways that you can look at it and and stop feeling what it is you’re the one that a fist come through that symbol and and some tenderness sex Magik off think that is more like to know a secret I station you can even bring that if it’s something to do with your beloved let’s say you can bring that symbol into your lovemaking so that you are focusing on that I wanted to call about that together and and is conveyed we want to get a new time together if we want to bring a baby into the world we want to chase this or whatever it is I mean it can be anything I want to be materialistic item it can be a sensation connection and likewise you do this with yourself that doesn’t have to be during self-pleasure old masturbation it can just purely Bay in sitting there doing nothing and just being and being mindful so take it wherever you want to take it there’s no boundaries here we go to open up and I was no wrong wrong but the met the visualization is is date by powerful and and I love doing that even if it’s a short why don’t you exercise everyday beautiful yeah you know I’m actually as you’re saying that I feel like a lot of what I’m working to do is to get men off of porn and back into their their the workspace of their erotic imaginal realm in their Fantasy Life in the prosthesis of a vision board at kind of atrophies your visualization in your imagination but it it can be it can be a positive true or can be a catalyst as well so there’s like a a roll for it and is it can be a roll for it for either of those things but I like the way you put it because yeah I feel like you do know it’s not about the vision board it per se is not like the vision board itself holds the magic it’s all you it’s inside of you so whatever it takes and then like you said you can kind of fold the symbolism into a into a you sometimes called a schedule is like a powerful object or powerful symbol that that contains elements in orgasmic manifestation as the evolution of sex magick which can just kind of have creepy over tongues for four people that just get they just don’t like the looks like pickup artists and sex magick and there’s just there’s been some painting of of those paths especially with Crowley in being the I don’t know if that’s a whole nother conversation but we’re stepping into the light and really manifesting with Consciousness in with the guidance yes of our guides and of the Divine there it’s not rocket science really to have that sort of moral compass beset by these higher dimensional being so I think we’re definitely on the same page with with setting these coordinates for manifestation and in a good way and the reason that I wanted to bring those two elements together here at that you know I’d Ark in our closing is it on I feel like what I have been led to to discover a realize is that when when people are are looking at a model the background has infinite power potential that’s being neglected and also the power of whether or not they’re smiling with and how they’re positioning their eyes in I feel like I’m this what I’m what I’m experimenting with quite literally now is saying that instead of having this vacuous gaze where the director is telling you to quote look bored and sad to sell some product or some fashion line and it’s like that’s actually a black magic curse that you’re putting on the mirror neurons of the people reading that magazine if you’re make if you’re making them wonder where you look rich and famous but you look bored and sad so there’s this emptiness what’s going on there and it’s supposed to itch strive to work really hard to achieve what you’re modeling for but you’re not smiling at me and you’re not looking in my eyes and and then in the background you’re selling some products so it just if if you if we realize in this is my sort of faces here I’m curious if you know what you how you feel better when you think about it it’s like the potential to do assertive Tantra makeover of that art form in that media style to be like okay instead of looking bored and sad with your friends and and have them see a vision board in the background of all of your most philanthropic dreams as as a diva you know how are you going to heal the planet how are you going to be charitable to the in-service of the poor and the destitute in in if I mean if I asked every model who’s at the top of their game we know what is what would you do with a million dollars is a nonprofit and then make a vision board collage is the background and then photographed them looking straight forward and smiling so that all of the energy that’s that’s pouring into that image from their fans and from people in the Tabloid you know Stan dial they’re actually getting lit up and their financing that Vision with their own intrigued energetic flow to that image it’s the power of damage and it’s being unconsciously squandered it that sits at the vestan and really it’s being a really dark kind of person in a worst-case so does that resonate with you is that I feel like this is a precious moment to to have your Insight on this cuz this is kind of the I’m putting all my effort into seeing a iskcon really having a fake I know it works for me so it could possibly scale office for passion that’s that’s so you can’t not dating anyone says myself included my my thoughts that you’re talking about models becoming Role Models not Sports models good role models and many of them shy away from that man say I am not a role model because they kind of grown in the bank art hangers or you know if we make something look good but we can’t detract room at home what that something is because you’re behind the something not the ass sometimes I’m with that all that you get someone like us if you could happen it doesn’t. And you know what are you going to sell to get what you want so wise comes into the tobogganing here but what you’re talking about I believe had a lot of Merit conceptually occupy play energetically it has a lot of Merit how you’re going to create these that’s up to you you’ve got you know I’ve got the creative juices some show flying 322 manifest and whatever I admit to present itself but the idea when I said is visualization of of a very well knowing you’re probably quite high profile because I’ve been voted the papal high-profile and I Am the Man by fashion houses in Brands and and multinationals because they have a message Instagram following sorry getting into that you know right and & mikienis a social I guess experiment of sorts powered by the papal can be really really quiet empowering I want you to sing a b it be very interesting experiment I think and the idea of offering those follow is a different perspective is something that could be quite the same as well people who had let’s say you know be massive follows of the Kardashians who love buying things who have the desire to retire early and then match them with his car on that holiday wearing this card you know they’re the kind of people sometimes that you’re going to have to be wanting to Guy high but what about this it’s a tough gig is going to be a tough you know it’s half battle in some ways and sign that if people are named ever also Kardashian cutouts what to say bananas people are needed to save an honest is what we get in the media we going to get bananas if you stop offering RN I have tried that before was an orange taste like you know you can’t even see something completely different they are going to be some people that are going to be curious and come across right oranges oranges you were going to attend Chalet you can I start a hold you little way than this could end up becoming you know otherwise we know is to me it’s all the potential I love the concept and I feel we are in a position now with the beauty of scars made him look at it for a positive perspective in a helpful tool to be able to communicate a message globally and instant on a YouTube clip and Piper get it at fish are around use your connections connect with a Papal connect with the with the people you want to put in front of connect with these models say who’s interested find out who the ones who leading a holistic tossed Miley Cyrus Masa vegan you know her like whoever it is knows she’s going to call the sign tomorrow but still within that Realm potentially could get behind a really cool place where they also still got that kind of Rebel activists in them then only in their twenties that I have a rebellion anyway cuz they probably didn’t get to have that childhood cuz I was young Stars sometimes miss that as well so they like yeah I want to be your friend I want to stand out I want to be you know you’re saying to be to be having something more to me than just what you say in that magazine as an example and I went to the bar because it will change their brand sorry and I’m hopeful that I’ve also activism when it’s time for a place of passion driven purpose to to Servin and help the great ago with and it sounds like this little project could be like God places that you can make a difference why not as long as going to make a difference then Jump Right In I say well thank you so much I feel like you just provided for me a private coaching session and I feel like now I have to say for all the listeners who just witnessed that you definitely need to connect with the lease and Avail yourself of her services and yeah on that note do you want to talk a bit about I’m okay to go as long as you want if you want to continue my definitely want to give you the floor to talk to you no more deeply about what you’re offering now and specifics and how people can really engage in and step into the the offerings that you have them really thrilled and I’m not a believer I’m going to depend totally endorsing it happen and how I approach is tossed that that clicks with you then absolutely head over to spell amused., that start with an i and has lots of free videos about the continent is some great articles inner ear itching and I’m give you a different perspective and whether it’s the coaching or else I will tell Charro healing they sold for modalities that I also ran and if it’s takes to you then you know connected way they are going to contact hide everything so lazy as a free table and a free video series Miley focus of the women have I can a line that you only hot mind but I doing card guys to download videos to have a deeper understanding of how the divine feminine what how to support her because when you support her she can support you and we are stronger together sorry if it’s any way I can be of service if someone’s was singing feels like yeah it’s been so afraid I connect with me and I will do my utmost to shut the lot I’m sure we will have the intention to still be a yeah falling your work and I’m definitely be in touch Towing and I greatly appreciate your time thanks for having me VW. 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