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A Declaration of Sexual Human Rights with Lawrence Lanoff TPP65


lawrence-lanoff-picIn this episode I’m joined by world renown tantric master and instructor Lawrence Lanoff. He shares his story of initiation into the loving arts at an early age and his life’s work to help unfuck the minds of individuals, couples, and modern western culture at large.

We weave a tapestry of glory and tragedy as we explore the light and shadow of sexuality education, religion, pornography, and neo-tantra. He helps distill the core values and truths humanity will need to agree on to one day establish a universal declaration of sexual human rights.
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin welcome to time for fun podcast episode number 66 I am going to be interviewing Zane who is a Nashville male stripper and we’re going to learn a lot about the sacred bad boy archetype here and so how you got to become a male stripper in your life boy that is a long long story the very short version of that story is I was just the right man for the job and I was in the right place at the right time and should just kind of fell together and next thing you know I was on stage in front of large groups of people getting naked and making money in ways that I never imagined possible that is the short that’s the short version if you want the long version we can get into that yeah yeah cuz you and all that you probably didn’t some people did actually you know that Spire to be in that role but where did she go out how did life unfold leading you into that that moment of being at the right place at the right time well for starters we can rewind about a year or two before I started dancing and at that point I was 19 going out to 20 years old living in The Boondocks the mountains of Carthage Tennessee and I was playing in a death metal band as a bass player the whole band and I were living together in a run-down creepy-ass house in the Backwoods of the fucking Countryside way up in the mountains you got to go like 5 miles or so through this like one lane Gravel Road that finally leads up to my house my house look like something straight out of a Rob Zombie movie and my whole family dinner at the cops never came on our road ever so we did whatever we wanted we just partied all day shoot guns out there since nobody gives a fuck and we would throw bonfire parties my drummer Aaron at the time was native to that sound so everybody out there knew him there big ass party everybody comes out there and comes to check us out of our neighbors made moonshine a few people grow mushrooms and shit and just go out there and play metal songs and that was our whole life that lasted a good while and then I moved back to Middle Tennessee and heard through the grapevine about a club in downtown Nashville that was hiring male dancers and you know the band had split up I needed money and I did not think cuz cuz they were auditioning people I figured I would show up ask around and just see what comes out of it I couldn’t dance where the shit I was playing in the death metal band I’m used to getting it to Moss pets and she said you know so like so when somebody says hey there’s a nude male strip club I had long black hair that I’m usually pulled back in a ponytail I mean not exactly I mean I was in shape I mean I look good but like I was not Magic Mike by any stretch of the imagination but I showed up for whatever reason and the manager said okay you’ve got to get on stage and dance for one song by the end of the song you’ve got to get completely naked and that’s going to be your audition I said word went back to the DJ booth you guys got any Nine Inch Nails any Rob Zombie or corn or something and we pulled up the song it was probably the most awkward five minutes of my life and I thought I really really believe that I was going to get laughed out of the club like I didn’t know what I was doing there I never at that point in my life like I was just barely 20 years old at that point I never been to a strip club in my life ever I’ve never seen anybody do a pole trick I’ve never seen a lap dance actually take place I didn’t I couldn’t dance I didn’t know what the hell I was doing I was just I was there I really thought I was I was getting ready to apologize like I’m sorry this fucking suck time I’m Gone by the end of the song manager gets up on the microphone like okay when can you start I’m like so you got to get your SOB license sob stand for sexually oriented business so I had to go get my sexually-oriented business license and I could start dancing and pay out the club about 40 to $50 a day make cash everyday and what I make is mine to keep I said I fucking made the audition M-66 it’s going on to about six and a half years later this point I’m 26 years old now I was barely twenty years old at the at the time and here I am talking about it now I thought I was about to get laughed out of the room go back to working at some fucking Factory or Warehouse like all the other jobs that I’ve worked previously but it worked out and it’s been a hell of a ride man that’s the that’s the introduction to that and so is that with the same club or if you bounced around what’s changed over the 60 at everything that was that was the beginning that was the beginning that was a club that is not around anymore it was called Club Arrow or some people refer to it as Arrow Nashville in downtown Nashville male strip club right in the heart of downtown and I worked there for about a year and after that apparently the mayor Governor whoever of our town the Senators and all that could not handle the idea of having a male strip club so close to our convention center and right in the heart of downtown where all the tourists like to go and I read some of the news tabloids about it like our politicians right here in Tennessee where saying it’s one thing if a lady takes her clothes off on stage for men but when a man does it it’s repulsive or he said something to that effect and it made me nauseous man like I worked there for about a year I got a real taste of the game and really got passionate about what I did and then I started hearing this and I forgot that oh yeah we’re in the middle of so-called conservative Buckle of the Bible Belt Middle Tennessee and here we are doing what is completely against the grain of what mainstream Society considers to be decent or chivalrous in any way throw money at us come on and apparently apparently the the people running the show that is Tennessee could not handle the fact and so the club got bought out from underneath us without any of the dancers knowing it apparently all the club Owners and managers were in on it and just didn’t even tell us until one day I woke up to a phone call and it was my manager at the time Bo who just said hey man there’s no more Arrow we’re locking the doors tomorrow you got till the end of today to come over here get your stuff out of the Walker and it’s over and that was about five five five and a half years ago it was right around Christmas I think of 2010 I believe and we didn’t we were devastated me and all the other dancers you know we didn’t know what to do because of that point we had fallen in love with the game the show the entertainment just everything about what we did was like just such a fucking Rush that you know once it ended we’re like now what where do we where do we go from here and a shortly after that there was a club owner from a place pretty close by to their calls me up apparently I had given him my number at some point at that club arrow and I don’t remember doing that but he had called me up out of the blue and said hey I heard are is closing down why don’t you want to bring your boys down to my club in bold put on a show for you guys had word and we put on a show just in the middle of his club and that turned into a big thing you know like the this was on New Years going into 2011 amazing party amazing crowd like everybody had of last we all made money and it’s like we’re taking that and it work we we took that energy from that club that we worked at together and started spreading it so in a way you could say that Arrow closing down on us was actually for our benefit like that’s where it was birthed but from there it’s spreaded and it started with me and Nightclub owner talkin we put on the New Year’s big and it became a hit next thing you know we bought ourselves a portable pole we became a traveling pole dancing group started traveling all over the southeast United States and we would roll up into a club and we would just set up a pole right there where ever was convenient to us and it was amazing we could just do pole tricks in the middle of any club and put on a show and travel and would become a big thing that went South that lasted a couple of years I just banded from that group for other raisins and perfect timing with that because this and that happened and the whole thing fell apart but God damn it that was a good fucking ride that we gave it for myself like right at the same time that I had helped start that pole dancing group starting with that New Year’s gig and then other gigs after that that I had set up and started booking and we started traveling and Performing and all that at the same time I started creating a network for myself which is the best move for me to make at the time and that’s I think what really saved my ass like a kept myself afloat in the industry after this pole dancing group head collapse okay not to sound arrogant but I at the time I was worth more as an Entertainer then the group was as a traveling unit and at the time that I disbanded you should started going south and at the time like by that point I had already created a network for myself other people that I’m connected with that are going to book with me where I can perform wherever I want and I started doing like a lot of bachelorette parties private parties birthday parties party bus party boats and you fucking name it and by the time that that group had disbanded and sort of crumbled collapsed on us I was already in an independent entity making money on my own as an entrepreneur and I’m still doing it to this day and still keep in touch with all the guys most of them you know you know still perform the occasional Club gig here and there and it’s always fun and still doing bow and here I am like I said talking about it and in the meantime it’s good to hear from me to Tanger problem this is exciting I’m totally totally getting in this trance listen to tell me about how what’s the mechanics of that that’s very interesting I never heard that they did that so how does what does that look like and how does it how do you set that up a little tiny bit can you repeat that how does that work well it was a pole that you can take apart and put together it’s it’s a portable pole it doesn’t it doesn’t connect to the ceiling of a club like it you would set up the bass on ground level and in the middle is like a ball bearing like swivel type thing were then you assemble the pole itself and put it inside the base the foundation and from there it’s spins and everything and it’s pretty sturdy so we had one guy that was like well over 200 lb of big white boy country boy and everything totally fucking crunk I would do backflips and all kinds of crazy pole tricks and everything on the Poland and I think it only fell apart on him one time aside from that it’s been pretty sturdy over the years but like I said that’s way in the past and lots of good times that have happened as a result is it kind of like one of those like kicking post like that martial arts studio kicking post or like a basketball hoop that has like it has some sort of thing it’s weighted bottom or is it the UPS okay so you don’t know the name of the brand I’m not the one that bought it but I mean ok it’s the sound ation that you build on ground-level its circular at the bottom ways a good bit there’s a metal frame that goes inside of it then there’s the circular platform that you can actually walk and dance and twerk on in the center would be the whole with like a ball bearing like open hole type of thing where then you assemble the pole separately in three different pieces stick it in the center in the thing spins and you can jump on it go upside down and it fits in the back of any regular cars trunk so we can grab a lot of steak of all over the place we went as far south as Panama City Beach Florida and I think I believe it’s for North as Evansville Indiana and pretty much it all the states in-between weird head at various clubs in many many stories many different things that have happened and people and shit that’s gone on in the middle of all that good stuff in well that’s so tell me about if you will what your internal experiences in these in these dances that mean are you feeling now you said you’re getting a rush imagine I mean I’ve been into clubs where the others just like a like gay clubs where there’s actually mostly I’ve heard it’s like a lot of straight guys like just College you know college guys straight guys that are just trying to make a little extra bucks on the side but it was kind of like you know stomping a little bit on the on the bars standing up and just having people come up and stuff terminal like this the dance of stopping you just kind of like moving your cat down but you’re not getting real real crazy like pole dance I haven’t seen you know that yet so it sounds like you’re getting pretty wild like you’re getting in people’s faces you’re like doing the lap dances and you just a wild man right at them at a concert might be something different but as a male dancer I mean we’ve pretty much done everything if that’s what you mean well so I saw I saw you do a little lap dance recently and what how tell me about a male stripper lap dance what is that what is that like what is he mean what do we do yeah yeah if you were to describe it you know if you would like writing your Memoirs you know and you were like you know these are some of the moves like oh yeah like what what typically happens during a lap dance pole oh boy I guess it it really boils down to the aspect of being a good Entertainer is all about filling out the Vibes and not only so to speak surf The Vibes the the the waves that are the women’s emotions and that are the vibe that I’m creating within the room like as I’m owning the room like as the sole Entertainer like 90% of my games right now it is like you know private parties Bachelorette birthday party stuff like that itches like that’s that’s mostly what I do and then we’re sitting here talking about pole dancing and stuff that was years and years ago that was like five years ago I was doing that but as a doing doing bachelorette parties during a lap dance it’s all about filling out the Vibes and that would apply to being in a club to it’s all about feeling Out The Vibes and going going with that I can read the woman’s body energy their posture just how much they’re getting into it I can tell if she’s so high or reserved like nervous because it’s the first time she’s doing something like this or if she’s completely just into it and wild and everything and anything else that that’s in between during a regular lap dance I can feel out the vibes from her body and just what is what is happening in the way that her friends are like responding to what I do and from there I usually start with some kind of teas where I’m not completely physically touching the girl that I’m about to dance for and just kind of Escalade from there it can go into like grinding a lot of times I fish out dollar bills with my teeth a lot of her friends will stick dollar bills like in her cleavage and you know very you know parts of her body were all fish out the dollar bills with my teeth and stuff like that in the girls get all into it and everything a lot of different tricks and things that I do sometimes depending on what outfit that I’m wearing at the time like let’s say I’m wearing my cop outfit should I wear the cop outfit all the time and that’s a huge hit like all the girls will take that a lot sometimes sometimes the girls request whipped cream so I like to keep my refrigerator stocked with whipped cream this time of year because you never know when that might come in handy right and then during if I’m not going to be a cop or like a pizza delivery guy or something like that like I’m just in my regular Cowboy outfit or if they haven’t requested anything specific where they just want me to show up looking sharp or whatever like a business suit or something like that usually my intro is going to be like most often when I show up the bride does not know that I’m coming like it’s going to be a surprise to her oftentimes like it’s only the girl that both me and her friends like all the other girls in the room that are actually in on it and in cases like that in fact most other cases to be honest what I like to do as my intro is I’ll bring a blindfold and I’ll tell the girls that book to me you know they always meet me outside the room before I start dancing you know I’m bringing my Boombox and everything for me and I told him to blindfold the bride-to-be or the birthday girl whoever you know the star of the night so is going to be and get her to sit down in the seat blindfold her and balls he’s blindfolded I might walk inside while she doesn’t see me and you know plug in my Boombox in my party light and all that plug in my iPod my playlist everything and then whenever I’m ready all the girls in the room will start changing the bride’s name in La Brittany Brittany Way what’s going on what’s going on for the blindfold off how you doing Brittany and then all the girls are going crazy and it it’s always a blast man it’s always a blast is there footage of a demo reel for this I got to see this man this is too if you’re talking about that little 10-second video clip that I posted in the Forum I haven’t seen a couple days ago right I haven’t seen that yet but I’m really I would love to see this like as a music video or something I mean it’s it’s this is like so a demo reel that that documents all this I would love to see a male stripper performance during a bachelorette party filmed and edited by The Format of the music video that would be amazing I’ve never seen or done that before I do that and if it happens because I’m going to top Magic Mike but that’s it let’s let’s do it there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the what all males aspire to be able to accomplish you know in their own private lives like being a really juicy dancer you know that’s what’s missing and debts you know that I mean either so so many guys did you say I can’t dance or I don’t dance and no that’s that’s write any anybody you should never say that you cannot dance because anybody can dance fucking half-ass nod your head to some music that is fucking dancing so nobody should say if they cannot dance that is a fucking lie and don’t ever believe it you can dance for this because you know I can’t I mean from the metal scene I wasn’t metal everything and yeah I think head-banging moshpit Circle pits in pitted sink head swell with all that stuff is a form of movement but you know the but despite permitted to do that you know if you were to start getting kind of smooth and sensual and graceful moving your head beat you up as a fagg that’s what you know what I mean a lot of that world but you know that there is that homophobic through that pain world you know but I mean shit like that I mean I’ve never really seen anything homophobic but I’ve never I mean metal metal is one of those genres where you don’t see a whole lot of openly gay people with the exception of the lead singer for Judas Priest and that’s I mean forgetting that’s I mean if I certainly haven’t seen or experienced anything like that at the same time I mean you know meet me personally I went from heavy metal and death metal and being a bass player which which I still answer this day don’t get me wrong from that to like you said actually having it in the hips having the Mojo being able to to move with the music and from there I started to evolve from heavy metal and stuff like that wear nowadays I’m more like industrial music and stuff but I’m also moved into like rave music and stuff like that he’ll at my party so that I’m performing at I don’t play that kind of music at all I mean like at my parties I’ve got my own playlist that I’ve made myself as customers shit it’s like you know Ludacris Lil Jon you know Rihanna 50 Cent I got this one remix from Nine Inch Nails and 50 Cent words like the Beat from Nine Inch Nails closer but it’s put to 50 Cent you know I go Shawty It’s Your Birthday we gonna party like it’s your birthday the girls love that song love it because the the beginning is just that Yeah Yeah Yeahs Nine Inch Nails closer all the kinky girls in the room instantly as soon as I beat drops they all perk up I’ll look at them and then all the girls that are just there to party and aren’t as kinky are going to recognize 50 Cent as soon as he comes in go Shawty It’s Your Birthday they start singing along to it and then just insert the bride’s name or whoever you’re giving a lap dance to go Britney and so I got so I’m wondering how do you end up with a lot of these if it’s not the birthday girl or I probably Hopewell you would hope not The Bachelorette but I’m sure you must get so many phone numbers and people throwing panties that you how do you manage all of all of the solicitation since you had skit you know as far as that goes I mean of course what I do what we do as male entertainers is meet me offer the ladies this new experience that many of them have not experienced before most of the women that I have never had any kind of male stripper experience aside from what they’ve seen from Magic Mike you know so when they have the full one experience of okay we’re from out of town we’re getting a hotel here in Nashville and they’re hiring a male stripper that never done this before and they’re kind of expecting like a Magic Mike type of thing and I show up and I’m doing the cop thing or the cowboy thing or being a doctor or you notate the delivery guy at fireman military hotel security bang on the door say something about a noise complaint and sit cream the blindfold the handcuffs body shots of fishing dollar bills about of their cleavage isn’t set they they haven’t experienced anything like that so I think that the experience for them is very opening and freeing and a very not only a new experience but it it opens them up in such a way sexually where it can be considered a sort of evolution for them and for the people that I dance for like I believe that evolution is spawned by having a variety of experiences and that includes sexually so like when they when they had this new experience that is it’s certainly got a sexual element to it with the stripping performance and all that that creates Evolution it creates change within them and I think that that experience can be such a positive thing for them that yes I mean they they definitely like to talk to me afterwards but what happens from that point forward like after I’m done performing is my own discretion like you know I typically just choose to be a professional I told him if they want to book me again you know go to the to my booking agent website they can request me again for the next party and everything so I don’t usually I mean I might have to take their phone number but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to call them necessarily at that point forward whatever I do is my decision and it’s entirely up to me what happens with any of them well so I like to be a choice is what I’m saying only man that’s cool you have obviously you’re not well this is this is so I just didn’t because you know I’ll put it in a couple of my thoughts than in size which is that like we’re in totally opposite ends of a spectrum of providing new like you said like evolutionary erotic sensual experiences for women and kind of activating a deeper energetic sort of Pathways that they haven’t had no access to and in that bringing that presents which you’re not going to find you know right now in a man who is not really moving that she’s so you know in the words of the you know that I am the fuel I’m in is a timeshare thing that you’re doing and you’re actually having this like deep energetic Awakening affect and your butt without without calling it that without saying you have to do some spiritual you know refinement or paths really just direct experience of it so that’s very fascinating that’s absolutely man I agree with you on that like as far as it being like an opening an extensive kind of experience although of course I’m not going to be sitting there doing man Charles and meditation and breathing and shit with them like you like you would mention like the way that the way that I feel is that it’s up to me to do things like that you refer to it as being kind of like a tantric kind of experience which I wouldn’t disagree with that I wouldn’t I probably agree with that to an extent yeah I mean like but as far as it being an Awakening kind of experience for the women that experience made it’s up to me to do the work within myself to bring myself to my eyes potential so that I can create space for the women to have an experience like that which would not be possible if I myself was not in tune and in touch with what I’m doing and that it’s it’s from that place within my soul that I create experiences for the thousands of women that I’ve danced for for them to have that and in that sense you could say that it’s like a piece of me goes out with that if you know what I mean that’s beautiful what this another ironic thing is it since I have been sort’ve called to have a presence in Las Vegas I started teaching contract like the mantras and meditation and the Serta sacred dancing at a at a pole Fitness Studio to try to experiment with that Alchemy of the you know the energies and and it’s been really cool and I feel like you know the the way that I can see I just got to say man you got to have brass balls to be able to go out the world and bring that you know just as a one-man unit but I guess you built it up with with your crew for while he starred in the club so by the time you did that you know on your own you were pretty confident but are you have you thought about like opening some sort of maybe not you know maybe not a full-on Academy but just starting having a like a a training program for men to get on this cuz I would love to see more guys like you you know out there I’m sure there’s a lot there’s a lot doing it but you got a perspective on it but I’d love to see you know the sort of franchise if you will if you’re into that is a sunny thought about like training yeah I haven’t I haven’t there’s an old pimp saying the game is to be sold not told this is one of the first times that I’ve really opened up and talked about the male stripper industry-wide candidly the only other time would be the closest thing to what you’re talking about I was interviewed for a book that came out a thing two years ago it’s called behind the G string Dion’s Guide to Becoming a male stripper by D on the tarvis I believe that it’s out on Amazon right now my head like I think it’s seven or eight page interview in that book or I was talking about you know my history and a little bit about the industry and stuff like that but that’s about the closest I’ve come simply because the right people have not approached me granted a lot of the dancers that I used to work with libero and pole dancing together with and stuff like that has contacted me asking me for this and that but you know it’s it’s all about how do I put this it’s all about what seems right at the time I guess you know when and I’ve done a whole hell of a lot to help the dancers that I’ve come up with and many others that I’ve met along the way you know you guys got in a lot of dancer is going to different websites hook him up with different people I broke one guy into the porn industry years ago five six years ago and he’s still thriving in the porn industry today started a after-hours male stripper show at a Female Strip Club hear it downtown that used to be open it’s closed since then it was called Gabrielle’s VIP Club and I started in after I wear show their of course that’s not around anymore cuz they’re not around all the things like that you know if behind people and posters Flyers hook him up with photographers and things like that but I’ve never actually trained anybody and especially not in the realm of Consciousness and creating a very evolutionary conscious impact on the women and the city’s there for that we danced for just the right opportunity hasn’t really presented itself to me well yeah I mean I think this conversation is going to be a disorder of the something that I’m putting together you know with with some pretty some of my most respected elders and mentors of all genders really is like a a kind of a very diverse educational training system that’s going to essentially license male lovers to start with licensing male lovers where they will have had to complete a number of your assignments and in training modules and whatnot in order to be considered presentable to women in it and is safe and sacred lovers so now that we’re having this conversation I realize that they need more than just the sexual health you know medical sort of training about how to have safe sex you know how to you know practice the ancient loving Arts of pleasing a woman you know sexually in bed and emotional intelligence but this aspect of like you need to be able to bring out your tiger and be able to actually run this this this energy and N B A Dancer I mean it’s I believe that it’s a beautiful day man I really do what you were just talking about I Believe That We’re Men the populist of mainstream male population 21st century United States where we are consciously as men in relation to our love lives and how we relate to women is so backwards it is sickening we’ve been taught this false and twisted Paradigm through the mainstream media through billionaires that are out there I don’t give a fuk about any of us man through the the rappers in the rock stars in the excess that you see on on MTV and bet and VH1 and the list goes on man nobody’s been taught exactly what you’re talkin about how to not only truly understand women how to feel into them and feel with them and to guide that experience into something very opening and and for everybody’s Grove something that is practically non-existent and I’m so thankful that you and I are golf on this path and that we’re having this conversation because God dammit this needs to spread you know we’re going to collaborate and so tell us a bit about your your DJ your DJ stuff to oh yeah mean as a DJ I mean I’ve never it’s not exactly related to my stripping career as of yet but yeah I mean I do DJ I’ve spent a couple of years just doing my own thing as a solo artist in the studio doing mostly on electronic and Industrial Music and then I crossed over from being a purely Studio entity into focusing on a live show being a DJ and I’ve been doing quite well with that I got my DJ setup believe it or not as a birthday present my last birthday when I turn 26 thankfully Maya I was kind of low on cash at the time and I just brought it up with my mother and I said you know I’d really like to be a DJ and if you’re thinking of something to get me for my birthday intense I would really like some money to put toward the DJ setup and I’m so thankful that they were able to support me in that way because I use the money that they’ve given me and bought myself a bad ass setup and I had a producer here in Nashville Robinson he’s a fucking man you know like I’m not good with computers but he is and he installed all my DJ Sid and my software and all that tractor and tried to Pro in all that machine and so yeah like right now the place that I most often perform at as a DJ would be at this BDSM dungeon that we have just outside of downtown Nashville called The Mark it’s a members-only BDSM dungeon I’m currently a member there so it was not hard at all to get a gig there lyrics like I already know the owner of the place so I just have to say hey Mercury dude I’m starting to spend electronic and Industrial Music and I’m getting pretty good can I can we have a night where I just set my shit up in spin ball everybody starts fucking and getting freaky in the dungeon. Doing all sorts like S&M torture and shit like that and he said hell yeah and I said hell yeah and he said hell yeah back and you know who also said hell yeah was everybody else who showed up for that submissive at the time was there she got to see it in that was the first time that I’ve ever performed in front of people as a DJ was actually at the dungeon the only person who knew at the time that that was like I didn’t actually tell the owner or anybody there that this is my first time performing in front of anybody and I did it for our set while they were getting yeah well they were getting freaky and lots of S&M type of stuff people getting locked up into cages and being tortured with electric cross people being strapped down in the surgical tables and dentist chairs and Gynecology cherries and people getting tied up to the big ass X another cross that we’ve got in the in the dungeon and getting whipped and flogged with that you know girls beating guys guys beating on girls girls getting gangbanged lesbians going at it and he’s sitting there for four fucking hours this I mean I’m already used to seeing that since like I said like I’m a member at that place but then there is a new level of Rush that that gives me and that I tend to channel through myself through my set through the mix through the speakers where I take that Rush that I feel and I spread it through the dungeon so that all the people there can feel as I feel through the music and that is such a blessing and a rush to me because I see everything they’re doing I can hear their screams of orgasm of pain from the masochist and sadist that are there just everybody like partying people getting all over each other at the mark and a really getting into it and then I’m I feel like a maestro like I feel like an orchestrator like I’m orchestrating the soundtrack to what’s happening so I play this you know heavy like all remix you know by Combichrist all remix a lot of like you know sitrans kind of music and stuff like that you know Nine Inch Nails a lot of you know random as you know stuff that I’ll also throw in there too remix and stuff like that while the people are really getting into it and having their own sexual experiences that’s you know but maybe someday I’ll integrate being a DJ into being an exotic dancer which I haven’t done like I’ll be honest like I’ve only been DJing since my birthday which is August 25th it’s now the day after Memorial Day 2016 so like but I’m on my way man like I’m doing remixes of old songs that have done before I started crossing over into being a DJ like I did all that stuff anyway let’s that’s that’s being that’s being a DJ like it it’s it’s it’s a mind-expanding and very opening and sexual experience for the people to get to experience me as a DJ in that dungeon setting now I’m taking that energy and spreading it in two different clubs that I’m starting to get booked for as a DJ things like that are in the works right now but it’s taking that same energy that sexuality that Rush that that I’m learning how to channel Within Myself and to push it like out of myself and into the mix so that the people feel it like you can get down you can you know like I’m starting to talk now about performing at some of the regional Burning Man festivals near where I live you know there’s lots of regional festivals we’ve got Serendipity here in Tennessee we’ve got Euphoria and Alchemy in Georgia we’ve got Transformers in North Carolina all sanctioned by burning man and so like I’m getting to the point where I’m I’d like to take that same energy and spread it into the Burning Man community so that they can have the same kind of experience themselves while while they’re in that place and that’s who is a gift that I like all for everybody and I considered a real blessing and an honor to do that wow this is examining your there’s techno shamans isn’t is it worth neo-pagan techno Shaman sexual Shawn Mendes like I never heard that yeah it’s it’s it’s been around for awhile you know that the people who followed Terence McKenna are often like in this romance with the potential of Technology Timothy Leary was big into VR you know stuff so it’s like this idea of being able to walk for one like map The Invisible landscape with digital technology and you know virtual reality be able to actually be talking about some of the same things were encountering in the astral you know planes and put this in the Sonic engineering that’s helping with psytrance and the 432 music kind of Revolution it’s like there’s so many like you’re in a real powerful really rich like powerful you know Wizardry sorcery position and everything isn’t yeah because it that you know that this interesting Alchemy I’m seeing what you’re doing because the the burner let’s say like the Neo techno Shaman Pagan burner world that super you know evolve in Consciousness about diet Health well-being spiritual hygiene purification chakras yoga Tantra psychedelics there’s all that knowledge and wisdom is being cultured in that in that container and then and I’ve been I’ve been walking between the worlds for many years to so I can you know as you’re talking like I know those vibes in the mic and then I go to play parties like Dungeons and I’m like wow they’re accessing this psych Exorcism of the Shadow they’re like really getting into their their hidden parts and their their shamed parts and their childhood wounds and their there they’re creating a safe space to explore you know they’re there a new all of the energy but then you go over to the food tray and it’s like Oreos and Chips Ahoy in your lap I need to go to you know one of these other types of meetups to to absorb some of that like the Aftercare aspect it’s like I love to see the shamanatrix recently on the podcast and that you don’t call yourself a professional dominatrix she’s bringing in wisdom of shamanism and assertive you know that these other holistic modalities of healing and the Kink aspects so it’s like okay let’s dig up all of this you know a gnarly sort of demonic like in Crested painful wounding from the culture in from Child sick to be the only person that actually uses that word I’ve never called gnarly ass pasta tonight you want something like that and then you know own whatever is that you really want to keep and then actually courage and solve and send you know cast into the abyss what you don’t want but it’s like see if you imagine bringing the Burning Man like crystal grid sacred geometry dance for alter back into least like in the middle of a dungeon it could be a room within the dungeon that’s kind of like the Aftercare like you know chill out how they got the all-night Dark Side just like masculine pounding alien and you know Madness and then you get the Comedown of the morning sets and the Trancy Prague experience so this is all deep in some of these Nashville I mean I’m in Sin City and you’re in Nashville what are we going to bring some some serious Rick and you’re in Sin City now we’re into yeah yeah I’m going to have to figure out we got to have this experience that mean I think since you’re producer and your DJ everything like you should at start channeling like some archetypal track that you’re going to sing on and make the beach for and like tell the story of like how you going to replicate yourself like this is tell your story might make it attractive that will make a music video and during a bachelorette party giving lap dances and working the crowd and everything getting all the ladies you know crazy and everything and then film it an amazing idea I’ve never done that before but I fucking love no guarantees whether or not I’ll do it or not but it’s a great idea and who knows man on my fucking run with it volunteers if you know this I want to I need to get in that world my man you’re in the middle of goddamn since it if you take your energy and bring tear into the middle of buckle of the Bible Belt Middle Tennessee I mean I love where I live I love Nashville this is my hometown but God damn it this whole thing about being conservative and everything is in my opinion it’s it’s a real it’s not true the whole thing that you spend some time in the underbelly of buckle of the Bible Belt Nashville Tennessee no find out just how you know so called Pure and conservative the people here really are that is a whole different story of the saying that you’re talking about being from Sin City nowadays I go by Zane my original stage name was actually Vegas dancing right there in Sin City and call yourself you can call yourself in Vegas Boyson City but you’re also naming yourself after you might have to work on that one that is working progress but you know what if you’re going to do what you got to be the contrast was like what I’m doing here in Nashville dance right yeah I put it on it yeah I I I have a interesting sort of likeness to let’s say let’s call him mr. Magdalene mr. Magdalene is my slippers you know tantric way of flipping the script on on the Bible so we’re talking about we’re talking about the the Gospel of Thomas and the Mary Magdalene you know gospels in the Dead Sea Scrolls where there’s more information about the Hanky Panky that was going on you know but damn straight in a sentence grandma gave me a little bit of that old Hanky Panky when I went to give her a lap dance she would be the one to use that word Hanky Panky but did you pull it off very very bold about 2 where to go or is L Word of Mouth or how do we how do the listeners that gets you a you know oh boy I mean I’m all over the Internet I’d rather not use this podcast as a platform for me to self promote with myself I would do this what it’s all about don’t be shy there’s no reason not the way that things are going right now like I’ve got to work where I’m doing just fine right now I’m practically over boat but you can find me look let’s let’s just be very simple about it if ladies want to book me and they are in or near Tennessee we’re talkin Alabama Kentucky I think the last time that I performed a long ways away was about 6 weeks ago in Cape Girardeau Missouri to the little Club gig out there if you’re anywhere in the Southeast near Tennessee just about every website that books melster excuse me that books male strippers for bachelorette parties in private parties and even Club gigs on already connected with they would find you in on ya like Z8 yeah like that’s my stage name is Zane just about every website that books male strippers in and near the Nashville area weather my pictures are on the website or not chances are I’m connected with them and chances are most of them I’ve been with for years at this point some of the companies I’ve actually help build up before they got big at this point it’s if you want Zayn and you’re anywhere near Nashville or Tennessee just go on the internet hit up any you know who I had just just ask for Zayn you’re going to have to work for it that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to make you work for it ladies at work right now I don’t know if this makes me think like as far as you know my my entrepreneurial you know mine says how do you scale yourself beyond your locality is like well what about Skype and webcams I mean is that is there any kind of market for that or the you know I mean for Skype and webcam I mean I do webcamming you know of a lot of guys just do it a lot of guys and gal everybody does is it’s real you know you know I was in that market for a short while we’re talkin years like five six years ago I was in that market pretty part time but you know I know that industry fairly well. Pretty well-connected what I will say as far as what you’re talking about webcam and using the internet as a platform to hustle and work and make money you know if you’re talkin about working as a male dancer and you want to make some extra money while you’re not dancing through the internet I say the best thing to do is Market with other dancers and ask them what other websites they know like website administrators that do webcam interactive websites I didn’t hear that sexy on nowhere on the internet that does anything pornographic like that a whole a whole range of things actually in the end. Anymore at least you know adult films but yeah I’m interested cuz I think you know if you can if you’re not being able to grow you know or able to get on assignments like you might it be if if if you have like a a training program than you could you know just facilitate people to to get into this cuz it seems like he’s a lot more a lot more sustainable than 4 in any way for lottery reasons like I like I like this direction you know nothing about what you just said sustainability no stripping unless if you work at a strip club weight were okay like let’s say if you live in a major city Nashville California Atlanta and you get hired to work at a strip club okay you can come back tomorrow next week next month and you are guaranteed that that strip club were will still be there so if you get higher you can keep coming back as long as you’re still in good standing and you can rest assured that your job is not going anywhere know if you get booked doing what I do this industry is not stable like I said I can tell you a whole hell of a lot about the the pornographic industry I was only there very very briefly like I can’t tell you very much about it I did get connected it didn’t last it it’s just not my cup of tea but I mean like it is no doubt like if you put your mind and body to it there is money to be made no doubt I would not be the one to ask about advice about that but what I say is that as far as being a dancer goes unless you work at a strip club it’s not a stable income I mean like I work when I get booked yeah okay so my my income depends entirely on being in demand which I’ve worked very hard towards being in demand and cultivating exactly what it is that they want being a good Entertainer and I’ve done very very well to very deeply route myself in this industry so that at this point I’m solid like at this point I’ve been with a lot of these different people for years and years you know built up their companies like they they know me I’ve given their companies many many five-star reviews like so at this point I’m not going anywhere I’m doing just fine but for anybody who’s up-and-coming like if you’re switching over from born into dancing it may not be that easy don’t do not quit your day job is what I’m saying like I don’t fucking listen to me having a drink with you and just talk in about this and that and just be like oh I think I’m just going to get into that and just dive headfirst into it no no no no no no and I do not want to be responsible for that don’t quit your day job unless there is a strip club in your city like if you live in a major city and there’s a major traffic going through that club you’re not guaranteed shit you know like the the websites were I’m on the girls see my pictures they see my name is Zane and they specifically request me okay now if you’re not in demand you’re not going to be requested so I get requested for my dig the girls look at my pictures and they read my bio and they say we want Zane and I make a very good I’ve done very well for myself in in that area but it wasn’t don’t I don’t want to mislead you or listeners into thinking that it’s an easy road to the top or that you can become sustainable at this overnight this is pure entrepreneurship it’s about it’s about being an entrepreneur it’s about being a sole proprietor of yourself being responsible for yourself and being confident in what you do not only as a dancer not only with your your body in your physique and your your son but also your your charm in talking to whoever you got to be able to walk into a room like literally I’m used to on a regular basis walking into hotel rooms filled with you know 10 some old lady’s maybe 20 or more women from out of town who I’ve never met in my life a lot of them request full nudity you know when you have to be confident that you can walk in there and you don’t know any of them you don’t know who they are you don’t know what they like you don’t know if they’re kinky or not you don’t know if they’re vanilla or if they’re conservative and walk in there and own yet is easier said than done and so I don’t want to I don’t want to mislead people into thinking that I just quit your day job become a dancer and it’s all hunky-dory from there it’s not like breakdown more details about my journey up to the top of mean we’ve talked about it for a few minutes and I’ll be working at a strip club and all that in from their gaining what it takes to really own a crowd but like if you go from working at a post office to working bachelorette parties where your job is to keep large groups of drunk girls entertained you may or may not be any good at it I don’t know why is it that you’re going to have to tell me anything is possible if anything is what am I going to do postal routine show up and be like a package for mr. Simpson what kind of boner in sticker shit right through that hole you put the bow tie man you got to like you know they got it a package to deliver at the music video be a post office worker and let you know bang on the on the fucking house party door and then like you know ladies answer the door and you say like package for mr. Smith and you’re holding you know I can post office thing with like a hole cut out at the bottom where you stick like your shaft through it my God that’s kind of like texted and then but the thing the thing about that is like with any with any costume whether it’s if you want to do like what you’re talkin about be a post office worker if you want to be you know I’ve got my doctor’s outfit I got my pizza delivery guy I’ve got Cowboy have gotten military I’ve got Police SWAT team fucking you name it man you know this isn’t over the years but you always want to make sure that whatever outfit that you’re wearing rips off very easily especially pants especially pans got to get you some custom-made a wreck away pants where make custom will custom full outfits for me but especially the other Breakaway pants are a crucial denominator in any male stripper outfit like okay you’ve you know you could go online and check out you know Magic Mike or or her or Chippendales ripping their pants off where you can be dancing whatever just be shirtless and then rip your pants off in the ladies go crazy if you work that ship well you know but it’s like there’s always a right and a wrong way of doing things and then when it comes to ripping your pants off like I’ve got an it it’s like it’s like being a good comedian and the punchline is that what counts when you rip your pants off that is a punchline and a punch is look what is in your fucking face baby cakes and I don’t know but I’ve been very tempted to wear my Breakaway pants in public some vanilla fucking lazy no-good like a pole or something and be like oh it’s so hot out here I should change into my Speedo velcro going all the way down the scenes of your pants man I’ve had some drag queens they are very very good at making outfits by the way drag queens I can’t say everything good about drag queens because I’ve had some bad stories by God damn it they know how to make a good fucking outfit especially anything that rips off those benches have some elaborate fucking dresses and outfits in leather pants and you know drag queens that you know like all the attitude and character and everything but it rips off in the clubs during their performances now you can hire a drag queen to make a pair of breakaway jeans or cop pants or in my case multiple pairs any any male dancer has to do this so you want to get like multiple pairs of brakeway Pansino different colors I’ve got a pair of you know white pants black pants cop pants Jeans you name it and but it’s got to have velcro going all the way down the side so you can just grab them and a rip and then the ladies go crazy but then afterwards you can be hanging out like after your performance be hanging outside in them up they want to give you a shot or whatever and then you got to Vino RI velcro your pants but them back together and then have to work the ladies Bowl invite me out if I’m not booked for another gig you know we might go bar hopping and I’m still wearing I’m still wearing my rip away pants and I still wear my velcro pants they’re well enough put together that nobody at the bar knows that I’m wearing rip away pants like they look like normal ass jeans and I go bar hopping I just partied up with the lady like partying with the bride in the Bridesmaids and we go to a bar and they all buy me a shot and everything and nobody would suspect it might jeans are literally held together by velcro they’re very well put together so you can tug on then we’ll talk about it section and they won’t fall apart but if you grab from the top adult yeah those work right off you going to have to talk to Dustin about adding that to the erotic superpowers package that the super is super Power Ranger that the superhero a stripper uniform that just rips off you can go in a phone booth you don’t have to go on the phone with and change you just rip it off right there and there you are a man you got your own never I’ve never I’ve never changed a new phone but it before and I had to make like Clark Kent going into Superman or some shit is conveniently at right here on the sidewalk I’m just going to walk in spin around and walk out haha look at me I’m the bad girls in the group has been naughty but that’s how you do that they got to love that that’s amazing wow man review your God damn you’re fucking Tanger pump man we’re going to we’re going to have some good times I can feel it right now so let’s listen to That’s it man I swear to God I’m going to make a good fucking remix for you yes you are larger than life my man and so were all of two people that are listening to this speaking of which hey are we are we live right now where is this is this is this is getting a little bump in your ear but if you don’t work they’ll find you man hopefully they will for listening we’re having a good fucking time just kick back we’re just going to serve some you know raunchy humor random drunk girl debauchery stories and oh boy I don’t know if you if you feel like asking random ass questions like it I can sit here talking about stories and Miguel on for fucking hours and hours this could turn into a 4-Hour fucking podcast and I wouldn’t even scratch the surface of all the shit that’s going on at my performances like he wouldn’t even believe all men so I you know I had since we’re about an hour I think let’s let’s call this one that you know the intro the intro session and then we’ll we’ll get into something to buy tree and a future episode I think this one stands alone to kind of give people a hit of like what they’re missing man seriously everybody’s like missing out I mean this is some seriously this sector of society that that that we don’t we don’t often really honor the seriousness they sort of well I’m giggling about it but then I realized how powerful this is in just a couple days like this should be mad I do plenty and I’ve been giggling myself this whole time I’ve been giggling my ass off talking about this and that not even answering any stories about brides and all the way we should pump stories crazy stories drunk story sexy stories bite stories drug stories whatever okay you don’t want to give him some I don’t want I want I think if we created such a positive image of it I’d like hesitant to want to you know go into it I guess as long as it’s funny you know no one gets hurt or killed then like how about some bloopers Antics debauchery like you no no I mean I don’t I don’t really have any depressing stories when I can sit here and think about it and remember like one is not a depressing job at the fucking rush like it’s hard to give somebody a lap dance and be depressed at the same time or conversely to receive a lap dance and be you know Interiors of her home so fucking said oh look at you sad Mike N B stripping at the same time it’s just like the lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying I come right in that country song but that has not been my life experience I didn’t see no or female stripper crying during a fucking lap dancer pole dancing it’s it ain’t like that and if you’re going to cry then do it in your own time I mean like she falls in love with you and leaves her bride you know like you’re home you end up being a homewrecker and then he comes after you or something like that as far as this goes like there is I haven’t really experienced that but at the same time I’ve heard plenty of stories that are very similar but at the same time you know we’re talkin about being conscious and being a spawn for the evolution of humanity in society and for women and for men within ourselves for that matter so you know I’ve never had any stories were a woman wants to leave her man for me or wants to do anything that Betsy with this you would otherwise feel guilty about not that I haven’t had offers but like I mentioned earlier like it’s it’s all about feeling into her and then for that matter and being like okay look is certain sexual offers can happen certain things like that can happen things I could otherwise be devastating she might not tell me that she’s got a boyfriend or she’s married but you’ve got to be conscious and awake while you do something like this in unfortunately most exotic dancers I’m not going to say that they’re not awake but they’re not they’re not being at the door at the end of the day instead hundreds hundreds of bachelorette parties look she’s got a fiance she’s about to get married so many so many of my parties where there’s her mom might be right there in the crowd in the room with me her and her grandma like her sister often times like so many times I get booked in like it’s the bride sister that books me and you know she’s there always so cool they’re always super generous and nice and accepting like I’ve never really had any like bad stories with mothers or anything like that but other guys have and other female dancers I’m sure it had some horror stories that are that are along those lines but exactly you have to I guess the ceremony what you do exactly like I can’t just do what I do confidently I have to pull it off with the certain charm that makes everything that is happening at the time okay for everybody who’s in the room words look I mean and I’m sure that men who hire a female dancer can say the same thing to an extent but I think female dancers are less inclined to traumatize a male audience member as a male stripper great power comes great responsibility and there truly is a lot of responsibility that goes into this that you’ve got to be ethical man like a lot of times you know the women are you know they might be doing certain things that might be groping you or me or whatever I mean I’m not really strict about what happens during my show but at the same time I’m still very much in control of what happens especially as far as I’m concerned like you’re not having your way with them or taking advantage of their opportunity like any guy who gets into this industry because he wants to have his way with the women that he dances for will very very quickly and easily be sniffed out and will be eradicated from the industry women or not stupid like women are very very perceptive women can tell if you’re coming from a place of generosity with what you do or if you’re truly just there to to quote scores and pussy or something like when you come in with with with an attitude I’m here because I live to to give these women in Unforgettable experience then that’s what’s going to happen but when you come in like on the prowl so to speak. It’s going to be snipped out pretty quickly and you’re not going to get any good reviews you’re not going to get booked again probably and you may very well get blacklisted you know like I’ve heard plenty of horror stories not to name names of guys who have crossed the line and have raped a lot of women out where look at you can’t last in this industry and be that guy so to speak your natural teacher leader Mentor up in this is like you know I think I could say I honestly right now I’m seeing you like like the Dare program like you are speaking at every high school every High School like in America has you booked on a tour to like do sex ed for teenage boys about K you know you’re coming of age now I’m going to tell you how to be generous and not creepy and don’t be that guy mean easy lessons that everyone needs to learn about the art of partying it’s just like you know people getting tired already and I think it’s their one of the thrash metal part that sounds like a guide to being an exotic dancer the guide to professional partying you’re doing okay I love it that you know as as far as what we started tonight with this conversation I mean this is being recorded and y’all are going to hear this and this is planting the seeds for what could become something like what you’re talkin about like I said earlier like I’ve never gone to the lengths of actually training guys to to be gratifying to women and to give them these crazy experiences which we haven’t even gotten started on in this podcast but who knows but but to be able to do it in such way worth the women not only feel comfortable with it but find it enjoyable exhilarating and and for those that are listening especially the men if you take anything away from this conversation tonight remember this I’m sitting here talking about the male exotic dance industry and being that guy who’s creating those experiences for the women that I dance for and I’m speaking for my own experiences here but hear me out for a second you don’t have to be a professional exotic dancer to create experiences like that for women and conversely for women you know you you can be a free spirit you can create these exhilarating in free and expanding kind of experiences for all the people that you come in contact with you don’t have to be a pro you don’t have to have a network you don’t have to be working with club Owners and promoters and booking agents and photographers to to be that person this something that I was not always sexy I was not always confident I was you know for most of my life I was born and raised in a Christian very conservative very depressed environment that really choked out a lot of what I have to offer the world and it was up to me to awaken that within myself but not to be too cliche with the same but if I can do it anybody can do it but it’s true like in this case like you know not everybody nobody nobody is born in a sex icon or an erotic Rockstar or or a sexual Liberator or anything to that extent what do you want to talk about like this is something that starts within yourself before you think about giving these experiences to anybody you have to start by finding that Liberation within yourself and then from there you can spread that shit yeah to everybody that you interact with mother it’s a goddamn a crowd full of ladies that you dance for or a fucking somebody pick up a stranger today in fucking free their mind in a way that they you know because what what what I do as a professional is I create experiences for women 2 I mean I I create experiences that women have never had before and you don’t have to be a professional exotic dancer to be an experience that men or women have not had before you just have to find it within yourself it’s always been there we all have the power we are all connected We’re All Sons & Daughters of the most high and it’s up to us to to find that within ourselves tonight was a great seed that we planted and it’s only going to germinate from here and spread in you know maybe maybe we’ll do another podcast that gets into all the juicy stories and all that that are connected with this but like for tonight just take this way you don’t have to get into the industry or be a pornstar nothing to be that person like I had to I was forced to grow this energy Within Myself where I was in more of the Doggy Dogg sink or swim get your ass on stage and get naked for everybody and force yourself to learn how to pole dance to entertain everybody and make money otherwise you go broke and you can’t pay your bills but you don’t have to throw yourself into the the Wolfpack so to speak like I did and exotic dancer the porn industry to be that way you can you can like you said work at the post office you can work a goddamn Pizza Hut liberating Force for all the people in the the humanity that you come in contact with everyday you can it all starts within yourself man and from there it just grows and like I said man like beginning of this podcast I didn’t think that I was even going to make the audition dance at a male strip club for some fucking reason whatever possessed the manager to think that I could dance in that I had to tencel apparently I had potential because six and a half years later here I am talking about it yeah like I don’t have to go that route you can do your thing you can be married you can have a girlfriend and be that Force for your partner or not if you’re single like do your thing but you can you can develop at energy that I did within yourself and it just it’ll rock your world and everybody else is you know what is it is it take home thing I’m like okay women have Victoria’s Secret and they you know and we eat there’s this expectation that they’re going to take initiative to you know doll themselves up and get sexy once in awhile and everything but like there’s not really a paradigm or a store or live permission unless you go to Cancun that’s a totally different subculture but just for the average person who is like doesn’t feel like that erotic Rockstar or that erotic superpowers you know having person the new paradigm shifts that are starting to come along I think they like if you’d figure out music that you like to dance to Just Dance and then buy something that you feel sexy and and dance in front of the mirror in the clothes that you feel sexy and and then you don’t bring that to your beloved or you know just cultivate that like I would sit in front of me actually I would just fucking sing and dance to Depeche Mode fucking you know , and he’s like to see this man couple weeks ago and then you gave me those two CDs of yours okay as soon as I got back to my hometown in Nashville and I got back from San Diego I put one of your CDs I believe it was cancer delic X orgasm dude before Depeche Mode Man start with pan torque on dude I listen to your CD and I swear to God like your music you can fucking you can fuck to that you can you can get to answer to that like I could I could listen to that and I could like it’s not the kind of music that I would rock out at a bachelorette party but I could and I could rock out on stage and pole dance to that kind of music and spitfire like I did in my early days of your kind of music I could we haven’t we haven’t gotten started on any of my stories you have done S&M sets onstage I was a Spitfire I’ve done this the fucking pains while I’m spinning around upside down on the pole with the fucking pains and shit going everywhere at the goddamn strobe lights in the Smoke machines and everything and try try doing that less than sober and you know why I’m up to the top of the pole where you can literally touch the ceiling like 30 feet up in the air you know flip upside down and you know he’s going everywhere in front of butt ass naked in front of you know 100 some-odd people and go from being her that I was you know that I started off as to that a week for those kind words and I think we’re both kind of like you know I’ve come a long way and let you know what it was what I’m saying about the Depeche Mode thing is like I built the confidence to develop my own singing voice and learn how to produce tracks and just do it all on my own because I would stance in front of the mirror naked rub fucking sesame oil on myself and like you know get really Central and basically take yourself on a date in like rock your own fucking body and your own scism to your own music that you like and then unlike worse to be reckoned with and if you if you drop on you know what a lot of gas you know like like I said before that’s the that’s something that you started yourself that’s something that anybody could start whether it’s Depeche Mode it’s goddamn you know I started off dancing to two Nine Inch Nails in a Rob Zombie and stuff like that you know Korn Freak on a Leash and lots of remixes to that and then since then created my own very professional series of different playlist that I dance to but yeah I mean look at it starts whether it’s whatever you feel sexiest in the most comfortable in and from there like considered a gift man like so many guys in so many girls have such low self-esteem that y’all y’all need to start reviewing yourself as a gift like what you have to offer is your fucking shit man like you got you got to learn how to cultivate that whether it’s erotic movement and motion to the music or whether it’s just a Persona or a presence like this can be a gift that you give to your next partner not even a partner just your next door neighbor like just by your presence just by the way that you make eye contact and say Hi how are you it’s so good to see you today you can carry that same presents that you cultivate through the naked dancing like you were talking about in front of the mirror and carry that energy within yourself that’s a whole nother topic on ways to get into that that’s all getting into the esoteric tantric and of course you and I could go on and on for hours and we’re both on students as far as being an exotic dancer goes absolutely yeah I mean like it’s all about and like I was mentioning before being a DJ I’ve learned as a DJ within that short. Of time that I’ve been doing this how to how to cultivate that energy and spread it whether it’s being a dancer whether it’s being a DJ and just consider it a gift man whether you go to The Burning Man festivals and give of yourself there whether you go to a party whether you Just Dance for your wife or girlfriend boyfriend and if you don’t even dance in front of somebody if you just learn how to cultivate that that energy just said orgasmic juicy delicious just give that you can work you could be a cashier and just welcome to Goodburger home of the Goodburger can I take your order God damn you got them tasty energy your you’re beautiful and it just ends right there you know you’re in love with life and love with yourself and absolutely amazing conversation I’m very glad that you won’t get to listen to this I don’t know if I don’t know if fucking two people are going to listen to this thing tonight or if we’re going to have a million 10 times the world’s population over goddamn Dick Cheney’s going to listen to this is going to be some bride that I dance for like 10 years ago and some random ass old dude that’s all I got a crush on me like that’s all thank you all for listening I hope that you will take this with you fucking listen listen to the shit that I was talking about man like you don’t have to be a professional to to offer what I have to offer just cultivated and give it man like it’s just going to evolve Man worth spreading Evolution right now these are the seeds of change this is the beginning of the paradigm shift and we are the fucking 99% the fucking hundred monkey finger whatever works were just making motherfukers grow and that’s a beautiful thing and thank you so much pain we will be in touch very soon blessings and California thank you all for listening Time Podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple every bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episode if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com

Inside the Feminist Porn Industry with Carlyle Jansen TPP64


carlyle-jansen-picIn this episode I have the great honor of exploring the feminist porn industry with Carlyle Jansen. She is the founder of the Feminist Porn Awards and has been a voice of leadership to support alternatives to mainstream porn that are more consciousness, compassionate and empowering. She gives some background on her life journey and what led to her prominent role in sexuality education and coaching. We then brainstorm about possibilities for the future of both the feminist and mainstream porn industries.

Please connect with Carlyle at the links below:

About Carlyle:
For close to 20 years, I’ve been talking to people about sex. I have taught at numerous universities and have been an invited speaker at Sexuality and Health conferences. I’ve also been teaching workshops at Good For Her since before the doors opened in 1997!

In addition to multiple media appearances (including a Tedx talk), I also train sex educators and therapists on topics of sexual pleasure and sexual challenges.

Due to a mounting number of requests, I began offering  private coaching to individuals and with couples in 2000.

My training is extremely varied. I’ve gained incredible knowledge from hands-on programs that teach sex in ways that can never be gleaned from a book. I’ve has taken the Guelph Sex Therapy Training Program, where I am now an invited speaker.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Township Punk podcast I am doing interview with Carlisle Jensen who is the founder of the feminist porn a words they’re good for her store and asexuality coach and educator Carlisle thank you so much for joining us then. If you would please give us a bit of background on your story how you became this wonderful person that you are today thanks so I will and I saw my mom kissing my dad wants on my sexual and relationship education came from a show that used to be on TV called The Love Boat and when Sue Johanson who is be here I don’t know about dinner but she before she made it big here she was doing workshops in high schools and she keeps my grade 10 high school and talked about sex and I told my mom about it and she 21 and I was finally dating someone I was pretty comfortable with and I thought okay but I freaked out I’ve never seen a penis before and he was really sweet and he stopped and he said you know what tell me what do you like and I looked at him and I said aren’t you supposed to know that if I knew something about my own body in my own pleasure so I was trying to discover how to have an orgasm after 2 years of practicing on my own and with him I finally gave you know some people are so all summer short summer good at math and I was okay with that and relationships later though I got dumped because I couldn’t orgasm and so a friend of mine who done all kinds of wild and crazy things in the suggested that I and so low and behold that did the trick and I thought okay time for me to learn about sex I was in my late twenties and I was learning lots of shops and taking reading books watching videos and when my sister got married I shower bridal showers and what does it do in so I explained it to them and they said you are so comfortable talking about next you should teach workshops and that was 21 years ago and so I started teaching workshops and then women were saying no we want comfortable place to shop and we want more workshops so I opened good for her in 1997 and part of what we did was weird big on education focus and we really wanted to try to have a good diversity of everything including DVDs and of course there wasn’t a lot of diversity in the DVDs that we could find and I felt like every time somebody wanted some kind of Florence I was like well this is okay but you know no it’s all white people or but they’re all really young or but you know all the women have long fingernails and then we noticed a real change in the early 2000s where there were more and more women trans people who were starting to make films men also because it now was much more affordable to buy a video camera didn’t cost $100,000 you could get your own editing equipment you could broadcast from your own computer and find the world that way and so there was a democratization of corn that led to a whole bunch of new pornographers and so we were sitting around at a staff meeting and my manager at the time Chanel she suggested that we should do an event that showcases all of these great filmmakers and what they’re doing so we created this they came up to us and said wow that was awesome you’re going to do it again next year right we said yeah yeah sure sure how it started oh that’s so cool thank you so much for doing that and sharing your life journey I know that’s very similar and I’m glad you overcame those photos and now you’re totally in the zone and again I watch more pleasure so I’ve been kind of Fun admission to stored out the facts on the Harms in associated with I think some people call it mainstream porn I personally consider just called what I called his frat foreign you know go get them tiger you know this just the same psychology you get in any kind of combative Sports kind of thumb experience of just hyper. start your own and not a lot of regard for the sentimental and Central aspects of of existence you know it’s artistic expression right to be able to produce whatever you want and there are people who say that there is a need for more ethical Consciousness and legal regulation of of some of what we could consider having various harms but I think the the word that I appreciate the most is feminism because it bundles all of those considerations up pretty well and there’s lots of different strands of it so the term that the concept of feminist pornography is obviously contentious for a lot of reasons but I’m very curious how you would Define feminist pornography and then we can talk more about the nuances of it yeah I mean so I guess one of the first things about you know I think a lot of people here feminism equality for women and I think that important but our version of feminist is beyond that it’s also about making sure there aren’t racial stereotypes making sure that there’s a diversity of size that people with disabilities are included at the cool working conditions and so those are some of the some of the general takes on feminism that informs us so and what we have done so you know what someone is born is for us is where the actors are treated with respect you know they don’t get haggled with about what their fee is given a choice and ethical working conditions so whether they want to use condoms or not whether they have a choice about what kinds of Acts acts that they do about where they get changed to know all those kinds of things feel empowered in their works so that they feel like they have a saying like they can stand up for themselves that they can ask for something if they needed another thing that we find is that where the directors collaborate with an incorporated what the actor find exciting as when you get somebody doing with it what turns them on your going to have a way better corn then asking them to do something that doesn’t turn them on so it’s in everybody’s best interest and we’re looking for an expansion of sexual representation on film so not the same old same old stand White young people or if there’s no racialized folks that they’re not for trade in a fetishized kind of way and challenging stereotypes especially of women in community so he think of Asian women with black men black women stopped the whole milk thing and older women it’s nice but we’re always looking for us to see representation of of those people in a positive light and in a diversity of roles and scenarios and we’re always looking for realistic pleasure so I mean that’s very subjective and how do I know whether an orgasm is real or not how do I know whether the pleasure is real and there are some performers who say you know like you don’t throw up for that when it comes to Hollywood films and we are performers you know where we’re used more realistic versions of What would turn a woman on of what I’m in so it’s not always the same old intercourse with very little clitoral stimulation and we’re a little bit more of how people are pleasures and I think that you know those stereotypes definitions animalistic and very uninterested in who their partner is if they don’t give them all so I’m more diverse representation of who they can be and what they like to do and how they like to have sex I think it benefits everybody in that sense so I also always really like to qualify it that you know, sporran can be really edgy or it can be super soft and sensual but a lot of people think that the board must be where you know nobody’s allowed to be on top and it’s all kissing and it’s very gentle and you know it can be edgy there’s some really high Productions on West Warren and there’s some you know pretty low budget interesting films of their there can be no storyline that explores all kinds of you know feminist values or I can just get straight to the action a lot of people thinks I’m just worn must exclude man in there for his only lesbian or clear but it can be straight is gender people trans people by folks who can find just about anybody and you know that there are some feminist pornographers who are make informed that includes you know Saint white straight people write but there’s also lots of feminist pouring that includes more than just that so you know we’re looking for your representation of everybody we’re not leaving out of the mainstream also and of course you know everybody wants their story even if there’s no story it has to be something you want to watch have to have at least some production value that makes it interesting has to be well you know it has to appeal it certainly what we’re looking for when were looking when we award different scenes or website or performers cool thank you so much that was so awesome breakdown so few things that are coming up what I what I’m imagining as you’re talking is safe certified a gourmet higher-quality ethical sort of the way that we look at the way that we look at the actual food distribution system in all of the ethics involved with that until you have organic labels and cruelty free and not tested on you know animals and all these all of these I mean now there’s just like so many stamps gluten free non-GMO it’s like so if if there was an and also I’m thinking about will Beazer performers in there you know the the debate around a lot of the stuff is the you know they’re there right there’s a lot of performance you’re saying it’s my right not to use a condom for XYZ reasons that I’m going to but what I’m thinking is nasm hear your talk is like why isn’t there a Screen Actors Guild of so that they can all maintain whether they want to do feminists Gourmet or they want to do fast food frat porn do you know that seems like maybe a more internally guided solution than fundamentalist you know religious right sponsored legislation that’s going to drive it underground have you talked to anyone or thought about that idea of like making some sort of Union kind of code of conduct and you know farepay kind of structure that people could get a stamp of and therefore be you know in the higher selling Market you know a higher value market may be certain price on top of it and you know I get a lot of people already who say like oh I want to find some people are so used to not paying for poor now they felt you know how do you spell people I think you know that the performers have formed some Alliance I’m so through touching programs through the organizing around on condom debate you know many performers are very active and vocal lunch with her and Facebook and Instagram and share their opinions and I think so I mean I think for the consumer what are perspective is rather than putting our stamp of approval which extend the following words is the industry and the market kind of helps along with that so you know I talked to some of the bigger performers years ago it’s really great to hear some performers talking about how look you know there’s this notion that only some of pornographers have ethical working conditions you know people fall into that room the reality is that even the big production companies like Wicked Vivid you know if you treat your performers poorly and you don’t pay them properly you harass them you know anything else that you know people presumed happens on foreign sets where it’s going to get around really quickly you’re going to lose your top Stars know he’s going to want to work for you and so if you go with Pinot one of the either small production company where you can see no hear from the performers who performed it works one of the bigger ones chances are you are you know supporting an industry where people generally have a say in what they do and they’re treated fairly you know or you can just thought I’d like a lot of people will fall out to sign you know I’m going to find the performers that I really liked and then you can interact with them on Twitter and you can ask them you know what films are you really happy to have been a part of which ones you know what companies do you think I should support what you know and those performers will you know be able to tell you from their own experience and what they’ve heard around who they think you should support so there’s I think each other social media and the internet you can now interact with performers why they find us Newport empowering profession for themselves and make your own choices that way about what your Criterion are about what’s important to you what you want to support with your dollar as opposed to asking some umbrella organization kind of you know try and determine what the parameters are for everybody because what’s going to happen is that they’re going to be some people who are doing really good work or going to get left out of that because they didn’t didn’t you know the outfit some particular box and I think that some more effect where you people making their own choices their own decisions about how they want to find foreign they want to consume them and what they’re how to find films in production companies and performers who reflects their own personal values and what’s important to them thank you for that so you know I’ve been studying the effects of piracy and the tube sites to sort of do this to every time I’ve been in the music industry for decades and I’ve been through that whole shift already so I kind of know what happens and it’s like it’s I don’t know maybe within the last few years it’s really started to like having a huge impact on the number of performers who can make a living doing this full-time the number of production companies that are able to stay above ground and it’s a very kind of sad seems like a sad feedback loop of of as the piracy is happening and the accessibility of it’s not really free it’s just illegal Dolan people like CBD still have a harder time getting what I’ve seen in the music industry is this Force The Gatekeepers to value-add and create more Independence and resources to the artist and so the artist actually have become way more empowered to keep way more of their rights and have way more artistic creativity and control his they don’t have to bow to the record companies to get established anymore and now they make more money doing less work and so actually imagining that there could be a similar shift in the empowerment of porn of all kinds because if they can establish themselves even through like a tube site of some kind but maybe a more ethically filtered kind of tube site where you can give a subscription or you’re supporting good vendors as the sponsors are the advertisers once you become you know your own self made independent star than you could possibly crowd-source funding to do your own projects and then you could be the director the producer and cut out all the middle people so to speak who are the sort of the ones who were in The Dark Side of porn there pimping and pandering and exploiting and abusing you know there are a lot of their performers in the darker side like you said there’s the the higher-end more established companies who are going to you know maintain a reputation for the sake of you know business practices best business practices but a lot of what’s on the what’s being you can say hyperbolize maybe cuz I don’t know what percentage of it is but the really abusive really harmful non-consensual stuff with you know putting people at risk that that could all be just sort of dissolved as this shift overtime as the shift occurs you have any kind of thoughts on the future of how there could be more I guess the fisticated business models that are empowering to the performers themselves even if the producers start to you know go out of business or have to shift their business model like the crash from sample website that really tries to empower all of their performers and they do Revenue sharing with their performers in a good business helps everybody I mean you know are you ever going to get rid of the really edgy not necessarily empowering porn I mean I think as long as there’s a demand there’s always going to be a market of people producing it unfortunately the dark places like who are making really edgy stuff for people who wanted to be edgy but to know that it’s still consensual and there are certain rules that are followed in morals and ethics so that’s good part of the problem also music where you know if you’ve only ever bought chocolate from a corner store in a wrapper and that’s all you think the chocolate is consuming that chocolate until somebody listen to a podcast like this and says hey there’s a different kind of trucks but out there there’s different kind of worn out there there’s you know there’s music beyond the top 40 hits your like really and then you give them you know like a chocolate truffle that’s been handmade or you give them some time as poor and that you know suits their desires in has themselves reflected in it or you know provide them with some jazz or some alternative music weather like like this before and they decide you know what that’s worth it to me you know I’m going to buy you know chocolate truffles urbino pay for alternative music or you know whatever some good porn from here on in the problem as I see it is that people don’t necessarily know that there are alternatives out there and so they just figure you know a lot of people who have grown up with foreign I’m just free on the net like they just don’t even like pains worse just watch it for free and I think I think it’s about getting the word out there and helping people understand there are alternatives like so I think what’s already happened is that performers and small Studios and people with their own webcam out of their own bedroom and their own time are creating their own foreign and finding these people are finding them in their finding followers and supporting themselves that way and I think that is definitely helpful and the dancing people have autonomy around what they want to do how they want to do it I’m so I think that’s really awesome I’m not sure however that were ever going to get rid of the Turin where people don’t necessarily have much choice where they you know don’t necessarily feel empowered to go to the police or stop working I don’t know how big it is I don’t think it’s as big as they make it up to me but I think you know the best way to counteract that is to try and offer Alternatives both for the performers as well as for the consumer so that sort of alternative corn and Summers porn x a viable business to stay in no matter what aspect of the business you’re in or do you know that you will always have good form that you can consume of the consumer right that was a very important point that you just made which is the meeting that all of these to have really is that it’s going to be that the onus is on creating a more and more sustainable and ethical the wholesome and even holy alternative that can be make the other what’s it say yeah that whatever percentage did actually is of the financial market place and of the you know number of scenes and content being produced in a given. Of time the fact is like well evil fills a vacuum of something that’s not evil so you’re going to have to get to work you know make more of an alternative and there’s another Effect 2 I feel like what’s happening is that it’s the extreme abusive non-consensual content is being hyper accelerated because of the dwindling profits that they’re having to go breaking more taboos you know taking more you know people on board because the extreme not only people are getting numb and in their circuits are getting fried and all of the yourbrainonporn you know of material it’s like people circuits are getting fried they’re getting numb and they’re building a tolerance so they’ve got to have more extreme stuff and there’s only so far you can go and then and then if the profits are dwindling in order to stay afloat they’ve got a fruit to the survive you know to be profitable they’ve got to you know service because you know you getting them with what you’re stepping on it with well then you’re going to have to find a happy medium somewhere and you may have to like FAQ off of like the toxins in the poisons your stepping on their craft with otherwise you could you know t-shirt start of shift gears a bit there’s there’s a there’s the XXX Church there’s hookers for Jesus there is I don’t know how many other religious organizations that are somewhere in this gray area between not endorsing pornography existing but also not demonizing in trying to punish the actress or trying to come out of it but I didn’t talk to one of them and they said they agreed yes about 50% of the whole entire Christian Church is addicted to what you would consider Satanic ritual abuse porn so why aren’t they making Christian porn that shows holy matrimony or whatever you know it’s necessary have you encountered anything like that which is like okay well here’s the point that you should be promoting his you’re not going to be able to stop the evil foreign from existing if you want to use a loaded term like that yeah well I know that they’re certainly Christian and Muslim and Jewish for example like sex toy website so you know there could be no Afeni buddies making I think they’re just being here Christian form within the context of a Christian marriage instructional book husband and wife receive no extramarital sex unless it illustrates the downfall of adultery funny 2006 the body of Chris you know I mean I think that’s definitely I think that’s definitely a good Niche right showing people who are already connected and there is some so Comstock films made what we call Doc youporn and they’re all real couples were together and they talk about how they match their relationship and then they also have sex so don’t feel comfortable with feeling like well those people were paid to have sex and I don’t know how I feel how I feel about that a lot of people have embraced this sort of moredock YouPorn where they feel like okay well these are people who are having sex anyways you know we get to know them so they’re real people and so what did they say they prefer that style but I think you know there’s more and more niches when it comes to different styles and so I think that you know and some I don’t know if the mainstream is caught on to this I mean most of the you know they want to play with some of those taboos but I think there’s definitely there’s a niche for that I need somebody should make some poor in marketed as Christian for on her Muslim port or whatever you know you know committed relationship about having sex with each other right cuz they they’re out of gas and they can’t talk to and and leaders in the Christian church snow for one it’s like well then it’s the old adage if you can’t beat them join them you know there’s there’s a way to do everything according to your own scripture so you know this is the truth the Genie’s out of the bottle of meanness there’s no putting it back in so you’ve got to provide and it’s like I’m so glad to hear that there’s got to be a way to adapt and improvise in the trains that were in cuz just pretending sex doesn’t happen it doesn’t exist that’s old world thinking it doesn’t work anymore so boring people this is all music to my ears at work yet I want to ask you let’s say you had an infinite budget and you know no legal or political restrictions i d like you were just you know what a venerated is is a thought leader in an empowered with funding you know to do kind of wave your magic wand and and help absolve a lot of these issues in in just take your visions and dreams to the highest unlimited level and what would be this is it called like a blue sky budget thought experiment you know what would be some of the things that you might do if you had infinite power to you know I assume you wouldn’t be trying to make a bunch of lies and you know drive a bunch of things underground but actually be like okay I’ll make a better offer here’s twice your daily rate if you walk away from that stuff when you come to this opportunity and it snow doesn’t bother you cuz you’re if you have no limit so I just curious to Thinking Out of the Box what would you kind of what would you do to address some of the issues and you know grow make your own horn Workshop which we’re going to be putting online so that people can follow along 2 has created several torn shorts that have won awards that are really well done and she shot them all on her iPhone very low-budget appreciate the performers and everything else was pretty much you know low-budget so you know what I would do is I would say like he wants to make foreign create ways for people especially people who aren’t represented so people with disability older folks people with really interesting fetishes who never find themselves positively Representatives call for like tell me what form you want to make you know who it includes and it what you want to do that’s interesting and and provide resources for them to create that donation Cafe and just make it so that so that we can you know put more really good stuff out there and provide the resources both Financial but also you know I mean there’s been over the years many people who have great ideas about making foreign but don’t know how to be so makers right you have to in order to show how do you spell how do you edit how do you make things look good how long should a seen go on because real time sex is really boring to watch so that is one thing I would love to see I would also love to see you know the radical feminist you know Aunty porn movement I really just miss them as we don’t know what you’re talkin about or you can call by the patriarchy or you’re in the minority or he know you just don’t know you probably be happier doing something else did you really just miss people who are in the industry and I you know if I could wave a magic wand I would create a for where people who are Auntie foreign could come in really listen to a whole bunch of people who perform and really listen to them about why is it that people are in this industry what are they get out of it what kind of choices do they have what other things would they be interested in doing and why do they not do them why did they choose what kinds of ways could the antifa movement actually help them rather than getting their way how can we work together to create a world where porn is empowering both for the viewer as well as the performer and where the people that so you know radical Aunty porn people want to protect you know getting some of those folks in the room also who people has left the industry feel like I had a choice people who were co-opted people who maybe they were migrant workers or didn’t have status didn’t feel like they have a choice you know what would have helped them so that they wouldn’t have had to make that choice if that wasn’t really a choice that they wanted to make and I mean some of the questions and the answers to those were things like we’ll have a good enough social programs you know child care for my kids and options to make money so that I can you know support my family right just some of those are larger context issues but that I would love I would love to see that happen when people come together and Billy and there’s finally listening from the foreign people about you know what it what it is like to be informed and what what a horn what’s orange candy create that world runs and trying to ride a kit for an totally which you’re never going to get rid of yeah the less you are involved with making a better option the more it takes over as as is the lowest common denominator in and now it’s like it’s interesting definitely I mean I time I’ve been in adult performer in the past four more of the you know authentic reality couple based feminist country stuff in and I you know it wasn’t it to pay the bills for a minute and it worked and it was great and you know just did his thing and then now I kind of feel like I’m so shocked and offended and undisturbed and sad and heartbroken by what I’m seeing that I have to get back in and try to let you know you know if you want it done right so thankful for the thought it’s beyond what you know some people don’t want to sign up for the term feminism for whatever reason you know how say it’s it’s it’s ignorance to not good not to have a warm place in your heart for that term but but empowering porn that’s a powerful word that I’m loving to hear you say and we’ve given a lot of places to go with this in New Visions for more sustainable development of this industry and I kind of feel like there’s nothing really more sustainable than filming sex I mean that’s very sustainable you’re doing something that humans were designed to do and so yeah yeah one thing I want to ask you about positivity towards porn toolkit for Education it’s like I think something that’s so funny to me is this idea of what they’re saying is so close quote it’s like a new clinical term they call supernormal stimuli and that if you watch porn you were in this is a real effective men young men are having erectile dysfunction because of quote on quote overexposure to supernormal stimuli and they’re not having quote North they’re not being satisfied in quote normal sex with a girlfriend lover spouse partner and what I think is so attractive about a future of more positive sexual access through pouring is the idea that supernormal stimuli is actually a good thing and it can be accessed and it comes down to having group sex that’s accessible and and safe and having you know the ability to fulfill your wildest fantasies with people who are stoked about participating in whatever you want to design as long as it’s ethical safe and it’s their thing too and so the pathway to the Fulfillment of supernormal stimuli is born and it’s this kind of porn so you know what do you think about that did he say go put your sexuality back in the Box you’re only supposed to have sex with one person with the lights off in missionary position and if that doesn’t do it for you any you’re addicted to porn and you need to go and pay doctor right diction pretty much anyone that she knows who has done any kind of exploring would fail the sexual addiction test and we would all be considered sexual because the definition of someone who is quote-unquote normal is so narrow that there so few people who are actually following so I mean I think it’s really unrealistic and I think that you know We crave adventure and We crave connection and you know you can have really great authentic connection with in a monogamous relationship and some people choose to do it differently and enjoy watching group sex you know to my mind doesn’t he know if you’re doing it with your partner you know or even without your partner your monogamy it’s a fantasy and you’re exploring a fantasy and so I think ya having lots of lots of ways to explore that can only be nice we need to make choices about how we spend our time what kind of what we eat is really an important principle and kind of extending that there are people who walk this Earth who were designed by nature to be sexual healers to be sexual X exhibitionist appropriately you know engine so do you what do you think about the idea of yeah empowering people like you said if you had a grant Foundation you could you could say hey if you wanted to know if this is your calling then here you know take it and run with it and will support you and will give you the production team you know you can get on a waiting list or whatever and be supported to do this do you feel like in the people that you’ve interacted with I mean there’s this myth that everybody is sex trafficked into it or is there a drug-addicted are there at the end of their rope or they just got or there be no divorce or whatever it is they’re their patriarchal economic structural support system collapse for some reason and now they’re on their own so they’ve got of succumb to The Pimps and panderers of corn but really there is I would say you know you can probably validate this there are people who choose to do this who are comfortable doing this and can you speak a little bit about it like the positive psychology of that so that people can understand it’s not all you know that you know yeah I mean you know people like them justly and Jill and Ryan and April Flores ones that come to mind to talk about how performing is really empowering for them and it’s empowering awesome because they get really great positive feedback from their fans and it’s not so much like oh you’re so hot but it’s like you know your body is genderqueer or it you’re like this you like that you’re like me and I finally seen somebody on screen who looks like me and it’s so refreshing and it’s so feel so good to me to to see you and you seem like you’re having a good time you know that Steve is empowering I’m putting your body out there a sexy is really empowering for people who like you mentioned exhibitionist right there some people who I really enjoy being watched being seen being put out there and that is empowering for them you know some people really enjoy sex so having sex for a living you know can feel like a real. Again as long as you have a choice about who you get some sex with then go and what you do with safer sex options and all of that you know for people who really enjoyed y’all kind of a dream job so you know I think there are people you mentioned sexual healers I think there are some people who also would consider themselves that and did that sort of their calling and you know there’s people do corn for lots and lots of different reasons and just the same as people would choose to be a social worker or a banker or I don’t know a therapist or a teacher write for lots and lots of different reasons and you know I just think like I have two kids but I could never be a full-time teacher in school I have so much respect for those people but I’m not going to go on project on them like wow they must not feel like I could never do that I’d be exhausted will but some people that you know I know love working with kids and it really Steve’s them so just because one profession isn’t for you doesn’t mean that there aren’t other people for whom that would totally see them on different kinds of levels and be really empowering a great choice for them do you know of any I mean where I love to about feminist scholarship is just how much meticulous research goes into studying all kinds of different patterns in kosher and so I imagine that even now you know whether or not the Blue Sky budget thing happen if you know if there was you know if you could if you put out a call to research is to be like let’s prove that the outcomes of performers in this type of you know adult entertainment are much better compared to the other kinds of outcomes and have data that Rivals the negative data is it is anyone working on that you know of is like studying this will have lien people who are studying sworn there’s actually a porn studies Journal now and so it is Prayer by Rutledge and they I think they started your two ago and so there are both academics as well as people in the industry in there so I’m not sure if anyone’s done a job satisfaction overall what were the working conditions but certainly there is more acceptance of that happening now and there are people who are I’m studying for specifically ice arena in the mainstream survive cycle I’ve heard people say that I don’t I don’t I can’t give you this you know that the citation on this but the average porn performer lifespan is 37 because it’s suicide I don’t know if that’s how they backed it up but but I am curious about okay there there is no Aftercare in the longer term life cycle of people who are getting like men have a longer duration in the industry than women typically even though they get paid less but obviously the so-called mainstream porn industry they’re not providing like a retirement package for once the the body shapes and sizes and whatnot is no longer getting the high dollar and it said decreasing unlike other professions where you expect to get raises over time as your skills develop you get chewed up and spit out in your your profit or your you know income declines in the mainstream foreign so do you have a nerd like Nina hartleys doing just fine I think she’s been at it for a long time and she is now a mil send you know but she you know she’s she’s still really lots of great work I mean there I think one of the things to did you do it before you enter into foreign is to talk to people who have been doing it and there’s a video I think of different stars who give an advice and what is one of the things that they do talk about though is first of all let you know think about the effect of having your body out there forever and also think about what your exit strategy is right like you know save up some money and you know like everybody needs to save up money for their retirement and important that make you a little earlier than other things or it might not be spending on you know whether how that works out for you but thinking about what do you want to do do you want to go to school at the same time so that you can come out as someone who works with pornstars or do you want to become a director or do you or an editor or you know we’re Concepts and some other capacity so you know most Industries don’t really have a you know if you’re working at I don’t know which one of your big department stores in the US Marshals I don’t think there’s necessarily retirement plan in there for you but you know we all need to think a little bit about okay where are we at now and where do I want to go where am I headed and because yeah I mean the lifespan of Mercy is not that long in the mainstream at least but in a more alternative for there’s lots more room for different kinds of people and last year at the feminist poor towards Morgana Muses is a woman who just turned 50 and Australia she just discovered starting making her own porn and we gave her the heartthrob of the Year award because she had this fabulous piece as well as some others but the one that really move people was miss my it was about her 50th birthday you know I made a film about that whole process in her being and she engaged the rope bondage to a phoenix and what that was all about and like we screamed it at our event here there was like 500 people in the audience and people were just like they love to her they loved her and I think that again what alternative words I’m just worn whatever you want to call it can show you that it’s not just about what your body looks like it’s also bad who you are and your personality and that lots of people will still want to see you and love you as you get older and so think about you want to continue during for and when you’re older or not do you want to do this for the rest of your life or is it you know sort of something you want to try the steppingstone up a talk to other performers before you decide to get into the industry and then talk to people once you’re in it to figure out you don’t talk to people retire still ask them what’s worth what hasn’t worked what what do you want to you know what mistakes of other people made that you don’t want them to know I had a woman also who I talk to who is an escort she’s in her seventies and she is an escort for older gentleman and she also performs in films and I talked to her about what her experience was on sat and she said oh my God they fly me down so I don’t know what’s the weather in Florida I get picked up in a limbo there’s somebody always asking me like a queen they make me feel she feels empowered she’s very happy they fly her back and this is her life and she’s quite happy wow go that is awesome so yeah we’re about an hour or so I say we will wrap it up and you know my last thought to two after that is just thinking about this public good civil service work that people with bravery and boldness and fearlessness go out there and fulfill our wildest fantasy sports if we don’t have you know the the guts or the time or money or the friends or whatever and so is valuing it not as Dark shadowy Taboo to put the lid on but it’s nothing it’s like you know these are our soldiers these here are you know the people who take great risks to benefit all of humanity and so you know it’s funny that in the in the so-called mainstream you know subculture well the subculture of mainstream format using but they call non-actors civilians so they have sort of a bit I said they’re aware it’s like you know what if we take that one step further where’s the veterans assistance programs for your for your combatants in your porn why aren’t you having a fun to take care of the people that you used on the battlefield of your sets and I think that’s something that we could talk about doing it’s like yeah you do this this is a public good and you’re going to be taken care of you know if you when you renew either there’s going to be some system of support maybe not pay all your bills but at least make you feel like yeah you know you can get some ongoing Healthcare medical care cuz you did something for people you help people so yeah that doesn’t my last thoughts if you want to have some closing closing thoughts and definitely share your websites and how people can get in touch and all that great stuff I think we’ve accomplished we have lots of resources Aaron educational when’s also good for her. Com we will be putting us up if you want to become a pornography film soon we also have some dysport and if you want to get a taste of what format for looks like we have sore winners over the last 10 years listed there and so you can click on and see what we’re talking about two different kinds of porn and have a little look for some of the things to check out specially in categories that you’re interested in and I also find me at 4:30 to get yourself a little more educated and if you haven’t seen anything then have a little look and then make your own evaluation awesome thank you so much Carlyle I couldn’t ask for more I really appreciate your time and I best of luck on going and I hopefully will see you at 3 or some Day next year you said yes okay so keep an eye out feminist point of words and where will that be hosted you have a location we’re always in Toronto okay cool alright so get your passport now all right I’ll see you hopefully at the next time take care of thank you so much for the township Time Podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition assassini and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email Brent at Tantra Punk. Com, CA

The Feminist Porn Revolution with Russell OConner TPP63


fem-reviews-pic In this episode I’m joined by Russell O’Conner of Feminist Porn Reviews. I found their website while researching feminist porn and was very happy to find such a valuable resource. In the discussion we explore a wide range of legal, ethical, and financial issues in the porn industry that feminist consciousness provides hopeful solutions for.

Feminist Porn Reviews Mission:
Like many people, we here at FemPorn have a love-hate relationship with porn. We love it because we love sex. But we hate it because so much porn is openly and even proudly misogynistic. And even when it isn’t that bad, too much porn is completely devoid of genuine female pleasure and totally fails to include or even acknowledge a feminine perspective on sex. But porn doesn’t have to be that way, and not all porn is that way. So we love the fact that there is feminist porn that we can love and not hate, and we want to share what we have discovered with you…read more at:

Yoni Breathing to Heal Eating Disorders with Grace Diaz TPP62


grace-diaz-picIn this episode I have the honor of speaking with Grace Diaz a high priestess of feminine spirituality and sexual healing, education and empowerment. She share’s her story of early shamanic initiation as a sexual healing priestess and her epic transcendence of eating disorders with tantric yoni breathing.

She graciously holds space for me to open up about my personal wounding with eating disorders and we compare notes on our efforts to refine and synthesize diverse healing modalities.

Please visit her website to access her services and learn more about her great offerings:

Grace’s bio:
My passion of healing began at the age of ten, when my father, a Reiki Master of 20 years initiated me as a Reiki practitioner. At the age of 19, I moved to Medellin, Colombia to intensify my Reiki studies. On this 5 month sabbatical my father initiated me as a Reiki master and we began co-hosting biweekly Reiki retreats to promote spiritual growth for our community. Upon my return to the United States in 2010, I began teaching Reiki all over the east coast.

I was introduced to Tantra, sacred sexuality, in 2008, and began practicing it full-time to reclaim my Highest Self. During the fall of 2011, I became initiated into Shakti-Pakti Tantric Guru Yoga and started hosting Tantra workshops and retreats. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in women’s sexual health in order to spread the wisdom of sexual healing.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punkyour guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Township Punk podcast episode number 62 I am interviewing Grace Diaz who has amazing insights and offerings in the world of Tantra and we’re going to emphasize on specifically the Journey of transcending eating disorders and how that relates to the work that that you’ve been doing and would love for you to just Begin by giving us a bit of background about your life story and then how you confronted and encountered these issues in what you have to offer and now it’s in terms of support for people on on their spiritual like that thank you God for having you in the show so complete with or to start during I guess the beginning you know I was I had many dreams when I was younger starting line the Egyptian I had a recurring dream that the time has nightmares and I was initiated actually during my dreams as a young girl into the sexuality you know you can call him Spirit guides or it was it was basically a Rapture asexual Rapture that I had during dreams was when I was younger all the way up until the age of 12 and so I told my mom about these dreams and she immediately freaked out you know she she thought I was getting raped in my dreams pretty much and that actually was what was happening to some extended it was a very physical experience that was completely real in the sense of how he feel kneel during The Waking Life and so that was my my initiation into Entre you no looking back on it now and just being totally coming by it and so I my mom you know she called at the time she called a pastor from the church they came and they literally blast my room with holy water and believe it or not I never had that and so since then I mean not even to spend I think I’ve always been a very sexual creature but especially since then my curiosity of sacred sexuality just magnified and I became curious about what happened to me and I wanted to really understand that more and I wanted you like you mentioned been transcend to the highest level that I experienced such a young age in terms of the eating disorder that actually happened around the same time I was around the age of 12 when I started charging and I started developing at a very young age females now I’m looking at a very young age about dispatch no real in my opinion it’s very real and so I was developing very very young and and I just was growing very quickly and it scared me and I started purging so I could stay and it became both bulimia and anorexia and an obsession with working out in Baxley all three of those it was a death sentence yeah I was pretty much killing myself and I was very nutritionally do you know week in that area and so no one knew about it when I was growing up I’m also going to be in descendants I am from my lineage and in our culture in the Latin culture women are very sexualized at a very young age you know and the gender Norms are the gender orientations gender types are much more binary and in our culture they’re much more established that you know that the men are very much showing the women are you take care of a men’s and and their healers you know that you know all the herbs that you know dinner in 5 minutes for 20 people you know they’re very established there’s home women if you will and so and so anyway so my mom and my grandmother and my family was also Mom even thought of course that from you when I was twelve I’m sure that that probably at the time help me to be more body conscious of myself which kind of let into my eating disorder and I have a member at at 9 my mom was waxing me like my arms and my sideburns my mustache and so again I was I was very specialized I was I was very and it was in good intentions and now it’s hot just how do you know how to stick my chest out my mom was in my aunt you know I remember like they were showing me like stick your chest out you know how we would walk you know by guys and things like that and so that is the Latin culture in the Latin culture is very sexual it’s very passionate and all of this contributed to my perception of my body and so I at 12:30 and 10 years into it every day I had an obsession with everything I eat to the extent it became so serious that I was even trying to breed a certain way it’s a calorie burn burn more calories and I mean it was ridiculous and you know just this horrible it was really like I think about eating disorders now as a mental disorder you know because you’re not thinking about anything that even your own self-interest but in Mystic station that is an allusion in that isn’t even really true When developing like I mentioned so quickly I think that the issue was at the time there was really no cultivation around how to manage that and how to handle that it was you know it was all about being asked to go being a sexy and sensual and erotic and everything like that but not really you know the part of thought and show and I came in to Tantra probably you know I don’t know maybe 17 18 years old when I started really learning about Tantra and I was reading a book called jewel in the Lotus still one of my favorite one of my favorites and yes I can be nuts at around 7 p.m. so when I read that I just was eating it all up I was just and I just loved it so much and it just I just felt so connected to everything that were saying you know I’m in my other interviews I talked about how I was also initiated a level 2 Reiki practitioner you know and then at 18 master and so all of this to my my journey and you really understanding sacred sexuality and just you know the whole genre of of energy transformation and Transcendence and so yeah I was I was just totally impasse line just you know like a sexual resonate so much about that because I feel like you are so blessed to have gotten a hold of that book at that age I’m curious how did that book into your life that book entered my life through one of my dear close to stir fry and Ariana and Ariana was also one of my initiator I’m going to just shot her out I just love her she’s one of my like sacred always be moving into her place I was moving out of my mom’s place I was moving into her place tonight and just externally Progressive and when she studying everything that she studied she had like a whole wall of books that were probably ever seen in my life and my Nest at home I was just so eager to learn more you know and like I mentioned my past experiences with my dreams and eating disorder and you are coming to town very hungry to learn more and I also had that background of Reiki you know I had that background of energy healing energy projection energy Consciousness all of this and I am still into it I still referencing you know even to this day and so I’m running about energy and yang energy and the masculine and feminine and it’s beautiful you know dualistic principle that ultimately leads into the Trinity you know that there’s really a middle to which is like the silence and so I just started really trying to identify who going back to Tasha and how I healed my eating disorder I later came into yummy breathing which is something I know I think everybody who know who’s familiar with me at work they know they probably have heard me speak about you and I can really go into that because that is I think it’s not just a cigarette addiction it could be in a relationship addiction could be any type of imbalance you know and so for me it was in my throat you know I really thinking about it and find site now because when a woman has four notches woman cuz I know men have to but when there’s an eating disorder it’s what it was but specifically with my throat chakra I know that I know that it was like one of the things that I noticed after healing my eating disorder until tonight and I’ll talk about like how I did that but I had a voice singing and I actually had a better voice after I was able to totally heal my eating disorder you know my throat chakra open you know and search on in a woman especially a balance in her sleep I learned that from a another beautiful woman who I follow on the internet her name is dr. Sara Gottfried absolutely love her she is like an orgasm do you know hormone like wise woman and you know along with many other wisdom says she has orgasm that’s how I found her called orgasmic Vitality something that you’ll find her that way if you put Sara Gottfried orgasmic boosted I can totally feel that and in terms of the serotonin healing your appetite you know it was I was able to kind of animal is the most tragic when it comes to an eating disorder is you become totally just connected to what your body is saying you know you don’t listen to intentionally avoids me to every opportunity you can to just neglect what your body is saying because you know you’re in your shed and you’re saying to yourself I know that I need to start my order to stay at this week you don’t want to lose weight and you feel hungry every single day and actually believe it or not that you have to have in order to have an eating disorder it like it’s something that is really tragic but I believe it or not it was actually something that help me I know that I’m not at all trying to promote him at all but, it in owning it as a growth experience that allows you to teach and heal others it’s like you’re reclaiming your big and it’s not in vain I totally get that yes absolutely absolutely and so yeah and so listen to the body is very low priority for anyone who has an eating disorder the way that I was able to heal my eating disorder using the contract with listening to my body that was chronically and fatally in that bulimia and anorexia and so I started Johnny breathing I learned during breeding from another beautiful Mentor Safari Sutra and he taught me only breathing and Yoni breathing is very simplest inhale grips for vaginal muscles from then it would be gripping there same PC muscles that a woman would that you hold your urine with us a muscle pain exhaling releasing the grits and this gives you hear he’s two hemispheres is you because you cannot avoid did the level of body Sensation that manifest from you do that I mean what’s this I called I used to do it all day long like literally I will get high off of it I would do you know and giving myself permission to actually have that experience in so doing that day after day after day and at that time I was also a relationship for the very first time in a while to and so I was able to kind of use the energy and I was able to have the most glorious orgasms you know. Where I was able to Experian stock and not that you know I still don’t experience it but at the time I had the luxury of time of literally dedicating the other day and night to this and so. It how I healed meeting before I’m in with time I noticed I didn’t even actually believe it or not but I didn’t notice I feel my eating disorder and so my boyfriend noticed it you know he said to me how are you doing with this like anyone who’s very deep inside you know cuz it’s really hit and it’s really something that you don’t want to talk about the same around it and their assessment you know when people find out that you do this it can be some of the most it can be hard to keep a shame that always for me it was some of the people shame that I could ever feel so it wasn’t something I really like talking about so I remember he asked me to lunch after I started yelling and I said you know why I can’t believe I haven’t noticed that I haven’t heard in like months probably in and I didn’t even notice I’m so that’s when I started paying more attention I started doing my Yoni breathing more and I noticed I could join the workshops that would do the webinars that we do the young a conference call that we do we really promote money for women it’s it’s a musical and again going back to eating disorder really pertaining to the throat chakra that moaning really stimulate the thyroid gland that’s in that third shotgun again for me personally I feel like that’s how I healed my eating disorder was really when you inhale grip XL release of the Brethren the contraction together that mon comes out during that Excel and so I mean that shaking up with that chakra to really just mantle a lot of the blockage that I had in my throat you know I wasn’t talking about I wasn’t speaking about it I had a lot of baggage in that area and through it’s simple I mean such a simple practice such a glorious practice such a powerful know any moment of the day and for me change my life it was I was able to not only kill my my bulimia which is something that women for some reason and I’m sure there’s other people while listening to this have had Eating Disorders I was always told it was something I couldn’t deal I was always told all the therapy I went to all of the meetings I would go to it was only something that they said you know what we’re going to help you cope with this but we’re letting you know right now that most people never heal a little and on top of that out of all of the mental disorders and again eating disorder is actually characterizes that an eating disorder is specifically anorexia is the most out of all the mental disorders like I still can’t believe that I’m just actually talking about this is just so I’m just feeling so much gratitude but yeah that that is how I was able to thank you so much for sharing that and and giving those practical tools and insights in that hope and inspiration if I if I’m a I’d like to share a little bit about why it’s so important to me in my life that you’re doing this work and see if you might resonate with some of the insights that I’ve found as I’ve been dealing with that end in approaching this this issue to kind of help just further the discourse in and give more more different perspectives in in lights on what’s actually happening in the mechanics of the process in what what I’ve seen you do is you’re actually bringing into energy work the time to work and reconciling that with the limitations of the clinical sort of the limits of the understanding of it which doesn’t have the esoteric wisdom involves right that’s kind of the problem so is that is that okay with you if I kind of give you a something to yeah my my my little brief narrative is that anorexia destroyed my my family and and I’d say it pretty much probably was one of the single factors in effectively ruining my life you know for many years in and I didn’t really discover that until recently when I was kind of guided through shamanic ceremonial psychedelics my ceremonial workers like that the fracture point was that my sister might my my single mother was busy trying to put food on the table and my eldest sister was basically effectively my surrogate mother who is who is raising me and she was I would say from an esoteric perspective just brutally attacked by transdimensional parasitic organisms that lodged in her chakra system and induced her into the anorexia so-called disorder and she wasted away and I didn’t know what was going on until she was institutionalized in a mental hospital in Westlake at the point of near-death and then she sort of got adopted out of the family from that hospital to go live with the Christian family we’re kind of she became a real hyper fundamentalist Christian out of it and it did save her life but it was definitely like alienating an extreme in a way that kind of made us drift apart but I really descended into hell from having lost her as my mother like I was completely like turned into just a monster of rage and in confusion and in sadness and then everything bad that happened in my life I really traces back to that so I feel like I have a bone to pick with this this issue and it’s been a journey to try to understand and I think you know what it is very a case very interesting that you had that earlier life experience of a sort of energy clearing Exorcism of your sleeping area and not actually having some real tangible effective like something was there and then it got escorted out and then the symptoms in the problems start dissipated very rapidly or instantaneously so there’s something that happened on a spiritual or invisible level and when so yeah when you I guess the spiritual Traditions shamanic and Christian and Catholic and other Traditions would say a bad Spirit has come to take your life force your Prime now you’re being parasitized in an attack spiritually and a procedure of extraction has to occur in order for your natural energy to flow properly and for you to have your full Vitality into be a whole person and so and I often hear this sort of denial of the entity of entities being involved in this process is like it’s not that something is lodged in your throat chakra is that something is eating your life force that has nested in the throat chakra and pranic healing which was adapted partially from Reiki has actually taking that leap of synthesizing esoteric Christian exorcism methodologies and different forms of Tantra and Chee Kong and what not to actually create a modality that says orgasm energy pumping like you’re saying this hydraulic pressurizing of air in breathing and pumping is actually pushing out like a plumber would clean out a clogged drain that has not only just inert blocked like it’s not like it’s Concrete in there it’s like a bunch of organic material that’s riding into King and attracting foul you know if organisms you know that could be called demon so hot so that’s that’s become my thesis for addressing this stuff in the work that I’m doing so I’m just curious now and I appreciate you letting me give that kind of visas but does any of that resonate with any of your training or any of what you want I was hesitant to call them demons but they were and I know that you are and I know that they were I saw that and they were just black vapor pretty much and they had eyes and they were everything demonic that you could describe and so as my very first stream all the way to my last it’s progressed and just seeing them more like just being able to visit visibly make out their features and so initially I didn’t actually see anything look like I was in the black void and I was just feeling like it was almost like I had no relatives like reception I I wish is experiencing something and it was happening to me and I have no way of understanding what it was when I had my last stream at the age of 12 I had three only three dreams may happen 1011 I’m sorry at 1 with 10 11 12 so that those are three dreams they haven’t won theater very strong and if I close my eyes I see the entire thing cuz it was so real and so yeah they they they were demonic beings but believe it or not been made that I have come to terms with that experience I will never felt traumatized I never felt taken I never felt a genuinely never actually felt any that I’m conscious of at least any negative feelings about it I was you die I was shown what sexual rape wives at a very young age I was shown the the the forcefulness of of sex at a very young age and I had like I said I just I felt initiated comes like thinking about it a decade after you know and really and having lots of conversations about it I I saw it as being initiated into the sex I mean in that and the connection that you made between some deposit some parasitic deposit in my throat I have never made the connection I’ve never thought about it in that way is that possible absolutely I’d have to really meditate on that some more it’s really give it more thought and to see how I feel and you know everything to this day you know I I I don’t I am I’m so cleaned of the of the eating disorder I’m so cleaned from it that it’s almost like I don’t even resume to like I don’t really I don’t want to say I don’t remember what it was like having eating disorder I don’t want to say that cuz I do I really remember it I hated when I used to do it I hate it I hate it purging I just I hated myself for doing it so much and I like I said you have to force yourself you don’t like doing it you don’t like vomiting over toilet bowl after every meal and being obsessed with how to do it and how to get away with it to be able to see and I mean it’s it’s it’s like you know it’s really it’s exhausting and energy absolutely. And so I feel so blessed to have come upon the Contra energy again not my first Awakening was a jewel in the Lotus but do you know I I am very grateful and I hope that this interview and everyone is listening to this and they haven’t even thought her know that there is absolutely awaits you absolutely. That’s the point of even talking about that either maybe a behavior that you’re choosing to act upon but it’s not who you are and I think the other important thing to really highlight is what’s your intention with even doing it you know from you it was being attractive to the opposite sex from you was being attractive it was that sexualization that which I am not trying to discourage I think that that there’s a way to be sexualized and that’s important there’s lots of different cultures that have different rituals for sexualizing jeans and and they put them together and they have a rite of passage and I think that’s important because it had its place but I I was I’m very grateful that it was the sexual energy that was able to clean me out like you said like a to use like like pushing drunk out of a tube and cleaning out that way and I actually believe or not that’s how I have above all the way down my crown I would see the immense Cyclone of energy of white light energy just entering my crown and keeping its way down to my Yoni and clenching it gripping it’s so tight and as I would exhale I would literally push everything out of me and that was how I was able to clean my tubes do you know Mona the vibration that that variability in the pitch that you know that you have to be comfortable doing well you know okay so I want if I can follow up on a few things here because I feel like the the the conspiracy of the pharmaceutical industrial complex to keep people in the belief system of disempowerment and that they’re hooked on drugs that affect their brain which is if you listen to anything that Grace is just said it’s not in your brain neurons if that’s an aftereffect that’s it the way you think about it is happening after you’ve already had this astral body you know the sex happening and whether we call it demons parasites bad spirits or or whatever we call it the fact is that this Anatomy the energy Anatomy is something that we can have agency over and we can do organic free 0 side effect exercises that are ancient proven techniques that were to purify and disinfect then I’ve been using the plumbing metaphor for a while now but has as I hear you talking about the moaning in the new pressurizing and pumping I feel like if you’ve ever what are you when you can when you can let’s say some tomato sauce or something or some vegetables your canning them you’re wanting to kill all of the bacteria inside of the jar in a pressure cooker and so if your throat had some you know parasitic entities that were hell-bent on making you painful and miserable and you pressure cook them and move them out with this energy work and this hydraulic pumping PC muscle pumping all that it’s like well that saved you a lot of money I have to say that this is the thing with all medical industry a lot of a lot of the people in this industry are learning how to heal people some of these individuals are really generally trying to ignore people we don’t know nothing no stuck in a certain regimen using no different medications and even I think I’m hoping for the day that I can stop using either because I’m sick and tired of taking so many of them are definitely in terms of the Duke Energy practice know there’s different energy practicing and Yoni breathing for me was one of them that that really saved my life and so I think that it could I think that it depends on becoming more conscious of how you direct the energy in your body I personally believe that being able to generate the energy in your body becoming conscious that you can generate energy in your body and how you generate it and what that energy looks like its color its frequency of vibration it’s emotion it’s smell even all of this you can actually contribute to the formation of about energy through your Consciousness and so how you direct it is also set number two and the intention for why you direct it is also part of this one so all of this can can be different practices it doesn’t have to be so many other touch with many of those women and it’s not always going to be earlier now he even call me in South America right now and you know just to bring it back home whatever energetic classes now whether it is Tantra or maybe you know it could be but you know that you can generate the energy necessary in order to transform the thing that people can run and how they directed and the intention behind that direction I think it’s also the power. No doubting you know I’ve done tantric healing work on women with eating disorders and been able to see the before and after effects of kind of kickstand jump-starting a person’s Energy System that has been depleted like your battery is really low and so the lower your battery gets the harder it is to get the upper hand on whatever is trying to bring you down and just Eat You Alive so you know this is for the people who are not as far along this path into maybe here in the stuff for the first time I I hope it really you know this is just hard melting and empowering you know one thing I want to say to In Praise of what you’re talking about is like the dimension of feeling free and and facilitated and accepted into having orgasmic vocalizations weather during sexual play with partner or Solo or just doing this energy work Hanna Park I mean you’re such a taboo around pleasure in the sound of pleasure and people think you were crazy or they think you were perverted or something but this is a big one of the biggest especially for him and for men’s ability to it to bring their full sacred masculine into the bedroom and access the feminine nectar’s they’ve got to be able to make these beautiful vocalizations and it’s like that dimension of Sonic repression that’s in every household in every public space you know that it’s like I want to get a a big school bus and take adult field trips out into the wild so everyone can go and just moan their guts out and might come back so I thank you for that for bringing that in Overlook that and and yet another another word that I would that I feel like it’s coming to me at as you’re speaking about this one that would I think helped you know Alexa to know how you feel about this I’ve heard it I’ve heard it mentioned before but it’s like a way to transcend the disconnect between Sexual Energy sexuality and The Healing Arts for people who think that you know massages should have genitals owns be totally off-limits otherwise it’s you know illegal and a violation of Ethics not stuff it’s like the word that I’ve heard use of the phrase that kind of bridges that those energies in a therapeutic way it’s just that simple concept of or energetic hygiene she know which kind of question is that will are you practicing energetic hygiene or you all funky you know I mean to you meeting in shark-infested water if your hole and your hygienic you’re not going to attract those whatever you want to call him since the unfriendly is that are going to opportunistically take advantage of a funky you know it absolutely essential for sure and go back to it or we should have eyes and kind of like to experience that again I was and I will keep on feeling great you know and then it was almost like it was almost like I I just felt like I arrive like I died I felt so strong and I felt so healthy and then after maybe like I said a couple years and after that 30 year of Jenny’s practice like literally day and night like pretty much like any breathing in a powerful way maybe a year later you know I took I noticed that I weekend in my tractor you know I noticed that when I came back to my practice I was weaker in it I couldn’t you know really inhale all the energy that I wanted and you know it’s my body I couldn’t you know really so I think my at my know my final note would be you know if you’re really going to do this be consistent with a chair because I’ve noticed in my own personal life that lifelong undergoing maintenance process for sure will well I did this is like the fastest 45 minutes of my life I think we’ve just been real quick but I’m you have so much more offers if you want to talk about your offerings and your websites and I’ll people can connect and start getting if you if anyone who wants me wants to learn more about you and you’re breaking the best way to do it is probably just go to YouTube and look up the Yoni breathing and you can put my name in which is Grace Grace and we can put my my organization’s name which is graceful empowerment and then you’ll find all of our breeding videos we probably have about least half of them are just dedicated to you we are website is graceful empowerment. Com we actually have a webinar that’s coming up for women and it’s learning to use the Yoni egg doing Yoni yoga yoga with Yoni breathing so we’re doing the try out of foxes that just go extraordinary well together they’re they’re like literally one Advanced we hold your hand through the entire month-long of exclusive videos that the last one is female ejaculation using a drilled Yoni egg which is vaginal weight that’s made of crystal ends in the shape of an egg start orgasming and one of the experiences that many women have is actually female ejaculation and so again yeah that’s the weather June 5th of this year 2016 Surly eleven are that we only do once a year could women all over the world and it comes with a free young age and a free leather pink journals and two books the one that I mentioned earlier orgasmic Enlightenment and the other one which is the young egg manual so that is coming up to volume graduated cuz I don’t want to go back after I’ve heard so many horror stories of you know Tantra Jacques with your caught with their hands in the cookie jar that need to be you know well kollywood you know cut those arm right off but it’s very easy stir needs to be at a Yelp for male country has to get caught with your hands in the cookie jar done with making a dating website for women who are like commenting and completely Hide Your Shadow and nobody you had a horrible experience with you can actually Warn and protect people they’ve had to create third party websites like don’t date these douchebag. Com from all these websites making their profile and say yeah there needs to be some brave souls that say I’m willing to to be scrutinized and I’m willing to have you know testimonials and I’m willing to check myself and have a Guardsman I will and I might I’ve talked to some country good goddess you know initiate or women who are so repulsed by what they’ve experienced with men that they just have almost lost faith but I have said I promise I’m going to get the funding to pay you to be the Advisory Board where you license man and they have to be inspected and they’re there were conditions have to be inspected and they needed no man should be doing this stuff alone for a lot of reasons so anyway and I’m going to definitely let you know and then we’ll have a big banquet mixer mingle we have and thank you so much this was definitely a very very fulfilling conversation about my my journey so I really appreciate this the space but thank you oh no no no thank you thank you thank you for listening to the touch of Time Podcast please go to and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple after bite ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Thomas Day

Family Counseling and Erotic Media with Dr Carl Shubs TPP61


carl-shubs-pic In this episode I interview Dr. Carl Shubs, a very prolific and accomplished psychologist, about the current state of erotic media and it’s impact on sexuality education inside and outside of the family home. We talk about the semantics of the term porn and the history of regulation and cultural attitudes toward nudity and sexual content.

He offers practical and insightful tools for parents to take an empowered and self-responsible approach to providing sexuality education for their families.

Please visit his website to learn more about his services:

Dr Shubs’ Bio:
I have been in private practice since 1981 and have taught, trained, and supervised other mental health professionals.

I have published articles in professional journals in the area of trauma. I hold a diplomate from the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and was Chairman or Co-chair of the Victim Treatment Committee of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association for twelve years. I was on the professional advisory board of Break the Cycle, a non-profit organization dedicated to education, advocacy, and intervention in stopping teen dating violence, for ten years.

I have been a local and international speaker, lecturer, and presenter, for professional and general audiences, on topics including depression, anxiety, trauma, psychological recovery for victims of violent crime, relationships, self-esteem, bioenergetic analysis, the mind/body connection, and gay/lesbian/bisexual issues.

I have been interviewed for TV, radio, and various forms of print and Internet media on a range of issues concerning clinical psychology.

I have held the American Psychological Association’s Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders since 1996.

I am a Supervisor and Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, integrating bioenergetic analysis, contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and other psychotherapeutic modalities since 1974.  I was editor of two publications concerning bioenergetics.

Special study has been in the area gay, lesbian, and bisexual life, growth, development, coming out, being out, relationships, and homophobia.

For several years I was seeing people in medical settings where patients were recovering from illnesses including strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or various other conditions affecting their mind and their emotions.

I served several terms on the Boards of the Los Angeles Society of Clinical Psychologists and the Los Angeles Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

AI Generated Transcription:
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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello David Lebovitz welcome to Township Punk podcasts and interviewing dr. Carl shoves a psychologistpsychologist in Beverly Hills who specializes in sexuality issues and supports families in this difficult area of never navigating all kinds of new issues with the pornography so would you please give us a bit of background and how you came to be the psychologist that you are now in your practice psychologist I’ve been in private practice for about 30 years or so and in that it and it includes a focus on all aspects of Human Experience of love sex relationships self-esteem and all of those come together in various different forms and certainly sexuality is an important part of our being and so it’s very much a focus of my attention as I’m talking with people and hearing them talk about what’s going on in their lives great thanks so much so yeah getting started here I actually discovered some quotes from you an article about this kind of new buzzword around porn as a Public Health crisis or public health hazard and a lot of debate suroor going on and legislation is being proposed and worked on and moving through that whole process so we definitely need some guidance here and I just want to go through some some pretty quick and simple questions on that you can elaborate on as much as you want to give some guidance here so my question yeah it’s what would your advice be for parents of adolescent boys and girls in terms of best practices for sexuality education in the age of Internet pornography well I think the first step is for someone to be comfortable with their own sexuality because you can talk comfortably with your children about sexuality if you’re not comfortable with your own so that’s a really important thing and a very difficult thing for many adults by their parents or not unfortunately we have learned to grow up in this site in this Society not feeling very comfortable about our own sexuality and I think that becomes very much of what that issue in this trying to to eliminate pornography and calling pornography a curse on public health or Scourge on public health in a danger to society so I think that’s really the first step for any parent who wants to talk to their children of whatever age whether it’s two years old 25 years old about sexuality just as as I talked with with patients in my office about whatever is going on in their life the first step is for them to be able to be connected to themselves and what they think about things how they feel about things where that comes from in their life and all of that comes into play as you’re interacting with other people and that certainly is is true as people are interacting with their kids write so a lot of things would you agree that before the access of high-speed internet pornography there was you could actually kind of get away with a style of parenting that was just completely negligent in terms of sexuality education and they just sort of Outsource that to the school system and to the religious institutions if that was using for their guidance and they kind of checked out on that job but now that there is this sort of surrogate training of pornography and its accessibility it’s kind of forcing parents to take a more active role and to be present for that developmental process more than ever is that something you’re noticing your practice will there many things that that you mention that I think are important for us to just kind of noticed it’s not just that people were passively farming a sex education and and sexual ideology if you will about or sexual attitude do schools and other institutions but they were also in doing that there was a lot of sexual repression that would happen a lot of repression and sex negative education that was either consciously or unconsciously being passed along and it’s only in the last number of field number of years that we have gradually become more accepting of sex and sex and sexuality is being normal and healthy Part II Society it’s not very long ago that many aspects of sex were considered dirty and I was the first Playboy with Marilyn Monroe in it that today is part of popular culture and most people think as very vanilla and benign and I are at the time was considered by many people outrageous and pouring and yet today that’s something that you would easily see on many television stations there was a time when when people living together was considered with considered immoral and today it’s considered common and that was what maybe 50 years ago or so so high standards of morality standards of acceptability and sexual behavior standards of of normalcy and sexual relationships in in dating relationships have significantly changed so there is no single standard by which we can realistically talk about what is and what isn’t and why’d we should consider that point as opposed to something else and I think that’s one of the things that doesn’t really get addressed in these political efforts to try to legislate morality and to legislate sexuality yeah that’s a great point and I appreciate I like the term you use sexual ideology because then it kind of pig that’s more accurate than morality which is you know can be kind of coercive and you sort of lead into as kind of skewed towards the priest-class to give you your morality but if you look it as an ideology well then that’s more like whose Manifesto are you going to subscribe to and what’s the agenda behind it in what world do they want to create with that ideology so you said the word sex negative and now we’re looking at a more of the blossoming of Consciousness beyond that attitude towards the positive attitude and so I’m curious you got 30 years of practice experience what are some of the growing pains that families have been dealing with from you know that all this all the forms if not non hetero sexual identification orientation I’m sure you’ve been just watching these shackles kind of turned off what are some of the patterns we leading up to high speed internet porn and then now high-speed internet poor and how is that impacting families in your practice I think we have to be careful to not as not reflexively link porn and sexuality because they are very different and there’s a lot of sexuality that is apart of literature literature and the Arts are filled with sexuality and sexual images and sexual stories and to just as a default link that with foreign I think that’s up sexuality is a bad thing so I think we really need to be careful with our language and think carefully about what we’re calling pouring and why one of those the issues about foreign that came many years ago now I think it was back in the 50s or 60s when the Supreme Court the Supreme Court was ruling on pornography and one of the chief justices says I can’t come up with a definition of what point is but I know it when I see it actually it wasn’t pouring it was what’s obscene and and what he said was I can’t Define obscenity but I know it when I see it and or some variation on that and the same thing is true with touring for something for some people that Marilyn Monroe photo is pouring for other people seeing Daisy Mae in the Dogpatch in the cartoon was pouring and if we’re going to two look at any kind of image that has any kind of sexual content in it we’re going to have to close down the Museum’s we’re going to have to ban all books and then we we have to look at who is who is it that gets to make those decisions about what is acceptable and what’s not acceptable in what gives them the authority to make those decisions they may have the power to make those decisions and buy that they may be vested with an authority to make those decisions but that doesn’t mean that they’re making good decisions and educated decisions and decisions that we want to we fight we’re fortunate to be living in a country where we’re supposed to have freedom of speech and freedom of expression and so does that include freedom can sexual issues sexual images or not and who gets to determine what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable these are all very difficult issues to dress with and I’m my style as I’m working with patients and in therapy is more to be asking questions and inviting people encouraging people and helping people to come to their own decisions so here I’m not going to be saying this is how it should be some of your listeners may be one that but I’m going to be more just raising questions about how we go about deciding these things and who do we want to be our decider I think that’s a really crucial issue for us today yes definitely will thank you for framing it that way and then I agree and we’ll get more into the the regulatory stuff in a bit so there are harmful concerns or you could just say pros and cons and I think you know a concerned family concerned parents are going to want to have some professional guidance when it comes to especially when they’re making decisions for themselves and their own relationship was conducive to better more sustainable relationship Dynamics and how can wisely chosen pornography support that that’s a question of course and then we’re back to court to talking about pornography and pornography is the term that carries many connotations and much stigma so before we use the term like pornography I think we have to be very careful about how we’re defining that so we can then be conscious of how were using it how do you like the term erotic media as a very different cuz they’re many people I mean that’s a part of the debate for many people is what’s erotica and what’s pouring for some people they are completely different for other people they are viewed as exactly the same and so that’s one of the difficulties about talking about porn when it’s on Define yeah I agree in my heart and I really feel a repulsion to the word porn because I don’t think a lot of what is experience is born is really accurate representation of erotic art as a medium so yeah I’m calling it erotic art does it have to be thought of or considered to be art to be accepted that’s been one of the stumbling blocks that has has been there with erotica and with any kind of sexual expression before is it it kind of got a pass because it was considered art well does it have to be considered art for it to be okay or not can it be something other than art but still pictures of naked people and pictures of naked people doing particular things whatever that may be even if someone or many or most people might not consider that art does that mean that it’s now no longer okay and no longer permitted or can it still be permitted even though you wouldn’t call it off does art have to be the standard by which something is deemed pornographic or erotic or just accepted right I think that’s getting into that Miller test standard the doctrine of it’s it’s it’s not obscenity if it can be proven to be artistic and or educational or having some cultural value and that’s this kind of a is as as much of a of a precise tool is is is that you can get I guess with that Miller test but yeah and even with that just on its face that could be Gene to include everything because seeing anything that you haven’t seen before has an educational component to it oh I’ve never seen this before maybe it’s okay to do that or now I see this in that’s not something that I want to do that’s not something that I think is something that would feel good to me to do or to have someone do to me or for me to do to someone else so why don’t want to do that but it’s now out of the closet and I one of the things especially in this last decade and especially the last few years as a sexual orientation and sexual identity have come into the Forefront of of color of Western culture certainly but across the across the worlds as well and also the political Spectrum as homosexuality has been been increasingly accepted and gay marriages are now legal in many states and people are also looking not only at homosexuality but transexuality or whatever whatever terminology you want to use for that that wouldn’t be offensive because that too is a burgeoning area where many people are offended by certain term so I I’m sorry if any of the terms that I that I’ve said my sound defensive to someone but it’s just about someone sexuality and what is it is that okay can that be out of the closet can we accept it does it to be regarded and tossed as dirty and unacceptable and other kinds of sex negative and identity identity negative things these are all things that we’re wrestling with and none of them are easy sounds like we need people like you being the guidance counselor and therapist for families at that level more than legislation that just forces things underground because as long as people have a demand for whatever is out there it’s going to be produced on the black market you know no matter what so and you know there’s there’s a they call it the the shadow internet or the others all that accessibility there so I think I think we definitely agree on all of his stuff so if let’s just say kind of walking through you have a family coming in there and you know that the teenage boy is experiencing erectile dysfunction and sort of unable to bond and make human romantic age appropriate connection because of a addiction to whatever you want to call it but a mediated form of sexual access right and so let’s hold on their addiction and that totally muddies the water that’s and if she has an addiction I’m sorry if he has an erectile dysfunction that’s based on some kinds of sexual addiction there’s kind of a contradiction in that so I would have to find out more about that and then to understand that better I’d have to inquire with him as much as I can while the parents aren’t there to inhibit what he’s going to tell me of what he sees as an erectile how he understands it how he defines it what his view of what’s normal is our end is that an accurate view of what’s normal and to be expected or not and by the same token what is this thing he’s talking about as some kind of addiction to pornography and what are the behaviors that are involved in that and how does he understand how that may be connected or may not be connected to what he’s talking about with some kind of erectile dysfunction those are not all straight lines there are winding paths and we have to follow the path if we are going to understand the person that were talking to if I’m going to understand the person I’m talking to you no hear my office is in Beverly Hills but I see people from all over there some people who were from next door there are other people who drive an hour in 2 hours to get to me so there’s no there’s no quick and simple answer about the people that I’m seeing and it being a select group it’s really a Melting Pot of people and I can’t make the assumptions about who you are unless I talk to them and that’s where I start is help me to understand you my my focus says I’m working with people is not trying to teach them though I know there are psychologist and psychotherapist who to focus on teaching people my focus is more on helping people to understand them and helping people to sort out what’s going on in their mind and how that connects to their life experience their understandings of themselves in the world of their relationships with other people and who they can be who they can’t be what to expect in the world so that’s where where I start with people is helping them to to let me know who they are and and that certainly applies with all issues about sex and sexuality and images of sex and sexuality okay well yeah thank you for that I’m feeling your your approaches it feels like if we all had that level of care and concern in and space to really create our own narratives that would be a way to solve a lot of our own problems with the bit of help so I appreciate that approach and that was kind of the sort of statistical archetypal stereotype of what’s of what how how you know several of the factors of how young men and boys are being harmed by something that they’re not that they actually end up being very uncomfortable with and want to seek help for inner creating their own sources for that there’s the nofap movement I’m not sure if you’ve heard of that but through set of what it’s coming down to is the extreme you know negative outcome of excessive use according to their own you know their own gauge of it and then if we look at I’ll just give you another kind of case study type example but the other equation for consumio young consumers of pornography young consumers erotic media getting there to leave the pornography tournament the door thank you email to talk about sexual images andronic images but that doesn’t mean that they are pouring and then it’s a question of what are the images the people are looking at you know there are there’s a lot of stereotype of those images are being filled with violence and leading to violence but that’s only a very small segment of what’s out there in the world of sexual imagery whether it’s videos or Stills and and the same thing with with rose there’s a whole world of sexual images that are all about love and are about sex being shown in very loving tender and unsatisfying ways but often that doesn’t get into the dialogue around porn was looking at the let’s say the Straight female certified sexual initiation process which happens to everyone and so a complaint that’s heard often is that you know I’m a teenage girl and all the boys are essentially behaving like they’re possessed and all they want to do is you know penetrate my anus in a way that has no real train skill or care concern or lubrication or all of the things that would be considered best practice is to explore that area and then they’re like this is a porndemic because I can’t find a young male to you know deflower me who I don’t feel really terrified by what’s going on in erotic imagination so is that something that you have had to answer questions about or deal with or confront cuz that’s the other sort of end of the spectrum of harm that’s certainly there and that then raises the question where do people get their sex education from where they get their sex education from about what’s normal and what if what they see on the internet is the only place that they are are learning about sex and that’s a very skewed you about what sex is what sex should be and there’s something about that that needs to be changed not from birth on the internet but to bring other people to to those kids education and part of part of that has to do with most of the sexual imagery that’s online is there for males and there’s not that of sexual imagery without fear for females so it certainly there but people do have to be looking for it more and for many of the boys growing up who who see sex on the internet that’s what they often might see but that doesn’t mean that that’s what’s normal and they’re also places on the internet where they can get more loving for Trails how that can be done and whatever sex acts someone might be looking for or inquiring but another part of this which I don’t want to just let Slide by under dress has to do with your talkin about the girls responses to to the boys I efforts to have sex and what they’re wanting and that has to do with what boys and girls and what adolescents grow up with about their own sexuality and what’s normal and what’s not normal and what’s okay and what’s not okay we’re still in a time when adolescents have the mindset that that boys should be the ones to initiate girl should not initiate and that puts all of the burden on on the boys and it sets up a dynamic between the boys and the girls wear and what kind of like you said the girls are saying well all he wants is to have sex and he wants to have it this way well let’s start with you all he wants is to have sex part and so why isn’t there more of an equality between boys and girls where they’re both wanting to have sex and they’re both seeing sex as something positive from an early age because the alternative is that is too kind of demon eyes the boys for wanting to have sex and the girls aren’t really wanting sex they’re just wanting to be loved and that is a whole dynamic between boys and girls between men and women that I think is really important part of all of these relationships that we need to take another look at it I mean it was addressed many years ago in certainly in the psychological literature one of the people that was looking at that was Wilhelm right back in the 30s about the sex negative view that was in society and there’s your dad still there we haven’t really gone all that far from that especially compared to how we think we’ve come miles and miles but it’s really only a few feet right like you’re saying there’s so many unspoken hidden Frameworks that are not being addressed like you know how to speak from experience when I was when I was a boy coming-of-age into my hormonal sexual self I was afraid to go up and write something on the chalkboard or point something out in the map because I had a tent pole in my pants cuz I was very turned on by the teacher or somebody else in the class and there was no masturbation room to go take care of myself at home or at school so we’re just not designing for this energy to flow through our cultures and you were living with the fear of being exposed as being a sexual / and being ridiculed for it in ways that girls never work but that’s the typical experience of growing up mail right and having as a dynamic between males and females in that very tender. Of age right so we’ve got a few minutes left I really appreciate your insights and I think I’m at a point where I feel like the way to frame this discourse is that it’s pouring is not a Public Health crisis or public health hazard sexual holistic sexuality education is in the lack thereof is the Public Health crisis and exactly more of the Public Health crisis is about sexual repression sexual oppression about teaching teaching people generally but especially teaching girls that sex is dirty and teaching girls that boys are bad for wanting to have sex that if everyone kind of grew up on an even playing field of seeing sex as positive seeing love is positive and being able to talk together about about those things to talk together about love to talk together about sex to talk together about what you want and what you don’t want and that’s okay we will be in a very different environment than we are today there is to be a new political office of a quote horns are not to be confused with torrent star that person was to be open-minded enough to take some direction and possibly offer to hire you to consult what kinds of programs designs no just outlines you know big picture thinking you know if you were to be able to be respected for what you’re saying and it is a we want to address the issue of institutionalized sexual repression in so where do we begin to unravel that not this is just that you know food for thought and I think one of the places is to redefine the title and take pouring out of the picture but it’s not about pouring it’s about sexuality and sexual acceptance and how can we how can we bring sexual acceptance into the public dialogue and into into the educational system and into into the kind of dialogue that parents have with your kids that that seems to me to be a big part of that role of Tsar do I don’t know that that’s the right term but to to change the language that we talked about these things so we’re not talking about about about it with sex negative sex by a sex pejorative kind of language that skews things from the gecko and set and sets us up to lose from the very start right to the simple statement sexual aggression is the product of sexual repression so it’s going to come out in pouring it’s going to come out on prom night all of that pent-up frustrated aggressive certified you want to call it Satanic call it Satanic whatever you want to call but you can have to bring the light to the darkness and and get some help with that so I think the case is closed and I really appreciate what we’ve accomplished in this call setting some new terms for discourse and really putting the the family and the family therapist in the community and the school teachers more in a position of of leadership than political Lake litigation legislation and political offices so what I would add to that is in terms of where you started is to encourage parents know themselves to be honest with themselves to be honest with their own prejudices and biases to be honest with their own fears to be honest with their own misconceptions so they don’t pass them along to kids and to be able to listen to kids more than they talk to kids and to be able to have a dialogue rather than a lecture with their kids and that changes the relationship between parents and kids and helps kids to grow and to feel accepted beautiful beautiful all right thank you dr. schub so much and if you want to give your contact information so people can start to seek your help sure you can find me at actor Karl that d r c a r l s h u b s or one string calm and phone number is 310-772-0520 that’s local here in Beverly Hills great thank you so much have a wonderful day take care you to thanks very much. Please go to www. and cook on the Donate button to help support the show in addition to sustaining and improving the podcast your donations will help establish permaculture goddess Temple that provide ecological employment for single mothers Please Subscribe and share your favorite episodes if you have questions or comments feel free to leave a voicemail at 818-275-1593 or email event at Tantra Punk. Com Damas de

Exorcism in the Ancient World with Tony Mierzwicki TPP60


tony-mierzwicki-pic In this episode I am joined by the distinguished esoteric scholar Tony Mierzwicki for a discussion about exorcism in the ancient world. Our exploration leads to a brainstorming session on the potential to modernize and standardize demonology with clinical laboratory experimentation.

To learn more about Tony and his great works please visit:

Tony’s Bio:

Tony has been practicing ceremonial magick since 1990. He has been running regular workshops and rituals recreating ancient magickal practices in the United States and on the east coast of Australia since 2001.

Tony Mierzwicki is the author of “Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment” and a forthcoming primer reconstructing Classical Greek religion, “Hellenismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today”. He has contributed to various anthologies and magazines. He gives regular guest appearances and lectures at various pagan, witchcraft and new age events, as has been on television and radio shows.

Tony has completed three degrees at the University of Sydney – Master of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science. He served a three-year term on the Board of Directors for Cherry Hill Seminary from August 29, 2008 to September 30, 2011, of which roughly half was in the capacity of Secretary. Tony is originally from Sydney, Australia and currently lives with his with his black Labrador, Anubis. in Huntington Beach California.

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Tantra Punk your guide to sexual Liberation healing and empowerment as a certified Tantra counselor and certified permaculture designer I’m here to help you grow spiritually sexually and ecologically my online and in-person counseling sessions and training programs are price to fit any budget I’m looking forward to helping you design and ever more Divine Life Path please send me an email to Ben at Tantra Punk. Com and our journey together will begin hello dear beloved’s welcome to Township hunting podcast I am interviewing Tony Maria’s Wiki about exorcism in the ancient world I got an email from the goddess Temple of Orange County that there was going to be a lecture there by that title of fortunately I couldn’t make it but I had to reach out to Tony and see if he would come on the podcast and tell us all about exorcism of the ancient world and if you could just start Tony with a bit of background on yourself and then help us understand this interesting subject matter if you would hi Benjamin thanks for inviting me on to the show as for my background I started practicing ceremonial magick probably around nineteen ninety I’m always I still trade practitioner of focused on the Golden Dawn tradition chaos magick and Selena as I progressed I found myself being drawn Progressive emotes what I should modalities so I want up resonating with Graco Ultra magic which is the system of magic practiced in Egypt in late Antiquity so we’re looking at a time. Of roughly the second century BCE to the 5th Century CE a magic isn’t a fuel system of magic is sexy eye blending of the number of magical stream so we have Sumerian and Babylonian Magic read metric Egyptian magic Jewish magic and a very light sprinkling of Christianity of you know I’m in 2006 gray color shoe magic it’s available on Amazon Prime me Interest has been in a magical practices and religions of the area around the Mediterranean section II focused primarily on Egypt Greece and to a lesser extent of the show I am comfortable work in Greco Egyptian magic because the spells that we use written in quite a grape which is the language of the New Testament so we can mail the pronunciation for the problem which I’m more ancient languages is the we done if she know how to pronounce them correctly if you look at it nothing like the ancient Egyptian language because the valves what recorded consulates egyptologist by count out was the pronouncing of Fixer-Upper we really have is I guess that’s the same thing with on Sumerian language over dealing with our guest has been my primary focus I also have another book which is supposed to come out it’s been delayed for various reasons why it’s called Helen is moss and that’s going to be a reconstruction of religious practices in Greece during the classical. Primarily so we’re looking at the 4th and 5th centuries BCE I suppose you want me to talk about exorcism on myself watching movies like The Exorcist and other movies that that featured possession by a demonic entities and and I couldn’t help noticing that all of them have a very Christian Feel to them talk to the priest coming along and calling on Jesus and the Holy Trinity cost of demon Alex and I kept thinking we’ll obviously that’s not the way it was done in the ancient world so I’m I started to investigate how eggs and there are similarities for the Christian stupid well I’m so I’m going to go over already sent differences the thing is that with what we doing with our Diamond which is the Greek word for Spirits it has not connotation of good or evil which is necessary evil spirits to the Ancients could be mutual that could be bad thing is that could be possessed by evil entities which would have for negative effect on them possessed by a more positive NC one of the best-known examples of fat is beyond it was the young the prophetess at the Oracle of Delphi who would be possessed by the spirit of Apollo and she would go into a trance and she would octopus versus benevolent Spirits or a benevolent God and distinguish between various types of possession so he referred to celestic possession which was inspired by the Gods on this it was poetic session is inspired by the muses and erotic possession inspired by Aphrodite and Eros and then after that I went on to say that there were people who would be possessed by nymphs typically diabetic she’s up the Greek the Greek special translate two Seas by the nymphs and these people would withdraw toothpaste and they would devote themselves to a 10-month like worship the nips so they would find cigar and I tend the garden and then they have people coming along and going on pilgrimages to visit these guys have devoted their whole lives to the nips so possession can be a positive thing so long as we dealing with benevolent gods and benevolent Spirits where is from a Christian standpoint Minnesota position is able Christian cultures and physician is understood by Christian culture but it’s something that’s desirable once you have a spirit possessing you you have access to all sorts of knowledge and hygiene Palace that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise on a similar vine when we look at the Mill has a familiar with familiar spirits in the Middle Ages good looking at the. From the 15th century onwards in the United Kingdom they were cutting fuck you were healers in the roast of people practicing witchcraft who would have a familiar Spirit during The Witch Trials of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in the United Kingdom hundreds of which drawers that we had a significant proportion of them had people talking about having access to a familiar spirits and it’s this familiar spirits which would enable them to be able to heal and have all sorts of knowledge they wouldn’t otherwise have so it’s me again that is a possession experience so again it reinforces the idea that position can be a positive thing as long as you dealing with a appositive and see can we hold there for a minute and just go deeper into some of those archetypes in and terms and stuff yeah cool will that I appreciate that set up but I feel like I’ve been on a mission to make similar statements about how there are DD possession trance states that you can enter into melee where you can have healing powers powers to heal yourself if you allow others into gain access to information that otherwise would be beyond your reach so you know you can still there should be a also feel like I’m glad you mentioned that there’s been a a demonization of the Demons the lights it’s quite literally and I always feel like okay this Angels demons God the devil is sort of this really reductionist binary when really the the Ecology of Souls and Spirits beyond our perception is so vast and you know it’s so it’s it’s I think it’s a form of spiritual discrimination to just classify demons even to use that word I just felt like there’s good that doesn’t seem like it takes into account all kinds of different species there’s different species of you know ladybug is a beneficial insect but a termite we would consider unless we’re eating them we would we live in mud Huts it would matter but with her stick frame homes we think you know we want ladybugs in the garden and we want termite staying out of our out of our home but it would be like calling like saying insect demons are like insects there just this blanket you know this blanket term that doesn’t account for the variation so I appreciate that you you know I made that point and I definitely resonate with that and I’m excited to learn more as soon as you go further with the you know what what happens during exorcism but to take a little paws on the idea of possession can you break that down so you can there’s those two different stages of possession or different sort of qualities of position that you mention from Play-Doh is there a way that you would lay out the degrees of possession from you know of a thought arising in your mind that seems like an alien top form to you know channeling a voice to you actually having your whole body you know moved and so there’s gradations of how much possession the spirit good or bad you know has over your your mind your voice in your body right so do you have that kind of any kind of thoughts on that I do have a couple of thoughts and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me these these are my personal conclusions regarding benevolent entities that we invite ourselves please start with an e will you bring the empty into yourself so from ceremonial standpoint you to study for the banishing to remove all negative influences and then the particular NC that want to work with so dealing either with a God or older than angel or some sort of benevolent Spirits he then invite that screwed into you so you can have that Spirit working through you have access to knowledge in the lock and it seems to me that possession is a type of 3D pins acacian to you but possession is will you allow yourself to be taking over Texas tonight make it totally taken out of a tight like forget about that they have no knowledge of what they doing it all so once they come out of the trance it’s like they’re not really aware of anything that’s happened before where is switch possession by negative entities The Experience isn’t sore after normally there are those people who will actually bring demons into themselves I don’t particularly like that idea but you can’t they’re up there are people who will want to work safe and so the demon asmodeus they will invite him into themselves and I’ll go into the reasons why I’m not comfortable with that in the minute but the thing is that I went when you’re working with a negative MC it’s a case of the empty some help Works play in it works in 26 really emotionally vulnerable BMC comes in gets a foothold and then eventually stopped consolidate its hold on you and that whole intensifies until you have full-blown possession stages of infection and kind of sucks you very good analogy an interesting way when we look at Egyptian and Babylonian ridings they would describe various ailments Thomas’s to the action of demons no one was just a Doctrine eyes that you’re basically combination of an exorcist and the doctor said that he lives in those days would cost cost at the Spirit which was causing an element and then treat that almond as best as I could it was it was a tree farm today so normally when you negative entities when we look at Medieval Grandma’s like for instance see on the Lesser key of Solomon you have the operator standing within a magic circle that protected within a magic circle and I have a triangle of manifestation to the Northeast and they help and negative ends the agreement of sorts to appear within within that triangle of manifestation search The Institute within a column of smoke or a canopy with in a Black Mirror scrying Mirror and then so basically the instincts constraints and you’ll standing apart from that Instagram you’ll protect it then at the end of day to take you to your Vanishing and then you go back to normal everyday lost its the closest on the very elaborate process we protect yourself and you invite this negative and so you eat you I’m either negative and state so that you can question it Amtrak with a Cinderella I just want to make it into yourself defeats all the safeguards are inheriting called the patient process that’s why I have a problem and say so that’s an important distinction evocation would be to summon an entity to appear before you and a constrained condition with boundaries set and you’re protected within your circle an invocation would be to invite them actually to within your giving consent to be possessed it’s a matter of degree and actually invite something into you so that you can learn things from it but not give you spell 5 it’s hardly once once once you give yourself a try the tightly to the MC that’s what football position takes place is there a protocol procedure classically or anything that you studied or discovered that says like she need this is how you negotiate that contract of what you’re going to do what you’re going to allow or what you’re going to Grant access to like permissions like to a website or something here’s my database you know password for my body hears for my tongue you know Aldara there are packed into in in medieval times but again it was a case of the other the classic fact is where you are still use salt to kill demonic entity you know what do you believe that that’s anything is possible or not is another matter it’s part of our own part of the folklore the time you know the doctor’s house in the like all these people who would steal their souls in return for in return for Palace one of the more modern versions of the legend is Robert Trump going to be the crossroads and Meghan meeting up with a friend who works Conjuring he will actually use the term dark Rider rather Robin the devil the devil is it used to scare people away from entering into these sorts of arrangements so I’m currently wooden conjure circles the young victim. Products used that’s what I’ve been told it’s not really my area of expertise but I just brought it up as I am handsome Walden example cuz I’m venturing into park and your Legend has it that Robert Johnson was a very mediocre Taurus butt off to making this packed wound up being the most influential Blues guitarists ever and what and apparently Robert Plant’s actually went to the crossroads and got himself almond on for the genius part of the first wave of crowd Crowley or curly kind of speakers in the rock and roll in the street too so it’s in Jimmy Page was a great admirer of Aleister Crowley and he had the second largest original collection Frawley manuscript boss kamado which was all these residents would she purchased notice only ever melon operation hello in Sicily well she’s a real collector that’s more than just collecting a unlimited amounts of money then I’m here. So I kind of sort this out and and I’m seeing that a what we would consider to be a beneficial state of possession there’s going to be a consent and an understanding in place of what the boundaries of the possession are when you’re dealing with an entity that respects you and your wishes and your boundaries and does not wish to harm you or harm others through you and that’s why they’re benevolent in and then they’re not going to they’re going to have maybe their own hyperdimensional intelligence about your will and your your karma Your Destiny or you’re not going to interfere with certain things are not going to funeral making you know drive off a cliff like joyriding and you now and then so you can you would want to call upon time-tested trusted names of entities where people feel like they have a good track record of five stars for not driving off cliffs and then with that level so that makes sense that there’s sort of that they kind of know where you’re like boundaries are and maybe you stay at them through part of the ceremony or maybe you trust them or you’ve already work with them but that seems like it just sort of works itself out somehow and then but then with the so-called demonic entities or maybe we should better say harmful and that he’s there looking to sneak their way and without you really knowing it or detecting them doing it and then try to grow infection to where you don’t know that you’re being taken over and you mistake your thoughts UE basically start having thoughts that you don’t that start to accumulate or impulses or what not and then all the sudden like your personality has been hijacked or you could say hacked you know like you’ve been hacked by these spiritual malware programs viruses and they’re just running the show at whatever level and they they might actually look for your weak points in your boundaries and try to exploit them and some people would take on the task of Contracting with them invoking them evoking them and just taking their chances and hoping that they don’t lose their will or lose their free will to them I mean is that but you’re you’re basically playing with fire if dealing with ones that don’t respect your boundaries or don’t communicate with you in a transparent and honest manner I put I personally agree with all that I personally wouldn’t risk inviting anything but I considered to be negative inside me but there are those who I saw men should be father of those she will invite demons into themselves show me the most famous case was when I was to Crowley was in the desert with a Rubix annoyed yum in Fort Collins on UC archdemon of chaos and he probably sat in the triangle and you thought is demon into himself and there are those who say but she’s managed to fully banish cards on L Street Pizza. True or not I don’t know I mean there are people who are always considered to be Scholars of Crowley it’s just one of these is that if you only had two coffees the average person should definitely keep away from demonic entities into themselves but again that’s my opinion and you know I’m happy to share it with others to ask but if it has to make up their own mind as to how far they want to go potential possession top experiences before you go off seeking out an exorcist see mental health professional first rule at all possible mental illnesses first one so that’s ruled out then by all names seek out an exorcist okay I got an exorcist it has to be someone working within a tradition that you believe him so for instance if you’re a devout Christian there’s no point getting a ninja to form an exorcism full year he’s going to be calling on God so you don’t believe that he has to find someone who’s working with in a tradition that you resonite with well yeah there’s this is a real deep study okay so thank you for allowing me to zoom in on some of those terms and make those distinctions I think we’re setting up a good sort of introductory framework for you know especially first of all just busting the the of the myths that all spirits and all forms of possession are evil that such a big step forward for for people’s thinking in into it’s exciting to be able to open that up so now now will will let you get back into the the flow of your discussion of exorcism an ancient world and yeah please continue with that that line of thinking basically talked about possession within various countries I looked at ancient Egypt I looked at Mesopotamia I looked at Israel and then I finally arrived at night and see which is my main area focus and I looked it up lines of tyana to a certain

Kali’s Love Deflowers the Desolate Male Ego with Ryan TPP59


Kali in Union with Shiva In this episode I have the deep and profound honor of sharing one of what I hope will be many “Kali Monologues” from those who have experienced revelation and salvation with Goddess Kali. This first guest narrative by my new dear friend Ryan provides heart wrenching and warming insight into the process of self-initiation through psychedelic goddess worship. I was brought to tears as I read his first email to me, I asked if he’d be willing to record his story so I could share it on the show. Please enjoy and allow these words of liberation and redemption to motivate you to transcend your ego and all negative influences internal and external that intend to bring you down. Never forget the eternal divine feminine love ever awaiting your courage to seek her dancing embrace.

I also answer a listener  question about the interplay of drugs and spirituality. I offer my guidance for best practices, and it couldn’t be better timing that the question came in and is the prelude to Ryan’s story of psychedelic goddess worship.

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