Tantra Punk News!

It has been my honor and pleasure to be featured in the Evolved Masculine Sexual Self-Mastery Program, click here to watch the promo video and find out more!

Sexorcism The Tantric Opera Banner

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera Series Launch

Sexorcism the Tantric Opera is an experimental, documentary/reality series that shares my personal journey of healing and transformation as I explore ancient and modern pathways of sexual shamanism. Click here to watch the episodes for free.  PLEASE BE WARNED: this series is for mature audiences and may trigger past trauma.

The Survival Wombyn Eco-Educational Role-Modeling Project is now live in beta testing mode

After several years in conceptual development, recent blessings from the crypto-currency space have made it possible for me to move forward with the launch of the Survival Wombyn Project. This project features empowered wombyn who are struggling to survive and to compost the patriarchy.  It allows anyone in the world to use the ETH crypto currency to send tips and donations to support their projects. Please click here to learn more:

Survival Wombyn Launch


About Me:

I am a musical recording and performance artist, writer, ecological educator/activist/designer, male survivor, and Tantra counselor. I have found healing and empowerment through sacred loving arts, permaculture design, shamanism, ecstatic trance dance, self-defense training, and psychedelic goddess worship.

Please enjoy my essays, articles, music, podcasts, and videos. Most of my content is freely provided with the hope that those of means will help me to continue to produce more free content by helping with donations.

If you’re interested in working with me directly, please access my coaching sessions. I love to help tantric seekers discover the infinite source of divine love from above, the eternal power and wisdom from the Earth below, and the bliss of conscious, healthy romantic love in between. I can help you live the spiritual love life of your dreams. Let’s dance and heal the planet together!